Guardian’s war blog uncritically cites commentator who likens Israel to a child molester

Like any live blog on a serious news site, the Guardian’s running blog of the Gaza War is, presumably, supposed to post significant events and snippets of relevant commentary relating to the conflict. Yet the blog’s editor, Matthew Weaver, somehow thought the following odious smear (posted about 30 minutes ago) by Alexi Sayle (Author, comedian, and Palestine Solidarity Campaign Patron) was newsworthy and relevant to the debate about the conflict.


Jimmy Savile is the late BBC broadcaster who, an investigation determined, was a predatory sex offender who assaulted hundreds of children over the course of decades.

During the course of the interview (below) he also likens Israel to a psychopath.

In the past, we’ve wondered – when responding to Guardian decisions to legitimize (and sometimes endorse) the most reprehensible charges against Israel – how much lower they could possibly go. Though this was of course a rhetorical question, their editors’ decision today to post such a vicious smear demonstrates that their institutional hostility towards the Jewish State includes few if any moral boundaries.

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  1. oh dear. Seems like Israel really is winning the hearts and minds of the international public.

    Wonder how!?

    • Exactly the kind of Jew-baiter who is naturally attracted to the anti-Semitic poison pumped out by the Guardian.

    • Alex Sayle’s opinion about me? Thanks Alex I’m not interested. But I’m sure you know well that your judgment has the significance of an enema administered to a dead body…

  2. A comment from a very insistent and veteran Cifalist antisemite – Sorcey

    15 July 2014 8:40am

    On that basis Germany – a country that is wholly reliant on Russia for its energy imports – is currently occupied by Putin!
    Can Gazans shop for energy from somewhere else? No way, that would affect the profitability of the occupation. So no, they can’t.
    The situations are worlds apart, despite your support for occupation.

    This is the kind of moron who thinks that for Israel the supply of electricity to Gaza is profitable and forgets that hey could get electricity from Egypt. True Egypt wouldn’t tolerate their tens of millions of USD arrear. Reminds me the other Guardian author who thinks that Israel’s goal is controlling Palestinian gas in order to prevent n energy crisis in Israel. We must be lucky that our enemies have the number of brain cells you can find in a glass of raspberry juice.

  3. “In the past, we’ve wondered – when responding to Guardian decisions to legitimize (and sometimes endorse) the most reprehensible charges against Israel – how much lower they could possibly go.”

    It has to be understood that if you want to delegitimize a nation effectively, then it becomes absolutely necessary as part of that process to legitimize every false and reprehensible charge levelled against that nation. In this respect there is no limit to the depths that people will sink as, to them, the means justifies the ends.

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