CiF Watch prompts 2nd Guardian correction to claim the murdered teens were ‘settlers’

A July 2nd article by Haroon Siddique, Matthew Weaver and Peter Beaumont (Palestinian demonstrators clash with police over suspected revenge attackopened with the following passage:


However, as a previous CiF Watch-prompted Guardian correction (to a July 13th article by Peter Beaumont) indicated, Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar and Naftali Frankel were NOT all “settlers”.

Shortly after complaining to Guardian editors (within the past hour) over this latest error, they corrected the passage.

It now reads:
The following addendum was also added:

We commend Guardian editors on their speedy correction.

(Note: CiF Watch also prompted a correction to a June 15th article at the Independent over the same false claim.)

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  1. One must seriously wonder what on earth these guys trying to push?

    Surely the first thing that comes to mind is that these boys were Israelis.
    They have Israeli passports and no “Settler” passports, even the UK PM, this lunch time, reffered to them as Israeli, which is the natural thing to do.

    The fact that they do or don’t reside in this village or that makes absolutly no difference to the context of being accurate unless you try to shade them in what you percieve to be good / bad light for the benefit of an agenda you try to wield.

    This goes beyond contempt.

  2. Need a correction here “Guardian correction (to a July 13th article by Peter Beaumont)”. It is only the 2nd of July right now – they a correction to an article 11 days in the future?

    • Gee don’t you understand that all articles for “The Guardian” have to be submitted well in advance to the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) to be vetted to ensure that they are written in “Guardian” Newspeak and comply with the principles of ‘doublethink’.

  3. How do I go about alerting the Independent to correct some of their picture captions? They have a picture gallery of the funerals from yesterday. Some of the captions of Naftali Frenkel’s funeral describe Nof Ayalon as “a town” and some as “West Bank Jewish settlement of Nof Ayalon”. One of them adds the unnecessary coda “West Bank Jewish settlement of Nof Ayalon, “in the Israeli occupied West Bank”.

    I can’t tell whether the captions are the Indy’s own or are from Getty images whence the pictures originated.

    The link to the article is here.

  4. The murder of a Palestinian teenager, or anyone, is awful. If this was perpetrated as an act of revenge for the abduction and murder of the Israeli teens then it’s the worst sort of vigilantism. I hope the perpetrator(s) will be found and the facts will come out.
    Needless to say (except in the Guardian) that the President will not declare the murderer a hero, or name a public park or soccer field in his honor.
    As for the “demonstrators” (rioters), I’m guessing they weren’t holding up three fingers for this one.

  5. In addition, I would like to point to yesterday’s Guardian editorial containing the following remarks, which I found incredibly callous and coldhearted:

    ‘The funerals held today had to be delayed, such was the mass turnout as Israelis came in their thousands to mourn three young men who had been adopted as the sons of all Israel.
    Outsiders might be puzzled by the scale of this reaction. Others might disapprove of western leaders joining in the mourning, with statements of solidarity coming from Barack Obama and David Cameron, when Palestinian deaths, including those of teenagers, so often pass with barely a murmur. But whether non-Israelis approve of, or even understand, the reaction is besides the point.’

    Here becomes so very clear once again that the Guardian (and many others) couldn’t care less about the brutally murdered teenagers or any other violent Israeli deaths, nor about the grief, suffering and fear these acts of terrorism cause to the families, as well as to Israeli society as a whole. It is the truth: for some people on this planet the Guardian simply has NO empathy and NO compassion.