One sentence by the Guardian’s Mid-East editor explains their coverage of the war

 To date, the Guardian’s coverage of the war has revealed the following:

  • A focus on claims of Israeli war crimes, and silence concerning Hamas’s widespread (and well-documented) illegal use of human shields.
  • The acceptance of Palestinians claims (about the number of civilians casualties, for instance) at face value.
  • A dearth of commentaries (at their blog, Comment is Free, political cartoons, etc.) that are critical of Hamas.

Indeed, one sentence in a July 23rd article (UN human rights body to investigate claims of Israeli violations in Gaza) written by the Guardian’s Middle East editor, Ian Black, arguably helps explains at least the last dynamic we cited.

While providing analysis on the predictable decision by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) “to launch an international inquiry into violations” against Israel, Black makes the following observation about demands to end Israel’s blockade.  

“Pillay [the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights] also called for an end to the blockade of Gaza, the underlying reason for the conflict and an issue that will have to be tackled if any ceasefire is to endure.”

So, Israel’s legal Naval blockade of weapons to Gaza, according to the Guardian’s senior Middle East editor, represents the “underlying reason for the conflict” between Israel and Hamas!  

Does it really need to be pointed out that the blockade is meant to curtail the terrorist group’s capacity to import deadly weapons into the strip and that, in lieu of such restrictions, Hamas would be free to acquire even more accurate and deadly weapons than they’re using in the current war?

Does Black honestly believe that Hamas leaders truly only desire an end to the blockade in order to provide a better standards of living for Gazans?

Does Black not know that Hamas has diverted tens of millions of dollars in imported cement and other construction materials (supposedly meant for “humanitarian projects” such as roads, schools and clinics) to construct terror tunnels and other weapons of war?

However, beyond the specifics of the blockade and Black’s absurd reduction of the conflict, it’s amazing that such putatively sophisticated journalists fail to understand the blockade is the result of Hamas’s aggression, not its cause.  

It all seems to come down to an intellectually crippling political correctness which insists upon imputing reasonableness to even the most malevolent political actors.

Such absurd moral equivalencies are what drive Guardian editors to continually fail to even note that the Sunni Islamist group (the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) is an extremist organization, one which oppresses women and gays, shuns democratic values, rejects the very idea of peace with the Jewish State, and promotes the most virulent form of antisemitism, which includes explicit incitement to engage in the mass murder of Jews.

Hamas’s reactionary politics  – their contempt for modern notions of tolerance, freedom, individual rights and the sanctity of human life – is of course the underlying cause of the conflict, and it continually baffles us how such putatively anti-racists can’t morally distinguish between antisemitic extremists and the Jews they’re trying so desperately to kill. 

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    • Maybe you can explain how every single Hamasnik killed by Israel has become just another Gazan civilian tragedy. Fuck the Guardian. Fuck Western media. Fuck the morons who decide that Hamas is equivalent to Israel, let alone a battler that deserves a semblance of faith or trust or some benefit of doubt.

      Yes, this world is a fucking joke. That’s why you can’t name names. Because people like you have already been manipulated enough by a frenzied Western press that can’t stop sucking that Hamas schlong of bullshit.

    • Did american and english radios read the name of the Iraqi and afgan children killed by British and Amercian forces ?. Did European radios read the name of the children of yogusalvia who were killed by Nato forces?

      Is anyone reading dead Israeli children murder by Hamas in their beds?
      Why the hypocrisy.

      • @Alexa,

        What a stupid reply!

        Of course they were FREE to do so if they wanted…..what you’re doing is called censorship.

        That’s very different.

        • ToiletBowl says,
          “Of course they were FREE to do so if they wanted”

          Then why didn’t they? Weren’t they also free not to, or were they practicing censorship?

          Apparently your own stupidity is mixed with malice. What a combo!

          • It’s up to 750 odd now talk about digging your own graves how completely murderous and stupid is this wonder regime of yours, the blood lust is unbelievable, USA will be putting the leash on you very soon , your making them look bad and the world is watching and seeing the reality of Palestinian lives and just what their worth .

            • It’s up to 750 odd
              It is 800 now and about 600 of them Hamas terrorists. Your desperation is completely justified.
              talk about digging your own graves
              seems to me that we are digging graves not our own but yours. There must be a real imbalance between the demand and supply of the black eyed virgins.
              the world is watching and seeing the reality of Palestinian lives and just what their worth .
              Correct, the world is watching and applauds our efforts seeing that Palestinian lives in the eyes of the Hamas Fuhrer in Doha worth less than his morning tea in his Doha luxury mansio.

            • Actaully it was Hamas plan digging many Israeli people by planning to infiltrate Israel through those tunnels kidnapp and kill tousands of ISraelis in the south. There are evidance they planed it for Jewish new year. Donb;t you think Israel had everyright to destroy those tunnels or do you think we should have let Hamas do as they plan

  1. There are other papers than the Guardian : the Telegraph amongst many others also calls for an enquiry into Israel’s conduct of the war by the IDF. The Guardian happens to be the one that reports more in depth the atrocities carried out by the IDF: flechette shells, phosphorous, cutting off of water, sewage, bombing hospitals, mosques etc. Your reports would be more believable if perhaps, sometimes you acknowledged that Israel goes too far? Think about it. It’s not the way to win friends.

    • When Western media decides that 110 seconds of their 2 minute report is going to be used specifically to show bodies of the injured or the dead, a couple explosions in the back, a Death Tally graphic which refuses to show Hamasniks killed but can tell me how many of the dead are kids, and then 2-3 reaction shots and folks cursing some Arab words at the camera, only to spend 10 seconds indicating that “the rockets still haven’t stopped” then guess what you have, Goldberg? I’ll tell ya…..


      What’s that?


      Say it again?


      So take your Other Newspapers and pat them on the back for ignoring all of Syria and all of ISIS, and, yes, all of the suicide bombers taking out various neighborhoods in Afghanistan and Iraq, and yesterday 2 more planes were shot down over the Ukraine? Ignore it all and focus — FOCUS I SAY– on the dead children of Gaza. Because, really, the dead of Syria? Not serious enough for us in the West.

      What we like to do is shit on Jews and their shitty state, amiright?

      Some people don’t deserve peace in the Middle East. Western media leads the way in that department. Can’t wait for the carnage to hit their crew. They will blame Israel, of course, even if the crude rocket is shot from the school yard next door.

    • Your reports would be more believable if perhaps, sometimes you acknowledged that Israel goes too far?
      Israel didn’t go far enough.
      Think about it. It’s not the way to win friends.
      An other cretin who thinks that Israel’s goal with Protective Edge is to win friends. But we know already – we would be much popular in fake goldbergs cicles simply committing suicide.

    • phosphorous, ? when?
      cutting of water? sewage? you mean all those lies that were proven as lies
      anything from the guardian about Hamas hitting people who want to leave their homes after idf warning?anything about Hamas shooting form schools? anything about Hamas hiding its rockets in hospital and mosques ?
      yOu won;rt find anythinbg about it in the guardian.
      so if your way to win friends is to demonzie Israel I guess we won;t win many friends but we will win safety for the people of Israel. something you care nothing about.

        • LOL I guess you mean jews like those

          The 19th century the colonial powers from Europe began noting numerous forced conversions and massacres, usually generated by Shi’a clergy. In 1830, the Jews of Tabriz were massacred; the same year saw a forcible conversion of the Jews of Shiraz, In addition to the Allahdad incident mentioned above in 1839. European travellers reported that the Jews of Tabriz and Shiraz continued to practice Judaism in secret despite a fear of further persecutions. Famous Iranian-Jewish teachers such as Mullah Daoud Chadi continued to teach and preach Judaism, inspiring Jews throughout the nation. Jews of Barforush, Mazandaran were forcibly converted in 1866. When the French and British ambassadors intervened to allow them to practice their traditional religion, a mob killed 18 Jews of Barforush

          The 1910 Shiraz blood libel was a pogrom of the Jewish quarter in Shiraz, Iran, on October 30, 1910, organized by the apostate Qavam family[1] and sparked by accusations that the Jews had ritually killed a Muslim girl. In the course of the pogrom, 12 Jews were killed and about 50 were injured,[2] and 6,000 Jews of Shiraz were robbed of all their possessions

    • L(supposedly)Goldberg,
      Perhaps the Guardian’s reportage would be more believable if it didn’t lie so much.

      Israel set up a field hospital to treat wounded and sick Gazans. Hamas wouldn’t let any Gazans (Arab ones of course, there are no Jews left in Gaza after a couple thousand years of living there) take advantage, and then started shelling it. There weren’t even bombs stored there. Not even a military command center underneath it. Can you imagine?
      You’re not likely to read about it in the Guardian, as it reveals something quite ubiquitous in the fascistic thinking of Hamas, and they’ve already got their hands full trying to make this genocidal, anti-Semitic organization look progressive.

  2. I knew Ian Black quite well when we in our teens. Believe me, there is nothing naive about him! He was and undoubtedly still is remarkably gifted but for a reason of which I’m unaware – and therefore am unable to comprehend – he turned his back on those values that many of us continue to hold dear. Of course he has all the facts that Adam has adumbrated above but he has a specific agenda and refuses to divert from it – obviously he has Rusbridger and co. to please.

  3. It appears that I have been banned by CiF. Apparently one is not allowed to point out too strenuously what hypocrites the politically-correct British are.

  4. The focus is on palestinian casualties because they are the ones dying. In the latest atrocity the kids in the UN shelter were gathered together in one place to move to a safer place when they were shelled. Israel tells palestinians to move out of the area so they can gather them together in one place in order that they can more exterminate them more efficiently.

    • They are dying because they are fighting a war that they can not win. SO WHY FIGHT THE WAR THAT THEY STARTED IN ORDER TO DIE?

      Tell us, Alex. You know so much.

      • They’ve been brought in. And a lot have been programmed to accept their role as cannon fodder. After all, the guy in the Bunny Suit said that martyrdom is super sweet like the best chocolate topped with the coolest ice cream ever!

        I want the children safe. Away from Hamas and the awful parents that bought into the routine of killing their own to make their sworn enemy look evil.

        Who bombed the UN school? Hamas rocket or Israeli bomb? You don’t know, and you don’t care enough to know the truth. Hamas trades peace for money. Just call yourself Bigot Asshole next time.

        • As you wish – it bothers me not.

          Happily, you’re losing the PR war. You won’t get your ‘greater’ Israel + extinction even for Palestine. But….you might get wiped off the map though which would be a shame as there are lots of people far less turd-like than you in Israel.

          Heck, there are even some children that might not deserve to die in Israel too! Who’d have thunk it, children eh?!

          • BigotAsshole,
            At least the name now fits.
            “But….you might get wiped off the map ”
            Thank you for making the case that Israel should fight Hamas with far more rigor.

    • But alex this was expected from us descendants of pigs and monkeys. As you must know very well collecting the blood of gentile children and sell their organs require good logistics and efficiency. How could you forget your facts? Have you lost your well read copies of the Protocols and Mein Kampf?! A tragedy, but don’t worry you can find every necessary data online at the Guardian, the Independent and the BBC websites. What a terrible moral dilemma is waiting for you! You have to use your PC full of Israeli technology…

      • So, get this:

        The Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church and various Muslim bodies in the UK (the Muslim Council of Britain) all have a public stance on the illegal occupation of Gaza and the senseless killings of civilians.

        And yet the United Synagogue – – has nothing to say. Nothing.

        Doesn’t that seem a bit odd that those to unfortunate to speak for themselves have no voice inside the UK’s biggest Jewish body?

        • “Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population – an iron wall that the native population cannot break through”

          You don’t say , Ze’ev!?

        • I’m confused, oh holy Rabbi- What “occupation” is in place in Gaza? There isn’t a single Israeli person on Gaza soil, and the only border crossings are controlled by Egypt, not Israel.

          “The Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church and various Muslim bodies in the UK”- all such shining BEACONS of objectiveness about all things Jewish and Israeli. Yep, nothing shady there.

          • I don’t think Idigo is embarrassed, nor am I, but “The Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church and various Muslim bodies in the UK” and you should be, and at some point you will be. The big hangover is coming as sure as grass is green. Expect it.

          • BigotAsshole:
            “You’re not confused. Your embarrassed.”

            And you are not a BigotAsshole, you’re just a Bigotted Arse!

            But that’s understandable. Sad, but understandable.

          • bla bla bla so boring

            Fear can lead victims and witnesses to withhold evidence or give deliberately erroneous accounts of incidents. In Gaza, I received partial or inaccurate information by relatives of civilians accidentally killed in accidental explosions or by rockets launched by Palestinian armed groups towards Israel that had malfunctioned and of civilians killed by Israeli strikes on nearby Palestinian armed groups’ positions. When confronted with other evidence obtained separately, some said they feared reprisals by the armed groups


      • As always, I remain awed by the precise and analytical precision in arguing the facts of the issue. Your insight and intellectual acumen is a credit to the Israeli side of the discussion.

          • Don’t you hate it when the ever growing different voices in your head start to clash against each other?
            Stick to one moniker and it will help you.

        • Changing nicks from Goldberg to Rabbi by TOR, that nazi is a good prove against TOR.

        • I’m not Israeli. I’m a Rabbi. I’m from Manchester and want nothing to do with Israel.

          Good for you Dear Rabbi.

          Why on earth do you sing the “Oseh Shalom” every Shabbos service?
          Or are you one of those new Jewish type of Rabbis from Islamabad?

        • MrRabbi:
          “I’m from Manchester and want nothing to do with Israel.”

          I know exactly what you mean!
          I want nothing to do with Israel Barlev myself after what he did to your sister in the cowshed.

          (Apologies if any Israel Barlev got offended in the making of this joke…)

    • They could have agree to a cease fire don;t you think?
      Seems we are doing something wrong if what you excuse us is true and we manage to kill only 15?

    • alex:
      “The focus is on palestinian casualties because they are the ones dying.”

      Oh, the Israeli casualties are to be resurrected shortly.
      Gosh Alex, didn’t reallise you were such a messianic Jew.

    • alex:
      ” Israel tells palestinians to move out of the area so they can gather them together in one place in order that they can more exterminate them more efficiently.”

      Hang on, I’ve heard that before by one of your comrads only it sounded slightly different…

      “The widening arena of Hezbollah’s attacks stemmed from Nasrallah’s perception that Jews anywhere are legitimate targets. In fact, Nasarallah has said:

      If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002)”

      Now I know where you get your ideas from. Frotunetaley for us Israelis and the Palestinians, Israelis do not behave like Nasarallah.