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UK media report 200 Israelis chanting racist slogans, but fail to cover 1,000 at peace rally

Since the bodies of Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frankel and Gilad Shaar were buried in a Modi’in cemetery on Tuesday, UK media coverage has pivoted from some degree of sympathy towards the victims and their families to more familiar territory – obsessive focus on reports of Israeli vengeance, racism and intolerance.  

Thus, though support for the terrorist kidnappers/murderers expressed by many Palestinians during the 18 day ordeal was (to the best of our knowledge) not mentioned by any of the major UK dailies, multiple news outlets have subsequently seen fit to report every Israeli expression of intolerance towards Arabs since the teens’ bullet-ridden bodies were discovered near Hebron.

A perfect example of this skewed coverage can be found by comparing ubiquitous reports on a march by a couple of hundred racist Israelis in Jerusalem on Tuesday, who chanted hateful slogans, including ‘death to Arabs’, vs the absence of any coverage devoted to the pro-peace, pro-tolerance rally held the following day in the Israeli capital. Here are the relevant passages from UK media reports about the racist march. Guardian, July 2: (‘Live Blog’ edited by Matthew Weaver)

Gangs of right wing Israelis have been chanting “death to the Arabs” in the wake of the killing of the three teenagers, Footage has emerged of Israeli youth chanting in Hebrew “death to the Arabs” following the killing of the three teenagers.

Telegraph, July 3 (AFP)

After the three were buried on Tuesday, more than 200 Israeli extremists rampaged through Jerusalem, dragging people out of cars and chanting “Death to Arabs”.

Times of London, July 2 (Catherine Philp)

In Jerusalem, several hundred right-wing Israeli youths, many of them skullcap-wearing Orthodox Jews, shouted for revenge as they marched through the city.

Independent, July 1 (Ben Lynfield)

In Jerusalem, a demonstration organised by anti-Arab activists that drew hundreds turned violent.

Financial Times, July 2 (Joel Greenberg)

On Tuesday night, crowds of militant Jewish youths rampaged through the centre of Jerusalem, shouting “Death to Arabs” and assaulting Palestinian workers in the area.

However, UK media sites have thus far failed to report the pro-tolerance rally last night in Kikar Hahatulot in Jerusalem which drew up to a thousand Israelis who were attempting to undo the damage of the anti-Arab rally a night earlier.   Here are a few photos of the event, which this writer attended. first 2 3


Chaim Herzog, center

The rally included politicians (including Labor Party Chairman Chaim Herzog, seen below), public figures, Rabbis and (mostly) ordinary citizens.

We’ll update this post if UK media sites subsequently do file reports on the pro-peace event. 

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    • The 1,000 Israelis who chanted against racism in Jerusalem earlier this week would most likely be horrified by this website’s extremist views.

        • The extremists who ran through the streets of Jerusalem trying to lynch Palestinians earlier this week should be severely sentenced. Some of them seemed to come straight from the illegal settlements and outposts in the West Bank. Clearly living there had a bad influence on them.

    • The UK (and EU media at large) have been unable to provide necessary context, and the only way they can seem to face their antisemitic past is through anti-Zionist propaganda-which has become the new face of antisemitism. It is the duty of all good people to make a loud fuss over this antisemitic habit fuming all over Europe. Indeed, it is certainly the worst antisemitism in my lifetime; probably the worst since the 1930’s. We must be vocal opponents of such ignorance and evil so regularly given a platform in EU media. Just consider, thousands of Palestinians cheering and handing out candy for the kidnapping (and murder) of children without any mention, while the Israeli public loudly condemns such acts against children-Jewish or not. The hypocracy is sickening. All these publications, that scewed reality so much, have simply rolled in so much hate and **** without context that now everything they write must be questioned (as it all has that stench).

      • The context is known worldwide, no worry. Israel has occupied the territory of poplars tine since 67 and has built more and more illegal settlements, leading to the unsustainable and violent situation we are facing today.

  1. Adam, Sadly no right wing element was present in yesterday’s protest for calm.
    Even the right wing group protesting against revenge calls withrew its members.

    As a result we saw left wing and peace groups present.

    With this said it is astonishing that the G does not report that MK Hannin Zoabi has abused her rights as an MK and openly insighted the riots causing thousands of pounds in damage and enflaming the risk of casualties, on which it appears she thrives.

    She and MK Tibi, stated that the boy’s murder was carried out by Israeli settlers even prior to the investigation nearing any conclusion and by doing saw we have see a rise in this rehtoric by the West (Franch and US) and Abu Mazen govt.

    She should resign as she didn’t only cause damage which will see less train services being implemented in the arab distric of north Jerusalem but could potentially cause wounded or even dead in to her own potential voters.
    As such reckless act after another she should apologise and resign.

    Sadly she has little, if any, back bone or honour to do the right thing.

    some people have already claimed that the boy’s murder was a family dispute due to his homosexual tendencies. These claims have yet to be proven and the police have yet to issue an official report.

    • Bullshit Itsik. Have you been there from Wembley? How do you know this? I personally know minimum three definitely rightwing participants. Even Uri Ariel the leading settlement ideologue and party boss condemned the murder, the radio, TV and the media is full of soul searching irrespective of left or right.

      • Peter, calm down. That’s what I read last night on Yediot.
        I found it disapointing though surprising.
        I’m happy to have been wrong, though found it very disturbing that Ynet appears to be pushing some sort of an agenda.

        As for Uri Ariel, we may diagree on many things but I’m proud to say that morality and the rule of law is not one of those things.

      • Yes Peter, Calm down. Even when one of your own chums points out that this site isn’t ‘gospel’ and has an agenda you sh*t a brick.

        “I personally know “?! My a*s do you.

        Partial and balanced? Of course you are Peter – which is why we all follow you rants/posts with such excitement.

        • James your post is too long. You should have made it much more simple and frank writing “I don’t like Jews”.
          “I personally know “?! My a*s do you
          You are certainly confusing me with someone else who gives a shit about your beliefs.

        • ‘James R’
          rather than wasting your energy spewing out incoherent garbage you should enrol on an ESOL course.
          Frankly your attempts to communicate via the English language are sub-standard.

        • Of course this site has an agenda. It promotes the illegal settlements the right wing has built in the Palestinian territory in contravention of international law, impeding the two state solution most people in Israel is calling for.

  2. Too many of these reporters are political prostitutes. They write what they think will sell. They write what they think is exciting. They really don’t care about the tragedy or who they are hurting. Also, they write their bias!

  3. In Jerusalem, several hundred right-wing Israeli youths, many of them skullcap-wearing Orthodox Jews

    Dear, dear, The Times has gone downhill.
    Or … has it just stayed the same since the 50s?

  4. Is there any way of discovering who the individual is for these deliberately misleading reports that we can hold to account? Or at least name and shame?

    • It’s systemic Or systematic. Either way, seeing as how Adam has been on the Guardian for years, and that the Guardian eventually makes changes roughly maybe 50% of the time, one would think that those who are most prideful of delivering news would want to do it properly. But they don’t. Or maybe they do. Who knows with the Guardian, the world’s leading fishwrap for cheap attacks on Jews.

    • “deliberately misleading reports ”

      You would have to explain why they are deliberate before taking such a step at a time when journalists are being attacked in Egypt. They could be just misleading. However in any case Jewish groups calling for action are more concerning than Muslim groups as it is such a rarity but also because of the fact
      that IDF firepower attacks on Hamas will kill many more civilians than vice versa.

      The pictures of the pro tolerance demo were very reassuring and it should be headline news here. Excellent.

      • Not necesssarily, if your Hamas comrades have some courage and don`t hide behind civilians.

  5. i am not a christian. i have no mitzvah to “turn the other cheek” and i am damn tired of the world expecting me to behave like a christian, especially when the majority of christians dont uphold the precept