Indy’s Mira Bar-Hillel complains on the BBC about Jews and CiF Watch trolls!

Briefly, here are a few highlights from our posts about Mira Bar-Hillel, a columnist at the Independent:

  • She complained that Jews (per the Livingstone Formulation) often smear people unfairly with the charge of antisemitism to “gag into submission any critic of Israel”.
  • She evoked Nazi Germany in characterizing Israeli racism and IDF military actions in Gaza.
  • She recently accused British Jews (collectively) of ‘bombing Gaza’.
  • She admitted to being prejudiced against Jews.

In the following BBC interview with Bar-Hillel, she claims that Jews don’t criticize Israeli actions in Gaza out of fear of being “ex-communicated” from the Jewish community, and criticizes this blog for ‘trolling’ her.

You can listen to the whole interview here:


(See recent post at Harry’s Place about Bar-Hillel, here)

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  1. Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner had a glorious opportunity to expose this bigot and get important ‘bullet points’ over to a national and international audience and fluffed it with woolly claptrap about ‘fasting for peace’. Bar-Hillel correctly dismissed this as ‘meaningless’.

  2. she claims that Jews don’t criticize Israeli actions in Gaza out of fear of being “ex-communicated” from the Jewish community.

    Sounds like bullshit to me. What I could imagine people being “ex-communicated” from the Jewish community for is, I dunno, comparing Israeli policy to the Nazis and/or (in her case “and”) being openly prejudiced against Jews.

  3. By the way, I don`t know if I mentioned it already, but her smile makes one shudder.

  4. I’m still trying to comprehend why the BBC would have her on to pontificate about such things.
    What’s next, the BBC interviews the Independent’s Homes & Garden reporter about EU fiscal policy?

  5. Once again, Mira Bar-Hillel’s most recent article just published in The Indy was open for comments on Voices for as long as it takes a barrage of rockets from Gaza to reach Sderot.
    And guess what, comments were suddenly closed. Maybe my post was the reason. Here it is: She’s rambling on about the lead up to Cast Lead.

    ‘…all I heard from the media was that some Israelis were very, very scared because a few primitive rockets were being sent from Gaza into southern Israel.’ (Mira Bar Hillel)

    A few primitive rockets …?! Well, around 8,000 rockets before Israel finally ran out of patience with terrorist attacks on their civilians.

    And …… ‘… the 2008/9 massacre, which included use of the banned White Phosphorus,…'(Mira Bar Hillel)

    White phosphorus, used by Israeli forces in Gaza in 2008, is not a chemical weapon as understood by the Chemical Weapons Convention, and its use is in itself not in breach of any international conventions.

    So, banned by whom? The author of this piece, presumably. But, hey, don’t let facts get in the way of kicking Israel at any opportunity.

    • White phosphorus is covered by Protocol III of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons, which prohibits its use as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations or in air attacks against enemy forces in civilian areas.

  6. Bar Hillel is a spoilt, self-absorbed attention seeker. It’s all about her, parading her fashionable Islamic resistance chic to a bigoted and hostile anti-Israeli audience, and then complaining that she is shunned by Jews for speaking truth to power. Perhaps she prefers the Hamas-style ex-communication; being thrown from four-storey buildings with hands tied behind the back, or dragged through the streets by the Hamas moped lads. Yes, I’ve seen the footage Bar-Hillel, it certainly would spoil your dinner parties.