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Irish Times cartoon likens Israeli ‘slaughter’ to shooting fish in a barrel

We recently commented on a political cartoon in the Guardian highlighting the perceived asymmetrical nature of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and another cartoon decrying what was perceived to be the greater value placed on Israeli lives over that of Palestinians.  We also posted about a cartoon in the Independent which suggested that Israeli reaction to Hamas rocket attacks was not only ‘disproportional‘ but arguably inconsistent with Jewish values.

However, a cartoon by Martyn Turner at the Irish Times goes a step further, imputing to Israel a blind malevolence in slaughtering helpless Palestinians.

war monger

Though the evocation of the ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ meme is the most obvious element of the narrative, even more telling is the more focused depiction of the Israeli soldier’s deranged war lust (note the soldier’s face) in contrast with the helpless Palestinians (fish and other small creatures).  The latter can be seen in the drop of water spit by the fish, representing it seems the benign, harmless nature of Hamas attacks. 

Israel, according Turner, isn’t merely the aggressor in the war (note the ceasefire agreement in the soldier’s hand which he presumably has ignored), but is represented as bloodthirsty, vengeful, and merciless. 

Within the far-left ideological territory claimed by Turner (as well as other Irish Times contributors), Israel is often presented using the familiar motif of a mindless, destructive Goliath, while the extreme racism of the Palestinian Islamist movement ruling Gaza – one which openly aspires to murder Jews – is whitewashed, and its ‘fighters’ robbed of any semblance of moral agency.

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  1. There is a certain type of gentile who is never happy unless Jews are being murdered in sufficient numbers.

  2. “The American satirist Jon Stewart asked where Gazans were supposed to go when they recieve warnings to flee.

    In his show on Monday he asked: “Evacuate to where? Have you fucking seen Gaza? Israel blocked this border, Egypt blocked this border. What are you supposed to swim for it?”

    So in that sense, it’s exactly like shooting fish in a barrel….

    Unless you know somewhere they can go that the rest of the world (including the Palestinians themselves) doesn’t?)

    • Okay. I see your point. Israel should just take it in the ass. Is that it? How else would you stop the constant barrage of missiles?

      10,000 missiles from Gaza since Israel left in 2005. More than 1000 missiles since the World Cup began a month ago.

      That’s called a double standard. If Jon Stewart (and trust me, I love the guy when he’s not talking about Israel, but it’s hard to trust him if he’s going to continue to talk about one side re Israel) wants to blame Israel for Gazan suffering, who is to blame for Israeli suffering? Or, as the case seems to be with you and him, have the Israelis just not suffered enough?

      I really would like to know what you seem to believe are alternatives. REMEMBER, ISRAEL AGREED TO A CEASE FIRE WHICH WAS NEVER ADOPTED BY HAMAS. So, to quote another television series in America….. What would you do?

      • Alternative?

        You mean you can’t think of ONE other alternative? not one? Really? not one? Zero? There is ZERO other alternatives? (You’ll appreciate here that I’m thinking your not one for blue-sky thinking and that a job at a think-tank isn’t for you).

        How about you explain what you think the final status of the middle east should look like – and then we work together to arrive at it?

        So, you start. all options are available. what should it look like? I’ll work with anything you can suggest.

        • Hi. Israel waited 6 hours for a cease fire to take hold. NOTHING HAPPENED. So, that’s Israel’s fault…… Because you say it is…… Not that anyone needs other proof…..

          Hi. These rockets have been shot for about a decade. How is that going to stop?

          Oh, you don’t care how it ends? Just that Israel stop defending herself?

          The real underlying problem is that I’m chatting away with Sybil Nazi Moniker 8. And everyone knows, you can’t be talking to more stupid idiot than Sybil Nazi Moniker 8.

            • Sarah J

              “How about you explain what you think the final status of the middle east should look like?”

              Final status of such a large area that is currently extremely fluid is a highly stupid and futile discussion.
              Try just that Israeli – Arab conflict for starters.
              I’m ok with the 2 state situation with exchanges of territories.

              • Then you and I agree that this is one viable solution (assuming that Palestinians accept it).

                And this is a big IF: the borders of these ‘two states’ have been for many years defined as the pre-’67 lines.

                I think you’ll find them most agreeable to all. So the next question is: why is this not happening?

                • Sibyl Nazi Moniker #9. No, you don’t get to set the parameters for talks.

                  Blithering Sibyl the Nazi Asswipe can’t provide any facts to support Hamas procedures, so s/he spins in circles, throwing shit on a wall and waiting for it to stick.

                • @koufaxmitzvah

                  There is no excrement on the walls anymore – it appears your mum ate it all. She’s a hungry horse!

                • That’s all you got, Sibyl Nazi Moniker #10. I can identify you because you’re the one holding a pile of dog poop and showing everyone, “Look what I almost stepped in!”

                • @koufaxmitzvah

                  You can identify me as your mums lips are locked around my bell-end….AND the dog poop, of course 😉

                • Maybe you should ask those who rejected the offer made to them by Barak and Olmert
                  Also ask those who days after Israel left Gaza continue to fire rockets more than a years before the blockade. Instead of developing Gaza

            • Sarah J after being arrested, tried, and convicted of the murder of both her parents, asked for the mercy of the court on the basis that she was an orphan.

        • ‘Sarah J’ you write;
          “How about you explain what you think the final status of the middle east should look like – and then we work together to arrive at it?
          So, you start. all options are available. what should it look like? I’ll work with anything you can suggest.”

          In which you make the interesting suggestion of ‘ we work together’ and ‘I’ll work with anything you can suggest’

          As you do not live in the Middle East what business is it of yours to work with or on anything?

            • “I do live there,”
              ‘Sarah J’ are you lying now in your ‘Sarah J’ persona or were you lying when you posted as your ‘Tim O’ persona?

                • “Just answer the question”
                  Certainly ‘Sarah J’

                  The answer is you are lying.
                  It does not matter which persona you are using.

                • As you admit you are a liar.
                  Off you crawl cockroach.
                  Go back to hiding in the dark with all the others.

                • I do live there

                  Of course you don’t. You lie and now have taken to insulting people’s mothers.

                  Do you really think we should take you seriously?

        • How about you explain what you think the final status of the middle east should look like?

          YOu really should ask ISis leaders about that because as far as they are concerned all the Middle East and than Europe should all be one big happy radical muslim countries. I am sure that makes you happy.

          • No Alexa, I asked you.

            You don’t have an opinion? really? you’ve no opinion at all? I find that hard to believe….

            go on, be bold. answer

            • Actually your posts on this thread demonstrate that it is you, Sarah, who cannot suggest an alternative.

              Most of the posters here support Israeli strikes on Hamas batteries, because Hamas has rejected the ceasefire that Israel adopted. You don’t. Fine. But in that case the onus is on YOU to suggest an alternative course of action for Israel. There is no onus on those who think that Israel is doing what is right and justified to find an alternative for you.

              And since in the course of this thread you haven’t put up a single suggestion of an alternative course of action, it is reasonable to suspect you can’t actually think of one – apart from, perhaps, Israel to sit there passively and not offer any response to continuing rocket attacks.

            • I did answer before but i’ll answer again I am for 2 state solution like the 2 offers made to the Palestinians by 2 Israelis PM. Problem is if you ignore what is happaning in Iraq and Syria soon lebanon and maybe even Jordan and how it affect all the middle east, than you are ignoring the reality of what is going on in the Middle east Israeli arab conflict is not the center of it Arab coutnries don;t really care about the Palestinians anymore they have far more urgent problems. These last days prove it. NO one but Qatar is offering anything to Hamas.

    • “So in that sense, it’s exactly like shooting fish in a barrel….”

      But that sense is actually nonsense. They are simply being asked to move from certain locations at certain times.

      • 100,000 people being ‘asked to move’ – are you serious? Do you have any ideas the logistical complexity of displacing that many people at short notice?

        I think perhaps you don’t.

        If it’s that ‘traumatic’ for a few Israelis’ to move to bomb shelters when there’s a rocket siren, imagine the chaos in moving 100,000 people!

        seriously, just imagine for one minute….

        • You just plucked that number out of your ass.

          So you expect Israel not to defend herself when innumerable rockets are being fired at Israel? Can you just imagine the fuss if even one rocket had been fired at Washington or London or Paris? You know, when Jews were defenceless and were being murdered in their millions, you people hardly said a word in protest. Now Jews can defend themselves you object vociferously when they do. That’s why we don’t give a damn about your protests. In your own small way you represent exactly the same kind of evil as the Nazis and the Islamofascists.

          Oh, and can you tell me when the Americans or Brits ever warned their enemies when they were killing them in their many thousands – in Dresden, or Hiroshima, or Korea, or Vietnam, or Ireland, or Yugoslavia, or Afghanistan, or Iraq? Would that those nations were imbued with just a little of the same kind of morality that underpins Israeli society.

          • Sasha before you make a blanket condemnation of the very brave people who served in RAF Bomber Command and were shabbily treated afterwards by successive British Governments.
            The answer is that the RAF and USAAF did drop leaflets warning beforehand.
            Below is an example of an RAF leaflet dropped in 1942.

            “We are bombing Germany, city by city, and ever more terribly, in order to make it impossible for you to go on with the war. That is our object. We shall pursue it remorselessly. City by city; Lubeck, Rostock, Cologne, Emden, Bremen, Wilhelmshaven, Duisburg, Hamburg – and the list will grow longer and longer. Let the Nazis drag you down to disaster with them if you will. That is for you to decide. We are coming by day and by night. No part of the Reich is safe. People who work in [factories] live close to them. Therefore we hit your houses, and you.” — Pamphlet dropped in Germany by the RAF, Summer 1942, quoted in A.C. Grayling, Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WW II Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan (Walker & Company, 2006), p. 50.

            • And it’s totally acceptable to be of the informed opinion that this behavior is immoral also!

              You can’t simply justify one action with another, if both are morally wrong. (Especially so with a difference of 70 years in-between events, and accounting for the development of human rights law – which you’re more than happy to ignore ‘when it suits you’)

              • ‘Sarah J’ as you admit to being a liar you are not in any position to use terms such as ‘immoral’

                Now off you crawl back with the other cockroaches hiding in the dark.

                • ‘Sarah J’ or ‘Tim O’
                  As you are a liar
                  As you have zero credibility

                  The only point you should make is on the end of a sharp stick then shove it up your a*rse!

                • @Gerald

                  Why do you insult this other poster? This is supposed to be for debate, yes, but insulting? Where does it get the discussion?

                • @ Ninja
                  “Why do you insult this other poster?”
                  If you had read the threads completely you would not be asking this question.

                  “This is supposed to be for debate, yes, but insulting?”
                  Yes this site is for debate and discussion.
                  But when an individual posts under several different ‘monikers’, posts obvious lies, distortions and when questioned or asked for clarification runs away that is insulting.
                  When that individual posts homophobic insults that is insulting.
                  When that individual insults the families of other posters on this site that is insulting.
                  When that individual posts misogynistic insults that is insulting.

                  Now it maybe that you haven’t noticed the insults, lies and distortions posted by this individual in which case I can only draw the conclusion that you are either blind or stupid.

                  @Ninja do you have anymore stupid questions you have already passed my boredom threshold.

              • Sarah J,

                “and accounting for the development of human rights law”

                Also accounting for precision weaponry.

                Remember one thing.
                You and your friends such as Caroline Lucas supported the vandalism attempts to destroy a factory in Brighton a couple of years back that manufactured a part of the F16 that enables the bombs to be as precise as possible and avoid the mass casualties of WW2 bombing raids.

                Do remember that Israel is under attack and a response is something every government will carry out.
                If it has no precision weapons it will bomb with what it has and potentially will kill and maim more.
                Who’s hands will be bloody then?
                Those like Lucas and yoy!

                • Because I’m intellectually your superior in every way and you look like a nob jockey by avoiding the topic. Just for starters…..

                • “and you look like a nob jockey by avoiding the topic.”
                  ‘Sarah J’ you think using homophobic insults makes you look ‘intellectually superior’?

                  No, it just confirms what is obvious from reading the garbage you have posted on this site.

                • Having read every single one of your ridiculous posts, I can safely conclude that you’re not even intellectually superior to horse faeces.

              • Sarah J:

                “development of human rights law – which you’re more than happy to ignore ‘when it suits you’”

                Pot kettle…

                • This is an interesting point which I’m happy to debate (and then of course shove up my ar*e, as that seems to be the standard response on here, ho-hum 😉 My question is:

                  What are your legal rights and responsibilities when firing rockets if you don’t have ‘accurate’ guidance systems. This is indeed an interesting legal point!

                  On the one hand: If you don’t have precision munitions and there is a high probability that you can’t hit what you’re aiming for, then you could say it’s wrong to fire them in any situation – after all, you might hit civilian targets.


                  If you only have non-accurate (or unguided) munitions, do you have a moral right to use them anyway if that’s all you’ve got?

                  Clearly Israel has US developed guided delivery systems, vs Gaza militants who do not.

                  But then to say that a people can’t fight back the ‘only way they know how’ seems to weaken the position of the ‘less technically developed’ – and that way ‘right’ appears always on the side of (technological) might.


                • ‘Sarah J’ why would anyone want to debate with a cockroach like yourself who is a proven liar with no credibility?

                • What are your legal rights and responsibilities when firing rockets if you don’t have ‘accurate’ guidance systems. This is indeed an interesting legal point!

                  Your point is that Palestinian are justified in firing rockets than Israel is justify in retaliating don;t you think?

                • Sarah J,
                  re: “Thoughts?”

                  I’m still waiting for you to have one.

                  So far there’s only this:
                  “On the one hand: If you don’t have precision munitions and there is a high probability that you can’t hit what you’re aiming for, then you could say it’s wrong to fire them in any situation – after all, you might hit civilian targets.”
                  They’re aiming at civilian targets, nincompoop!

                  “But then to say that a people can’t fight back the ‘only way they know how’ seems to weaken the position of the ‘less technically developed’”

                  Fight back? Idiot, they initiated hostilities. The war on the Jews is their baby.

                • I think you’ll find your terrorist brothers the Irgun started all this – just to ‘get their way’ with the Brits – and then the native Palestinians….or is that ‘forgotten’ history too?!

                • Frederico K
                  I think you’ll find your terrorist brothers the Irgun started all this – just to ‘get their way’ with the Brits – and then the native Palestinians….or is that ‘forgotten’ history too?!

                  As usual you forgot that Irgun was a result of arabs massacaring Jews just like they want to do now.

            • Gerald,
              Can you imagine if the IDF dropped leaflets that talked that way on Gaza what the western press would say about it?

        • I admit that Israel may be mistaken – but only because once again she has overestimated the analytical capability and intelligence of people like you “Sasha”, who seems incapable of standing outside this and is an emotional thinker rather than one who can reason from basic premises. In case you have forgotten, here’s one:

          We have just heard from Louise Doucet, herself over emoting, about the deaths of four children in Gaza killed while playing on a beach in Gaza. That is very sad, but riddle me this:

          If you were at least a good enough parent and all hell was breaking out all around you, why on earth would you not keep your children close to you? Why would you let them play without supervision out of your sight?

          Answer that key question and I might yet believe you have something useful to offer here. But I doubt that you will or can

          • No, Ivan, Serendipity was questioning how that situation occurred. It is a fair question and no ‘blame’ can be apportioned until the truth is established. However when we are talking about Gaza and Hamas truth is a stranger.

            • Well not exactly in my view. Having read his/her contribution it seems that he/she was asking a couple of apposite questions. It may turn out to be an issue of parenting….or, it may be something else.

        • First: You are lying. it’s about 70 000 people.
          Second: The israeli people have 15 seconds to hide…. Do you want to say, that the 70 000 also have only 15 seconds?

    • Sarah,
      I sure hope you are aware that UNRWA have been paid billions to maintain buildings and safe houses for refugees.
      They say they are refugees, so there shouldn’t be a problem leaving their tents, right?

    • Plenty of open spaces in Gaza Sara. Just the places where the militants will give a big miss and where Israel will not attack. They grow most of their vegetables and fruit. Some under plastic but most open to the sun.

      It is just the Israel haters who propagate the myth that Gaza is all three story buildings and ally ways..

      • No Ivan you are not “secret” at all, exactly the opposite.
        Regarding authoritative books – I’m living here in Israel I know the local languages, I know the local people, I’m familiar with the local cultures,read many books about the ME from different authors, I follow the local media. Now what about you Ivan? How many “authoritative” authors have you read? In which language?

      • The history of an antisemite is quite simple, please don`t tell, it`s so common.

    • An antisemite disguising as Sarah J. Strange how they depend on Jews, these poor idiots.
      Maybe the best solution is that Egypt as Arab brother takes that strip again. But I doubt that Egypt want to feed, nurture, house and subvention these Islamists. It is not that stupid as the rest of the world, it knows Gaza.

      • Poor antisemite, he has to bother with such complex issues which let implode his little brain.

      • “They’re not a race. not a ‘people’. Not a nation. and not a unified religion.

        so what are they, a myth??”

        That’s right Ivan. They’re a myth. Israel is a myth – just a figment of your fertile imagination. Therefore there’s no longer any reason to concern yourself with Jews or Israel. Problem solved. Go have a nice life. Good luck to you. Shove off. Scram.

    • I think that the surrounding countries, their Arab brothers, should offer them safe haven. Hang on a minute….

    • “The American satirist Jon Stewart”
      Satire, Sarah J, satire.
      The Gaza Strip is one square millimeter with the world’s largest population. (satire)

      Where are they supposed to go? To a part of the strip where the IDF won’t be carrying out operations. (not satire)
      See the difference?

  3. Says something when less than 200 deaths occur during 8 days of bombing, while 150,000 people were killed in Syria in 3 years. Some basic math:

    Israel kills 25 a day while seeking out missile launchers
    Syria kills 143 a day* while seeking out rebels

    (*The 143 is based on strictly 150,000/1050 days)

    Since the Irish Times has spent the last 3 years NOT complaining about Syria, I will consider them the anti-Semitic trash they have proven themselves to be. What a bunch of sad, sick fucks the Palestinians have supporting them. The World claims to possess a moral compass, but really, what they’re holding is a paperback edtion of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    And that’s just the stupidest book ever. Written by a man who met a man who walked into a secret meeting of Jews and took notes….. Yes, Lord, our planet is this fucking stupid.

    • As the incomparable Eric Idle sang last night at the O2 in London: “Pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space, cos there’s bugger all down here on Earth!”

  4. The irish are some of the most rabid anti-Israel loons in all of Europe, luckily they are wholly insignificant.

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  6. Whilst I admit to being no marine biologist I have indeed heard of swordfish. But this rocketfish is really a new one on me.

  7. 180.000 dead in Syria, lefties axxholes don´t care, they just care to hit at Israel and the jooooooooows

  8. “Sarah”, I’m sure that we’d like to hear your comments on this, from Hamas TV

    Note the following in particular, which sums this whole sorry scenario up, and points up how misguided you are:

    From the Hamas spokesman interviewed in the excerpt

    “In a striking talk on Hamas TV, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri belittled the Palestinians who are counting the “number of Martyrs,” calling them “defeatists.” He argued that those “defeatists” should consider the current situation in light of the history of Algeria, which he said lost 45,000 people in one day in 1945. He then made a slip of the tongue in speaking about the population in Gaza: “We are leading them to death,” he said, then quickly corrected himself: “I mean, to confrontation.” (emphasis added)

  9. It is not hypocritical for left-wing fascist Communists to collaborate with right-wing fascist Islamists. Hell calls to Hell.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada