Guardian likens Hamas rockets to “useless fireworks”

The Guardian, in an official editorial on the war in Gaza, argued the following:

In all the years they have been swooping over the border like useless fireworks, the primitive rockets that Hamas fires at Israel have killed hardly anybody. They scare people, close supermarkets, disrupt business and increase insurance premiums.

They’re of course referring to the more than 15,000 deadly projectiles fired from Gaza since 2001.

Here is the arsenal of “primitive rockets” the Guardian is referring to:


Here’s a glimpse into the effects of the “useless” fireworks” “swooping over the border” to the southern Israeli city of Sderot:


Contrary to Guardian claims (that “hardly anybody” has been killed by these “useless fireworks”), at least 20 Israelis have been killed in Gaza rocket attacks since 2001, and 15 have been killed in Gaza mortar attacks. (sources: here, here, here, here, here, and here). Over a thousand Israelis have been injured in such attacks.

Finally, every Gaza rocket (all 15,000) of course has the capacity to kill an Israeli man, woman or child, and all represent an attempt to do just that.

Describing such deadly instruments of war as “useless fireworks” (which have killed ‘hardly anyone’) is simply untrue, and grossly insensitive to Israeli victims. 

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  1. I wonder if The guardian can tell us than why all those air company cancelled flight into Israel if those rockets were usless. Does it mean that they did it for other reasons?

    • they are useless because they do not kill on the scale that your military does, tanks , attack helicopters from the USA, you are militarily one of the most powerful states on the planet, so yes by comparison the rockets are fireworks, now if they had any real threat israel may be forced to bargain, like we did with the IRA

      • “like we did with the IRA”

        Britain was responsible for the death of millions and the enslavement of even more when she jackbooted her war around the world during the days of empire. During World War II, she turned her back on the drowning Jews of Europe, and yet, in her own “defence” managed to burn alive many thousands of innocent German civilians at Dresden. In utterly futile wars in recent years Britain has been both directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of many thousands of civilians in wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

        As for the IRA, that organisation was not committed to the destruction of England and certainly did not pose an existential threat to your nation. And it came to the table when it had been defeated. On the other hand your treatment of the Irish has been nothing less than brutal and wicked from Cromwell to the Great Famine to the Bloody Sunday massacre.

      • “bargain, like we did with the IRA”
        noamy cry-baby what are you waffling on about now?

        The only bargain you and your disgusting kind ever did with the IRA was when the Gaddafi regime in Libya supplied the IRA with weapons and explosives.
        Although anyone with a knowledge of history of early Republicans knows that both Arthur Griffith and you have something in common.
        You are both disgusting anti-Semites. And of course Griffith is dead and buried whereas you are dead from the neck up.

            • Anal is your word Jeff , the numbers don’t lie baby, they reveal the truth more clearly than all your crap put together and you don’t like it do you?

          • ‘Noam’ you can repeat the same figures time and time again.
            But it does not change the facts one iota.
            Hamas, and its allies, started this war.
            Hamas, and its allies, are hiding weapons and explosives in school.
            Hamas, and its allies, are using the people of Gaza as human shields while their leadership lives in comfort abroad and their own terrorists cower in their bunkers like the cowardly rats they are.

            ‘Noam’ you do not have a case to rest.
            All you can do is to spout lies, distortions and Bullshit. If you want to give that a rest feel free to do so. But if you do so, what would there be for you to do with your sad and worthless life?

      • We left Gaza completely in 2005 without a blockade. In return, we have received an endless barrage of rockets aimed at our civilians. Hamas’ charter calls not only for the destruction of Israel but also promotes the killing of Jews everywhere. They are lucky we dont carpet bomb them. So unless you are equally upset about the daily killing of civilians in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan to name a few, you are an anti-Semite.

  2. So 20kg of high explosives (the minimum size of the warhead) is a type of firework. Bet those fireworks are illegal in England.

    Let me launch 15,000 (number of rockets alone since 2005) of those at London and tell us how much they are useless fireworks

  3. Useless fireworks that have effectively closed Ben Gurion airport.

    You can be sure that if their precious little cherubs were in the direct line of fire, the journalists at the Guardian would take a very different line. To the gentile, the Jew is seen as expendable. That is why Israel. That is why we can never put our security into the hands of the gentile ever again. Not, that is, if we want to survive.

    • “To the gentile, the Jew is seen as expendable.”

      It is quite clear to the whole world that to the Israelis govt the Arabs are expendable. In fact, some like Natfali Bennett, go even further. Did he not say “‘I’ve Killed Lots Of Arabs In My Life And There’s No Problem With That”

      Nice sentiments from a cabinet minister!!

  4. I bet if I stood outside the Guardian’s office building with an endless supply of eggs and launched them repeatedly at Guardian staff, personnel automobiles, and office windows, that it would take much less than 10 years for some kind of action to stop my egg launchings.

    BTW and a bit OT but not really: Glenn Greenwald created a stir by blaming Israel and Jews for the “removal” of an NBC reporter from Gaza because, see, that reporter is Arab, and he was showing too much truth in Gaza. Needless to say, it wasn’t the Jews, but an inner-office situation, the reporter is back, and, oh yeah, that white guy pegged as an Israeli dupe hasn’t set foot near the mobile IDF triage units set up by Israel for the victims of Gaza. He also mentioned the leaflets dropped 5 days ago only once, and he openly mocked the message. So GG and the Guardian are nothing but spiteful assholes tossing out baseless accusations accusing Jews of media and mind control.

  5. Useless ‘ cause they can`t kill enough Jews, if I correctly understand that piece of sheet.

  6. Why just “useless fireworks”? Why not “soft marshmallows”? Why not: “swooping over the border like soft yummy pink marshmallows?”
    The delusion of these people.

  7. It seems for the Guardian that just everything and anything about Palestinians, Hamas, etc. are completely harmless.
    I just keep wondering, if it’s such a worthy cause, then why the world record breaking number of lies in support of it?

  8. Aren’t these rockets pretty much the same as the rockets used by the fighting parties in WW2? Was WW2 just a game with fireworks to the Guardian as well?

  9. As a military doctor (British) I have seen close-up on many occasions the (often lethal) damage these ‘fireworks’ can do. The author of this article sounds confident, but sitting writing this rubbish in the safety of a trendy London wine bar, why wouldn’t they be?

    • They do, in a sense. There’s no difference in Hebrew between the word for “rocket” and the word for “missile”. For both, it’s ‘teel’ in singular, or plural ‘teel-EEM’.

  10. I love the ‘useful idiots'” like the Guardian’s claims that the Hamas rockets are “useless fireworks.” Most of these (actually among the smaller ones – many are much larger) are basically the same Grad “useless fireworks” that US forces faced in Vietnam (look it up!). Ask a Vietnam vet about them. Non-lethal my ass!

  11. Using 15,000 rockets to kill 20 people over a 13 year period counts as useless from the point of view of any meaningful military strategy. More crybaby antics from the Pro-Israel lobby.

    • Isn’t it weird how these firecrackers are being used to blow up UN schools and sanctuaries for refugees? Oh, that’s right. You’re so “with it” that you blame Israel for the deaths of all children, including those murdered by Hamas.

      That’s why you’re laughed at and routinely ignored. It’s not because we’re callous; it’s because you’re pathetic.

  12. The hasbarists. long on abuse and short on arguments, have come out in full force here. The poor dears are after all dependent on the stipends for their half baked propaganda efforts to finance their next holiday.

    Perhaps one of them can explain how Hamas, after a long Israeli blockade of all materials that can even be remotely useful for the production of anything deadly, can still fabricate “deadly” rockets.

    In the matter of the airports Israel became the victim of its own propaganda. Foreign governments took its horror tale about these rockets seriously. Suddenly Israel fell over itself to explain to the world that no, they weren’t that dangerous after all.

    The myth that the “iron dome” protects them against these deadly things is strictly for its domestic consumption of course.

  13. And those who don’t want to take the Guardian’s word for it can consult a recent (8/3) article in the prestigious journal “Foreign Affairs” about “Gaza’s bottle rockets”.

    • I did ‘consult’ the article you cite, although I doubt if you managed to read beyond the title.
      This is from the article you cite and demonstrates the use of the term ‘Bottle rockets’,
      ” “Hamas’ rockets can kill people and they have,” a counter-intelligence veteran of the U.S. CIA who spent his career monitoring Israeli and Palestinian military capabilities told me recently, “but compared to what the Israelis are using, the Palestinians are firing bottle rockets.” ”

      Which part of the sentence, “Hamas’ rockets can kill people and they have,” do you fail to understand?
      Which part of the sentence “.. compared to what the Israelis are using..” do you fail to understand?

      Last question. Did you read the article, or did you just see the headline and squeal with joy because you, mistakenly, thought you had found something you could use as a stick to hit Israel with?

  14. Hello Gerald dear, I understand that among a crowd whose literary skills seem to be limited to reiterating, ad nauseam, hasbara highlights one is eager to demonstrate that one can get beyond the title of an article. By the same token anybody else’s mastery of that skill is doubted.

    But set your heart at rest, dear man. I read the sentence quoted by you. I also read the lines immediately preceding it which say:

    “Most of Hamas’ arsenal is comprised of homemade rockets that are decidedly incapable of inflicting mass civilian casualties, flattening apartment blocks, or causing conflagrations that consume entire cities”

    and the lines a bit further down that state:

    “Hamas’ arsenal poses only a negligible threat to Israel’s population. The vast majority of Hamas’ rockets are unsophisticated Qassam types that are manufactured in Gaza in primitive metal workshops filled with lathes and simple tools.”

    Cherry picking the lines that suit you is decidedly not nice Gerald. And what do these lines say after all – that Hamas’ rockets can kill. That is a proposition that is not at odds with the view that they are not much more than upgraded firecrackers. As it so happens I am now in a country (the Philippines) where it has been demonstrated time and again that even ordinary firecrackers can kill. New Year’s revelry with these things has, over the last ten or fifteen years or so, probably caused as many deaths as the Hamas’ bottle rockets did and certainly infinitely more wounded.

  15. Oh Gerald – now you disappoint me. You provided minimal evidence of reading skills but now you have undone even that.

    • Sorry to disappoint you Arie, but my reading skills are confined to English.
      I have already made allowances for your poor English as I understand you are a Dutch expat. Perhaps if you try to write in English and cut out the waffle and bullshit it will make your posts legible.

      By the way boredom can also kill and you are reaching the threshold. Please try and remember that before you waste my time with a lot of inconsequential nonsense.

  16. Oh dear – now he can only come up with this cheap shot. It is always the same with you hasbarists. As soon as you are confronted with real arguments you can only come up with the cheapest ad hominem stuff. Is that what you are paid your hasbara fees for?

    Perhaps you have bullshitted your Tel Aviv paymasters into believing that your supposed command of English should make up for your poor reasoning skills – so be it. They are probably as unable to spot correct English as you are.

    Yes I was indeed born in Holland as many another Australian. Funny that you tried to use that factoid as a weapon. You must have been at your wits’ end – but then that wit doesn’t go very far in your case.

    Where were you born? Perhaps you have forgotten after having fooled yourself for so long into believing that your real home is Israel.

    • Arie did you write this to amuse me?
      “They are probably as unable to spot correct English as you are.”
      And just below it this fine example of ‘correct English’.
      “Yes I was indeed born in Holland as many another Australian.”

      Hmmm, you are slightly amusing but very boring.
      Now off you trot back to Richard Silverstein’s site where you belong.

      • In answer to your humbug here:

        Wiktionary about “many another”

        One cannot help wondering at the absence from Chopin’s Berlin letters of the name of Ludwig Berger, who, no doubt, like Bernhard Klein, Rungenhagen, the brothers Ganz, and MANY ANOTHER composer and virtuoso in Berlin, was included in the collective expression
Frederic Chopin as a Man and Musician

        In the face of this passage and MANY ANOTHER of the like spirit, it is puzzling to find such a man, for example, as Thomas Baker, the ejected non-juring Fellow and historian of St. John’s College,
Andrew Marvell

        Only a few years ago the heroes of the music-hall menaced the Boers with unspeakable castigations when only they could be persuaded to leave off unaccountably thrashing our generals; and when Purcell wrote “Come if you Dare,” and MANY ANOTHER martial ditty, the time had not long passed when Van Tromp sailed up the Thames with a broom at his mast-head.

        Daphne, as every one knows, took to a tree to escape his attentions; and Coronis, as so MANY ANOTHER woman, was soon blase of divine courtship, and, for variety, turned her eyes elsewhere.
The Love Affairs of Great Musicians

        Jacques Necker was born in Geneva, and went up to the city, like MANY ANOTHER country boy, to make his fortune.
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great

        And this was as far as Sydney Camm and his airplane of the future got that day with the Air Ministry, and for MANY ANOTHER as well.
The HurricaneStory
        Though he had hunted chiefly for the Arkenstone, yet he had an eye for MANY ANOTHER wonderful thing that was lying there, about which were wound old memories of the labours and the sorrows of his race.

        • Arie at least you are consistent.
          That is consistently wrong, tedious and very boring.

          Such a pity that your knowledge of the English language is as deficient as your knowledge of the situation in the Middle East. Such a pity that you are unaware that citing, or copy and pasting, a piece the contents of which you do not comprehend only further exposes your ignorance. But, that is your problem not mine.

          Begone time wasting troll.

  17. This is alarming, dear Gerald. Apparently you have not only forgotten where you were born but also the language that is written there. But never mind. Your fellow hasbarists won’t be able to SPOT that. Like MANY ANOTHER fraud you will get away with that.

    Thanks for your advice for me to return to a decent site. Your company does indeed become a bit sickening.

    • Arie what is crystal clear is that you are unable, or unwilling, to answer questions.
      What is also crystal clear is your inability to write in a coherent fashion in English, is mirrored by your inability to substantiate your ‘point of view’, with anything resembling logic or fact.

      Your false hope that you can cover up your many inadequacies by verbose waffling and hoping that when your failings are pointed out you can divert attention from them, is a sad demonstration of your arrested intellectual development.

      Get well soon Arie. Now close the door on your way out you boring and inadequate little troll.

      • good old gerry, like the rest here, i dont like what you say so i will criticise you grammar, great riposte for a war criminal state

        • ‘Noam’ try reading all the posts. I know it will be hard for you, but try.
          Now off you slither back under your rock into the pool of your own urine, excrement and fear, with all the other cowardly Fascist scum of Hamas.

  18. You don’t seem to like my English, perhaps you like my Latin. Your last letter only contributes to your “testimonium paupertatis”. Mere abuse. Poor you.