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Never Again: Jews don’t need lessons in morality from John Prescott

Last year David Ward MP decided to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day by grossly debasing Holocaust memory. He published a post on his website which included the following passage:

Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.

Though he later issued a pseudo apology, subsequent statements and Tweets by the Liberal Democrat from Bradford East suggest that his imperious lecturing to Jews about their myriad deficiencies represents his true views.

Now, just a few days ago, the British tabloid The Daily Mirror published an op-ed by former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott titled, Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is a war crime and it should end.


John Prescott

His op-ed included the following charges.

Those who live in Gaza are kept like prisoners behind walls and fences, unable to escape the bombings, and an Israeli economic blockade has forced Palestinians into poverty.

Israel’s Iron Dome defence system easily intercepts missiles launched from Gaza. Three Israeli citizens have died from these ­primitive rockets, with 32 soldiers killed fighting Hamas.

Compare that to the toll in Gaza. Of the 1,000-plus to die, more than 80 per cent were ­civilians, mostly women and children.

But who is to say some of the other 20 per cent weren’t ­innocent too? Israel brands them terrorists but it is acting as judge, jury and ­executioner in the ­concentration camp that is Gaza.

And Israel flouts international law by continuing to build illegal Jewish settlements. Why? Because it knows it can get away with it.

As if the grotesque and appallingly misinformed accusation that Israel is keeping Palestinians in a “concentration camp” isn’t bad enough, Prescott then doubles down on his Holocaust inversion, and asserts the following:

What happened to the Jewish people at the hands of the Nazis is appalling. But you would think those atrocities would give Israelis a unique sense of perspective and empathy with the victims of a ghetto.

While his concentration camp comparison is contemptible, the “they-of-all-people” argument – the suggestion that Jews, having faced unimaginable persecution during the Holocaust, should know better than anyone not to be oppressors – is arguably much, much worse.

As Howard Jacobson argued about critics who lecture Jews on their sub-par post-Shoah moral performance:

“[For such people] the Holocaust becomes an educational experience from which Jews were ethically obliged to graduate summa cum laude, Israel being the proof that they didn’t.” 

But, I think the most eloquent refutation of such criticism leveled at Jews was written by Chas Newkey-Burden, who argued that those who employ the “they of all people” argument are essentially saying that, following the systematic extermination of six million, it is Jews, and not the antisemites, who have lessons to learn – that it is Jews, not the antisemites, who need to clean up their act.

One thing is certain: Jews do not need lessons in morality from John Prescott.

Finally, at at time when Israel is fighting a war with an extremist movement which openly calls for a new genocide; when synagogues are being attacked and the chant of ‘Death to Jews’ can be heard in ‘enlightened’ capitals in Europe; and when Jews are again fleeing the continent in fear of persecution, perhaps non-Jews who have previously mouthed the words ‘never again’ should think seriously about what precisely this ethical imperative demands.

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  1. If the Jews of Europe learned anything from the Holocaust it is surely that they cannot rely on the likes of Prescott to protect them from the baying mob.

    • Indeed, the Zionist interpretation of “never again” is
      – never again shall the Jews rely on gentiles for protection
      – never again shall Jews allow themselves to be killed without striking back.

  2. Thanks for this piece and thanks for the mention.

    (My blog has been hacked twice this week and is currently completely offline. Looking into what’s been going on and hope to be back later today!)

  3. I just love these idiots that scream international law and don’t even bother to read one. The Arabs brag about committing hundreds of thousands of war crimes on international media shows. The UN tells everybody how they are violating numerous international laws.

    And at the end it always the fault of the “JOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS!”.

    There is not a single legal Israeli ‘settlement’, nor according to international laws (real ones) ever been one. Now some were illegal according to Israeli law and those have been removed. But real international laws state none can be illegal.

    • Great link. Here’s one example of Mr. Prescott’s apparent tone deafness. Obviously, he should have his ears checked:


      Well of course we continue that war and a global alliance against what is happening on the terrorism front and I think the bombing campaign that we’ve been involved has been successful, there are concerns of course always in these matters, but our concern’s also with refugees. Mary Robinson, I believe, would have been talking about those issues and how we have assisted in that process and at the same time is to continue that war in an effective alliance to make sure that we do defeat bin Laden and his network.

      • The point here is an acknowledgement of the refugee situation combined with the need to “defeat bin Laden and his network.”

        Guess what? Israel acknowledges that Palestinians are caught in the middle between them and Hamas. But Israel isn’t going to stop until, y’know, they defeat Hamas and its network.

  4. An accessory to Hamas and PLO war crimes against Israel (Jews) lectures Israel and Jews about war crimes. Nice.
    Mr. Prescott,
    How do you keep murderers away from you?
    Please compare the numbers of Afghani and Iraqi civilian dead to the number of British civilians. Did you think that ordinary people were going to catch a plane to Rio when you started bombing? Schmuck!

  5. Was the bombing of Dresden ever considered a war crime by the British public outside of fans of the Clash? This moral equivalency bullshit is just that: Bullshit.

  6. Prescott was always a buffoon, a loud, greedy, ignorant, arrogant, buffoon with a huge and richly deserved inferiority complex.

    I can’t think of anything he could teach most people, except how to utterly mangle the English language while trying to make a speech.

    That 87% of Mirror readers disagreed with him (last time I looked), shows how totally out of touch the old fool is.

    • The response to the survey was overwhelmingly in support of John Prescott and the fact that this changed is easily explained: you paranoid media-watchers voted in large numbers against him. You can do similar on here with the stars, and my local paper allows you to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to people’s posts. It is very easy to repeatedly give people large numbers either way by repeatedly returning to a comment and pressing whichever of the two buttons you favour; you could even give yourself numerous thumbs-ups if you were so inclined. No real mystery there.
      I note this forum has a sister site, BBC Watch……well you people certainly do a lot of watching and monitoring! I presume you have heard of the Stasi?
      I think it is only a matter of time before someone sets up cifwatchwatch, to monitor your site. .
      Or how about cifbginwatch: comment is free but gaza is not watch?

  7. What happened to the Jewish people at the hands of the Nazis is appalling. But

    “But …” When you see this kind of comment, you mostly know what’s coming.

  8. “Compare that to the toll in Gaza. Of the 1,000-plus to die, more than 80 per cent were ­civilians, mostly women and children.”

    A bare-faced lie.

      • No it is a lie proven to be one.
        Hamas Interior Ministry To Social Media Activists: Always Call The Dead ‘Innocent Civilians’; Don’t Post Photos Of Rockets Being Fired From Civilian Population Centers

  9. John Prescott was a national embarrassment. He only became Deputy PM as a sop to the trade unionists. And he’s best known for (a) his inability to pronounce the surname ‘Milosevic’, (b) getting egged, throwing a punch, and then getting a hiding on the campaign trail, and (c) boning his secretary.

  10. Well you clearly need lessons in morality from someone! John Prescott seems as good a person as anyone and he’s got a hell of a punch….
    Trouble is, it is getting so hard to criticise Israel these days without being labelled anti-semitic as that appears to be your default setting, or that anyone who opposes Israel’s actions is a liar and/or a terrorist. If Israel really is the great big free and democratic state that we keep being told it is, It’s about time its citizens grew up and started thinking for themselves, so that they may engage in some intelligent debate, rather than parroting: “I don’t agree with you because you don’t agree with me and therefore you are a liar”. Come on please, we’re not in the playground any more.

    • “I was in the army you know”

      No I don’t know, and frankly whether you were or were not is of no interest whatsoever.

      “..we’re not in the playground any more”
      We are not but I have doubts about whether you are or not. Particularly when you use such an immature ‘moniker’ to post on this site.

      As for your remark about John Prescott and his punch that is very reminiscent of a nasty little racist and self-proclaimed humourist called ‘Berchmans’ who has posted on this site in the past.

    • It’s about time its citizens grew up and started thinking for themselves,

      I guess its hard thinking when you have to keep running for shelter few times a day. Or worry if a hamas terrorist might be diggnig a tunnels under my kitchen

  11. Dear Gerald, I am not the ‘Berchmans’ you refer to and neither am I a racist, although I appreciate that you probably don’t care (but methinks thou dost protest too much). However, you do seem rather angry; why so?

    • You just did a Berchmanns move by posting a new comment rather than go by the thread already created by your comment and then a response.

      Bottom line is you are anonymous, Army veteran or not, and most things on the Interwebz, and for that matter in the news these days, should be taken with a grain of salt. Show me a 5-20 minute argument like my favorite pundit Rachel Maddow does, and I’ll consider the facts; but anything less leaves me feeling rather dubious. Can’t change that opinion. Not when missiles are found at 3 UN schools and the Death Tallys never seem to point out who is Hamas and who isn’t.

      But, yeah. Liars and anti-Semites and all that shit you complained about. When the entire premise is that the State of Israel is somehow illegitimate, then that is the answer the poster is going to get. Nothing more and nothing less than I would say to a pro-Clive Bundy poster. Same insanity.

    • “However, you do seem rather angry; why so?”
      There are many things in life that anger me, but an ‘internet gnat’ such as you is not one of them.
      It might be annoying to be misconstrued, or perhaps you do not understand the meaning of the word ‘reminiscent’, but that is insignificant when you misquote Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, which is cultural barbarism of the worst kind.

      • Oh Gerald, calling me a ‘gnat’ does rather suggest that you find me a little irritating; gnats are inherently annoying little creatures aren’t they? But with so many things angering you I am concerned for your health and suggest you pay a visit to your GP to get your blood pressure checked. As for a little ‘cultural barbarism’ well, that can be forgiven surely? It’s not quite on the same scale as the military barbarism shown by the IDF; a recent well publicised tweet by serving IDF soldier David Dovadia appears to show him gloating about the fact his tank was responsible for the deaths of 13 children. Some people have described him as a reprehensible human being for this but no, surely he is a son for any mother to be proud of? It does rather bear out my earlier post that Israel is in need of lessons in morality…. I have to say that If he was a serving soldier in the British Army he would be in serious trouble for a remark like that, but then the British Army is professional, well trained and well disciplined, so there is a difference. The British Army is also able to minimise civilian casualties and has the skills to do so.
        I note that another UN shelter has been hit by Israeli fire today. There is a joke doing the rounds at the moment, albeit in questionable taste and not particularly funny: “What is the IDF definition of a surgical strike? Taking out the operating theatre of a hospital.” To be honest I don’t think this is true, the IDF aren’t that accurate and would probably destroy the whole hospital.
        To finish I would refer again to my earlier post, where I said that it was becoming increasingly difficult to criticise Israel without being labelled anti-semitic. I was immediately accused of being someone I am not (Berchmanns), and of being a racist, which I am not either. And all because of a remark about John Prescott’s punch? Tenuous in the extreme, but those responses do seem to confirm my point.
        So much impotent rage on here, it’s really not healthy!

        • ” I was immediately accused of being someone I am not (Berchmanns), ”

          No if you read my post it was clear, “…very reminiscent of a nasty little racist and self-proclaimed humourist called ‘Berchmans’..”
          I then pointed out to you in a subsequent post “..perhaps you do not understand the meaning of the word ‘reminiscent’..” The use of the word ‘perhaps’ was wrong. Clearly you do not understand the meaning of the word ‘reminiscent’.

          Your illiteracy and inability to comprehend is unhealthy for you.

          • Semantics Gerald. You know perfectly well your inference that my remark ‘was reminiscent of a nasty little racist’ was designed to smear me as the same.
            Likewise, koufaxmitzvah’s reference to my having done ‘a Berchmanns move’.
            Both fairly transparent so let’s not get bogged down with semantics and start back-pedalling please.

            • Ahh the incoherent buzzing of a gnat.
              Shall I ignore it or squash it?

              I’ll ignore it, I have better things to do with my time.

              • I’ll ignore it, I have better things to do with my time.
                I doubt it Gerald, judging by the speed with which you reply. But you run along, put your fingers in your ears and sing ‘lalalalala’ because you don’t like what you are hearing. The truth hurts. Your nasty little smear didn’t work and so we get the usual response from people like you; you can give it but you can never take it.

          • How do you know? If he wasn’t there why was he proudly boasting that he had ‘killed thirteen children today’? And if he really wan’t there it makes his claim even more unpleasant and pathetic.

            • If he was in Gaza he wouldn;t have the time to post as soldiers who go into Gaza and spend few days there don;t have their phones with them;
              That he is stupid that he is pathetic I agree;.

  12. How J. Prescott ever made it to the position of Deputy Prime Minister is a real puzzle. He doesn’t seem to remember recent history or current events. He doesn’t remember how Germany rocketed England and in return England joined the effort to completely demolish to the ground a good number of German cities. He doesn’t remember how “perfidious Albion”, the country that wrote the Balfour Declaration that declared Palestine a homeland for the Jews, refused entry into Palestine to desperate European Jews fleeing from Nazi Europe thereby writing a death sentence for thousands, if not millions of people (or are Jews not people?). He completely disregards the facts presented by Hamas itself proving that Israel is fighting a desperate war for its very life and existence. As Netanyahu so succinctly described the current situation, “If Hamas puts down its arms, there will be no war. If Israel puts down its arms, there will be no Israel”.
    By his twisted thinking, by accusing the victim of being the aggressor, Prescott wants to convince readers that Israel has no right to fight for its existence, and therefore, no right to exist. Israel does not want to be overrun by hoards of fanatic Hamas murderers. Israel is doing the only right thing it can do in these circumstances.