Official Guardian editorial blames Gaza war on….Ariel Sharon!

There’s apparently no limit to the capacity of Guardian editors to infantizile Palestinians, as an official editorial, July 25th, on the “causes of the fighting in Gaza” demonstrate.


Let’s jump to their main argument:

The chain of causation, as with so much else in Israel, leads back to Ariel Sharon

The Guardian explains:

He conceived of withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 as above all a tactic which would allow him to postpone wider negotiations on the future of the West Bank and weaken the Palestine Liberation Organisation. He would garner some peace laurels while inducing the Americans to give commitments on what Israel could keep when and if West Bank negotiations began again. It was a skillful and even a brave piece of political maneuvering both domestically and internationally; but it was also a cynical and ultimately a counter-productive one.

Israeli divide and rule policies had already had the effect of strengthening the PLO’s more militant rivals. Before disengagement, Israeli security forces attempted to decapitate the extremist leadership. Hamas might even so have opted for co-existence, but it did not. It went on to win the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections, and then the Hamas coup of 2007 set the stage for the periodic confrontations of which this month’s fighting is the latest, but not necessarily the last.

It will only be the last if it is grasped that the way Israel left Gaza institutionalised violent conflict rather than made it less likely. Those Israelis who portray the disengagement as an act of generosity for which they have received no credit misunderstand what happened. Unilateral disengagement in Gaza weakened Palestinian moderates, enabled successive Israeli governments to drag their feet in peace negotiations and is even now being used by prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who opposed it at the time, to lay down Israeli security requirements for any future disengagement from the West Bank which would make a peace settlement almost impossible to achieve

So, Ariel Sharon, and not Palestinians, was the party responsible for electing, in 2006, an antisemitic extremist terror group  which rejected Israel’s right to exist within any borders, to run their affairs.

And, evidently, Ariel Sharon, and not Hamas, was the party responsible for subsequently firing thousands of rockets at Israeli towns, abducting Israeli soldiers and engaging in other acts of terror.

Further, apparently it was Ariel Sharon’s fault that the leaders of Hamas diverted billions of dollars in aid money to construct a labyrinth of terror tunnels in the hopes of launching even more deadly cross border attacks on Israeli civilians.

Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza was, you see, was apparently just a sinister, furtive plan by Ariel Sharon to further subjugate Palestinians and – in the Guardian’s words – “institutionalize” Palestinian violence.

We’ve often argued that the Guardian’s denial of Palestinian moral agency – the liberal racism of no expectations – informs much of their coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and this editorial is, in many respects, exhibit A.

(Editor’s note: The strap line for the Guardian editorial, “The roots of the violence go back to the Israeli withdrawal in 2005”, was cropped out of the graphic above to allow readers to see how they reached their conclusion further in the text.)

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  1. Interesting. So, I guess the Guardian would be against Israel withdrawing from the West Bank.


  2. Obviously for different reasons, but I too blame Arik Sharon. Had he not blatantly lied to the Israeli voting public, and had he not done a complete 180 on his own life-long convictions, 40 (and counting) young Israeli warriors would still be alive.

    • Pulling out of Gaza was one of the best decisions done in the past decades.
      People forget that rockets existed before we pulled out, and Soldiers dying was a regular thing.

      • Sadly, I agree. The world still sees Israel as occupying Gaza, so If Israeli forces had stayed along the Egypt border, AKA the Philadelphy line, at least they would have been able to better control arm smuggling into Gaza. Israel pulled out and got rockets in return, and the claims that it could have been a PR stunt by Sharon are not unfounded.

        • In a way it was a test for the Palestinians. It was a test to see if it is true that if you give them land and get out of areas you were staying in they will be happy and cease all terrorist action . It was a test to see if the conlict is really about land. They failed and proved to us that giving land is not really the issue

      • Funny, because the voting public apparently didn’t agree with you. Sharon was elected partly BECAUSE he promised NOT to pull us out of Gaza.
        As has been mentioned, at the very least we needed to keep a presence in strategic places such as seer Philidephy.

        • Do you know Shalom Chanoch song , waiting for the messiah?
          הציבור מטומטם ולכן הציבור ישלם

  3. I blame the British – for allowing over 1 million foreign Arabs to move to the Mandate during the 1930s and 1940s while preventing Jews from legally entering.

    That caused the problem.

    • for allowing over 1 million foreign Arabs to move to the Mandate

      Do you have a solid link for that? To a UK site that gives us access to archived UK government material from those times.

    • Gee writes:

      “I blame the British – for allowing over 1 million foreign Arabs to move to the Mandate during the 1930s and 1940s”

      Yes, I’d also like to see the source for that.

  4. Brilliant cause and effect analysis by the Guardian! It reminds of a deep analysis I heard years ago as to why fire engines are red: 1+ 1 is 2, 2+ 2 is 4, 4 x 3 is 12. There are 12 inches in a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is also a ship. A ship sails on the sea. The sea has fishes. The fishes have fins. The Finns fought the Russians. The Russians are red. And fire engines are rushin’ all over.

  5. This is classic left-wing racism and patronizing of Arab culture. The logic here is that Palestinians can’t even be expected to be responsible for their actions and decisions. It’s like the responsible adult Israel left the child, the Palestiains, to their own devices, so its Israel’s fault really.

    Shame on Israel for leaving Gaza! Or wait, shame for not leaving sooner? I’m so confused…

  6. It is a cheap shot at someone who is dead.
    To use the logic of “The Guardian” why not blame Prime Minister Lloyd George for being Prime Minister at the time of the ‘Balfour Declaration’?

    Any minute one, or more, of Hamas’s useful idiots who post on this site will post that indeed Lloyd George was part of the Zionist/Colonialist plot to ‘rob’ the poor Arabs of the land they had inhabited for at least two whole minutes.

  7. An oft-forgotten fact: Israel also withdrew from 4 settlements on the West Bank at the same time as it withdrew from Gaza.

  8. TBH I’ve never been more happy that someone suffered a stroke as when Ariel turned into a vegetable….

    …best thing for the world.

    • There has never been a more idiotic people who deserve the shitty they lives they lead — so shitty, that it’s teh Joos fault for everything — than Israel bashing and Jew hating dipshits.

      The beauty of your Schaudenfraude? Oh, that karma tends to come to those who deserve and bite them in the ass.

      Do you know why Israel wins? Do you know why people laugh at you? Do you know that even weak Jews can beat your sorry ass? Are you aware of how many people deride you behind your back? It’s not because of teh Joos that this happens. It’s because you really are a worthless, hate drenched, pathetic and pitiful piece of shit.

      Have a great rest of your life deriding people who are dead. Nothing wrong with that, of course, unless you think you’re going to never, ever get the comeuppance.

    • Why were you so happy? Are you a far-right Israeli or simply a Jew-hating moron?

    • I as many other Israelies who voted for him supprted leaving Gaza. I stil support it. People forget that rockets were fired before Israel left Gaza., People forget how many soldiers needed to guard the Israelis living there. The terror attacks.The tunnels to Sanai.

      • Perhaps the should never have been there, but then you wouldn’t have been able to stage such a ‘traumatic exit’ from Gaza eh?

        Boo-Hoo Nazi Jews.

        sob sob.

        • YOu mean it should have stayed under Egyptian ? pity they didin;t want them when they sign a peace agreement with Israel.

        • Your sobbing is understandable. The camerades got a very serious beating and this is only the beginning. Your sob sob will be louder every day…

          • The only ‘sob sob’ I can hear is your mum gagging on my chopper….

            #schlurp schlurp#

              • “any statistics on the Jewish population of Palestine before 1900?”

                Yes the Roman Empire carried out a census during the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.
                If you look up the City of Rome in the phone book and give them a ring, I’m sure they would love to help you.

            • Thank you for the demonstration of the real face of a fighter for the Palestinian rights. BTW I somehow doubt that anybody has ever “gagged on your chopper” apart from your unlucky goat….. Was it a he or a she version?

            • your moniker describes your incredible contributions admirably. I could not describe it better. Well done.