Buried by the Guardian: Hamas War Crimes

These videos include just a small fraction of the widely available evidence attesting to Hamas’s use of human shields, a topic we’ve posted about continually in the context of the Guardian’s near silence in the face of such egregious violations of international law by the Islamist terror group.

Compilation clip:


Longer clip of France24 broadcast seen in the first compilation video:


Longer NDTV clip seen in the first compilation video:


Gaza Bishop claims Hamas used church to fire rockets.


IDF evidence of Hamas firing from a Gazan school:

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  1. When confronted with the evidence, leftists just fall back on “but you’re still killing children.” There are two ways to defeat their arguments: one is don’t fire rockets to begin with and their would be dead children.” Ben Shapiro also turns the tables on them, chiding them for standing on the graves of dead children to pontificate.

  2. It would be stupid for anyone to take Israel to the International Court of Justice over Gaza. With this kind of evidence, any case brought against Israel would be laughed out of court.

  3. The Guardian staff can be indicted for incitement of genocide and terrorism.

    Under the Rome Statutes Freedom of the Press not only does not exist – but their very words are criminal.