Hey, Liberals Who Oppose Israel: You’re All Right-Wingers Now

Tablet published an essay by Liel Leibovitz today that is truly a must read.  

Here are the first few paragraphs:

As those of us who’ve had the dubious pleasure of being in combat know, the fog of war is a very real thing. It’s hard sometimes to tell which direction’s which when there’s shooting, and the blast of artillery is loud enough to drown out most rational thoughts. The same is true not only for people who fight in wars but also for people who observe them: Emotions run high. Resentments creep in. Confusion is rampant and hard to dispel. But it’s precisely in times of war that cooler heads must prevail, which is why I propose the following thought experiment.

Imagine a politician ascending to the governorship of a small southern state. Having campaigned on a platform of extreme patriotic fervor and religious zeal—in his stump speech, he thundered that by the grace of God, America will last as long as there exist Heaven and Earth—the governor wasted no time translating his beliefs into law. Because the governor believed that homosexuals were “a minority of perverts and the mentally and morally sick,” he outlawed them, instructing his police officers to seek, capture, beat up, and imprison every gay individual in the state. Similarly, women were deemed better off tending to their families than wasting their time with such corrupting pursuits as jobs. A special educational program was devised and approved to teach young girls the fundamentals. These future wives and mothers, read the governor’s statement, “must be fully capable of being aware and of grasping the ways to manage their households. Economy and avoiding waste in household expenditures are prerequisites to our ability to pursue our cause in the difficult circumstances surrounding us.” The men of the state reveled in this new way of life, asserting themselves as lords of their manors; before too long, nearly half of them took to regularly battering their wives.

How many of those who define themselves as liberals would support the governor? Very few, if any. More likely, our hypothetical politician would have galvanized the left into action: The cleverly worded emails from progressive organizations, the fiery segments onThe Daily Show, the pledges from celebrities to stop the menace—all would have been upon us before too long. And yet when the same politician appears halfway across the world, sporting a beard and proceeding far beyond the relatively tame scenario described above—sacrificing his own nation’s children and eager to murder innocent civilians across the border—all clarity seems to dissipate. All the homicidal zealot has to do is mumble something about justice and disproportionality and self-determination, and he’s transformed into a respectable, not to say sympathetic, figure.

Read the rest of the essay here.

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  1. I especially appreciate this article, bringing the bigots` arguments

    Brooke Perry, a Vietnam War Veteran

    To equate what they’re calling rockets—which are basically high school bottle rockets, which can’t even make a pothole in that asphalt over there, to equate that with a 200 pound bomb supplied by the United States to Israel that brings down these huge buildings all around us—you can’t begin to compare those,

    Jim McLoughlin, a retiree
    I don’t like the way our Congress has allowed us to become second fiddle to Israel.

    I’ve never heard the question asked, ‘Do the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves?

    Raffoul Saadeh is a Palestinian Christian from Bierzeit
    As a Palestinian Christian, I want peace

    But I do understand why a lot of people are revolting against the siege. Even if you put an animal in a cage for a long time, he’s going to attack you.

    Norman Finkelstein

    not feeling I’m doing enough, not rising to the occasion, not commensurate with the magnitude of the horror in Gaza

    • So a very well paid professional Jew hater is crying and frustrated. Good news.
      good work Nazis
      I agree. Your camerades of the Nazi Hamas made one of their supporters desperate. This is not only good work, this is excellent or better.
      BTW your moniker mirrors the place you want to kiss? Not before cleaning your mouth with some strong acid…

    • An antisemitic Islamist, some news, though his obscene thinking reminds of Bin Laden´s faible for porno.

    • Finally Palywood has officially been endorsed by UNWRA.
      This is what happen Mr Gunness when you are an active culprit in a political ploy to abuse refugees for political scoring since 1949.
      Should have thought about the refugees benefits instead of using them and their families to score points with the Arab lobbies and create such an industry.

    • He was probably crying because John Ging who served as head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip from 2006 to 2011.
      confirm that Hamas use Unraw facilities to shot at ISrael.

  2. And yet when the same politician appears halfway across the world, sporting a beard …

    Is this a reference to a particular person?