Chloe Valdary: The Death of a Black Man

This essay was written by Chloe Valdary and originally posted at Truth Revolt. It’s republished here with Ms. Valdary’s permission.

valdaryTake a black man and accuse him of adultery. Even worse, accuse him of rape. Spread a rumor that because of his skin color, he is inclined to be aggressive toward white women. Portray him in the most degrading way possible. Depict him devoid of all humanity. Preach that he and “his kind” are predisposed to be brute unintelligent beasts, who should at best be controlled by the innately “angelic” white population, and at worst, exterminated.

Opt for the latter. Preach it in your schools; preach it in your homes. Begin a campaign and devote yourselves to the mass slaughter of this race. Dress yourself in sheets of white; defend your towns, your family and your friends from the stench of this race. Burn crosses to intimidate their communities into silence. But do not stop there. Go farther.

Pursue these males wherever you can. Age does not matter; they can be five or fifty. Accuse them all of the most heinous of crimes imaginable. Evidence is irrelevant. Take your knife and your rope and all the townspeople that you know. Form a mob, form several. Wake them up in the dead of night. Their women and children will be screaming, but ignore their cries.

Drag the black men out of their beds. They will protest, they will swear they never did anything wrong, but do not listen to them. They are, after all, animals who have been raping your women and ruining civilization. So seize them, pull them kicking and screaming to the nearest tree you can find. Your buddies will back you up; they will support you. They have come out in the thousands and have egged you on. There is no need to let them down. 

Take your knife and stab at the black man’s body. Do not stop. He must be eradicated. Douse him in kerosene and tie the rope around his neck. Pay no attention to his gasping for breath; there is no need to let his humanity get in the way of the duty that you must perform. String him up. Tie him to the post. Tie the other end of the rope to the post. Can’t you hear the crowds chant? Can’t you hear them scream? They’re screaming for you. Set his flesh ablaze. Burn him to a crisp. Burn him till the life is snuffed out of him.

Now, take a picture. Memorialize your work for all eternity. Stand next to the rotting corpse and sing a song of victory. They will publish this image in the newspapers. Cut it out and hang it on your refrigerator door. Make copies out of it and give it to your neighbors. Turn it into postcards; send it all over the country. All of America must know that where the nigger resides, white men and women must rise up and take her nation back.

Ah yes, you, you will be the one who would have started it all. You will become prominent in all the great elite circles. You will be the one to be called upon to dine with great statesman and will be welcomed into high society. They will beg you to be friends with them and ask you of your methods on how to wipe out those greedy murderous insolent baboon blacks. Lead them! They want to become just like you; you are the savior who can inspire them! Professors in universities will study your methods for their research. You will rally their cause. 

They will build statues in your name. They will produce films in your honor. Your lynchings will make for glorious scenes in cinema that will tell the grand story of the birth of a nation. They will even commission operas to depict this epic of the White Race. Notable composers will complete the score. They will include the epithets you once hurled at the bleating baboons in their librettos. You will be the talk of the town. All will rise to see this grand opera wherever it is shown in America. You will be an icon.

But be warned: There will be those who protest. There always are. They will accuse you of evil. They will say you are not as good as you purport to be. They will say you hide behind the veneer of the white sheets you dress in but deep down you are the contemptible one. You are the one worthy of humanity’s scorn, not the black man.

Ignore them. This is for the sake of civilization. This is for the sake of elitism. This is for the sake of culture. This is for the sake of art. You are neither a murderer nor a vandal. You are a freedom fighter, and you must save your people from the black race’s powerful influence.  For this, the rope must be tightened. The subordinate primate must be massacred. His race must be eliminated, burnt to ashes, never again to rise.

For this the show must go on.

The above should stir and infuriate you. But this is no hypothetical — not the events I describe, nor the positive portrayal of racist murderers on a notable stage. The esteemed New York Metropolitan Opera plans to present a production entitled, The Death of Klinghoffer, which pays tribute not to the victim of a vicious lynching, but rather to those who lynched him. Not only should this spark outrage within you, it should move you to action. Call the Met and tell them that this sort of propping up of  21st century Klansmen and celebration of the massacre of Jews is unacceptable:


General manager Peter Gelb at pgelb@metopera.org |Tickets and Customer Care: 212-362-6000 | Administrative Offices: 212-799-3100. | Associate Press Director Sam Neuman at SNeuman@metopera.org or call 212-870-7457. 

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  1. Another opera – another racism another colonial project –
    Local sources told Wafa that a group of Israeli settlers from the Kiryat Arba illegal settlement, located in the city of Hebron accompanied by Israeli soldiers, beat 10 children and 2 women, one of whom is 72 years old, from the al-Jabary family. All were transferred to the Hebron Governmental Hospital, some of them in serious condition. Moreover, an Israeli soldier stabbed a 47-year-old woman, also from the al-Jabary family, in her hand.

    • Yes. Local sources. No links. No verification. Just Nazi Jane and his/her real concern. Do you look good in tight pants? I guess if the battle of the bulge is that fat ass you’ve got weighing your brain down.

      • 1. ‘GENESIS’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) “PERT EM HERU-SUT” or “OPENING OF THE MOUTH COMING FORTH BY DAY [LIGHT] AND NIGHT [SHADOW] [Adam and Eve were stolen from the Egyptian Geb and Nut; Eve coming from Adam’s rib was taken from the “EPIC OF ENKI AND NINHURSAG”: “My brother what hurts thee?
        “My rib hurts me” ANET, 41. Ninti who’s name means “Lady of the Rib” cured Enki’s rib ],” “THE BOOK OF KNOWING, THE EVOLUTIONS OF RA AND THE OVERTHROWING OF APEP (SUT-TEKH / KHUN-SU or CAIN and ASARU (HERU) or ABEL; The conflict between Cain and Abel was taken from Set and Osiris and as the story goes on, it is later based upon the Sumerian Dumuzi [Enlil] and Enkimdu [Enki]),”“THE SUMERIAN TALE OF DUMUZI (ENLIL or ABEL) AND ENKIMDU (ENKI or CAIN) and “ADAPA” (ENMEDURANKI or ENOCH) Adam and Eve’s punishment and loss of immortality were taken from the Mesopotamian story of “ADAPA,” “DELIVERANCE OF MAN FROM DESTRUCTION (NU-AKH-RE or NOAH),” “ENUMA ELISH (CREATION STORY),” “BABYLONIAN EPIC OF GILGAMESH” (UTNAPHISHTIM [SUMERIAN, he is named ZIUSUDRA] or NOAH). The story of Nimrod was taken from the Egyptian Pharaoh Sesostris (Khakhaure Senusret III ) territory expansions. Abraham (Abram) was taken from King Hariscandra of the Hindu Sankhayana-Sutras and the concept of Parabrahm and Brahma. Parabrahm is a word for “beyond Brahma”, the absolute eternal reality. Abraham and Sarah, and Brahmâ and Sarasvati (Sarai, Sarah, Saraswati) are even words which are interpreted as inner levels within each soul. Mystics can say that when Abraham according to the bible shall kill his son Isaac (taken from King Hariscandra’s son Rohita) that is meant not literal and is not madness but a ritual mystic yoga-expression. Jesus said “When you know your Selves then you will be known, and you will be aware that you are the sons of the Living Father (The Gospel of Thomas 3.9) And he said “You are Gods” (John 10.34) and “I and the Father are one” (John 10.30) . In the Upanishads of the Hindu do we find the same message; that the innermost nature (Atma, Adam, Atum, Atom) of us is identical with Brahman (God), that the individual self is identical with the universal Self, that “Salvation” is to experience the identity of the individual soul and the Soul of the worlds, that “salvation” is freedom from the limited self-consciousness and from the common forced rebirth, that the liberated self can reincarnate free from “karma”. OM is one word for Brahman, both the personal and the impersonal God. We distinguish between Brahma, the impersonal neuter, and Brahmâ, the male creator of the Indian Pantheon. The eternal Brahma is said to emanate all in the beginning of a “day of Brahma”. And it is said that all return into the eternal Brahma at the beginning of a “night of Brahma”. Our “Abraham” has roots in these Eastern Brahma- teachings and when that is acknowledged can much more be examined and understood. Lot and his wife were taken from the Greek Orpheus and Eurydice. “MIR PAPYRUS (PYRAMID TEXT),” “PAPYRUS D’ORBINEY,” called the “POTIPHAR STORY” or the “THE TALE OF THE TWO BROTHERS (SEB or JOSEPH
        with the eleven brothers was taken from Egyptian Psammetichus or Wah-Ib-Re, means “Constant [is the] Heart [of] Re. Historical references for the Dodecarchy and the rise of Psamtik I in power, establishing the Saitic Dynasty, are recorded in “HERODOTUS HISTORIES”, Book II: 151-157. The story of Joseph and Potipher’s wife derived from Egyptian Anubis and Bata”), “THE TRADITION OF SEVEN LEAN YEARS IN EGYPT” and the latter “MESOPOTAMIAN LEGAL DOCUMENTS.” The Hebrew story of Jacob and the Ladder was taken from the Egyptian Funerary Rituals for the deceased King: “Hail to thee, O Ladder of God, Hail to thee, O Ladder of Set. Stand up O Ladder of God, Stand up O Ladder of Set, stand up O Ladder of Horus, whereon Osiris went forth into heaven.” “The Egyptian Ladder consisting of the bodies of two Egyptian deities upon which Osiris ascends into heaven, has been replaced by a ladder with several supernatural beings, angels, climbing up and down between Earth and heaven.” The story is founded in the “THE PYRAMID TEXTS” by Samuel A. B. Mercer.

          • Your mom’s. Oh, and Hebrew is nothing more then Phoenician molded for poisonous tongues.

            • ‘Israhell’ I see that wit much the same as originality have both passed you by.
              Get well soon.

              • Thanks?! I am just surprised you all didn’t call your shit stain “Moloch” or “Saturn”.

                • “Thanks?! I am just surprised you all didn’t call your shit stain “Moloch” or “Saturn”.”

                  Why would I do that.
                  Far more appropriate to name any ‘shit stain’ after you.
                  After all you are clearly derived from one.

    • Not true Jane. The children have been transferred to the Gentile Children’s Blood Store Facility in the dungeons of the Chief Rabbinate. The woman’s hand hasn’t been stabbed at all but amputated in order to sell it for illegal organ trading groups.
      The 72 years old has been gang raped by the soldiers before has been released.
      You should pick some more reliablesource of information before you publish next time. WAFA is on the payroll of the Hasbara Department of the International Council of the Elders of Zion… just ask your handlers.

      • 2. ‘EXODUS’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) real history of Thutmose[s] (Tehuti Mes) III, Ankh Aton (Akhenaton or Amen Hotep IV, the so-called monotheistic belief system Moses is derived Ankh Aton) “THE BATTLE OF MEGIDDO; the Asiatic Campaign of Thut-Mose(s) III” and “THE EXPULSION OF THE HYKSOS” under Ah-Mose(s) and the latter story of Sargon I of Akkadia (Acadia), called, “THE LEGEND OF SARGON.” Moses was taken from several gods and kings, depending on what stage of his life story: Sargon (the birth and abandonment in the river, being rescued by royalty, etc). The wanderings in the desert were based upon the Sun-God Bacchus as seen in the Hymns of Orpheus 12. The Hebrew stint of “40 years in the desert” claimed in the Jewish book of Exodus and the subsequent “40 day and 40 nights” wanderings in the desert of the Nazarene were stolen from: “The struggle of Set and Horus in the desert lasted forty days, as commemorated in the forty days of the Egyptian Lent, during which time Set, as the power of drought and sterility, made war on Horus in the water and the buried germinating grain….These forty days have been extended into forty years, and confessedly so by the Jews. The concept of GOD becomes the Kama’atian (Egyptian) Aton, which latter becomes the Hebrew (Heb-Heru) GOD, Adon-ia (Aton). “The Ten Plagues” against Egypt were grossly exaggerated and altered and stolen from the “IPUWER PAPYRUS”. Even in Greece, this same GOD becomes the Sun God Adon-is. Also, the concept of the “Golden Calf” is derived from Hat-Heru (Hathor) and Apis (the Bull) or Asaru (Osiris).

      • 3. ‘LEVITICUS’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) “PAPYRUS OF ANI,” (“THE MA’ATIAN CODE”) and the latter “HAM-MU-RABI CODE”. Other collections of laws include the “CODEX OF UR-NAMMU” of Sumer. Ur (ca. 2050 BC), the “CODEX OF ESH-NUNNA” (ca. 1930 BC) and the “CODEX OF LIPIT-ISHTAR” of Isin (ca. 1870 BC).

        4. ‘NUMBERS’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) actual his-(s)tory and her-it-age of Thutmose[s] (Tehuti-Mes) III, Ankh Aton (Akhenaton or Amen Hotep IV) and “THE STORY OF SINU-HE.”

        • Oh yes, the Egyptians. Of course, one of the many ancient cultures wiped out by the Arabs. They kept the name though. I guess you could call it quaintly perverse.

    • Jane,
      Are you sure it’s not “honour killing” inside the al-Jabary family which is blamed on Israelis?

      That’s sounds more plausable.

      • 5. ‘DEUTERONOMY’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) “(Originally 147) 42 NEGATIVE CONFESSIONS OF MA’AT” from the “PAPYRUS OF ANI” and the latter “HAM-MU-RABI CODE”. Other collections of laws include the “CODEX OF UR-NAMMU” of Sumer. Ur (ca. 2050 BC), the “CODEX OF ESH-NUNNA” (ca. 1930 BC) and the “CODEX OF LIPIT-ISHTAR” of Isin (ca. 1870 BC).The Ten commandments was taken from 147 NEGATIVE CONFESSIONS.

        6. ‘JOSHUA’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) concept of Isau-Mes, Heru or Shu, which latter becomes Jesus, the Messiah (Christ) in the “NEW TESTAMENT.” Joshua was derived from the Egyptian Deities Shu and Nun. It is also derived from “THE BATTLE OF MEGIDDO;” the Asiatic Campaign of Thut-Mose(s) III” and “THE EXPULSION OF THE HYKSOS” under Ah-Mose(s).

        • 1. English – derived from germanic dialects, norman french, with an overlay of latin loan words.
          2. Christianity – monotheistic religion derived from Judaism.
          3. Islam – an attempt to bring monotheism to the Arabs by borrowing heavily from Judaism and Christianity.
          4. antisemitic – Israhell

    • Illegal Israeli settlement in the world’s most ancient Jewish city? Come now, Jane, even you must realize that Jews are in Hebron by agreement with the leadership your late arriving indigenous people.
      Stabbing? Who’s M.O. is beating women and stabbing with knives? Oh, let me think for a moment. It’s coming….

      • 7. ‘JUDGES’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) concept of Ma’at RA, which in this book, she is called Deborah, in Hebrew (Het-Heru) the judge of ALL of IS-RA-EL. Deborah was derived from the Egyptian Goddess Neith (Nut), the personification of the primordial waters of creation. She is identified as a great mother goddess in this role as a creator. Neith (Nut) was pictured as a woman nursing a baby crocodile, and she was titled “Nurse of Crocodiles”. As mother of Ra, she was sometimes described as the “Great Cow who gave birth to Ra”. The ‘Song of Deborah’ is derived from “THE MYTH OF THE EPIPHANY ON SINAI.” Samson means “Man of the Sun” (RA or Consciousness) and De-lilah, meaning “Door to Darkness” (Sub-Consciousness). Thus, Samson, symbolizes, the Sun (7 Sun Rays or Spectrum) and De-lilah, the Moon (Shadow Time, called night or the Underworld). It is taken also from “THE JOURNEY OF WEN-AMON TO PHOENICIA,” “THE AKKADIAN CREATION EPIC,” “THE STORY OF AQHAT,” AND “THE GEZER ALMANAC.” The Hebrew Samson is found in the Greek tales as Heracles (Hercules), both derived from Heru (Hero), also named Re-Herakhte, who pulled down of the pillars.

        8. ‘RUTH’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) concept of Hat-Heru (Het Heru turned backwards, without vowels is ‘Rhth’). The Temple of Het Heru at Dendera is dated over 2100 years ago.

        world’s oldest city? sort of like Israhellies are the world’s biggest dip shits?

  2. Hungarian Obviously hit some raw nerves there calm down – As for gang rapes you know best – I am told you have served in the most moral army there is. Just the IDF does not think rape is immoral.

    • I guess they don’t teach sarcasm in Tehran.
      As for thinking rape is not immoral, I’m told the largest democracy in the world is plagued by such attitude.
      Perhaps you are familliar with such attitudes?

      • 9. ‘SAMUEL’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) concept of Semu RA, meaning “Priests of the Sun-God.”It is also partly taken from “EPIC OF GILGAMESH” “THE LACHISH OSTRACA,” “THE AKKADIAN CREATION EPIC” and “THE TALE OF AQHAT.”

        10. ‘KINGS’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian), Assyrian and Babylonian reigns of mainly, Ankh Aton (Akhenaton or Amen Hotep IV), Thutmose(s) III, Sheshonk I, Adad-Nirari III, Tiglath-Pileser III, Ashurnasirpal II, Shalmaneser III, Sargon II, Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar II, such as, “ASHURNASIRPAL II: EXPEDITION TO THE LEBANON, “THE ANNALS AND THE BLACK OBELISKS OF SHALMANESER III: THE FIGHT AGAINST THE ARAMEAN COALITION,” “ADAD-NIRARI III: EXPEDITION TO PALESTINE,” “TIGLATH-PILESER III: CAMPAIGNS AGAINST SYRIA AND PALESTINE,” “SARGON II: THE FALL OF SAMARIA,” “THE ANNALS OF SENNACHERIB: THE SIEGE OF JERUSALEM,” “THE CAMPAIGN OF SHESHONK I”, “THE MARI PROPHECIES,” “THE STELE OF MESHA,” “THE KARATEPE INSCRIPTION,” :THE ANNALS OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR II,” “THE ANNALS OF SARGON II,” “THE SILOAM INSCRIPTION,” “THE YAVNE-YAM INSCRIPTION,” “THE LACHLISH LETTERS,” “THE ARAD OSTRACA,” “THE MESOPOTAMIAN LEGEND OF ETANA” (ELIJAH) and “THE UGARITIC POEMS ABOUT BA’AL AND ANATH.” The name DaViD, in Hebrew (Heb Heru) is DVD or TUT (Tut) short for the Thut-Mose(s) and King TUT (Tut-Ankh-Aton, Tut-Ankh-Amen or TehUTi-Ankh-Aton), the alleged son of Ankh-Aton (Amen Hotep IV). Sol-Om-On is the Sun (Soul) in its three different phrases, morning, noon, and evening , derived from three different land masses, which were once providences of the ancient Kama’atian (Egyptian) empire…Rome (Etruscans), India (Indus Kush), and Egypt (Kama’at)-Sumer. Sol-Om-On was a composite character of Ankh-Aton. Elijah is RA (fire). Elijah bring down fire from Heaven like the mythical so-called Grecian (Min-oan or Cretan, the Minoans were a colony of the Kama’atians [Egyptians]) Prometheus.

    • Do you know that it was once suggested that because the IDF rape so seldom that it was indicative of their racism?

      • Really? Most believe it’s because they had botched covenants so their peens are more like clits.

    • This is for you Genius of the East:
      A research paper that won a Hebrew University teachers’ committee prize finds that the lack of IDF rapes of Palestinian women is designed to serve a political purpose.

      The abstract of the paper, authored by doctoral candidate Tal Nitzan, notes that the paper shows that “the lack of organized military rape is an alternate way of realizing [particular] political goals.”

      The next sentence delineates the particular goals that are realized in this manner: “In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can be seen that the lack of military rape merely strengthens the ethnic boundaries and clarifies the inter-ethnic differences – just as organized military rape would have done.”


        12. ‘EZRA’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) concept of ASAR (Asaru), in the “PERT EM HERU-SUT” or “THE OPENING OF THE MOUTH CEREMONY COMING FORTH BY DAY (LIGHT) AND NIGHT (SHADOW)”which symbolizes, the Father Principle or the slumbering Soul Asaru (Kundalini Shiva). He is the Lord of the Underworld who is (Sub-Conscious Plane) waiting to be awakened by Aset (Isis or the Conscious element), symbolizing the Mother Principle Kundalini (Umbilini) Shakti. This first takes place at the back of the head, Medulla Oblongata, the “Mouth of GOD!” It is taken also from the Assyrian and Babylonian Historical Texts, such as, “CHRONICLES OF CHALDAEAN KINGS: THE FALL OF JERUSALEM,” “NEBUCHADNEZZAR II” and “THE CYLINDER OF CYRUS.”

    • “Hungarian Obviously hit some raw nerves there calm down”

      You know, Jane, I think it’s Chloe’s article that hit your raw nerves, judging by your flailing response to it. Yes, I agree that Ms. Valdary presents a powerful argument; one that shines a light on you and others of your abhorrent disposition.

      • 13. ‘NEHEMIAH’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) concept of mainly, Thutmose(s) III and Ankh Aton (Akhenaton or Amen Hotep IV or Thut-Moses VI) (David). Also, it is derived from “PETITION FOR AUTHORIZATION TO REBUILD THE TEMPLE OF YAHU.”

        14. ‘ESTHER’ is derived from concept Aset (Isis). In the Sumer tales, she is known as, ‘Ishtar,’ meaning the ‘Star’ (Kundalini Shakti). She also, symbolizes, the “Brightest Star” in the night (shadow) sky, in Masonic lore, it is called the“Blazing Star.” In the “HOLY QUR’AN Surah AL Najm (Chapter of the Star) 53:49”…“(ALLAH) He is the Lord of the mighty Star Sirius.” It is called also, the Dog-Star constellation. Aset specify, Sirius B., (Polo also called the “Eastern Star.” Thus, the Eastern Star Order (the Widows) has a high order similar to the Shriners, called the “Daughters of Isis.” Actually, telling us that the Masonic orders are derived from the teachings of the Ancient Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) Mystery Schools (read “JESUS CHRONICLES OLD TRUTHS UNCOVERED” by Judy Carter).

    • 15. ‘JOB’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) “EGYPTIAN EXECRATION TEXTS,” of the Kama’atian (Egyptian)-Asiatic ruler Ayyab-um (cuneiform for Job), latter it becomes, the Babylonian (‘Bab’ = Gate and ‘Elyon’ = GOD in Heaven [Sun]) poem about a virtuous man named Tabu-utul-Bel, who was sorely afflicted, called the “BABYLONIAN POEM OF TABU-UTUL-BEL”or “THE UGARITIC LEGEND OF KERET.” (Note: It is said by many scholar to be the first book actually written in the “OLD TESTAMENT”).

      “Into my prison my house is turned, Into the fetters of myself my feet have stumbled, With a whip he has beaten me; All day long the pursues me, In the night watches he lets me suffer; Through torture my joints are torn asunder; My limbs are destroyed; My sickness baffled the conjurers, And the seer left dark my omens.”

      According to “OLD TESTAMENT Genesis 10: 6-12,” Ham (Kam means “Dark Complexed” and is short for the word Kama’at or Kamit; thus, Kama’at is older than Sumer and Babylon) had four sons, one was Cush (Kush); “And Cush (Kush means ‘Dark Complexed’) begot Nimrod and Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the Earth. He was a mighty hunter (Note: Astrologically, Nimrod symbolizes, the Orion [Light of Heaven] constellation) before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar (Sumer). Out of that land went forth Asshur (Assyria named after Sirius or Osiris [Asaru]), and builded Ninevah, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah, And Resen between Ninevah and Caleh: the same great

    • 16. ‘PSALMS’ is derived from the “HYMN TO THE ATON”written by Ngu (Pharaoh) Ankh Aton (Amen Hotep IV), specifically, “PSALMS 40” and “PSALMS 104” and etc…Thus, Ankh Aton is David (TUT, Tehuti) also.

      papyruses dating back as far as 1200 B.C.E., which directly inspired the Book of “PROVERBS” dated to
      approximately 800 B.C.E., ‘PROVERBS’ originates also from Ankh Aton or Amen Hotep IV sayings, thus making him also King Sol-Om-On [Sol = Latin for‘Sun’ and ‘Omon’ = ‘Amon’ (Amen, Amun, Amin etc…), the Kama’at [Egyptian] Neter for the “Hidden Sun” or ‘On’ = Heaven or Sun [Kama’at] and ‘Om,’ the Sanskrit deity for Sun or Universal Light [Sound] because KING SOL-OM-ON IS A MYTHICAL CHARACTER and is a metaphor for the mental principle of wisdom or

    • 18. ‘ECCLESIATES’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) papyrus “THE WORDS OF AHIKHAR” and “SUMERIAN PROVERBS.”

      19. “THE SONG OF SOLOMON” is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) songs and poems, called “LOVE SONGS” and the Akkadian Hymn, called the “HYMN TO ISHTAR (ESTHER or ASET).”

      20. ‘ISAIAH’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) papyruses “THE PROPHECY OF NEFER-ROHU,” “THE WORDS OF AHIKHAR,” “SUMERIAN PROVERBS.”

      21. ‘JEREMIAH’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) papyrus “THE WORDS OF AHIKHAR,” and “THE

      22. “THE LAMENTATIONS OF JEREMIAH” is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) papyrus “THE WORDS OF AHIKHAR,” and “THE AKKADIAN MARI LETTERS.”

      • Question 1. Are you a mummy?
        Question 2. Did you see the movie?
        Question 3. Are you bigger than a bread box?
        Question 4. About all those copy/paste posts. So what?

        • If it illicit a response then someone got their feelings hurt – enough to even illicit a response. If no one cares then no one talks. Dip shit.

  3. Popeye “a shame you couldn’t respond less dismissively”.

    As in I should waste my time responding to the monotonous cut-and-paste of a bigot who obsessively seeks evidence to vindicate and reinforce their prejudice? A bit like David Duke – that new darling of the left-Islamist anti-Zionist axis (what a laugh that is), who in a former life, would have kept press cuttings of the latest rape and murder convictions of black Americans to prove that such stereotypes hold ‘scientific’ proof of white, Christian America’s moral superiority.

    But back to your point, Israel is a pluralistic, secular democracy. The institutionally chauvinistic elements of Britain’s class-ridden armed forces don’t apply in Israel’s case, and the machismo and arrogance that goes with the British model will be less apparent in the IDF. Not to say that individuals within it won’t hold abhorrent views and resort to criminal actions.

    • 23. ‘EZEKIEL’ is derived from the Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) Neteru (Gods), especially, “EZEKIEL 1:1-20”…Man is Aquarius or ‘Ptah’ [John or Gabriel]); Lion is Leo or ‘Atum-RE’(Sekhma’at [Matthew or Uriel]); Ox (Calf, Bull) is Taurus or ‘Asaru-Hapi (Apis)’ (The Strong Bull [Mark or Raphael]) and Eagle is Scorpio or ‘Heru’ (Hawk [Luke or Michael]), which represents the four carnal points of the zodiac. This so-called prophetic book is primarily, derived from the Het Heru (Hathor) Temple walls of the Dendera (“Wheel within a wheel”).

      24. ‘DANIEL’ is derived from an earlier version of “THE UGARITIC LEGEND OF DANEL,” (BABYLONIAN POEM OF DANEL [1600 B.C.E.) which stemmed from the “THE LEGEND OF AKHAT.” Daniel was taken from “THE PROPHECY OF NEFERTI” is an Ancient Egyptian text set in the reign of the 4th dynasty Old Kingdom king Snofru (c.2550 BC), but was actually written during the early 12th dynasty (c.1991-1786 BC). It was published by Vladimir Golenishchev and stored in the Hermitage Museum.

      The Book of the (12) Twelve, the so-called Minor Prophets of the Old Testament, which symbolizes, astrologically (exoterically), the (12) Planets or the Twelve Zodiac Signs and metaphysically (esoterically), the 12 melanin
      sites in the brain, the 12 pairs of Cranial Nerves or the 12 Nutritive Blood Cell Salts.

    • 25. ‘HOSEA’ means in Hebrew ‘Salvation’ ‘HU SAA’ means in Medu Neter “Breath of Life”

      26. ‘JOEL’ means in Hebrew “to whom JEHOVAH is GOD” ‘HU EL’, which is “HU RA” means in Medu Neter “Breath of GOD”

      27. ‘AMOS’ means in Hebrew ‘Burden’ ‘AH MOSE[S], means in Medu Neter “Drawn Forth from Water”

      28. ‘OBADIAH’ means in Hebrew “Servant of YAH [GOD]” ‘AB BA DA’ means in Medu Neter “Heart [Essence] of Soul and Knowledge.”

      29. ‘JONAH’ means in Hebrew ‘Dove’ ‘HU NEH’ means in Medu Neter “Breath of Consolation”

      30. ‘MICAH’ means in Hebrew “Who is like YAH [GOD]!” ‘MER KA[H] means in Medu Neter “Light of Spirit.”

      31. ‘NAHUM’ means in Hebrew ‘Consolation’ ‘NA AMEN’ means in Medu Neter “Place of the Unseen.”

      32. ‘HABAKKUK’ means in Hebrew ‘Embrace’ ‘HA BAKHU means “God of the West and the

    • 33. ‘ZEPHANIAH’ means in Hebrew “Hidden by YAH [GOD]” ‘SET TEKH AN means “Hidden [Black] Power of

      34. ‘HAGGAI’ means in Hebrew ‘Festive.’ ‘HAT HERU’ means “House of Light”

      35. ‘ZECHARIAH’ means “in Hebrew “Memory of the Lord,” “Think About,””Meditate Upon,” ‘Remembrance (Remember),’
      ‘Recollect,’ ‘Recite’ and hence ‘Declare,’ and ‘Proclaim,’ PTAH RE-SOKAR’ means “Opener of the Way

      35. ‘MALACHI’- In Hebrew means ‘King’ or ‘Angel’ MA KHU means “Truth of the Glorious Light” or “MER KA” means
      “Light Spirit”

      All twelve books are derived from the ancient Ta Ma Rean (Kama’atian / Egyptian) Temple of Dendera, whose teachings are in the Zarathustran (Zoroasterian, meaning “Gazer of the Stars”) books called the “ZEND-AVESTA,” which originated from the IS-RA-EL-ite Exiles (10 missing tribes of IS-RA-EL, the followers of Asar Re), who became identified as the Scythians. Many migrated back to Af-Ra-Ka, as the Lemba people, who live in thatch huts in mountain villages, conjure the spirits of their ancestors during harvest festivals and practice secret rituals that induce their neighbors to accuse them of sorcery. The Abayudaya in Uganda follow most of the Rabbinical holidays and traditions, while the Kush Amaru (Ethiopian Hebrews) take most of their rituals directly from the “OLD TESTAMENT.” Having lived in virtual isolation on an island off the coast of Tunisia, Hebrews of Djerba maintain most of the practices that their Hebrew ancestors did when they landed there two thousand years ago, while Jewry has evolved over the centuries to encompass customs of the Christians, Muslims and Berbers. We must understand, overstand and innerstand that a ritual is an re-enactment of myth and through the ritual one gain spiritual power, particularly, activating more areas of the brain, such as, in the Reptilian, the Limbic, the Medu-lla Oblongata and the Frontal Lobes (Neo Cortex, Neo-Mammalian).

  4. This antisemite is at least a bit of a fun, coprophilic, a bit satanism, clownish.

  5. Not having seen the opera, I cannot make a judgement on whether it’s anti-Semitic.

    What is clear, however, is that Adams’ criticism of the cancellation of the international simulcast that “ends in promoting the same kind of intolerance that the opera’s detractors claim to be preventing” is provocative and offensive bullshit.

    While this article on the G. is plain ignorant:

    “If John Adams’s opera isn’t antisemitic, how can it fan antisemitism?”

    One example immediately came to mind: the Ted figure of movie fame claiming that Jews control Hollywood etc. during an Oscars ceremony the other year. Obviously it was a joke, and not anti-Semitic. But sadly there will have been many people in the world who will have taken the puppet at his word.