Guardian duped by fake NBC Tweet claiming white phosphorous attack

A few hours ago, we noticed this update on the Guardian Live Blog on the Gaza War, edited by Matthew Weaver.

(Note the last sentence at the bottom of this snapshot of the update, which we marked with a red arrow)


Here’s the tweet they likely removed:


Here’s the Twitter account they evidently believed was the real NBC account:

twitterYou of course don’t have to be a whiz at social media to realize that a real NBC News Twitter account would have more than 79 followers and 25 Tweets!

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    • “like a propagandist mouthpiece that mainly serves a sense of victimhood.”

      Translation: “Oh, those whining Jews.”

      Sod off back to Stormfront.

      • The purpose of this website is clearly stated, you just have to read and understand, if you prefer the propaganda outlet Al guardian, well, stick to it, but don`t come here complaining, jake dumb as bread.

    • If you hang around here long enough you’ll find that that Adam usually gives credit where credit is due. But the preponderance of stuff coming from the Guardian doesn’t usually warrant it. If you read the comments BTL for that column you’ll find Guardianistas in all their glory, which is to say ignominy.

      • Well I see a lot of detailed picking up on tweets and inferences from incidental comments when at the same time there have been a series of fairly well balanced editorials. And while the btl tends to be more supportive of Palestine than Israel the discussions tend (generally) to be more balanced than here, with less extreme positions taken, less name calling and less bandying about of Nazi references (on either side)!

        While I would agree that some of the Guardian’s reporting is biased against Israel, there seems to be little interest here as to why that is, and how it might be changed.

  1. Reluctant as I have been in the past to believe that the Guardian fans the flames of Antisemitism deliberately, the evidence is clear. Despite the fact they are compelled to make frequent retractions on facts they did not bother to properly verify, they nonetheless carry on regardless. Today is always seen as yet another opportunity to misrepresent in the most inflammatory fashion.

  2. I see.

    The Guardian thinks that it should report unconfirmed reports.

    Why don’t they just make up the news instead rather than having all those expensive “reporters” there?

    Oh … actually .. isn’t that what they just did?

  3. The Guardian’s motto – “If you can’t find a story to twist to blame Israel and the Jews – just invent something like Ha’aretz does”

  4. You’re a real special person. I can tell with those happy faces that you’re just thrilled to show us all up by reminding us how many little children are dying in Gaza while we sit on the sidelines. Dare I suggest that you’re actually a bit happier than I’ll ever be regarding the situation in Gaza? After all, it proves something to you about us, and that’s what you’ve been waiting. The Proof. Too bad all you’ve got is – POOF – crocodile tears.

    IDF has set up a mobile triage in Gaza. Similar to the ones in Haiti, the Philippines, Sudan and Kenya, except this one is bomb and rocket proof. The kids can go there. Of course, Hamas won’t let that happen. What with tohse Joos stealing organs and drinking the blood straight from the body. Nope. More will die and suffer in ignorance.

    The Hamas terror infrastructure, hundreds of millions of dollars worth, comes along with the manipulators. All those doctors who say there is no place for the injured to go know for a fact that Israel is a place the victims can go to.

    But yeah. Thump your chest. Pat yourself on the back. Palestinian children are dying, and Israeli military action is the direct cause. Way to go.

    • The nazi again in support of terrorists and their headquarter in a hospital
      At the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, crowds gathered to throw shoes and eggs at the Palestinian Authority’s health minister, who represents the crumbling “unity government” in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The minister was turned away before he reached the hospital, which has become a de facto headquarters for Hamas leaders, who can be seen in the hallways and offices.

    • “Way to go, eh?” as if I orchestrated this fine mess personally? Do you think that my observation of a hospital being shelled and a Rabbi disowning Israels actions and this retarded blog (+ Editor) translates into ‘score points on a blog’? You’re a bigger twat than I ever imagined.

      I tell you what: hard truth time. Israel has played right into the hands of Hamas, and its too f**king thick and arrogant to realize it. Hamas love the media attention, Israel gives it to them. Now it’s civilians who suffer.

      Great ending to a political problem 100 years in the making? I think not.

      If British Rabbis can be that disgusted with what a ‘purity of arms’ bunch of over-paid, under-caring goons with guns can do in the name of Judaism, who the fc*k are you to comment? Targeting a hospital? THREE times? I mean. really? You fu*king idiots. There’s you PR battle lost in 3 seconds.

      The truth is simple. Hamas exist. Fact. Their ‘stated’ objectives are a nonsense, we all know that. But they’ll continue to gain support, or at least make the Palestinian public suffer while Israel gives them a concentration-camp style alternative to living with Hamas. Do people hate Jews anyone more? I doubt it. Do people hate smug, arrogant gun slinging baby killing settlers and their Apache gunships. You’betch’a!

      How about you , and your bunch of racist, bigoted anonymous cowards , discuss this as if YOUR children’s lives depended on it.

      Palestine was not a ‘Terra nullius’ when Zionists arrived 100 years ago (From time immemorial? Joan, you idiot) , at the duplicitous invitation of the British. But now is now. Over 15 million Jews and Palestinians live in this tiny space. Think of a way to encourage harmonious living.

      For your sakes, and theirs equally, I sincerely hope there is one.

      • Who the fuck am I? I’m a Jew with a brain, up against an anonymous Jew hating sack of fucking shit who enjoys the deaths of children so that he can shit on the Jews.

        Pathetic hacks like you deserve the shit lives you lead.

        Yes YOU. The Nazi loving asshole. The Hamas supporting douchebag. The loveless, idiotic, moronic dipshit who thinks s/he knows more about Israel than Jews, Americans, Zionists because you have the audacity to blame each of us for the actions of Hamas.

        If you don’t like MY responses to YOUR pitiful bullshit, then by all mean, get the fuck out of here.

        It’s called Freedom of Choice. You can Choose to no longer be a Blithering Idiot but it suits you so well. Like alligator skin.

      • Wow – what a long diatribe to state how frigging stupid you are. We got in the first paragraph.

        How do explain in a place where the population is 56% female and over half under the age of 14 has 81% of the casualties that are adult males? Facts elude you.

        Even the BBC reported one of those children killed was done by a misfiring Hamas rocket today. Over 1,000 Hamas rockets have misfired so far and killed people in Gaza. But of course to racists like you that is the fault of the “Jooossses!”

        You are the racist bigoted anonymous coward here. And stupid to boot

  5. A nazi as true Jew, well, the problem of the internet in a nutshell. In real life a true Birmingham rabbi would have beaten the shit out of you, nazi.

  6. Why is the IDF using flechete shells? Apparently these spray hundreds (thousands?) of steel darts over a 100 metre radius killing and maiming anyone. Israeli PM claims they are only targeting “militants”. This is barbaric inhumanity and should be banned. What sort of mind-set brings about the use of this vile weapon?

    • One that has lost it’s way on earth, that what…

      Are the IDF that heartless? Imagine these people going back into Israeli society afterwards, knowing what they’ve done.

      No wonder suicide is such a massive problem inside the Israeli Army….dear god.

      • Flachettes are NOT illegal under any law or ethic. They are used in battle just as other weapons are. They do NOT spread over a 100 meter radius. You might say any weapon is “barbaric” and “heartless”.

        Why do the Hamas use AK-47’s and rockets at civilians? How is that less barbaric? With the difference that THEY actually aim at civilians deliberately. BTW Hamas have used flachettes in suicide bombings.

        Why am I even bothering… What a bunch of imbeciles.

    • Because they aren’t – just a mere fact that morons don’t seem to like.

      Why do you mouth moronic rants?

  7. The Guardian is only too willing to fan the flames of hatred. It is a truly nasty rag, The journalists who write for it are utter scum, who prostitute their calling by distorting the truth. Their specialize in lying, misinformation and selective reporting.