Times of London

UK news site actually publishes anti-Hamas cartoon

While The Times (of London) is one of the better British newspapers on issues relating to Israel, it’s surprising nonetheless that any major paper in the UK would publish the following cartoon (by Peter Brooks), as it represents an unequivocal condemnation of Hamas and calls out the Islamist group for their tactic of using human shields.  


Cartoon by Peter Brooks

Such open criticism of an antisemitic extremist group is, sadly, the rare exception within a UK media which, conversely, often posts graphic agitprop advancing the most toxic calumnies about the democratic Jewish State  – a sad commentary on the moral confusion which grips the opinion elite in that country.

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  1. It’s not even a cartoon really. It’s an actual depiction of reality. Der Sturmer Bell can learn a thing or two.

  2. Will wonders never cease. Considering that Egypt is more supportive of Israel than the US President.

    I think the world is ending

    • The long term interests for the US is the survival of Israel.

      The long term interests on Sisi is for the destruction of Israel. Same for Abbas.

  3. No ad hominem attacks in this cartoon. No props, i.e., scales of justice with coffins, no grandiose images of giants eating babies, no vile, hyperbolic, dark phantasies which belong in a museum of the grotesque – just a simple cartoon that reflects reality. I don’t think Rowson and Bell are creatively capable of doing work like this. It takes a certain kind of discipline which I believe they lack do to arrested development, or, to put it into an image, their heads are screwed on wrong.

  4. The Times is more balanced with regard to Israel coverage. The article by Richard Kemp next to the cartoon was superb.

  5. Brooks will no doubt be accused of being a neo-con lackey to the warmongers.

    Despite the fact that his cartoons include criticisms of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also the UK’s nuclear programme.

    • What a throwback he is, just imagine a political cartoonist who makes observations about situations without regard to what might be his own sympathies. Almost unheard of in today’s “information is power,” power craving media.

  6. An excellent article from Colonel Richard Kemp entitled “Hamas Human Shields Are To Blame, Not Israel” and an equally excellent cartoon!!

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