Times of London leads the pack with worst headline on murdered Palestinian

The UK media continues to churn out stories about the brutal murder of Mohamed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian teen whose burned body was found near Jerusalem last week, with most reports focused on the police investigation and, most recently, new videos of the abduction (from CCTV) which show the faces of the likely perpetrators.

However, though the coverage to date has been decidedly one-sided – in focusing almost entirely on the possibility that the Palestinian was murdered by a Jew in a revenge killing in response to the murder of three Israeli teens – almost all reports have qualified their claims by noting that this theory hasn’t yet been proven.

Typical is the following passage by the Guardian’s Peter Beaumont’s in a July 6th report:

The Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and murdered on Wednesday in what many suspect was a revenge killing by Israeli extremists in response to the murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Similarly, Guardian headlines have been relatively restrained.  When the word ‘revenge‘ has been used, it’s surrounded by “quotes” indicating that this is still only an allegation.

However, The Times (of London) displayed no such restraint in a story written by Josh Mitnick and published in the print edition of the paper on July 3rd.  

Here’s a photo of the article:


Times, July 3, page 27

Whilst it may very well be that the Palestinian was indeed killed in a revenge attack by Jews (or even ‘settlers’), the headline takes an unsubstantiated claim, blaming Israeli ‘settlers’, and sells it as a proven fact. 

Though the subsequent online edition (titled ‘Appeal for calm after Palestinian boy murdered in ‘revenge’ killing, pay wall) softened the charge a bit, the damage – per the nearly 400,000 Times print edition readers – has already been done.

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  1. The Times must know that it has printed an arrant lie & criminally, incitement over the murdered Arab boy. What are they aiming for? Civil war in Israel?

    • Or could it be that the Times of London’s journalist has insider information that was made available to a major newspaper like the Times, but not to a small website like ‘CIF Watch’?

      • The article was published on July 3, before there was even a suspect. Also, the fact that the online edition was much more restrained indicates that some editor realized that the print headline was not appropriate. Further, if you pay attention to how headlines typically are crafted, full or single quotes are almost always placed around words to indicate that there are only charges of x,y, or z, not established facts. Take a look, for instance, at the language many papers used for the kidnapped teens. Many put ‘quotes’ around the word “kidnapped”, or qualified the term with “suspected”, up until the bodies were found.

        • I would say the Times was indeed better informed than you were, considering the information to be released shortly today. That is why it is better to read the media than small websites – they have reliable sources and their journalists know the job.

          • The Times was simply clairvoyant or guessed right. Either way that’s not the way civilised people behave

          • I’d love the Times of London headlines from 3 weeks ago, when the Israeli teens were abducted. That way we can compare the Time of London’s handling of Jewish abductions and murders with the Palestinian’s abduction and murder.

            I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that

            1.Times of London still hasn’t pegged the blame on Hamas, maintaining that the peg on Hamas is coming from the Israeli side only;

            2. Times of London more than likely avoided describing the reactions by Hamas (kidnappings aren’t good, they’re grrrrrrreat!) and Fatah (disgusting cartoons);

            I’m also going to go out on a limb and suggest that the Israeli response to 50 missiles launched at Sderot from Gaza has been deduced to being more “revenge” for the kidnappings as opposed to, y’know, the FACT that MISSILES have been LAUNCHED INTO SDEROT FROM THE MOMENT THE FUNERALS BEGAN.

          • “I would say ”
            Yes, indeed you would. It’s called speculation, and that’s most likely what the Times was doing. Show us where they reported to have had inside access.

      • “Or could it be that the Times of London’s journalist has insider information that was made available to a major newspaper like the Times (?)”

        Then how do you explain them getting so many things wrong so much of the time?

    • It’s not just the Times of London, but every newspaper and report I’ve seen in America has determined this a “revenge killing” from the moment he was murdered (because his parents said that Jewish settlers took him, and that’s all the proof Western media needs these days) while simultaneously ignoring the dozens of missiles shot into Israel since last Wednesday.

      • Yes, I’m sure the entire media is entirely concerned with the catching and prosecuting of those who murdered (or would lynch be the better term?) three Israeli Jews. I’ll bet the dark motives of the killers will be discussed in inch after inch of column space along with calls for swift prosecution in all the UK papers, especially the Guardian. Even now I’ll bet they just can’t stop talking about what a heinous crime it is and are going on and on about Muslim extremism throwing a wrench into all that peace processing. I can tell just by the strong and swift condemnations from officialdom immediately following the abductions and their calls to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice quickly whatever the cost.

        • Exactly. While walking my dog this morning I got riled up with thinking about that “Mossad” operation in the UAE when the gun runner was “mysteriously” discovered dead in his hotel room. Not by a heart attack, but rather a group of 30+ Mossad agents who can be seen in a heavily edited CCTV footage following this poor, sweet Hamas operative. And if you remember, the media ate that shit up, and as far as i know, have never, ever detracted from their original story which is that the Mossad offed some Hamas official in the UAE.

        • Hey Jeff. Just saw PBS’ take on today’s News Hour and they did an amazing job. Let’s face it, I expected the worst (another ITV report from a soft spoken yet opinionated lass), but instead was treated to a face-to-face with Joseph Federman of the AP and then a sit down with Dennis Ross and (I forgot the prof’s name) Dr. Shelibi, I think. Anyway, incredibly balanced. The missiles were center stage. Maybe they got wind that last week’s reports were weak and lame. Hopefully they will continue down this avenue.

          • I’m glad to hear that the News Hour had a balanced discussion of the issues and am sorry I missed it. I’ll have to start tuning in more regularly.

        • It actually seems now that it is. Two days ago, as the investigation was getting underway, and nobody knew who killed him, it wasn’t. And what’s sad is that I actually have to spell that out for you.

    • The Times or the Guardian and most other newspapers really don’t care about facts or how what they print affects the lives of people. They want to sell papers! Confrontation, encitement, fear and a host of other negative things sells. There was a time when journalists took pride in their work, but now journalism has become a kind of prostitution. The only one expected to have pride in his/her work is the other guy. These crime against the Arab boy is heinous just as the crime against the Israeli boys is heinous. At this point I’m sure the parents don’t care if it was revenge or not. The have lost their CHILDREN!


    • The headline will be remembered and there will be no denial. Media announce six Israeli Jews arrested for the murder of this child.

  3. What will Joshua Mitnick’s headline be for Palestinian murdering Shelley Dadan.,
    How about Palestinian who was brainwashed by the racist Fatah media butchers defenseless Israeli girl. Nah, Mitnick will never talk about Palestinian hate.
    Suspect held in killing of 20-year-old Shelley Dadon
    Police leaning toward nationalistic motive after Hussein Halifa, a taxi driver, confesses to killing Afula resident
    July 6, 2014