Guardian brings back Jihad Misharawi photo to illustrate ‘Israeli attacks’

Hamas terrorists fired approximately 2270 rockets at Israeli civilians since the beginning of the current war. We know that a percentage of mortars and Grad rockets have fallen short and landed in Gazan territory – quite possibly (based on past experiences) injuring or killing Palestinian civilians. You may recall that most UK media outlets accused Israel of firing a missile, during the 2012 war in Gaza, which killed the 11 month old son of BBC Arabic cameraman Jihad Misharawi.


Elder of Ziyon and BBC Watch (and other blogs) were among those who examined the evidence and suggested that Omar Misharawi was actually more than likely killed by an errant Palestinian rocket.

Their skepticism was well-founded.

On March 6th 2013 the United Nations Human Rights Council issued an advance version of its report on the November war and noted the following about the death of Ahmad Misharawi.

“On 14 November, a woman, her 11-month-old infant, and an 18-year-old adult in Al-Zaitoun were killed by what appeared to be a Palestinian rocket that fell short of Israel.” [emphasis added]

Following communication with CiF Watch in the days following the release of the UNHRC report, quite a few UK media outlets corrected their original stories, and noted that a Palestinian rocket likely caused the death of Misharawi’s son. 


So, we were somewhat surprised to say the least to see the following photo accompany a batch of Guardian letters published on July 23rd. (Note the caption below the photo.) 

masharawiThey decided to use a photo of an infant who was killed by an ‘errant’ Palestinian rocket to illustrate the view – expressed by one letter writer – that “Israel’s attacks are an extension of military rule and collective punishment by a brutal apartheid state”.

Evidently, old, disproven media smears against Israel never actually die.  

They simply get recycled at the Guardian. 

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  1. But those rockets are merely large fireworks according to the Guardian and nobody has ever been hurt by 120kg of High Explosive – just ask them.

    Over 1,000 rockets fired at Israel have either blown up on launching or fell within Gaza. How many innocent “Palestinians” have those killed?

    • As long as Islamo Fascists are supported by Neo Liberals War will rage.
      This is the fine work of Erdogan and Duncan’s friends:

      Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization is now in ruings thanks to Qatari funding and massive support by the “Anti War umbrella org”.
      These guys core belief is that the way forward lies in shifting to a reverse gear and staying on it as long as possible..

      • The most important change since the last Gaza invasion has been the rise of social media at the expense of carefully filtered and controlled old media!

        Whereas Israel would get away with explaining its actions to mainstream media with little challenge, now that domination of old media makes Israel even less believable!
        No matter how many times Netanyahu or his defence minister is on American Sunday Shows, CNN,bbc Fox or whatever, people are choosing to believe what they see on social media posted by the Palestinians on the ground.

        Jeffrey will have to get used to this new world order, military might and control of mainstream media narrative no longer counts for much.

        This is a very good thing for the rest of the world; finally a democratization of news away from those that might want to mislead us with their own narratives while shutting opposing narratives out!

        • Democratization of news?
          Democratication of gossip and propaganda, that is, for dumbwits who neither can`t write nor read correctly, not to talk of understanding.
          Choose to believe?
          Propaganda as religion, not unknown to history, religion for undereducated, knowledge for the few, a concept the Middle Ages are known for. Good choice.

  2. Just been reading today’s Daily Mail, also their online coverage. Fairly disgusting. You may need to be starting Mailwatch soon

    • Yeah just watched the BBC news too, said Israelis are a bunch of cxxxxx, especially the government , so you may want to start beebwatch too, and itv and channel 4 etc etc

    • You just don’t get it, do you? Every news outlet outside Israel is reporting the truth – even some of the US channels are showing the reality of what’s going on. Keep on living in your little comfortable bubble!

        • To be insulted by someone like you is the best compliment I could hope for! Keep it coming!!

            • Oh, the famously impartial Richard Kemp writing in the even-more-famously impartial Jewish Chronicle!! Thank you – suddenly the blindness that has afflicted me all this time has lifted from my eyes!!!

              There’s only one dupe around here. Correction, there’s about a dozen dupes here on this page, and it’s not me!

              • Maybe Colonel Kemp is or is not impartial.
                But what is beyond doubt is his military experience and expertise.

                • Maybe he is impartial, you say? Ha’aretz described him as “a favorite of the British pro-Israel lobby”, and he really is. He spends all his times giving speeches in support of Israel, eg Christians United for Israel, the “We believe in Israel conference” and plenty of others. He lacks all credibility as an impartial source, as people in the UK are beginning to notice.

                • Duncan do you have a problem reading?
                  Or is it that as you are trying to defend the indefensible you have to attempt to twist words to fit in with your own pre-set agenda?

          • “To be insulted by someone like you is the best compliment I could hope for”
            ‘Duncan’ if you post such drivel, and talk in a similar fashion, elsewhere. Then I have no doubt that Jeff’s remarks are the only compliment you can hope for.

            • This is a reply to your post of 3.45. You’re the one who said he may [or may not be] impartial, so I was simply quoting paraphrasing your own words. You clearly imply that he MAY be impartial, and I was showing you that he is not. And YOU have the gall to imply that I am the one who cannot read?! Hilarious!! Or are you just pretending to be dim?

              • “I was simply quoting paraphrasing your own words”

                Duncan you not only distort the truth but also the English language.
                All your post demonstrates is that, apart from your usual addiction to exclamation marks, you are as unable to write as you are to read and comprehend.

                Tell me Duncan are you illiterate in any languages other than English, or is it only English that exposes your ignorance?

          • Well, a dumbwit like you believes that the world owes him a compliment for his pure existence.