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Sky News asks admitted anti-Semite her views on the rise of UK antisemitism!

We haven’t been monitoring Sky News long enough to provide a broader analysis of their coverage of the war in Gaza, but their decision (yesterday) to interview Mira Bar-Hillel (a British journalist who has admitted to being prejudiced against Jews), on the question of whether antisemitism in the UK will rise as a result of the conflict, reads like something in the parody site, The Onion.

Briefly, for those unfamiliar with Ms. Bar-Hillel (who contributes to the Independent), here’s a few facts about her own views about Jews:

She has complained that Jews (per the Livingstone Formulation) smear people unfairly with the charge of antisemitism to “gag into submission any critic of Israel”.

She recently evoked Nazi Germany in characterizing Israeli racism and IDF military actions in Gaza.

She has accused British Jews (collectively) of ‘bombing Gaza’.

She bizarrely claimed that British Jews don’t criticize Israeli actions in Gaza out of fear of being “ex-communicated” from the Jewish community,

She has admitted to being prejudiced against Jews. Here are her exact words:

The Jews of today scare me and I find it almost impossible to talk to most of them, including relatives. Any criticism of the policies of Israel – including the disgraceful treatment of Holocaust survivors as well as refugees from murderous regimes – is regarded as treason and/or anti-Semitism. Most papers and journals will not even publish articles on the subject for fear of a Jewish backlash. Goyim (gentiles) are often treated with ill-concealed contempt, yet the Jews are always the victims. Am I prejudiced against Jews? Alas, yes. 

Now, let’s go the simply surreal Sky News interview:

Here are a few observations:

  • Bar-Hillel claims that the failure of British Jews to speak out about Israeli ‘crimes’ in Gaza is what causes antisemitism – a perfect example of holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel, an accusation defined as antisemitic by the EUMC Working Definition.
  • The female Sky News co-host asks a follow-up question (at roughly the 1:40 mark) to Bar-Hillel which parrots the claim that Jews label all criticism of Israel antisemitic.
  • Neither Sky News host challenges her when she smears the UK Jewish community, by suggesting that British Jews are culpable for not speaking out against Israel.
  • Neither Sky News host challenges her claim (at roughly the 5:05 mark) that the only reason why the West supports Israel is because of guilt over the Holocaust.
  • More broadly, note that in a Sky News program about antisemitism, they didn’t seek the expertise of The CST (the British charity tasked with protecting Jews against antisemitism), or any official body which actually represents UK Jews, but, rather, a marginal commentator who has admitted to not being part of the Jewish community. If, for instance, they would have asked representatives from The CST, they would have provided data demonstrating that antisemitism has indeed increased in the UK since the beginning of the war.

Finally, if you believe, as we do, that this Sky News segment not only had the effect of smearing the UK Jewish community, but violating Ofcom’s rules on impartiality in news and current affairs, please consider filing an Ofcom complaint.

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  1. I am not a Birtish citizen. I think I cannot really address this issue from East-Central-Europe and write to Ofcom – which is geenrally very biased and unreliable in the first place towards Jews/Israel previously (not once or twice) found shilling for antisemites in the media. The British people whor ead this must, I repeat must write strong protest letters! This is basically ipso facto fascist antisemitic agit-propaganda and propagation of nazism in the XXIst Century no more no less!

  2. Anti-semitism in the UK is not on the rise, it has ALWAYS been there! We are more aware of it now because there is so much more access to the media. There are a lot of people in the world that wouldn’t b heard from unless they spewed hatred. People just seem to love hating and having a scapegoat.

    • It’s on the rise and driven more now by Islamists who use Israel’s defence of her citizens as another excuse. Bar-Hillel is the lowest form of wretch, who betrays her own people. I don’t require her to tell lies nor do I want to prevent her from speaking out about her opinions, but I don’t want her to misrepresent facts and I want her to button it when she adds petrol to the fires of Jew-hatred by her asaJew statements.

    • walt the Greeks had invented the ‘blood libel’ a millennium before.
      “At a time of tension between Hellenism and Judaism, it was alleged that the Jews would kidnap a Greek foreigner, fatten him up for a year, and then convey him to a wood, where they slew him, sacrificed his body with the customary ritual, partook of his flesh, and while immolating the Greek swore an oath of hostility to the Greeks. This was told, according to *Apion, to King *Antiochus Epiphanes by an intended Greek victim who had been found in the Jewish Temple being fattened by the Jews for this sacrifice and was saved by the king (Jos., Apion, 2:89–102).”

      • What would Churchill have said if he was asked to show restraint whilst London was being bombed during the blitz?

        The concrete substantial tunnels have have been built, that Israel needs to destroy to protect Israel. Has anyone asked where the money has come from to build these tunnels? I strongly suspect it has come from Agencies donating to the Palestinians to build hsopitals/ schools, but has been siphoned off by Hamas to make the tunnels.

  3. It’s been a good war for Mira Bar-Hillel. She’s really leveraged it for all the personal attention and career climbing she can muster.

  4. She’s dead right. Israel has brought the venom and hatred on herself. Wont you admit Israel has done anything wrong?

    • Israel has brought the venom and hatred on herself.
      Quoting from the Mein Kampf Golberg? Or do you think using the word “Israel” instead of “Jews” will hide your real loyalties?

    • “Israel has brought the venom and hatred on herself”

      No, the venom and hatred was pre-existent.
      If you truly think that the people who are now jumping up and down with glee at the opportunity to accuse Israel of all sorts of heinous acts and crimes are doing so because they are concerned for the welfare of those living in Gaza, then you are gravely mistaken.
      Perhaps you are one of the ‘useful idiots’ who have swallowed Hamas’s propaganda ‘hook, line, and sinker’ (as the media clearly has), or perhaps you are one who looks for any cause to find a reason to attack Israel.

      Frankly I don’t know, or care, which you are. But I do know that ‘useful idiots’ can be as dangerous as those who are open about their desire to bring about an end to the existence of Israel.

    • Israel has brought the venom and hatred on herself

      It’s one thing to say the Israeli government deserves criticism.
      It is quite another to say that this makes anti-Semitism OK.

    • “Jews are not hated around the world because of what Israel does.
      Israel is hated simply because it is full of Jews.”


  5. Speechless. This woman is out of her f-ing gourd. And the interviewer doesn’t once challenge her idiotic, unfounded assertions. Instead, he advertises a march against Israel. Just speechless.

  6. I’m wondering why British Jews would need to denounce Israel’s war in Gaza in order to stem the tide of the anti-Semitism which Mira Bar-Hillel says could never take off in Britain.
    In America we call someone making such nutty and contradictory claims ‘a real piece o’work,’ i.e., messed up.

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  8. And what about her bizarre claim on Radio 4 the other day, as evidence of her persecution for speaking out, that CIFWatch has reported her to the police for “saying something innocuous.” Adam has confirmed you have never reported her to the police for anything.