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  1. What a collection of disgusting savages, of course mostly muslim with a sprinkling of letftard parasites.

    • These people are a mix of the far left (Socialist Unity, Trotskytes), outright Nazis like lady Renouf and middle of the road Jew haters like lady Tonge. There are no left or right sides of this only stinking rotten human trash.

  2. In Iraq the outrages did not stop in 2013, they are still continuing.
    “Mosul (Agenzia Fides) – The last Christian families still present in Mosul are leaving the city and are heading towards Erbil, Dohuk and other areas of Iraqi Kurdistan which are considered safer. This is confirmed by sources of the local Chaldean community to Fides Agency. The new exodus has accelerated in the past two days, after Sunni insurgents and militants of the Islamic Caliphate began to mark with letters of recognition the homes of Christians and Shiites. As reported by the website http://www.Ankawa.com.”

  3. It’s a great question, ‘Do they really care about Human Rights?’.

    The answer is a resounding ‘YES’. But thanks for asking!

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve just finished fisting myself, and watching what really happens to those on the front-line in the IDF. Here’s the torrent so you can learn too. And the best bit is that these are all 100% Zionist Israeli Jews, so feel free to tell them to ‘go fuck their mums’, or ‘eat shit’ as you normally do. After all, the level of discourse on here is at quiet a high level… 😉


  4. FYI
    link to real on ground news and videos on this link
    http://www.i24news.tv/en in Sky news section
    also a video for the scum haters

    Brigitt Gabriel has the guts to say it to the bleeding heart liberals

    Shalom and Am Israel Chai


    • Israeli soldier: “Why isn’t the foreign media talking about what’s happening in Syria? Israel is seen as the black sheep. No one cares about Israel, because Hamas and the Palestinians are the underdogs, and everyone likes an underdog. They have rockets and we have a big army, so we’re the always the bad guys.”

      General British Public: Mmmm. I think you’re confused Dear. It’s because you ARE killing civilian women and children in Palestine that people are pissed at you.

      Passing the buck to Syria, in a disingenuous attempt to highlight the plight of other deserving civilians so that you can conduct your war crimes in private, won’t fool us.

      We’re watching IDF. And we’re ashamed of what we see.