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George Galloway caught in a Twitter Fautography

If those on the political right wanted to invent a caricature of their far-left political opponents (of the Red-Green Alliance variety), it would look something like George Galloway MP.  

Between his obsessive hatred of Israelis, his embrace of both Islamist extremists (like Hamas and Hezbollah) and secular Arab tyrants (Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad come to mind), and his decidedly anti-feminist stance on sexual assaults, Galloway is a poster child for the pathos which continues to infect sections of the once proud anti-racist, anti-totalitarian, progressive movement in the UK.  

Earlier today, as part of his social media advocacy on behalf of Hamas’s efforts to defeat the ‘Zionist entity’, he re-Tweeted the following from a pro-Palestinian propagandist who – her timeline demonstrates – continually Tweets old images of Palestinians casualties and passes them off as photos taken during the current war.


The problem of course is that the photo (whatever its origins) appears to be at least 8 years old.

Indeed, though it’s hard to trace the precise origin of the photo (as we were unable to find the image used by a reputable news source), it’s quite tellingly used frequently by anti-Israel extremists online, as indicated by the first three results in our Google search of the image.


In fact, there have been multiple reTweets by Galloway over the last 24 hours (to his 182,000 followers) sold as current, but which go back many years.

Here’s another one he reTweeted earlier, but which dates back to 2012.


Oh, and one more thing: it should be noted that the Bradford West MP continues to have op-eds published at the Guardian.


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  1. Now this stuff is all about the Bradford West MP. No doubt soon the Bradford East MP will feel compelled to make his contribution too. No doubt that too will be untoWard.

  2. Apparently the goal is to bash Israel. The means is not important since the intention is illegitimate

  3. Just imagine. One day, George Galloway will support Israel.

    Then Israel should really start to worry.

  4. Oh, and one more thing: it should be noted that the Bradford West MP continues to have op-eds published at the Guardian
    Why not? A faux-Muslim Jew-hater contributor and a faux pro-Muslim Jew-hating website – this called a perfect match.

  5. George Galloway caught in a Twitter Fautography

    It’s like catching George Galloway in bed with George Galloway.