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    • Even if it succeeded, they would still be counted as property of adults to be done with as those adults wished Poor kids.

    • Peace is not building tunnels from Gaza which lead to a kibbutz kindergarten, to enable the murder Israeli children. Peace is not voting for an extremist movement whose founding charter calls for the mass murder of Jews. Peace is not the cowardly and cruel practice of using Gazan children as human shields.

      • Adam,

        A Jewish state at ANY cost is what you represent. You’ve never posted anything to the contrary.

        How did Egypt manage to close their tunnels? And how does 3 people killed by ‘rocket’ fire equal an existentialist threat? Three?! You do know what existentialist means, right?

        come on, answer….

        • How did Egypt manage to close their tunnels?

          What is your point ? that they didnt?
          The same way 1 Israeli soldiers equal 1000 Hamas terrorist.

    • “Peace is not killing hundreds of women, children in airstrikes in Gaza”

      Hamas is doing all that, for Hamas is wicked to its core, and considers the death of children, all children, as expedient, to be welcomed, to be planned for in expectation that there will be many in the world who so love to hate Jews that they will rise to honour the cruel, and stoop to curse the kind.

  1. I am surprised that you have the nerve to post this sickenly tasteless piece of propaganda. It is clearly not intended to be seen by Gazan children, who, even if they have access to power, are likely to be cowering in terror in some inadequate shelter waiting for the next round of murderous Israeli fire. Its intended audience is presumably the western community, particularly in the US, who are withdrawing their support for Israel in their millions and who just might be influenced by this sort of sentimentality.

    • You see people like you claim they only want peace for the people of Gaza but the plain ugly truth is people like you only ensure that the people of Gaza will never know what peace is.

      Hamas relies on useful fools like you because without your support Hamas wouldn’t be able to kill its own people with impunity all in the aid of its great “crusade” against the Jews.

      It is people like you who enable Hamas to kill its people because there is no consequences for Hamas’s actions.

      It is people like you who allow their hatred of Jews to over ride any real compassion they may actually have for the people of Gaza and because of your basic hatred of Jews the people of Gaza will never know peace.


    • Brian for you to write “..sickenly tasteless piece of propaganda.” is beyond hypocrisy.
      You who on another thread posted an article by a notorious New Zealand Fascist.

      Who will you be posting articles by today, David Irving?

        • Brian YOU posted a link to an article by Dr. K.R. Bolton on July 31 2014 @ 10:07 AM over on the “Guardian Journos Tweet..” thread.

          I did point it out to you at the time but as usual, when your shoddy links and statistics are exposed, you chose to ignore it and hope nobody would notice.

      • “You who on another thread posted an article by a notorious New Zealand Fascist.”

        After that episode I was wondering if sencar (Brian) would have the bad taste to show up here again so soon. I now have my answer. He has no shame.

      • Well, Alexa, I could have posted clips of Israeli Jewish lynch mobs chanting ‘Death to Arabs’ and ‘Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left.’, but since you were probably one of the mob you’d know all about that.

        • So you compare a mob which shouted death to arabs with an official tv programs of the PLO and Hamas who teach their children over and over again that they need to kill Jews in the name of Allah.

    • Hamas built bomb shelters that civilians can use? Wow!!! Where are they? Are they by all the relief agencies, hospitals, schools, and adequate housing that Hamas gets from aid from all over the world (the most from every country)? Or is it by the mansions that the Hamas leaders own? Do they let them in those bomb shelters? I’ll have to check on Google Maps or ask my Palestinian friends who live in Israel and refuse to live under Hamas rule.

    • sencar:

      “Its intended audience is presumably the western community…”

      A bit like the news coming out of Gaza directed by Hamas, you mean.

    • sencar how do you feel about Hamas Pallywood propaganda? Aren’t you equally sickened by this?

      The alleged bombing of the UN School – a lie

      And from the same incident It seems that Pallywood and perhaps a new variation of Green Helmet is active in Gaza, see http://tinyurl.com/mko794k

      Seriously, are you capable of applying the same standard of criticism to Hamas as you do to Israel?

    • Hate mongering when a message of peace is delivered by Jews. Thanks for demonstrating the problem why no peace is possible with people like you.