Guardian cartoon mocks IDF efforts to avoid civilian casualties

The IDF routinely drops leaflets, sends recorded messages and places calls and text messages (and often sends ‘knock on the door’ warning shots) in advance of attacks in Gaza, warning civilians to distance themselves from Hamas weapons and operatives – and to take refuge in designated safe areas – as part of efforts to minimize civilian harm.  (The IDF also often delays or calls off attacks if civilians don’t heed such warnings.)

Hamas on the other hand has admitted to using Palestinians as human shields to prevent Israeli attacks on rocket launchers and terror tunnels (often hidden beneath civilian structures, such as homes and even mosques), often telling their civilian population to stay in their homes prior to an attack.  Such Hamas tactics represent a tacit acknowledgement that the IDF goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid harming civilians, and can be expected to proceed with much greater caution when engaging in an attack on Hamas terrorists if civilians are in the vicinity.  

Also, as Jeffrey Goldberg noted: Dead Palestinians also represent a crucial propaganda victory “for the nihilists of Hamas”.

In stark contrast to Hamas’s cruel indifference to the suffering of their own population, it’s unclear if any army in the world goes to such lengths to avoid civilian casualties as the IDF.

No matter. Much of the media – and other ‘commentators‘ – have been on a crusade to obfuscate this clear moral divide.

To boot, a ‘First Dog on the Moon cartoon which appeared in the Guardian on July 21st:


dog on the moon


  • As we’ve noted, contrary to the suggestion in the frames, Palestinians called by the IDF are informed of designated safe zones where they should flee. 
  • Contrary to what the text in the cartoon implies, the homes in question are targeted because they’re used by Hamas to store weapons (such as rockets) or other instruments of war. Indeed, reading the cartoon, you’d be forgiven for believing that the IDF launches missiles at civilian homes for no particular reason.
  • Finally, note the second to the final frame, which really says it all: Israeli warnings to civilians are summed up as a threat that the IDF will kill Palestinian children if they (presumably Hamas fighters) choose “to fight back”.

The cartoon is a lie, graphic agitprop which represents yet another example of the foreign media running interference for the reactionary, antisemitic extremist group currently waging a war of their own choosing against the Jewish State.


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  1. we are so damn tired of the biased reporting, in the papers and the TV stations, and thank you for trying to be honest, unfortunately 1.6billion, against 15million is a hard act to follow, saw the posts from the UK march in central London yesterday, fantastic, just dignified, unlike to Arab protesters, a crowd you would not like to be caught up with. Tragic loss of our boys, we all mourn for them. keep up the good work.

  2. The more I see of the Guardian, the easier it is to understand how the Holocaust occurred.

    • Monkey chops, If the Arabs lay down their arms peace can be achieved.
      If Israel lay down theirs, they’ll be no Israel.
      This is the ME Israel vs Arab conflict in a nut shell.

    • Listen, Monkey Balls, a peace deal has been on the table since 2000. Israel has not received a counter-proposal. IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SIGN THE PEACE TREATY, THEN SUGGEST A COUNTER-PROPOSAL. That is how it goes.

      Look, we’re trying to read your mind. NOTHING IS COMING THROUGH. Could it be you’re just a brain dead, Israel bashing, terror justifying asswipe of the nth degree? I’m not much of a clairvoyant, but this is the message I read when I read your message. YOU CAN’T HANDLE REALITY, SO YOU BLAME JEWS FOR MAKING IT THAT WAY.

      Poor, pathetic, pitiful fuckwad.

      • No one watches your stupid videos. And who cares what it looks like? Oh, yeah. Simpleminded morons who think that the death tally is the lone factor of importance when talking about war.

        Sure, you’re smarter than us. That’s why you’re so desperate to crave our attention.

        • Not only do we not watch your videos, we probably also don’t read your messages. So does it matter if it looks like I’m arguing with myself? Not really. But if you think it’s great, then knock yourself out.

          Oh Noes. Messages that don’t make sense! Regarding Israel and the Palestinians? Say it ain’t so, No-No.

          • Why don’t you clue-up by watching this.

            She’s American, Jewish and a peaceful protester with no horse in the race. Biased?

            I think not.

      • ” What with all these ‘vanished’ messages it looks like you lot are arguing against yourself. ”
        That may be your uninformed, but more likely malicious, opinion, but it’s not mine. It’s quite obvious that there were comments that were so vile and offensive that even CiFWatch, with its rather liberal comments policy, couldn’t abide them. CiFWatch has a history of stomaching all sorts of garbage posted by people such as yourself.

    • “The more I see of Israel the easier it is to understand why it occurred”

      That Jews are themselves responsible for their own persecution has been an argument put forward by every Jew-hating gentile from the Crusaders to pogromists and from Goebbels and Streicher to the journalists at the Guardian newspaper. But I would agree that Jews do not get a good press, but that is because we do not live in a moral universe. In such a place Europe would no longer exist and Israel would be top of the cultural pops in every nation in the world.

      If I really want to know why 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered in cold blood by the gentiles of Europe while the Allies turned their backs I only have to read the Jew-baiting venom contained in your posts, and of course the Guardian newspaper.

    • A nazi, unmistakably
      The more I see of Israel the easier it is to understand why it occurred’

  3. IDF the most humane army in the world and this is the rubbish you print? Whole dept is daft clearly showing they know nothing about what they are attempting to make fun of which is SAVING LIVES is saving lives funny??

  4. The criticism of Israel never ceases to amaze me. Imagine being criticized for warning civilians before bombing. Never has any army done this before.


    • yeah warning innocent people, who have sod all to do with it ,then bombong them yep absolutely great, fantastic and would you like this treatment from a democratis state with nuclear weapons?

  5. Israel has destroyed eveything that is human in the occupied Palestine. Since 1948 the so called Israel started to occupy other arab countries like Lebanon and Syria. But Israel did not stop there but also they wanted to occupy Sinai so they can contruct there so called prophacy which is the promised land. Pittful as they are always, they were kicked out of Egypt in 1973 and till our present they can’t enter Sinai. Israel is like a leach, it desires nothing more than to suck the day lights out of men, women and children of Palestine. Finally, Israel has the desire to suck the life out of all arabs and Muslims just so its monstrosity can live.

    • They were kicked out of Egypt in 1973? lol you people and your jokes.
      YOu do remember Israel gave up Sanai for peace .NOt much of a peace but still peace.
      they can;t enter sanai? too many jokes in one post.
      6 million Israel jews (because I assume you meant only Israeli Jews ) have the desire to suck the life out of 1 billion mulsims? I know we are good but not that good.

    • “Israel has destroyed everything that is human in the occupied Palestine.”

      Yes, I know you don’t see the so-called Palestinians as quite human. This is already known about you, i.e., just fodder for the “cause.” In this way you are quite in tune with the intent and policies of the Arab League. Congratulations. You must be so proud.

    • Smile, anti-Semitism is a pathology impervious to reason. Your narrative of the Arab-Israeli conflict above, shows how your obsessive malice has bankrupted your historical and moral perspective. You are a typical product of European chauvinism and hatred. You show us with complete clarity why Israel needs to exist.

  6. No, unsurprisingly, the Guardian does not think that printing this dispicable inhuman cynical crap concocted by some obscure, puerile, sociopathic would-be political cartoonist living in his parents’ basement somewhere in Australia is beneath even their paper’s moral or intellectual level.

  7. That cartoon is so FUNNY! That type of humor always has me splitting me sides, because it’s just so damn funny, ya know. Really. I was laughing so hard I almost lost consciousness, because it’s just so damn funny. It entirely explodes the myth that grey, cold, ideologically driven people dreaming of a world without Zionism (let’s not forget, “after capitalism”)don’t have a great sense of humor. I’d like to know who says supporters of backward religious genocidal totalitarian movements don’t have a good sense of humor. But, who knew that trying to spare the lives of people who most likely want you annihilated while fighting their leaders and henchmen, who are trying to kill you, could be THAT FUNNY!
    The Guardian: We might not be truthful, but damn it, we’re funny! (but not really)

  8. I find it disturbing when I see people in the comments sections of these sorts of stories refer to the “indigenous” population. They seem to prefer whitewashing history and just ignoring the Jewish settlement of the area, the Roman take over and subsequent renaming of the area to Palestine and the following attacks from arab neighbours that finally sent most Jewish people out of the land of Israel.

    The de-legitimisation of Israel, is really the delegitimising of the Jewish faith and of Judaism in itself. It’s anti-semitism in its most insidious form and has to be called out as such on as many occasions as possible.

    The media are complicit in lying to the western world about what is really going on. Passing on lies from Palestinian propaganda and arab propaganda machines as if they are truth. Then when they get it wrong, not publicly and openly admitting that they were fooled. Leaving the rest of the idiots who believed them to start with, none the wiser.

  9. love the history lesson every time , crap incorrect bullshit always , going to bomb more hospitals ?? Hamas use them as human shields you know, thats the next claim from the zionist loony fringe