Guardian op-ed mocks “claims” of Hamas use of human shields

 The strap line of a recent Guardian op-ed by  (a blogger at Lenin’s tomb) says it all.


Here’s the entire post:

They hid at the El-Wafa hospital.

They hid at the Al-Aqsa hospital.

They hid at the beach, where children played football.

They hid at the yard of 75-year-old Muhammad Hamad.

They hid among the residential quarters of Shujaya.

They hid in the neighbourhoods of Zaytoun and Toffah.

They hid in Rafah and Khan Younis.

They hid in the home of the Qassan family.

They hid in the home of the poet, Othman Hussein.

They hid in the village of Khuzaa.

They hid in the thousands of houses damaged or destroyed.

They hid in 84 schools and 23 medical facilities.

They hid in a cafe, where Gazans were watching the World Cup.

They hid in the ambulances trying to retrieve the injured.

They hid themselves in 24 corpses, buried under rubble.

They hid themselves in a young woman in pink household slippers, sprawled on the pavement, taken down while fleeing.

They hid themselves in two brothers, eight and four, lying in the intensive burn care unit in Al-Shifa.

They hid themselves in the little boy whose parts were carried away by his father in a plastic shopping bag.

They hid themselves in the “incomparable chaos of bodies” arriving at Gaza hospitals.

They hid themselves in an elderly woman, lying in a pool of blood on a stone floor.

Hamas, they tell us, is cowardly and cynical.

To Seymour, it seems that these ‘claims’ are all nothing but dishonest Israeli hasbara.

Evidently, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri was lying when he said the following:

Similarly, the following video of Grad rocket launchers discovered next to a school in Beit Hanoun, Gaza is evidently staged.

Video evidence of Hamas fighters firing from within civilian homes in Gaza is also nothing but propaganda.

And, what of this clip of terrorists in Gaza using an ambulance to escape? Again, evidently nothing but savvy Israeli PR.


The Washington Post’s dispatch from the Gaza front included a first hand account of rockets being moved into a mosque during Thursday’s five-hour humanitarian ceasefire, and accounts of Hamas leaders using Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as a de facto headquarters, were also seemingly both lies.

First hand accounts of underground terror headquarters, including storage areas for rockets, bombs, and other weapons built under the densely populated civilian neighborhood of Shejaiyya, are also untrue.

Further, declassified aerial photos showing Hamas rocket launchers under mosques and at hospitals in Gaza were also fabrications.

You see, for Seymour, the ‘claim’ that Hamas is “cowardly and cynical”, and routinely uses human shields – as part of their strategy of using the deaths of Palestinians to garner international sympathy – is all Zionist propaganda. 

Don’t believe your eyes.

Believe the Guardian.

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  1. Seymour is a far-left tosser who can be relied on to ignore atrocities and war-crimes committed by the Islaomfascists. He inhabits the stinking gutter.of British anti-semitism that the Guardian goes to when it wants to demonize Israel.

    • Yes, he is a self proclaimed “Marxist”, and a frequent contributor to Al-Jazeera. So what can you expect…

  2. The Guardian tells me that they’re a newspaper.

    They have editors, they say.

    A cadre of writers.

    And cartoonists.

    They say they care about the world.

    Look at all these articles about Gaza!

    Look at how we break it down!

    Tohse Joos, tohse Joos…..

    Weird, though, they don’t really talk about Syria.

    Not their writers.

    Not their editors.

    Not their cartoonists.

    Because there are no Jews in Syria.

    We all know the truth.

    There are 200 hundred Jewish families left in Syria.

    After 3000 years of living there, but that’s not newsworthy.

    And neither are the 180,000 dead, including Palestinians, as a result of Assad and his henchmen.

    But enough about Syria. Let’s talk about Gaza.

    And tohse Joos.

    Ala Guardian.

    Moody, yes?


  3. What bothered me the most was this line:
    “They hid in 84 schools and 23 medical facilities.”

    Is he implying the IDF munitions have hit 84 schools and 23 medical facilities?! Because that is factually very incorrect. I doubt there are even 84 schools in the whole of gaza… Have I misunderstood?

  4. This is how you tell the bigots from genuine human rights activists. The bigots will all deny Hamas’ strategy of maximizing Palestinian civilian deaths. They are shills for Hamas & are partly responsible for senseless Palestinian deaths due to their pro-Hamas advocacy.

    • 600 versus 30 dead thats how you and the world score this and who are the 600 dead , the 30 are mostly israeli military, are the 600 Hamas terrorists then . what a crock of shit you scum on here are supporting a phony so called war.

      • noamy cry-baby
        You can keep on spouting your nonsense as much as you like but the World can see who started this.
        The World can see that it was Hamas who rejected the Egyptian cease fire proposals.
        The World can see that Hamas are happy to use women and children in Gaza to hide behind.

        And if you want to talk about ‘scum’ the World can see that the leadership of Hamas are happy to fight a war while they are safely in another country and their terrorists are safely hidden deep below the ground like the cowardly vermin they and you are.

          • noamy cry-baby.
            IF you had bollocks you would be a man.
            Clearly a cowardly scumbag such as yourself could never be described as a man.
            Now off you go slither back into the swamp with all the other Hamas supporting reptiles and pond life.

            • noamy cry-baby
              You are getting hysterical.
              Be careful or you will be wetting your self with fear again.
              It must be smelling a lot in your hidey-hole with all the other Hamas supporting cowards by now.

            • Noam,
              You have now been here long enough for me to say that you bring absolutely nothing to a discussion. You simply don’t matter, i.e., you’re a nothing, a zero. Whoever pays you has money to waste. That Gerald even pays any attention to you at all is an act of charity, baby. You’re boring.

              • War crimes are not boring, dead women and children are not boring, let’s see if our leaders have the guts to charge Israel with war crimes, you are the only country allowed such acts as these without ever being punished for them . The uk could never have done this in Northern Ireland even at the height of the troubles. Imagine , in the name of killing the ira , uk forces decimate the general population and claim human shields as justification, ludicrous, childish bullshit. Murderers.

                • Well, as IRA baby you should know about war crimes, don`t you?
                  So the rockets and mortars fired by Islamists are a double war crime, n`est-ce pas?

                • ‘Noam’ I notice that you and little ‘noam’, aka ‘noamy cry-baby’, are trying to use the lessons of the ‘Troubles’ between the Republicans, the Loyalists and the Government of the U.K. as some kind of lesson.
                  As usual you are either ignorant of salient points or deliberately ignoring them as they are inconvenient for you.

                  For example, would Hamas and the other terrorist groups agree to the ‘Mitchell Principles’ BEFORE negotiations could take place?

                  The ‘Mitchell Principles’ are;
                  “To democratic and exclusively peaceful means of resolving political issues;
                  To the total disarmament of all paramilitary organisations;
                  To agree that such disarmament must be verifiable to the satisfaction of an independent commission;
                  To renounce for themselves, and to oppose any effort by others, to use force, or threaten to use force, to influence the course or the outcome of all-party negotiations;
                  To agree to abide by the terms of any agreement reached in all-party negotiations and to resort to democratic and exclusively peaceful methods in trying to alter any aspect of that outcome with which they may disagree; and,
                  To urge that “punishment” killings and beatings stop and to take effective steps to prevent such actions.”

      • Most of them are. We are used to Hamas lying about their millitants. We saw it in cast leade. It took them a year to admit ISrael was right all along about the number of Hamas millitants casualties.