The truth about Gaza’s civilian casualties: Essay by Col. Richard Kemp

This essay was written by Col. Richard Kemp, and originally published at Gatestone Institute.

“So are you going after innocent civilians or is it incompetence Colonel Lerner?” asks the interviewer, her face contorted with a contempt apparently reserved only for Israelis. Such shrill disrespect hurled at an American or British officer would alienate viewers, and, at an Arab commander, provoke accusations of racism.

This line of questioning – repeated across the networks on a daily basis – betrays a naïve and uncomprehending willingness to believe, and encourages viewers to believe, the absurd notion that the Israel Defence Force [IDF] is commanded and manned from top to bottom by psychopathic baby-killing thugs.

To suggest that military incompetence is the only explanation for civilian deaths other than deliberate mass murder reveals a breathtaking but unsurprising ignorance of the realities of combat.

Although rarely allowed to complete so much as a single sentence, Israeli attempts to explain IDF targeting policies are inevitably dismissed as laughable fabrication.

The truth is very different. The IDF has developed the most comprehensive and sophisticated measures to minimize civilian casualties during attacks against legitimate military targets.

Mandatory, multi-sensor intelligence and surveillance systems to confirm the presence or absence of civilians precede attacks on every target from the air. Text messages, phone calls and radio messages in Arabic warn occupants to leave. Air-dropped leaflets include maps showing safe areas. When warnings go unheeded, aircraft drop non-lethal explosives to warn that an attack is imminent.

Only when pilots and air controllers are sure that civilians are clear of the target will authorization be given to attack. When pilots use laser-guided munitions they must have pre-designated safe areas to which to divert the missiles in flight should civilians suddenly appear.



In the last few days IDF pilots have aborted many missions because civilians remained in the target area.

Ground forces have equivalent engagement procedures, although the nature of ground combat means that these are blunter and less sophisticated. Discussions with IDF infantrymen fresh from the fight on the Gaza border confirm, however, that avoiding civilian casualties is uppermost in their minds even when under fire themselves.

Meanwhile back in the safety of the studio, the interviewer’s visible fury at the IDF Spokesman has got the better of any professional objectivity: “You go on endlessly about all the warnings you give but the fact is you have killed one-and-a-half thousand people, the overwhelming majority of them civilians!”

But of course the colonel is not permitted to give a proper answer that might help viewers understand the reality of the situation.

With few exceptions, reporters, commentators and analysts unquestioningly accept the casualty statistics given by Gaza’s Hamas-controlled medical authorities, who ascribe all deaths to the IDF. Is anyone in Gaza dying of natural causes? Mass executions of “collaborators,” and civilians killed by malfunctioning Hamas rockets, are all attributed to IDF fire.

Are the “overwhelming majority” of the dead really civilians? It would seem so. We see a great deal of grotesque and heart-rending footage of dead and bleeding women and children but never so much as a glimpse of killed or wounded fighters. Nor do reporters question or comment on the complete absence of Gazan military casualties, an extraordinary phenomenon unique to this conflict. The reality of course is that Hamas make great efforts to segregate their military casualties to preserve the fiction that Israel is killing civilians only. There are also increasing indications that Hamas, through direct force or threat, are preventing journalists from filming their fighters, whether dead or alive.

We will not get to the truth until the battle is over. But we know now that Hamas have ordered their people to report all deaths as innocent civilians. We know too that Hamas has a track record of lying about casualties. After Operation Cast Lead, the 2008-09 fighting in Gaza, the IDF estimated that of 1,166 Palestinian deaths, 709 were fighters. Hamas – backed by several NGOs – claimed that only 49 of its fighters had been killed, the rest were innocent civilians. Much later they were forced to admit that the IDF had been right all along and between 600 and 700 of the casualties had in fact been fighters. But the short-memoried media are incapable of factoring this in before broadcasting their ill-founded and inflammatory assertions.

Analysis of casualty details released by Qatar-based Al Jazeera indicate that so far in the conflict most of those killed in Gaza have been young men of fighting age, not women, children or old people. According to one analyst, despite comprising around 50% of the population, the proportion of women among the dead is 21%.

Preliminary analysis by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Israel suggests that 71, or 46.7%, of the first 152 Palestinians killed were fighters and 81, or 53.3%, non-involved civilians.

None of this analysis is definitive. But it does cast doubt upon the accusations of indiscriminate attack against the population by the IDF and upon the UN estimates – widely trumpeted as fact by the media and the not-exactly unbiased United Nations – that between 70 and 80% of Palestinian casualties have been civilians.

Nevertheless, many innocent civilians have tragically been killed. How has this happened, given the IDF’s measures aimed at minimizing such deaths?

IDF commanders say they never intentionally fire at targets where uninvolved civilians are present, a policy that goes much further than the Geneva Conventions demand. This policy has been confirmed to me by foot soldiers on the ground and F16 pilots carrying out strikes into Gaza.

But mistakes happen. Surveillance and intelligence can never be foolproof. There have been reports of Hamas forcing civilians back in once buildings have been evacuated. There is sometimes unexpected fallout from attacks, for example when an adjacent building containing civilians collapses, often caused by secondary explosions resulting from Hamas’s own munitions.

Errors can be made in interpretation of imagery, passage of information and inputting of target data. We don’t yet know what happened to the four boys tragically killed on a Gaza beach; it is not credible that they were identified as children and then deliberately killed.

Weapons guidance systems sometimes malfunction and bombs, bullets or missiles can land where they are not supposed to. Even the most hi-tech communications systems can fail at the critical moment.

Nowhere are these errors more frequent and catastrophic than in ground combat, where commanders and soldiers experience chaos, noise, smoke, fear, exhaustion, danger, shock, maiming, death and destruction that are beyond the comprehension of our interviewer in her air conditioned TV studio.

These mistakes and malfunctions happen in all fighting armies and in all conflicts. And in all conflicts, mistakes include the deaths of soldiers by friendly fire. Do those who condemn the killing of Palestinian civilians as deliberate acts by the IDF suggest that the friendly fire incidents in Gaza are also intentional?

The Israeli policy of not attacking targets where civilians are present is likely however to be deliberately waived in one specific situation. If troops are under lethal fire from an enemy position, the IDF are entitled to attack the target even with the certainty that civilians will be killed, subject to the usual rules of proportionality.

By definition Israeli soldiers’ lives are placed at greater risk by restrictive rules of engagement intended to minimize civilian casualties. But commanders in the field must balance their concern for civilians with the preservation of their own men’s lives and fighting effectiveness.

These realities aside, all Palestinian civilian casualties in this conflict result ultimately from Gaza terrorists’ aggression against Israel, and Hamas’s use of human shields – the most important plank of Hamas’s war-fighting policy.

Storing and firing weapons within densely populated areas, compelling civilians to stay put when warned to leave, luring Israeli forces to attack and kill their own people, the Palestinian body count is vital to Hamas’s propaganda war that aims to bring international pressure on Israel and incite anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic hatred around the world.

This sickening exploitation of their own people’s suffering, and media’s complicity in it, is nowhere more cynically demonstrated than in the operating theaters of the Gaza Strip. Without the slightest regard for life-saving hygiene, or for the care, privacy or dignity of the wounded, Palestinian officials enthusiastically hustle camera crews in to the emergency room as desperate surgeons battle for a bleeding and broken child’s life.

Colonel Richard Kemp spent most his 30-year career in the British Army commanding front-line troops in fighting terrorism and insurgency in hotspots including Iraq, the Balkans, South Asia and Northern Ireland. He was Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan in 2003. From 2002 – 2006 he heading the international terrorism team at the Joint Intelligence Committee of the British Prime Minister’s Office.

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  1. Where were the protests when the Serbs were slaughtering the Bosnians? During the Rwandan Genocide? For the innocent of Darfur? The hypocrisy of the selectiveness of the world’s outrage is sickening.

    • Sorry I just cannot imagine a British or an American officer defending the killing of so many women and children in airstrikes. This is not something the British or American army would do.

      • “This is not something the British or American army would do.”

        Of course it would or it would loose the war and barbarism would have succeeded. We bombed Dresden and Hiroshima and reduced Berlin to rubble, we killed thousands as we pushed beyond Juno and Sword to Caen. How do know how many children have been killed? How could you possibly know? For Gazans to lie is easy and productive when there are plenty of Jew haters to lap them up.

        • The figure you see are supplied by 3 combined sources.
          The Hamas single man (who didn’t sleep for 26 days acording to him) from ministery of health in Gaza,
          The Betselem organisation,
          And the IDF who simply count what he can with regards to reports by sources he has no control over and the fighters it manage to kill.

          The IDF killed around 800 fighters as of Saturday estimates.
          Many on the Hamas list are repeated names which are simply being repeated by Al Jazeera and western media.

          According to Media reporters judging by the stench in some neighbourhood it is evident that there are many bodies and potentially survivers under the rubble in places where fighting still continue.

          The fact of the matter you will never know the exact amount until the dust has settled and even after that you can only guess how many of these were fighters, involved in fighting or shielded fighters.

      • You are not thinking critically about this. You are missing out, for example, the almost continuous firing of rockets on the civilians of Israel, a crime, the ramping up of which led to Israel’s actions. That being the case, you cannot be taken seriously,

      • You can’t imagine “a British or an American officer defending the killing of so many women and children in airstrikes”? How many civilians have dies at the hands of those countries in Iraq and Afghanistan?!

      • Actually the British and American Armies have both killed several hundred times as many civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan than Israel has. That is a fact beyond dispute.

        Then there is Kosovo and Bosnia where again they did just that.

        There is no army that has harmed a lower percentage of non-combatant to combatant ratio in the history of modern warfare. That too is a fact beyond dispute. Between 50-75% of all the casualties have been combatants. That includes all the civilians that the Arabs have killed and blamed Israel for.

        So you better start imagining it, because that is real combat

  2. It dosne;t seem Hamas were moved by the 160 children they kill while digging their tunnels. i also didnt; see Hamas were moved by the children who were killed by Hamas rockets falling short. I ddin;t see Hamas were moved when they were shooting near hospitals and UN facilties.
    I didn;t see Hamas were move by shooting so many rockets breaking 5 cease fires konwing what the cost will be for their people.
    were you?

  3. are you really trying to say that the world in general does not know what’s going on? you are a fool if you think so! we are so aware that there are good soldiers and there are bad but the same goes for terrorists we know that Hamas is only bringing cruelty to its own people but we are critically aware that isreal has a land grab policy and imperial policy when it comes to the middle east.
    I think both are as bad as the other but when a few rockets are shot over the borders of isreal or a soldier is killed does not give them the right to invade and destroy the lives of the innocent!
    I for one have no side except for the poor buggers who are killed or mutilated because of the policies of selfish politicians and extremists whom try to impose upon them the ideals of there twisted minds.
    When i see a child lying dead or injured or its mother crying for its loss twists my insides to hate those who came to make all this happen.
    the truth is there is always going to be war but why cant the assholes who start them just meet up in a field and kill each other!
    I’m not stupid and neither is the world of opinion that resides amongst it so please do not try to tell good sensible people who live in an age of technology that pretty much shows us what’s going on that we don’t know better! foolish in my opinion!

    I think Hamas and the isreal government are no better than each other both are selfish both revel in destruction and causing cruelty but I will not abandon those most in need and what is going on in Gaza constructed by the Israel is disgusting and in-humane.
    If you where in the British army then you will remember the atrocities carried out by the IRA, question: did we blow up there homes and kill there women and children?
    I don’t think we did because we where to civilised for that!

    so think again before you try to use your propaganda on the ordinary man and women because we are just to sensible for the like of that!

      • The whole world knows what is going on in Gaza – civilians dying in Israeli airstrikes. Richard Kemp knows it very well too.

        • “The whole world knows what is going on in Gaza – civilians dying in Israeli airstrikes. Richard Kemp knows it very well too.

          Who disputes this? How many brave Hamas fighters have you counted? How many lies have you absorbed with contemptible facility? To fail to condemn Hamas is to condemn children.

        • No, the whole work knows only what Hamas want them to know about what is going on in Gaza,. That is why Journalists are threaten if they show anything Hamas don;t like the world to see.

        • It’s a dead giveaway of a weak argument when someone like you refers to “the world” knowing something, when he himself cannot know a thing. Civilians are dying (a) because Hamas “encourages” (and for them you may read “forces”) them to remain in their homes in which are stored rocket launchers and explosives. Their bodies are then paraded as deliberate killings by the IDF when this is not the case; (b) because people like you are clearly unaware that Hamas has instructed its people that all deaths, even of its own thugs are to be counted as civilian deaths.

          Now,, if “the world” knows that this is happening and is still blaming Israel then “the world” has either gone collectively mad, or IQs have plummeted over the past few weeks, or it’s a mixture of the two. Either way, to make such an argument shows you yourself to be ignorant.

        • The whole world doesn’t know the number of Hamas fighters killed in this war because the whole world is being told that eveybody dying in Gaza is a wailing grandmother or a crying baby.

    • Paul Jeffs, let’s put it to you in a language you understand.
      In almost every conflict when war is waged around a city or a town the civilians flee outwards.
      We’ve seen this recently in Syria.
      UNHCR created tent cities outside the national borders for those refugees.
      Why are we not seeing mass attempts to flee to either Egyptian Rafah, Kerem Shalom or Erez crossings?
      It is perfectly accesptable that if such request would arise from the UNHCR Israel and egypt will oblige as long as civilians are checked when crossing the border and contained in temporary facilities, staffed by UN workers and controlled by the host country.

      The answer is simple and you know it.
      The answer is UNWRA doesn’t allow this to happen because it will show it for what it really is.
      A political “Charity” ploy.
      It is UNWRA, the Arab league, PIJ, Fatah and Hamas who actually murder civilians by refusing to resolve the situation for over 70 years like it would have been resolved in any other country on earth.

    • So Hamas and the Israeli government are as bad as each other? No, not at all you absolute fucking idiot, if you had bothered to read the article you would realise just how wrong you are, but I guess you don’t care, with all the evidence now proving what intelligent people already knew, namely Hamas causing civilian deaths you pull the moral equivalence card and wave your hands about, fuck off and drink some bleach shitbag

  4. “If you where (sic) in the British army then you will remember the atrocities carried out by the IRA, question: did we blow up there (sic) homes and kill there(sic) women and children?
    I don’t think we did because we where (sic) to civilised for that!”

    If you are British I’m the next Dalai Lama.

    A question for you and others of your ilk.
    Do you really think that you fool anyone by using a Western/Anglo-Saxon name then posting a load of illiterate, anti-Semitic gibberish?

    • Don’t forget Gerald that what the British serviceman did in Northern Ireland during the troubles paramount to similar things our subcontinent guest is suggesting where never carried out by the British forces.

      There were times when the British used to turn Republicans against loyalists and vice versa just to have them carried out the dirty work of removing people they wanted removed.
      If a family got in the way it was never a problem.
      But that’s the ugly truth of what happens in war or conflict.
      It is something that self proclaimed Liberals these days as per the below link:
      Watch 03:17


      “These Terroists as you call them”
      I thought I’ve seen it all.
      Kudos to Mr. Regev for saying how disrespectful Channel Four has become.
      I believe a four year old can be a news presenter for that channel these days…
      Attention span of a child and serious blaring the difference between facts and fiction.

      • Good link. It’s even possible that some of what Mark Regev said could have got through to that stupid woman, who has evidently been indoctrinated that the Israelis can do no right and the terrorists no wrong.

        If it hasn’t got through to her now, it might when and if she finally grows up

  5. Yes the truth from the perspective of a Zionist who claims to have communicated with Orde Wingate, dead since 1944……..Col Lemp is much respected as a soldier no question, but as a medium and impartial voice in this, I’m not so sure.

    • “Yes the truth from the perspective of a Zionist…”

      Exactly when did people who support the right of the Jewish nation to have a national home became unreliable to you?

      Was it before you joined forces with Islamists or during your recent readers digest debate in Turkey analyzing Mein Kampf?

      • One thing I’ve noticed on here is how quickly people resort to being unpleasant, using personal insults and making assumptions. It seems impossible for a number of you not to degenerate to a base level if you dislike what someone says. As I previously posted, there is a lot of impotent rage on display here and it is slightly disturbing.
        Incidentally I have never read Mein Kampf and have certainly never analysed it; neither have I ever set foot in Turkey, so wrong on both counts. Well done! I suppose if it makes you feel better….

        • Awww poor you, someone was mean to you, didn’t you Jew haters like Kemp when he was saying what you wanted?

          • Jew hater? Oh dear not again, this refrain is getting tiresome; the stock response to any criticism of Israel (note: not the Jews, they are not one and the same). I don’t need to tell you this but I will as the repeated attempts to smear are beginning to offend me: my Mother’s family were Jews from Neustettin going back a long way, so please do not call me an anti-Semite. End of.

            • … my Mother’s family were Jews from Neustettin going back a long way, so please do not call me an anti-Semite</
              Like Atzmon, Greenwald and other antisemites (?) who invoke their Jewish ancestry who is not responsible for the antisemitism and dumbness of their posterity.
              You silliness proves that you have nothing to do with them.

        • Dear Mr / Miss “I was in the army you know”;

          How was I unpleasant? By placing a mirror in front of your statement?
          What personal insult did I throw at you?

          First, let’s analyze your words.
          Your name, if taken on face value, suggests you served in the armed forces and as such have some form of civil attitude when exchanging information to respected officers.

          You do not deny that Col Kemp is respected as a soldier but you do not even state that he’s an officer and not a soldier (big deference if “you were in the army you know”), and you call him Col Lemp (I guess this was a typo – another assumption I guess).

          But the first thing that upsets you about him and evidently discredits his military expertese are his view point on Zionism, aka the right of the Jewish nation to have a national home land.

          People who deny such right from Jews but are happy for such rights to be granted to other nations including Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Britain or Greece are nothing more than Anti Semites.

          My question to you was simple:
          “Exactly when did people who support the right of the Jewish nation to have a national home became unreliable to you?

          Was it before you joined forces with Islamists or during your recent readers digest debate in Turkey analyzing Mein Kampf?”

          Since you claim to:
          “I have never read Mein Kampf and have certainly never analysed it; neither have I ever set foot in Turkey…”
          I guess the answer is the first suggestion:
          “Was it before you joined forces with Islamists.”

          So there we have it.
          You believe Zionists are unreliable in the field of their expertese simply because they support the right of Jews to a national home.
          It appears that you have held these views prior to have join forces with Islamists as you do not deny it.
          I doubt a true Islamist will deny his aligance to his Facsist cause, care to deny yours?

          Please note, I did not use bad language at you nor did I portray any ill feelings to you.
          I simply ask you questions regarding your understanding of Zionism and why do you discredit Col Kemp’s ability in analyzing this type of warfare in light of his views of the rights of Jews to self govern themselves in a small stretch of this planet?
          I wish you all the best if I am mistaken about you and look forward to you showing my errors.

          • A soldier is a term which can cover any rank, officer or not; a Colonel is still a soldier…pedantry is tedious enough, but when it’s not even accurate it’s just laughable. No I am not a fascist or an Islamist, sorry not to fit neatly into your little boxes. I know that’s how you like things as it makes everything simple for you! And well, I made a typo that’s a big deal eh? The letters are adjacent to each other, so get a life!

            • Thanks for your partial response.
              Could you now answer the main question:
              I simply ask you questions regarding your understanding of Zionism and why do you discredit Col Kemp’s ability in analyzing this type of warfare in light of his views of the rights of Jews to self govern themselves in a small stretch of this planet?

              Now, if you know Israelis you should have noticed that many are from the black and white simplistic people who like to see things only in one way or another.
              This is why there are so many political parties in Israel and why we allow Anti Zionists in our Parliament.

              Since we covered all options and you testify you are not a Facsist or an Islamist and you mentioned you do not hate Jews and I believe from a partail Jewish family (as per your previous reply).

              What I don’t get then is why you believe people who agree that the Jewish nation can have a national home like any other nation and happen to be an excellent expert on battles against Islamic terror cells in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be reliable to say what the Israelis are facing in this conflict?

              I have no idea what you were in the army and couldn’t care less about your private history but out of interest, how would you resolve this situation?
              Take us back to 2005 and tell us what you’d do differently?
              Obviously, if you believe Zionism = Racism, we have little to talk about, because you know very few Zionists on a personal level.

              • Correction:
                I wrote:
                “Now, if you know Israelis you should have noticed that many are from the black and white simplistic people who like to see things only in one way or another.”

                I meant to write many are NOT from the black and white…

        • “The truth from the perspective of a Zionist”.

          You can’t see why that is offensive? You imply that Zionism is a dirty word, untrustworthy by its very nature. Perhaps people are unpleasant to you because they think you are a bigot, whereas in your wider community of fellow travellers over at the Guardian, anti-Zionism and hostility to Jews is institutionalised and does not elicit the same revulsion as it does here.

          • No I did not imply that Zionism was a dirty word, my implication was that a Zionist would not have an impartial view; not that difficult to see surely? It seems impossible to say anything on here that veers from the official pro-israelI line that is not twisted or misrepresented. Perhaps it was just a simple misunderstanding though, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt! However, as is often the case, if you look too hard you always find, even if it’s not there. Monitor and report antisemitism sure, but not every criticism of Israel or pro-Israelis is antisemitic. How many times to repeat that message? Stop hating so much it is not healthy.

            • “that a Zionist would not have an impartial view”

              Now with that I can some what identify or find some form of logic.
              Still, this is hardly correct.

              There are planty Zionists who oppose the recent Israeli moves and some who believe capturing the entire strip will be the only solution.

              Last time I checked Hertzog and Gal-On are Zionists.

              It’s like saying that Palestinians cannot be impartial about Hamas cynical use of civilians.
              There are some that do.

              Now taking your point to another level how can the Western media takes Hamas’ figures and Hamas’ reporting as straight forward evidence?
              The UNRWA takes it as a straight forward fact that the IDF is the source of every colateral damage without even a fragment of an investigation.

              Channel four repeats their “findings” after a brief 5 minutes. Surely no one can place a definit blame in 5 minutes in a chaotic battle scene.

            • I was in the army: “No I did not imply that Zionism was a dirty word, my implication was that a Zionist would not have an impartial view; not that difficult to see surely?”

              Fair enough, but I hope we are not going to start playing the liberal moral equivalence game, where we give equal weight to the the veracity of the chauvinistic, totalitarian despots in charge of Gaza, whose rule of law includes throwing political opponents off rooftops, and the democratic state of Israel, with its robust separation of powers, free press and protection of the rights of the individual.

        • I’m sorry, but the way you use the term Zionist begets that type of reaction.

          Interesting, though, it’s other people being nasty, and it’s never you being a prick. Why is that?

  6. Of course you target schools – anything to change the facts on the ground. You’ve become the dehumanized animals that the nazis made of you.

    Be ashamed of yourselves – you’re sick

    • “Be ashamed of yourselves – you’re sick”

      Says the guy who chose to name himself after someone’s literal asshole. I mean…. Dude. Tone deaf doesn’t even begin to explain your desperation.

      • shelling a school? ‘Disgraceful’ says the US.

        That says it all.

        If you walk into my shop, I’ll tar your with feathers and eggs and shame you out.

        you should be made to live on an island where no one can every be exposed to such ‘criminal behavior’

        You’ve lost the PR war. No lose your state – it’s coming.

        • The US has destroyed thousands of schools from Vietnam to Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Where is your outrage about that?

          Those schools have been used by terrorists for war crimes. Guess what moron – that makes those schools legitimate targets according to real international laws.

          Right now if we leveled all of Gaza – that would be legal under the Geneva Convention – yet we haven’t done that.

          As for your PR – you can stick your Arab propaganda where the sun doesn’t shine – we don’t care anymore

        • “shelling a school? ‘Disgraceful’ says the US.

          That says it all.”

          Yes and the word hypocritical doesn’t even begin to cover it. Perhaps sanctimonious hypocrite better describes it and you.

          ” No [sic] lose your state – it’s coming.”
          If this is what you’re banking on you’re going to die a very unhappy man.
          Contrast it with the fact that Israelis are consistently rated one of the happiest peoples on earth. I do hope that ruins your day. Never mind your childish and perversely offensive moniker – you stink all by yourself.

        • B,
          “shelling a school? ‘Disgraceful’ says the US. ”

          The US also said it didn’t torture people in its facilities.

          The US, like most countries, says what it needs to say.
          A bit like Ed Miliband….

        • “You’ve lost the PR war…”


          Exactly when did Israel or Jews ever won the PR war?
          Was it in WW1?
          Was it when the UN equated Zionism with Racism?
          Was it during the 50’s or 60’s?
          Perhaps during the 80’s?

          What upsets you and the Arab world in general about Israel or even Jews in general is that it succeeded and still does against all odds.
          The more you throw at us the more silver lining we find to carry on and better ourselves.

          I don’t think you can live with that.
          And before you wish for the end of Israel, are you sure this is what you want?
          After all Israel unifies the Muslims with their hatred to it.
          No Israel and you will just crumble with revenge against each other.
          Just time Syria war by a hundred….

    • I could never be ashamed of myself for as long as my existing makes a scumbag bigotted piece of shit like you unhappy I am living a worthy life

    • No need to prove how primitive antisemites like you are, just like Streicher and Goebbels you dehumanize Jews to animals.
      Some news about the continuity of ns-thinking.

    • Of course Hamas choose to fire form school beside keeping its rockets there they know Israel will retaliate . It work well with their goal of causing as many civlian casualties as possible.

  7. Thank you Colonel Kemp. However, judging by the hysterical CiFfallists comments, most of the world accepts that The IDF is doing sterling work in protecting citizens of Gaza from Hamas manipulations. You can actually feel the hysteria increasing over the last few days.

    Jon Snow and other scum will be remembered for thier biased and hysterical ‘presentations’.

  8. I have been in and out of Israel repeatedly over a 62 year period. I have never heard ANYONE go on a hate rant against the Arabs. NEVER!I was here once for seven years and met all kinds of Israelis, e.g.many Mizrahim, refugees from the Muslim world. Still NO hate.

    • I’ve heard some idiots say bad things but there were always more people around starting shutting them up and defending the abused ones.

      Sure there are racists in Israel but far fewer than racists in neighbouring Arab countries or even the UK.

  9. You must send this info to ALL U.S. TV stations and the press. I agree with you but it stops on my screen. The rest of the world is not properly informed.

    • You’re not Ed miliband by chance?
      Because he’s most certainly not informed…
      And he’s got Israeli relatives who could tell him how things are.

  10. http://youngcons.com/this-is-what-evil-looks-like-one-picture-going-viral-that-depicts-the-barbarism/#lightbox/0/
    Hamas terrorists hangs and positions kids on a fence in front of a house to insure that the IDF will not strike the building.

    This is what evil looks like: One picture going viral that depicts the level of barbarism…
    Joshua Riddle on August 1, 2014

    Israeli-American community activist Adam Milstein tweeted this image and, while it’s not clear that the image actually depicts Hamas in Gaza, it’s certainly true that Hamas has embraced the abominable tactic of using children as shields against Israeli Defense Forces. It’s vitally important that people understand just how evil Hamas is and what Israel is up against. It’s hard and heartbreaking to look at, but it cannot be ignored.

  11. Here is a Amos Oz a well known peacenik who said this last week to an interviewer in Israel.
    August 1, 2014

    The most interesting article I’ve read in the past 24 hours is an interview with the Israeli novelist Amos Oz, the father of his country’s peace-and-compromise movement, who opened the interview with Deutsche Welle in this manner:

    Amoz Oz: I would like to begin the interview in a very unusual way: by presenting one or two questions to your readers and listeners. May I do that?

    Deutsche Welle: Go ahead!

    Question 1: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery?

    Question 2: What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home or in order to kidnap your family?

    With these two questions I pass the interview to you.