Independent op-eds spew hate and vitriol at Israel

The Independent doesn’t have a Jerusalem correspondent at the moment. So, during the war, they’ve been mainly relying on stringers and wire service reports. However, their lack of on-the-ground coverage hasn’t stopped them from using the ‘expert’ analysis of a few of their op-ed contributors:

Here are a few examples:

Adam Withnall

As noted on these pages yesterday, the Indy’s Adam Withnall seemed to characterize a few dozen Sderot residents – a community which been on the receiving end of thousands of Gaza rockets since 2001 – applauding attacks on Hamas military targets as an act of almost unparalleled human cruelty.  Withnall cited one Twitter user who opined about the ‘spectacle’, that “If this is true then God help us all”, before asking,  “What’s become of the human race?”

Robert Fisk

A July 13th op-ed on the war by their “award-winning” Middle East correspondent titled (Why doesn’t the media ever mention the lack of progress in the Middle East?) blamed the Western media for being too soft on Israeli “blood-letting”, by failing to inform news consumers that they state has been “engaged in “pitiless, infinitely more wicked and obscene war”.

Mira Bar-Hillel

Hillel, the British reporter who (though Jewish herself) has acknowledged being antisemitic, published an op-ed on July 11th (Why I’m on the brink of burning my Israeli passport), which likened alleged Facebook comments (the veracity of which is in doubt) by Israeli MK Ayelet Shaked to crimes committed by the Nazis:

Hillel wrote:

She [MK Shaked] made me think about my mother’s sister Klara and her three small children who were living in Krakow in 1939 when the Germans invaded. They decided that the Jews – all Jews – were the enemy and had to be eliminated, not least the women and the little snakes they were raising. “Why? Ask them – they started it”, as the Nazis would say if asked

Later, Hillel referred to a few random hateful Tweets by Israeli teens as “angelic faces of evil spouting such genocidal rhetoric”, before ending with a rhetorical flourish worthy of a character in Howard Jacobson’s book The Finkler Question:

 I pick up my Israeli passport and a box of matches. “Not in my name, people. Not in my name!” 

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Alibhai-Brown’s July 13th op-ed (Israel’s reaction has been vicious and misdirected) characterized the “mindset of hardline Zionists” thusly:

It is a combination of paranoia, indiscriminate loyalty and odium towards any person or group opposed to Israel’s violent oppression of Palestinians.

Alibhai-Brown then seemed to compare Jihadists attacks with the actions of the Jewish State, and vilifies ‘British Zionists’ for not speaking out:

When Jihadis commit atrocities, British Muslims are collectively blamed, told to protest, to issue statements from mosques, to say sorry, to stop the Islamicists. Israel builds walls, grabs land, introduces racist rules, imprisons Palestinian children, uses grotesque force and gets undeclared donations from British Zionists, and British Jews are not asked to march, or issue condemnations or promises.

Alibhai-Brown’s diatribe then devolves further, accusing Israel of engaging in a plan of genocide:

The Holocaust – one of the most obscene, inhumane pogroms in world history – is now used as a guarantee of perpetual indemnity by a state which was to be a sanctuary and an exemplar of survival, dignity and morality. Israel’s leadership has discarded moral sense and wants to eliminate Palestinians altogether from the pitifully small bits of land they live in. They have learnt the wrong lessons from their own history and seem to be modelling themselves on Europeans who took over Australia, North and South America.

In contextualizing the UK media each day during the war, we can honestly say at this point that recent Indy’s attacks surpass even the Guardian in the level of malice and vitriol directed towards Israel and its ‘Zionist’ supporters.

Finally, you may recall that last October the Indy published a spirited editorial refuting accusations that the paper was institutionally antisemitic, claiming that the charges were “false”, “myopic” and “willfully ignorant” – words which actually quite aptly characterize the hateful agitprop directed against the Jewish State by Fisk, Bar-Hillel and Alibhai-Brown over the last few days.

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  1. “What’s become of the human race?”

    A question that should have been asked when Perfidious Albion effectively collaborated with the Nazis by turning its back as 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered in cold blood by the gentiles of Europe.

    • Levick’s attempts at whitewashing the minority of Sderot residents who applaud the death of innocent women and children in airstrikes is disturbing.

      • Only disturbing to those who are rabid haters of Israel and hold it to an impossible standard. You know, when you think of the many thousands of German civilians burned alive at Dresden, or in more recent times the countless civilians who have died unnecessarily in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, the Palestinians should count their lucky stars that their enemies are Israelis and not Brits or Americans or various other members of NATO.

      • Avigdor, whitewasher of the mainly antisemitic population in Gaza.
        I`m sure this piece of .. protested against the Arab cheering of the rockets fired at Israel.

  2. I pick up my Israeli passport and a box of matches.
    Bar Hillel wants to burn a passport with matches. Very funny Mira but with matches you can burn only your precious fingers. I’m happy to advise you – throw it into your fireplace and hopefully we don’t have to see you again in Israel, the stink of your burning passport together with you will pollute other places. And not in your name? But of course not. Why should we do anything in the name of a disgusting and ludicrous Jew-hating clown?

  3. These shysters calling themselves journalists publish their pieces of anti-Jew hatred on a part of ‘The Independent’ called ‘Voices’. However, Fisk, for example, does not allow any comments to be left in response to his articles. No ‘voice’ is allowed to be raised against his rabid, racist world of equivocation and distortions.
    ‘The Independent’ is anything but ‘independent’.

  4. Alibhai-Brown claimed “British Muslims are collectively blamed, told to protest, to issue statements from mosques, to say sorry, to stop the Islamicists.” Since when has that happened? Ever?

    Only Jews are ordered to condemn Israel for not dying on command – no Muslim has ever had such a demand be made and I do mean EVER

  5. This is not war…….this is Genocide in GAZA-Palestine by Israeli Forces. If u want really war ……fight against those who have Military force like IRAN, Turkey or Greater Pakistan….then u will learn the actual meaning of WAR…..come on….

    • What are 190 or even 200 dead people most of them millitant compare with the 1,500,000 killed by Tyrky or more than 150,000 killed in Syria with the help of Iran. These are true genocide .

    • “This is not war…….this is Genocide in GAZA-Palestine by Israeli Forces. ”

      You are numerically challenged. I’d look into that. In the modern world you’ll need to be good with numbers.

  6. One of the Atomic Power Declared Country………have state of the art Missile Technology. Have one of the Smarter ARMY, AIR FORCE and NAVY on the Earth. Recall ur memory in 1967 we have Crushed ISRAEL through our AIR Force.

    • I did not ask what is it, I asked where is it.
      As in where, exactly, is it situated?
      What are its geographic borders?

      The reason I ask is that the only Pakistan I can think of was kicked out of Bangladesh by the Bengalis and kicked out of Kashmir by the Indians.

      Is this the country you mean that has ‘one of the Smarter ARMY, AIR FORCE and NAVY on the Earth’ ?