IDF responds to 6 hours of Hamas rocket fire, and Guardian blames Israel for breaking ceasefire!

As we noted about 30 minutes ago, the Guardian’s Live Blog pronounced that the ceasefire (which went into effect at 9:00 this morning) was ‘holding’ despite the dozens of rockets fired by Hamas since the morning, and the fact that world leaders, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, had forcefully condemned Hamas for violating the terms of the agreement.

However, roughly 20 minutes ago it was reported that the IDF had resumed military operations (after having ceased all attacks since 9AM in accordance with the agreement) in response to Hamas rocket fire, which prompted the following Guardian update:


Here’s how the update is framed on their Israel page:


It’s also the featured story on the blog itself, per the recently updated headline:


This is simply surreal.

Dozens of Hamas rocket attacks evidently don’t count as a ceasefire violation according to the Guardian’s blog editor Matthew Weaver, but Israeli retaliation – six hours into the Hamas assault – constitutes an official end to the agreement. 

This isn’t just an obfuscation, but a complete and total fabrication. 

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  1. So The Independent is trying desperately to prove that their hate of the Jews is justified…. different day and the same shit.
    BTW how is this connected to the fact that Hamas didn’t accept the ceasefire? I see you are extremely concerned with the civilians’ continuing sufferings in Gaza supporting the continuation of the hostilities. (don’t worry this is only a joke Ivan – you wouldn’t give a flying f*ck you will fight to their last drop of blood.)

  2. Ivan, this is indeed known and important. do you also believe it is important to be accurate in reporting and pin the blame where the blame lies?
    If so, was it not Hamas militery wing that kept firing long after the cease fire began stating from the start that they do not intend to follow any cease fire?

  3. “Look at what your own soldiers say”

    This is what one soldier says and even if it’s a dozen soldiers, so what? The reality is that every nation in the world has its share of malcontents and traitors and Israel is no different in that respect. Why should it be?

    What makes this whole business at the Independent so absurd is that Britain has been killing civilians with abandon for centuries. Even in the last couple of decades, we have the numerous outrages carried out in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Even at her very worst, compared to Britain, Israel is the very model of decency.

    • Be careful not to use your enemies’ weapons against your friends. Your tasteless agitprop accusations say more about you than about the issue.

    • The same Guardian, remember, which printed a eulogy for Nizar Rayyan during Cast Lead. He was a suicide murder recruiter and terrorist (who sent his own son on a successful suicide murder mission) and who, in spite of the warnings from the IDF that his wives and children were targets, refused to leave his apartment or let them leave, and all were killed.

      Nothing the Guardian prints would surprise me except, if it printed the truth for once. And even then I probably wouldn’t believe it.

    • Totally agree. Beyond obvious by now that the Guardian has NO interest in honest reporting of the facts but rather to slander and badmouth Israel. Would just revoke their liars’–oops–“journalists’ “–credentials.
      They will of course will squeal like stuck pigs but can’t badmouth Israel any more than they have–and no one will really pay any attention.

  4. Now maybe Likud will get smart and remove that spineless Jellyfish named Netanyahu and respond as they should.

    Don’t stop until Hamas unconditionally surrenders.

    In the meantime ignore the Eurotrash – they are no different than the Germans of the 1930s and 40s

  5. Taking the words of a person going against his own country is never a smart idea, there are Muslim preachers and other religious figures, and even political figures, who openly criticize Palestinian terror and actually SUPPORT Israel, some religious figures even argue that it’s the Muslims DUTY to protect Israel because it is said in the Koran (as is in the old testament) that the “holy land” was given to the Jews, and their successors, as in, the state of Israel, but it means nothing when just few dozens out of a billion+ people support such view point.

    Same thing with soldiers that go against Israel, most of us in Israel are ex-soldier, what makes his view more trustworthy than mine? I’ve served in the Erez crossing, and in the Kerem Shalom AND the Nahal-Oz one, which provide necessary goods to Gaza (albeit not because Israel is so nice, but because it has to), and I’ve also seen how we treat Palestinians, like the ones who actually WORK there and talk with us and drink with us, at least used to. But you’d swallow the words of a disgruntled soldier over the words of thousand others, just because it fits your view of Israel.

    If you’re going to be searching for specific “facts”, you can prove almost anything, the secret is to take in ALL information and analyze it objectively, few soldiers complaining (also consider their mind state, maybe they are under psychological treatment, maybe they didn’t actually SEE anything and merely use their status as a soldier to give credibility to their pre-determined views) versus everything else you see and read.

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  7. Tired of journalist?always editorializing. I no longer care to read most newspapers. They must get their facts from Hollywood. It’s called artistic license.

  8. Beyond obvious that the Guardian has long ago lost any claim to honesty, fairness or journalistic respectability, in favor of a stunningly biased and dishonest antiIsrael and antiSemitic agenda.
    So frankly it’s hard to be surprised at ANY distortions, slants, or outright lies about Israel the Guardian promulgates. Think the bigger question is how to call out, expose, and other embarrass the Guardian for their blatant bias and antiIsrael bigotry.
    They should be ashamed of themselves as a “news” outlet.