Independent demonizes Sderot residents for cheering IDF strikes on Hamas

Sderot, dubbed the bomb shelter capital of the world, is a working-class community located 2.5 km from Gaza, and has absorbed the largest percentage of the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza at Israel since 2001.  Such ubiquitous attacks have killed 13 Sderot residents, wounded dozens and profoundly disrupted daily life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder incidences among young children of Sderot, as with depression and miscarriages among the adult population, are abnormally high.

Naturally, they are not too fond of Hamas, the movement most responsible for the terror their community has suffered, and are pleased whenever the IDF attempts to reign in their rocket launching capacity.

Yet, a surreal report by Adam Winthall at the Independent on July 13th, which focuses on fifty Sderot residents who gathered to watch the conflict unfold at a lookout point northwest of the city last week, frames their pleasure at the periodic sight of Hamas terror sites being shelled as nothing short of sadistic.

Here’s the headline:


Withnall begins:

An image that appears to show a group of Israelis on a hilltop cheering and applauding as they watch the deadly aerial bombardment of Gaza has caused international outrage after it was shared by thousands on Twitter.

Taken by the Middle East correspondent for a Danish newspaper, the picture shows rows of people sitting on plastic chairs looking out over the Gaza Strip as rockets and explosions light up the night sky.

Allan Sørensen, who posted the image, wrote that it showed a kind of “cinema” on the hilltop outside the Israeli town of Sderot, and a caption added: “Clapping when blasts are heard.”

Sørensen’s newspaper, the Kristeligt Dagblad, reported that the gathering involved more than 50 people who had transformed the hill into something “most closely resembling the front row of a reality war theatre”.

It said that people were seen taking popcorn up onto the hill with their chairs, and that they sat cheerfully smoking hookahs.

Then the Indy shows the Tweet by the outraged Danish journalist:

Winthall then adds a few more ‘shocking details’ about the ‘cruel’ Israelis.

“We are here to see Israel destroy Hamas,” said Eli Chone, a 22-year-old American who lives in Israel.

Sørensen’s tweet was met with anger by fellow Twitter users. One user wrote: “If this is true then God help us all. What’s become of the human race?

Where to begin?!

First, it’s quite telling that the Indy reporter doesn’t even note the rockets fired on Sderot in the months and years prior to the event he describes.  Withnall completely erases this vital context from his report.

Additionally, do Winthall and the “shocked” Norwegian journalist really not know that Palestinians often celebrate the murder of Israeli civilians as the result of terror attacks?

As you no doubt recall, there were enthusiastic street celebrations when the news broke about the attacks on 9/11.

In 2011, there were celebrations in Gaza when they learned that five Israeli civilians – including three children, one a three months old baby -were literally butchered by Palestinian terrorists in Itamar.

A Palestinian man offers sweets to a woman in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on March 12, 2011 to celebrate an attack which killed five Israelis (Getty Images)

More recently, upon hearing of the abduction of three Israeli teens last month, some Palestinians handed out candy in the streets and posted messages lauding the incident on social media sites and in the state-run media.

University students in Birzeit University distribute sweets in celebration of the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers.

University students in Birzeit University distribute sweets in celebration of the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers.

Also, a video recently surfaced showing “hundreds of Arabs” celebrating ‘the attack on occupied Palestine’ atop the Temple Mount after hearing bomb sirens in Jerusalem on the first day of the war.

Indeed, just yesterday, according to Times of Israel, Channel 2 showed footage of Palestinian youths dancing and cheering in Gaza “minutes after a heavy rocket barrage was launched at the greater Tel Aviv area”.

So, while Palestinians have often celebrated lethal attacks on innocent Jewish civilians, Indy readers are evidently supposed to be shocked when a few dozen Sderot residents celebrate IDF attacks on a terrorist group committed to their country’s destruction? 

The UK media’s moral myopia, as with their seemingly unlimited capacity to impute malevolence to Israelis, is at times staggering.

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    • There is incitement and hatred on both sides. CIF Watch’s attempt at whitewashing the immoral behaviour of a small group of Sderot residents (many other residents would disapprove if such a behaviour) is disturbing. These are people who cheer each time they see an airstrike, with utter disregard for the fact that innocent civilians, some children, are being killed.

      • I’m sorry to break this to you, Asshole, but the purpose of this battle is to stop those missile attacks. Your inability to grasp this means two things. 1. You support missile launchers attacking Israel; and 2. You are just another one of those hate mongers who have a hard time when Israel naturally responds to aggression.

        This battle against Gaza is strictly to stop the missiles. I know you’re too fucking ignorant and hate filled and, yes, pathetically idiotic to figure this shit out. That’s why I’m actually taking 30-seconds of my morning to help you understand that 1. Israel is defending herself from Arab aggression; and, 2. You are just another futile dipshit who means nothing to anybody on this board (at least).

        May you choke on your own vomit and die a lonely, miserable death. Thanks, Poser!

        • Kouf, with all due respect, many many of the battle fatigued residents of the southern “Otef Aza” area have very good friends in the Gaza strip and so will find the cheering of such attacks which inevitably can create collateral damage, as with the case of Abu Layesh family, appaling.

          There is one thing to find these last resort attacks necesary and another to actualy cheer them or even watch them with a bowl of popcorn.

          Battle is not a fecking movie.
          We are not Hamas and do not behave like them and I hope, for your sake, you are neither.
          Good day.

          • Since they are cheering attacks on missile launchers, weapons depots, and terrorists – I agree with them.

            I hope that the ground forces are allowed to get in there and clear out every single terrorist and their families

            • Gee, I fear that this is the only option.
              I just pray that my family who are likely to be part of the infantry entering this hell hole will return safe along with every other soldier.
              I pray that the gunners and tank regiments will support them in any way.

              This hornet’s nest called Gaza is exactly that.
              It was evident from day one that Hamas wanted Israeli boots to enter Gaza.

              • It is all that. My prayers for your family. Mine has been too many times to count.

                I was on the Golan 6 Oct 1973.

            • Your inability to grasp the meaning of life isn’t surprising since you’re a pathetic asshole who has long ago overstayed his welcome on any part of this planet.

              Do hope you can make it back to Uranus soon, Asshole.

              • Because they’re not the same people.

                By extension all Israelis are valid targets – should I punch one in the face ‘just because I can?’

          • Adam Levick: the man who thinks it is ok to cheer at airstrikes when women and children are dying?

        • Anyone who cheers at the sight of airstrikes killing women and children deserves to be demonised. While Levick whitewashes those who applaud the death of innocent civilians, many Sderot residents are busy showing horror at the acts of a minority of extremists in Sderot.

          • What if those airstrikes are wiping out missile silos? From my math, with over 1500 bombing missions under their belt, about 170 Palestinian casualties, makes each bombing mission responsible for roughly .115 death. So I would have to cheer for 8 bombing missions in order to be considered cheering on the death of a Palestinian.

            But am I really cheering on their deaths? No, I’m not. But don’t mind my opinion. Please, tell me what you think of my opinion.

            Meanwhile, you have been awful quiet in light of 9000 Hamas rocket attacks since 2005. I’ve read your tripe on this board more than enough since then, and you seem to justify these attacks on Israel. But that’s not cheering, is it? No, that’s Avigdor being a Thinker, a Philosopher.

            Wow…. Whodathunkit?

            • The 1500 bombing probably need dividing in two as the first bomb would have been a dummy (knock on the roof).
              There is no question though that the IAF is taking extra ordinary measures at preventing errors to the best of its ability.
              This is why these guys watching these raids with popcorn bowls (if indeed true) is not only reckless at times of such bombardment, but also displays and utter disrespect to the possibility of dead civilians.

              I said what I had to say on the matter earlier and from your reaction I believe we agree on this.
              It reminds me of the stupid Israelis who were caught filming the September 11 chaos from a roof top of a near by building as if it’s some sort of a show.

              There is a serious moral issue in all this and this crosses all borders.
              It’s this selfie modern mobile uploads era we live in.
              the obsession to film every thing on every moment is absolute sickening at times.
              You see this in London streets, in football matches, in riots, demos and even car accidents. Filming terrible things while not lifting a finger to help.
              You now see this in bomb sirens in TA while hearing the person taking the photo and their friends either laughing in excitement or freaking out. Yet not one of them will put the phone down and start acting like a normal human being.
              I guess this “cinema” report is hardly surprising.
              Israelis, after all, are not different than any other human being and our societies are getting very ill.
              This is my personal opinion.

            • For sure some of these airstrikes have wiped out some civilians. All media overseas have shown the sore sight of small children being buried alongside their parents. Clearly not something which anyone with a heart can accept. Clearly not something many Israelis are ready to accept,

              • Israelis are quiet tired of having to run with their children for shelters for 9 years. Seems the world doesn;t really care about them

              • You’re not getting anywhere avoiding the reality of this war. If you want to insist that nothing Israel does is right, then you go fuck off and eat a bag of dicks. What you say means nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Comprende? YOU aren’t ME so I really don’t GIVE A SHIT.

                • @ koufaxmitzvah

                  I have tried all evening follow your advice – but I’m out of luck. It seems that your mum got there first and has drained them all dry! :/

                  What’s a girl to do?!

  1. Oh, now I get it – so when Gazans pass out candy on the street after a terrorist attack, that is merely justified release of unavoidable pressures, or when they cheer when they see rockets falling on Ashlelon or Tel Aviv while watching their TVs, that is completely different than Israelis doing the same from a hilltop.

    Or when Hamas supporters in the UK cheer on Hamas while watching TV to see rockets fall on Israel , that is qualitatively different than people sitting close to the actual fighting and feeling grateful that at last there is a proper response to their suffering.

      • Defying sirens, Jerusalem’s Palestinians are rooting for Gaza

        “The Jews, the police, the army, everyone got down and lay on the ground, while we continued normally, and my children signaled the victory sign,” he said. “Death is a virtue. A person doesn’t get to live one minute more than God assigns him.”

        A shoe salesman, asking to be named Abu Jihad after the famed Fatah leader killed by Israel in 1988, said that Jerusalem children often take to the streets as the sirens blast to identify with the children of Gaza.

        “The children love the sound of the siren as though it was a children’s game,” he told The Times of Israel, as he watched a small TV broadcasting images of destroyed buildings in Gaza. “We tell them ‘come inside,’ and they say ‘I don’t want to come in, I want to die like those in Gaza’.”

    • Note that they are cheering the attacks on HAMAS – not the Arabs. Hamas is a terrorist organization.

      Terrorists are war criminals. So they are calling for war criminals to be destroyed and cheering that on. And that is somehow inhuman? I believe Americans cheered the destruction of the Iraq forces in several wars.

      • When we start celebrating death, even that of our enemies and especially that of the young and innocent, we are no longer above Hamas.

        Death is always regretable and nothing to be cheered of.

        Adam, the recent “ars” mentality of various Israelis like “the shadow” (israeli rapper) and people from both right or left, is nothing to support.

        It is something to shy away from, and oppose in the strongest terms.

        Do not celebrate the demize of your enemies.
        Whenever a soul has been taken from us it is always a failure. Some times failures are something that is required and a resolution, but it is never something to be happy and cheer for.

        This is the different perception to life between the Zionist leaders throughout the years and many of the Arab leaders.
        We disgrace their memory by reducing ourselves to such cheap morals.
        Perhaps this is something Americans do not understand, or perhaps this something that Israeli “ars” culture can never take onboard but the majority of Israelis can understand that and I find the attitude of those few on the hill top, if indeed true, to be shameful.

        Do note that many who cheer the interception missiles’ successes can be mistaken for cheering on the actual pounding of the fire sources in reply by people who are not from the area.

      • These people are cheering attacks which cause the death of numerous civilians. How can you cheer when TVs all over the world show the human toll of such airstrikes, for instance this week-end in a clinic for disabled women – two of them dead and several others gravely injured, with burns all over their bodies? How can a human being cheer airstrikes that result in this?

        • You seem to be doing just fine jerking your wad all over these boards as you bash Israel for responding as naturally as any country with a military might. Oh, but that’s right, logic isn’t your forte. Well, that’s why you’re jerking off to War Porn.

          See, Poser? You’re nothing of significance. Just another self-important blowhard who gets off on the battles of Jews.

          • Pal, people all over the world are seeing civilians die in airstrikes. I think that people all over the world are smart enough to decide for themselves what they are seeing. I very much doubt they approve of it.

            • Too bad for you that the point of air strikes isn’t to kill Palestinians, because then you would have a whole lot more blood to get excited about. As it is, the purpose of those strikes is to eliminate the rocket threat that has shot more than 1100 since this time last month. Your need to avoid that fact is telling, Amigo.

              • If the point is to stop the air strikes then it’s not working… clearly.

                So about about a politician solution?

                Why don’t the Israeli’s negotiate honestly?

            • Not only that Lawrence, people all over the world are living in failed states while we prosper, people all over the world are uneducated and illiterate while we excel in sciences, people all over the world have nothing to eat while we are relatively well off, people all over the world are living under murderous dictatorships while we are free. In the light of the above facts you will certainly understand that we don’t give a flying Allahu Akbar about their their approval of our actions

  2. isn’t it so that until the 20th Century, people used to watch battles? I’m sure that people watched the Battle of Waterloo, and battles in the American Civil War, for example. On that basis, I’m sure that the watchers would have been partisan for one side or the other, so what’s this reporter’s problem. Most of us, if we had the chance would want to watch our armed forces kicking the shit out of the enemy.

    • About The First Battle of Bull Run:

      “It became clear that the anticipated battle would take place on Sunday, July 21, 1861. Stories would often be told about how spectators from Washington, riding in carriages and bringing along picnic baskets, had raced down to the area so they could watch the battle as if it was a sporting event.”

      In the Siege of Krishnapur, a novel inspired by the sieges of Cawnpore and Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the author details how Indian spectators had elaborate picnics on the heights surrounding the town as the English inhabitants were being bombarded and starved to death. Yes, it is fiction but the book is meant to provide a very accurate picture of the war.

    • palestinians are not the enemy. Theyre the landlords, you lot will be gone soon.

      Never fear, the shaming of racists like you will win public opinion for them.

      • “palestinians are not the enemy”

        Correct, the Fascist thugs of Hamas and the kleptocrats of Fatah are the enemy.
        But as long as the ‘Palestinians’ continue to do nothing about the criminal gangs of Hamas and Fatah they will continue to be their own worst enemy.

        • But youre not entitled to target them, and if the density of gaza precludes avoiding civilian casualities, you are commiting war crimes by targeting those near them, knowing they will be hurt in the blast.


          • ‘Steven B’ or ‘Tim O’ or whoever you are pretending to be at this moment.

            Have you always been an illiterate clown or is it due to recent brain damage?
            Are you really the inbred retard you appear to be?

          • Steven B writes:

            “But youre not entitled to target them, and if the density of gaza precludes avoiding civilian casualities, you are commiting war crimes by targeting those near them, knowing they will be hurt in the blast.”

            Steven B scratches armpit, downs a pint, and becomes a QC all in the course of an evening. The wonders of gentile culture never cease to amaze me.

          • the Land belongs to God and He gave it to the children of Israel for eternal heritage . if you think differently, you or the world opinion, you will convince , not the Eternal

            • Land belongs to no one.
              It was there long before we sleathered out of the Ocean and will be there long after we obliterate ourselves or evolve into something worth being proud of.
              It was there long before we invented such a thing called god.

              For the sake of argument the land is owned by whoever has, and can prove, legal claim over it.
              Last time I checked god does not fall into this equation. Cultural heritege was used to support a claim though.

              • @ItsikDeWembley: Palestinian’s have title deeds to houses and land going back to the Ottoman empire – LONG before Israel was even thought of… in that case….it should be given back, right?

                • REALLY? THEY’VE GOT DEEDS?



                  Hey Bill…. You’re a fucking moron.

                • Bill P,

                  Hardly the case. very few do and most that were actualy there (probably less than 60%) were mainly donmadic people on a seasonal tour so no deeds were required of unsettled land.

                • As there were no Arabs called Palestinians it is just the same set of fakes.
                  Titles invented in the sixites and seventies, no documents are older than fifty years, they were produced nad handed out by the PLO, that`s why they shy away from international scrutinity of their “documents”

                • It’s an undisputed , documented, published, and recognized fact that the Ottoman empire issued title deeds to Palestinians – it’s not a state secret.

                  Are you really going to deny it?

                  Hint: Your ‘mates’ on here are wondering why you tied yourself into a statement that you now can’t disprove – they’ll think less of you ceding a point to a pro-human rights supporter. opps. :/

                • In 1997, the PA announced that it would seek the death penalty for Palestinians selling land to Israelis pursuant to a 1973 Jordanian statute known as the “Law for Preventing the Sale of Immoveable Property to the Enemy”.[citation needed] Under this statute, “the enemy” is defined as

                  … any man or judicial body [corporation] of Israeli citizenship living in Israel or acting on its behalf.[citation needed]

                  Article 4 of the statute states that:

                  The sale of immoveable property against the provisions of this law constitutes a crime against state security and well being, punishable by death, and the confiscation of all the culprit’s immoveable and moveable possessions.[

                • It’s an undisputed , documented, published, and recognized fact that the Ottoman empire issued title deeds to Palestinians

                  Is it ? do prove it.

                • @Alexa

                  OMG – you’re silent. That’s so funny.

                  You ask for proof, you got proof, and now you’re unable to think of anything racist to reply! That’s too sweet.

                  Whoever that ‘Bill’ is, he basically rear-ended you. Classic.

                • Tom O and the other honorable Anti zionists:

                  “Even before 1917, Jewish and Zionist institutions had purchased large tracts of land in Palestine from absentee landlords, who lived mainly in Syria and Lebanon. These landlords had previously leased their property to local farmers, but were happy to sell it for the right price, without giving a thought to their tenant farmers. Nevertheless, Palestinians view these sales as more legitimate than those that took place during the British occupation that began in 1917.

                  Under Ottoman rule, a substantial portion of the land in Palestine was registered as state land. Some of this land was later sold or transferred to pre-state Jewish institutions. Other portions belonged to the Muslim waqf (religious trust), and these, according to Islamic law, cannot be sold. However, there was no orderly registration process; ownership was determined primarily using records such as tax payments.”

                  Now this is from your link, if you cared to read it and even understood it.

                  It is a well known fact that most of the Ottoman landlords (which were corrupt land grabbers themselves) had rented the land to seasonal workers for years and eventually Jews which returned to the region and were seeking land to develop gave these landlords the right price.
                  Even after purchasing these lands the grudge from the old tenants, who know had no land to work on, gave way to raids and rise in crime and hostility as early as 1909.

                  A perfect example of such a place would be Sejera.


                  Now as for your enormous amount of deeds, I’d like to return to the following, again from your link:

                  “Under Ottoman rule, a substantial portion of the land in Palestine was registered as state land”

                  You see, state land means just that.
                  Turkey lost that land in war she started by joining the Axes which was then handed to Britain to mandate as best it could.
                  It is simple.

                • @Alexa,

                  I know it’s hard to reason clearly while blowing-goats, but Bill provided you with proof of Palestinian landownership deeds.

                  Have you goat jizm in your eyes, or is the text too fuzzy to read clearly?

                  I think you have been shown to be in the wrong.

                  That must hurt like anal,eh?

                • Sarah J
                  JULY 15, 2014 @ 6:44 PM
                  2 Votes

                  I know it’s hard to reason clearly while blowing-goats, but Bill provided you with proof of Palestinian landownership deeds.

                  Did he now?The article he provided said The Turkish government gave the Palestinian Authority a copy of the Ottoman archive containing all documents pertaining to land ownership in pre-state Israel through 1916.
                  It didn;t say there is any proof of Palestinian landownreship.
                  The aricle did say that that under Ottoman rule, a substantial portion of the land in Palestine was registered as state land that is what we said all along.
                  So sill no proof for you claim or Bill’s claim or the PA claim

          • “and if the density of gaza precludes avoiding civilian casualities” blah blah

            You’re wrong about that. Possibly for reasons of your low brain density.

          • And apart from the “bottom line” usual rubbish position that all Jews should leave “Palestine” or commit suicide, what other option do you offer Israelis in the circumstances?
            if it was not for Iron Dome, we’d be seeing a lot of dead and injured Israelis – Arab and Jew- in the streets.

          • Steven B:

            “(Re the targeting of Hamas thugs) But youre not entitled to target them,”

            Oh I do beg your pardon, forgot to ask for your pemission mi’lord!

          • Hamas and PLO are criminal organisations,, they commit every day war crimes and crimes against humanity and you thug defend this.

          • So in your words Hamas which delibreatly shoot from populated areas can continue shooting and Israel must do nothing.

            • Why not find a political solution that respects the rights of all?

              Not rocket science is it?

              • Limp, this is a great idea, sadly since the three NOs back in 67.


                Now you may say that things have changed and you’d be right.
                There are people we can talk to today but there are many more who refuse to listen which makes every peace effort futile.

                Imagine what would happen had we agreed on peace with Assad 10 years ago or so.
                We would have Al Qaeda and it’s friends sitting on the Hulla valley’s border bombing the entire valley at will.

                I bet you’d be saying something along the line to return to 47 borders, wouldn’t you?

                You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink.

                • Your ‘choice’ of evidence for there being no viable political solution is by is very nature problematic – and perhaps the reason for your thinking.

                  It’s a well documented fact that Israel has been a dishonest broker in peace negotiations for the last 20 years: don’t take my word for it, read ‘The Truth About Camp David, Clayton E. Swisher – an American state department worker involved with whole process. It’s a very interesting read. I recommend it.

                • Thank you for the advise Marco P.
                  Still, care to advise on how safe Israel would have been had we handed the Golan back to Assad?

                  Whether Israel has been a true broker or not, the Arabs leadership and education systems have been far worse.
                  Evidence to this was already seen in the Hamas bus bombings through out the 90’s during negotiations.
                  Arrafat speech after coming back from Washington is evidence of their true goals that never intended to settle for 67 lines.

                • @ItsikDeWembley

                  I’ve no idea if it’s your ‘intention’ or not to confine the debate to ‘Israel isn’t that bad compared to corrupt Hamas leaders’ but I sense, unlike the rest of the offensive trolls on here, that you’re a little bit better read than they are. If you’ll allow me:

                  1) No one can ‘defend’ Arafat or his corruption (in fact, no one of an right mind ever tries to) but they can point out, quite legitimately, that Israel has CHOSEN the PLO, and those that followed as their ‘partner for peace’ of choice for the simple reason that they are corrupt enough to be tempted by offers of prestige and power, while at the same time ‘appearing’ as legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people. Make no mistake, they are not legitimate, and not representative of Palestinians. But they do give Israel the ‘cover’ of appearing to negotiate with someone who they can control.

                  2) Hamas very possible commits war crimes, no one has ever denied it. What has been debated at large is the RESPONSE that Israel take, committing war crimes of their own. Their response is very often disproportionate, vindictive (they talk of revenge! not even lip-service to ‘justice’), collective and whose primary motive is to punish ‘terrorists’ knowing full well that it also hurts those that can do nothing to stop it, even if they wanted to. Palestinians are not allowed to leave Gaza, by sea or air. Their borders are controlled by another sovereign state. This is the very definition of an occupation. Is this right? Is this conducive to conditions to a peaceful negotiations? Does this allow a plurality of representatives of the Palestinian people in Gaza to flourish? I think you’ll agree, the answer is NO.

                  3) What does Israel want? Borders? Solution for 4.5 million Palestinians? They never say. Do you know what you’d like? Can you say?

                  Keep the other trolls out of this: reply to just me.

                • ‘Tim O’
                  “Keep the other trolls out of this: reply to just me”

                  But Tiny Tim you ARE the other trolls.
                  Now why don’t you ‘Steven B’, ‘Marco P’ et al
                  Go and collectively F*ck Yourself!

                  You are still a cowardly, blustering buffoon who is full of wind and piss.
                  Take a screenshot of that and take it to the Police.
                  Or print it off and shove it up your a*rse!

                • 3) What does Israel want? Borders? Solution for 4.5 million Palestinians? They never say. Do you know what you’d like? Can you say?

                  Barak and Olmert both said what Israel want and were rejected

                • @alexa

                  Last time I check ‘negotiated’ peace doesn’t involve listing what you want and then bombing civilians when you don’t get it.

                  Camp David is a prime example of the lying Jewish political elite not entering the negotiating process honestly. Explain that!

                  I’ve still yet to hear what you’d like to see in the middle east as a ‘final solution’…..still waiting…..get off your knees, leave the goats alone, and answer us.

                • Camp David is a prime example of the lying Jewish political elite not entering the negotiating process honestly. Explain that!

                  I will if I knew what you are talking about

                  Last time I check ‘negotiated’ peace doesn’t involve listing what you want and then bombing civilians when you don’t get it

                  Indeed which is what the palestinians did after Oslo when they murderd few hundrads Israelis in suicide attacks all over Israel.

                  When did Israel bomb civilians during peace neotiation?when and where

              • You mean a political solution with an organization that calim all Palestine is a waqf land and will be liberated by Jihad and not negotiation.?

          • Yes we are entitled to target them. Nor are we required to avoid civilian casualties. The Geneva Convention is very clear. We are entitled to stop those war crimes period. It is up to Hamas and their civilians to leave. The presence of Hamas and/or their rockets removes the protected status of the area.

            That is black and white international law. It is a war crime to use civilians as human shields, so the ONLY war criminals are the Arabs, not Israel

          • Of course Israel should just let Hamas continue firing after they ifnore the cease fire and Israel should do nothing about that. Am I right?

      • “the shaming of racists like you will win public opinion for them”

        This public opinion of course is made of the descendants of those gentiles who either remained supremely indifferent to the genocide of the Jewish people or actively collaborated in it. So no surprises there. Blood will out, after all. Far better then that we have morality on our side than the stinking sewer of your public opinion.

        “you lot will be gone soon”

        If the Nazis couldn’t do it, I doubt very much whether you will achieve much beyond wearing out your keyboard with all the anti-Jewish hatred you have spewed over the years.

      • Steven is the bigger enemy for Palestinians than I’ll ever be.

        That’s because I believe in the 2-state solution, while Steven believes that Arabs should just kill the Jews and then take over.

        The end is near. Right, Steve? Only the sane people say that, Fuckwad.

        • @koufaxmitzvah: If you believe in a two-state solution then be brave and define your borders today. Present them to the UN, and see if they’re accepted.

          It’s not rocket science – so why not do it?

          • Are you aware of the Oslo Accords? My defined borders– as if I matter– are defined by those Accords which were agreed to by Israeli and Palestinian leadership.

            Ah….. I see you are a historical illiterate! That’s okay. Peace was offered 3 times sinc 2000, Bill. Do keep up.

            • because no settlement was agreed with the Arabs.
              Now I wonder why that is the case?
              Three NOs ring a bell?

            • So you’re saying that just because Yassir Arafat backpedaled at the last minute and refused to sign the paper 10 years after the agreement was made that this agreement, which cost the life of a statesman to an Israeli assassin, is worthless and means nothing? Again, I sound like a broken record, but go fuck yourself, Ivan. Slowly and with a chainsaw. Because the reality is, this is how peace gets made. Agreements. In bits and pieces. You want peace or do you want war? If you want peace, then you need to understand WHERE Israel gets its crazy ideas in terms of construction and self-defense. Both of which have been determined as War Crimes by Israel’s detractors.

              So really what you want to do is yell and scream and carry-on. Which is great for a 3-year-old, but not so great if the point is to find PEACE. You can’t find that by arguing for WAR, Asshole.

              It’s like ME talking to HATE MONGER TRASH expecting YOU to actually GET IT.

              That’s a great legacy you’ve got going, by the way. You really do inspire a lot of empty, meaningless discussion. Good on you, Fuckwad.

              • Tim O and Ivam:

                “academic of repute”

                Just being curious here, but would you classify Pappe or Chomsky as reputive?

              • @ItsikDeWembley

                Don’t be too cleaver – suggest, as I requested, those Academics who, armed with research and sources, have a similar view point to yours.

                That’s all you need to provide, rather than 2nd guessing those academic who agree with my point of view.

                Please provide those academics.

              • “Don’t be too cleaver(sic)”
                ‘Marco P’ et al.
                If you have read my posts you will notice that I have advanced a theory that there is a correlation between illiteracy and being an anti-Semitic twat.
                Thank you for proving the theory to be correct.

            • Every time you insult me, others read it and think: what a wet gash this koufaxmitzvah is.

              and they’re pretty much right.

              There isn’t ONE academic of repute that supports your stance. not one! why is this?

              • Everytime you post under 12 monikers makes the entire pro-Palestinian movement look like the fakes, and posers, and war mongers, and blithering idiots they happen to endorse.

                The facts will always remain. No matter what you or your multiple personalities want us to believe. You, whomever you are today, are a complete batshit loon.

              • Wrong again: Israel has never defined it’s borders as they don’t know what they want them to be. They’re too scared of the US and international opinion to define them.

                Accept it. Your friendly Israel is just too afraid of the USA.

                tough love eh?

              • Let me get this straight, Sibyl. You don’t think Israel has defined borders and so you encourage the murder of athletes on the intenational stage, the blowing up of pizzerias less than a month after rejecting a peace deal, and, naturally, shooting thousands of missiles into Israel since the moment Israel left Gaza?

                And I’m the asshole because I call you an asshole.

                Got it. Now that this has been settled, so to speak, what are you going to do next? Post under another assumed name something that makes no fucking sense whatsoever? Carry on, Dickwad.

              • Tim O: “There isn’t ONE academic of repute…”

                Spoken with the arrogance of a pompous Englishman. The infallible arbiter of all wisdom and morality.

              • Wrong. Every time I read you or any of your many sockpuppets I agree with koufaxmitzvah. Tim O, Ivan, Bill P, Marco P, Limp Wristed (good one that!) all one and the same pathetic troll. Do please GFY!

              • @The Watcher®

                I will indeed take your suggestion on board, as soon as I’ve finished performing the aforementioned act on your mother.

                I may be some time…..

              • marco P:

                as soon as I’ve finished performing the aforementioned act on your mother.

                I may be some time…..

                You may indeed be while, she’s been dead for almost 40 years.

                You are indeed a disgusting piece of filth!

              • @The Watcher®

                I am indeed disgusting…..

                …but I answer questions you ask. Why don’t you?

          • It is not up to the UN. The land is ours and the UN, EU or even the US has no say in the matter

            • Glad that you recognize it as a right! Now we’re getting somewhere!

              While we’re at it, do you still want those ‘deeds’ Alexa? Seeing as we found proof that Palestinians lived there, rightfully, and that you’re ignorant of M.E history, thought you might want some personal tuition lessons…just let me know.

              • Just the name they gave it nothing else. As long as they insist about it no Israeli goverment even left one will agree to it . Those deeds? and what proof did we get beside the Turks giving the PA documents pertaining to land ownership in pre-state Israel through 1916. in 2005.
                YOu belive that so called Palestinian owned 95% of the land right?So tell me do you want me to belive that arabs owned the Negev?

                • I believe you’ve got A.D.D, that’s what I believe.

                  It’s like playing whack-a-mole on here (and almost as much fun!) – you never answer any topic fully, especially when you’re skewered by someone giving you an answer you can’t argue with….and yet like the dumb mole you are, you keep on going.

                  We’ve got all day (across many times zones) to reply to your nonsense, so you might as well engage with the points raised.

                  So: once again. How do you see an ideal end state to the Palestinian question?

                • you never answer any topic fully, especially when you’re skewered by someone giving you an answer you can’t argue with…

                  I did answer problem is you don;t like the answer. Do show me in the aritcle where does it say that the deed are a proof for Palestinain land ownership.

                  and do answer my question what precent of Palestine were owned by arabs., If it is like you people usually say that most of it is privatelt owned by Palesitnians than do explain if it include the Negev.

                  As for your question I see 2 state solution no right of return to the Palestinians , land swaps I belive the same offers that were made by Barak and Olmert.

                  i do hope now that I have answerd your question which you didn;t ask before you will naswer mine

      • Since when are tenants and nomads landlords? You are a fine example for human stupidity.

      • Steven B: “You lot will be gone soon”.

        Wishful thinking. Just like your racist, murdering grandaddy used to say about the yids. And here you are, a ‘real paragon of European ‘progressive’ virtues. And while I’m at it, when are murdered and expelled Jews of your dark continent going to get any semblance of justice from a millennia of malice and persecution? A lesson in double-standards from a prodigy who feels at home wishing the Jews into non-existence.

    • yeah its great killing men women and children , who have nothing to do with it, i wish you were a human shield, but alas

      • noamy cry-baby have you slithered out from under your rock and put on your tin hat?

        “i wish you were a human shield, but alas”

        I wish you were a sentient human being, but alas you are a cowardly, illiterate anti-Semitic twat.

      • “noam” writes:

        “i wish you were a human shield, but alas”

        Six million fewer people like you and six million more Jews and the world would be a far finer place. That was the true tragedy of the Holocaust.

      • Yes Hamas enjoy that very much. Knowing their rockets will hurt few Israelis if any and knowing Israel will retaliate and might hurt many Gazan Knowing their leaders are safe in a shelter Knowing their people have no shelters becasue they refuse to build them any. Yet they continue to fire those rockets knowing what the price will be.

    • And if by chance one of those “harmless rockets” (as anti-Israeli activists are inclined to call them) were to kill a few Hebronites I could just see the reaction there: “So, how do you feel about the missile killing your son?” “I approve of it, Allah be praised. He is now a glorious martyr for all Palestinians.”

      At this point in history I’m hard pressed to think of a more perverse, warped, depraved culture than that of the Palestinians, esp. in Gaza. A culture where mothers approvingly give up their children as suicide bombers. A culture where the well being of their citizens is breathtakingly absent. Intentionally placing civilians in harm’s way (near missile launching sites and other terrorist infrastructure). Few or no bomb shelters. Hamas instructing civilians to disregard warnings from the IDF about imminent bombings. They want them to die, so they can brag about the number of casualties. Even in death they abuse their citizens. Rather than bury the dead with dignity they carry the corpses through the streets as macabre trophies of war.

      And the rest of the world never calls them on their behavior. All we’re seeing in reportage about the conflict is the number of Gazan casualties vs. the number of Israeli casualties, without any context as to why this happened. I’m thinking that what many people want is an Even Steven score. “OK, we now have 160 dead Gazans. Israel, you must select (randomly if you wish) 160 of your citizens to be executed so that the score is evened up. Even Steven.”

  3. Nazi Bill, the fucking moron who dares to challenge other people’s political impressions with his own illiterate historical sense, is the perfect supporter for Palestinians. A complete diphsit like No-No and Zombie Jane. Bill must be Sencar’s idiotic American cousin, humping dead animals in the backwoods of Kentucky. Yes, depravity does run in the family of Jew haters and Israel bashing dickless pricks. Quite an amazing accomplishment when you think about it. From murdering Israeli athletes in 1972 to posting death images from cheap horror movies in 2014. NO WONDER THE PALESTINIANS DON’T HAVE THEIR OWN STATE.

    Ya’ll hate mongers haven’t really done much over the past 4 decades, have you?

  4. The celebration of death on either side of the border is despicable and immoral. What you are trying to do with this article is attempt to excuse these people watching and celebrating people who are inevitably dying by posting pictures of Palestinians allegedly doing the same thing. NONE of this is ok. Young innocent people in both countries are growing up in war zones and these conditions are having devastating effects on both sides.

    • by posting pictures of Palestinians allegedly doing the same thing.

      I think that says it all. Israelis surely do it Palestinians allegedly doing it

    • Only a small but significant difference Mr fake peace, the people looking from the Israeli side are cheering when the Iron Dome shots down a Hamas rocket not like the Palestinians who according to themselves love death more than we love life and make public celebrations after every successful terror mayhem. Apart from this both are the same.

      • According to reports, people were cheering as the bombs dropped- not as Hamas rockets were intercepted. I do however understand that the media can warp stories to suit their purpose which is why I used the work “allegedly”- the pictures on this page are of young men with sweets and an old lady being offered some food… I am NOT saying that what the author has said is untrue however I’m not so gullible as to believe things just because someone has captioned a photo. The difference between the two cases is that in one picture, the photograph clearly and indisputably shows people smiling, drinking and relaxing whilst watching mass destruction. I am sure that there are photographs depicting Palestinians celebrating the death of Israelis but what I am trying to say is that regardless of the nationality of the celebrator, it is unethical and sadistic to enjoy death. It is harmful to the people doing it and if more people could understand that we would live in a better world. Two wrongs do not make a right and attempting to justify people’s actions by showing others doing the same thing does not work.

  5. This is the Me-To-ist strand of the Pfalestinian addiction. The Jews have a National Identity, 1964 – ME-TO!. The Jews endured a genocide. Abbas last week – 150 dead human shields :”Genocide!” see ME-TO!
    Most of these are built on lies
    Deir Yassein Hoax
    Jenin Hoax
    Al Dura Hoax
    Pallywood Generally

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