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Hate emerges from beneath the surface: Antisemitism in the UK (July 2014)

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July 2014 now joins January 2009 as a month when war between Israel and Hamas caused antisemitism to spew forth across Britain. If this latest round of Middle East violence has now ended, then we may expect the antisemitism to gradually diminish: but this hatred has again been revealed, even if most of the time it lies beneath the surface. Are British Jews (and those elsewhere) to be forever held hostage to a seemingly intractable conflict in which totalitarian Jihadists are sworn to destroy Israel at whatever cost?

Members of the public expressing fears and concerns to CST have referenced this in different ways. One said she felt “stuck in a swamp“. Another said that the hatred had come from “ordinary people, not what or who we expect it from…its the underlying antisemitism, and now that they’ve put it out there, how are we supposed to put it back?“. It may sound trite to speak of Jews defriending others on Facebook, but anecdotally, this seems to be happening again and again, with Jews deeply upset by what this conflict has revealed about those whom they believed to be their friends (in all meanings of the word).

Bare statistics do not, cannot, explain the emotion that many people are feeling right now: but they are stark. CST has now recorded over 200 antisemitic incidents for July 2014, making it very clearly the second worst month we have seen since our records began in 1984. (The worst was Jan’ 2009, when 288 incidents were recorded. The second worst was Feb’ 2009, with 114 incidents.) The July 2014 total is not yet finalised, because it takes time to properly analyse and categorise all of the reports reaching us from throughout Britain right now, so the figure of 200 is an absolute minimum.

Of course, antisemitic incidents occur every day, week and month of the year. CST recorded 304 between January and June 2014 (a rise of 36% from 2013). We now have over 200 in one month, so the maths are clear. Not every July incident relates to the Israel-Hamas conflict, but the majority do. Without listing every one of them, it is almost impossible to convey the scale and the impact of the invective, but each and every incident involves at least one victim and at least one perpetrator. They come randomly at Jews and Jewish locations throughout the country. Many of them appear to be perpetrated by Muslim youth and adults, but by no means all. That this racism is perpetrated in the name of human rights (for Palestinians) is bizarre, but nothing new: although it does help explain the deafening silence from the self-titled anti-racism movement. (Hope not Hate does not fit this category and is a strong exception.)

The hatred is showing clear trends. Shouting “Free Gaza” on a pro-Palestinian demonstration is not antisemitic: but obviously is when yelled at a random Jew in the street, or when daubed on a synagogue wall.  The same goes for screams of “child murderer”, shouted at Jews or pinned on a synagogue. Then, there is the ever present antisemitic fixation with Nazism. This comes two ways, Jews being told that they are the new Nazis, or Jews being told that “Hitler was right” (a phrase that trended on Twitter).

Child murderer has a long history in antisemitism, almost 2,000 years longer than Nazism does. The accusation of Jews having killed Jesus, the embodiment of innocence, moved into medieval blood libels. Some Jews perceive sections of the UK media as having focussed to such an extent upon Gazan child victims in this latest conflict that it somehow indicates that these blood libels still lurk somewhere deep. Others would counter that this kind of ‘unconscious antisemitism’ argument is ridiculous and that the media could not focus upon dead and injured children if they did not actually exist, nor in such numbers. The fact remains: British Jews are being called child-murderers.

The Nazi slanders and threats are not in mainstream media, but the question ‘why didn’t Jews / Israel learn the lessons of the Holocaust?’ has been. This is surely repellent to the overwhelming majority of Jews. It comes posed as a question, but really it is a demand. Whatever its motivation, it smells of Jew-Israel-Nazi equivalence and ‘we are holier than thou’.

The super-heated arguments of how the media covers Israel are not strictly CST’s business; and neither are boycotts of Israel. Nevertheless, it is impossible to discuss how Jews feel right now without noting how both things impact upon antisemitism, upon how Jews are perceived and how Jews themselves feel.

One need not be a dyed in the wool defender of Israel, nor even a Zionist, to suspect that no other country on earth appears to evoke such passion and hatred. We need not cite Syria right now, nor Sri Lanka in 2009, because Britain itself has killed civilians in the Middle East in recent years, children included. Yet it is only one section of British society that is called “child-murderers”, or “Nazis”, or is told that Hitler should have wiped them all out.

Less rhetorically, we must note that antisemitic incidents will subside along with the images on people’s television screens, but the long term damage to Jews of anti-Israel boycotts will persist. Dry statistics help us to measure the raw impact of this. If someone engages in “criticism of Israel” then 6% of British Jews consider that person “definitely antisemitic” and 27% answer “probably antisemitic”. If that person supports a boycott of Israel, then 34% of British Jews consider them “definitely antisemitic” and 33% “probably antisemitic”. So, boycott of Israel is a tipping point for most Jews in regarding criticism as being antisemitic or not. One consequence of this latest Israel-Hamas war will be a lot more boycotts, either through choice (such as trade unions and cultural venues) or through intimidation (such as commercial outlets). Just as Israel is being singled out for scrutiny and boycott, so many Jews are going to feel the same way.

When the Jewish Film Festival is given a ‘ditch your Israeli Embassy link’ ultimatum by the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, it betrays how British Jews’ connections to Israel are the measure by which others judge them. The same applies to the National Union of Students decision to boycott Israel, which promises no end of trouble and intimidation for Jewish students. Then, there are the mass intimidations of supermarkets that dare to sell Israeli goods, some of which have actually been forced to briefly stop trading as a result. (As cheerfully relayed here by a Labour MP.)

Finally, two antisemitic incidents out of over two hundred, giving the merest hint of recent events. The first speaks volumes of how Jews risk being expected to behave: and the reactions they risk upon refusal.

1. Street in Bradford, evening of 26th July. A Jewish man and his wife were driving when they became caught in slow moving traffic due to an accident up the road. Every car in the queue was being stopped by a group of apparently Muslim men and women, carrying buckets and asking for money for Gaza. The Jewish man politely declined to donate, whereupon “you f**king Jewish bastard!” was shouted at him. Then, another man used a loudhailer to also shout “you f**king Jewish bastard!” at him. Next, “Jewish bastard coming down the road!” was shouted down the street to alert each of the other collectors.

2. Synagogue in Hove, 2nd August (photo by F.Sharpe)

Hove shul


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  1. How about you all stop the hate on here, and save some innocent lives.

    You’ll feel better about yourselves.

    • I wouldn’t mind donating, but it probably goes to Hamas. Chaled Mashal needs a new Rolex.
      The best way to save future Palestinian lives would be to remove Hamas.

      • What about stopping launching airstrikes in densely populated neighbourhoods in Gaza? More than 400 children were killed in Tsahal’s airstrikes in Gaza. No one in Europe can and will accept such a thing.

          • More than 300 yazidis children are killed every day and you bloody nazi lefters say nothing! You are the worse nazis of them all. We better vote fort he national socialists ie neo nazis than for you left wing nazis! You should be wiped out at any cost!

            • The death of Yazidis children does not mean that people will close their eyes when innocent children are killed in massive airstrikes in Gaza. Neither does it translate into immunity when international courts start working.

              • It means that people will close their eyes when innocents children are killed by Hamas digging it tunnels or when innocenets children are killed anywere else . They will close their eyes where ever Israel is not involove

          • Real European citizens reject the very idea of bombarding heavily populated areas, because it runs contrary to European values. So sad to see you deviated from the European path.

            • “Real European citizens reject the very idea of bombarding heavily populated areas, ”
              A claim easily refuted by the record of European wars both on the continent and off.

            • Funny where were all those citizetns when Nato was bombing in yugoslavia. IN lybia?
              citizents in Iraq Afganistan etc etc Where were you when Israel south was bobmed for 9 years? where were you when sucide bombers were murdering tousand people all over Israel. Hypocrites.

            • Real European citizens reject the very idea of bombarding heavily populated areas

              Oh dear. Sounds like you’re suggesting that British Jews are not “real” European citizens – because for some reason I doubt you make that accusation against e.g. those behind the bombing of civilian areas in Iraq or Afghanistan.

        • Yet Europe and the likes of you have no porblem accepting rockets being fired at Israeli children for 9 years from those populated neighbourhoods.

    • This Chief Rabbi has not enough intelligence to understand irony.Some of the sponsors of this shit are the most vicious hate-mongers of the charity industry.

      • Many European and American Jews disagree with current Israeli policies. Airstrikes in densely populated neighbourhoods, the Gaza blockade, the illegal settlements, the occupation… are not something people living in Western democracies can or will accept.

        • I am not sure about the many Jews unless of course you have a number. But even it these was true. I invite you and those Jews to come with your families and live for a year near the Gaza border. After a year of your children running for shelter day and night you will have the right to tell us what to do and what not to do. As none of all those democracies really care about those Israeli children running for shelter for 9 years I can only assume that as long as they are israelis they have the right to suffer but not the right to protect themselves.

          Gaza blockade by the way is accepted by all democracies.

          • I invite you to come and live one year in Gaza under blockade. See what it is to live in one of the world’s most densely populated areas, cut off from the rest of the world, wit eighty percent of the population depending on humanitarian aid, with nowhere safe to flee when there are daily airstrikes.

            • Most densely populated …
              Just another lie
              depending on humanitarian aid, well, where have all the milliards of dollars gone which went to Palestinians since fifty years?
              Anyway, it is just terror of Palestinian organisations to the purpose of ongoing subvenzion by the world.

            • Tel Aviv and its surrounding is much more densely populated and this fact somehow doesn’t make it the capital of religious fascism…

                • Maybe because the people of Tel Aviv didn’t launch rockets at Gaza and din’t declare in their charter their intention to kill every Muslims. Could be a small but significant difference.

            • There was no blockade until 2007 and yet more than 1000 rockets were fired at Israel since it left Gaza. Blockade is the result of rockets not the other way around. . Stop shooting get out rockets and arms out of Gaza and you can have airport sea port what ever you like

            • Is this a joke? The tunnels were built with timber from the forests of Gaza? Yaron, Yaron even a Jew-hating idiot should have positive IQ…You are not this case.

            • LOL that is funny seeing the shelter under Shifa hospital for hamas leaders. Seeings the miles on miles of Tunnels built with the construction material intended for the people of Gaza.

                • Human beings? Are you sure? You are overestimating the qualities of the Guardian readers…

          • When you’re a propagandist of the sort A is and have nothing that comes close to approaching a majority you are taught to say “many,” instead of “minority,” in a deceitful effort to inflate numbers and change perceptions.

            Many doctors think vaccinations cause Autism in children. (Most don’t)

            Many people think A stands for Ass Clown. (Wait a minute, that one could actually be a majority) 😀

        • This is what moslems and antisemits WANT you to think and as long as someof us will comply there is no reason for pressures to stop! The right reaction to such pressures is 1. not to care for what they want 2. It is, up tço Israel to really reply since this is Israeli politics. Israel’s reaction should be PROVOCATION to show its enemies their reaction is counter productive.On gaza trhey should EMPTY the place and then occupy it. The northern strip should be emptied immediately and the balance at first opportunity. Why do you think lefters come up with such a shindy when 2 arab children are hit and not when 300 yazidis children are killed as it was only yesterday? lefters want to show us hows IMPORTANT they are,it is as simple as that. Don’t be fooled by these rats!

        • “You have not enough intelligence to realize you are isolating Israel and depriving its residents of peace.”
          You think that peterthehungarian is responsible for isolating Israel and depriving its residents of peace? Wow! You are an ass clown!

    • Chief Rabbi, how about a one way ticket for you to save lives on Mount Sinjar?

      Only one thing though, you need to leave your black flag behind…

      As you can see this is the mentality of those youngsters in Tower Hamlet who have been nurtured by the likes of George Gallowy leading to believe it is perfectly acceptable to vindicate entire groups.

    • “How about you all stop the hate on here, and save some innocent lives.”

      How about you go and F**k yourself, and save wasting my time.

    • Right on cue a virulent Jew-baiter (“Chief Rabbi”) pops up and pretends much affection for Palestinians. What he is really expressing is complete hatred for the Jewish people. Let there be no doubt that given certain conditions he is exactly the type of person who at the drop of a hat would burn Jewish books and shoot Jewish children in the head.

  2. You wrote:

    “It may sound trite to speak of Jews defriending others on Facebook, but anecdotally, this seems to be happening again and again, with Jews deeply upset by what this conflict has revealed about those whom they believed to be their friends (in all meanings of the word).”

    Which is also what we see in Israel iself re the ugly racism against Arab residence.
    Though the article is about Anti-Semitism, I for one also noted good friends in Israel who wrote things I didn’t expect to hear from them.
    It is sad to say but the conflict is affecting normal Israelis as well.

    The difference, you may say, is that Israelis actually live in that small enviornment and as such have far greater forces or reasons to be drawn into the climate of hate while other in the greater world should not feel the same effects.

    So why do we see this?
    Is it the large media circus around this little country that effects a mear 15 million people at most?
    An even worst shock and outrage should be felt at what we see in Iraq today or Syria for the past 3 years, and yet this is not the case.
    I think Ed Hussein put it very right yesterday on the standard when he wrote this:

    And this interesting piece also brings some thought into the matter of the why:

  3. It is sad to say but the conflict is affecting normal Israelis as well
    I would say that hundreds of thousands maybe millions of Israelis who previously supported the establishment of an independent Palestinian state realized during one single day after the ban of international flights to Ben Gurion airport that this idea is simply not feasible in the foreseeable future.

    • You are right, Peter. I too felt that might have been a watershed moment.
      Imagine rockets not 90 seconds flight-time from Gush-Dan, but 10 seconds. Imagine tunnels not across one straight stretch of land 40 km long, but from 400km, into all of Israel. Imagine hiding rockets in an area 20 times larger than the Gaza strip.
      So, yes, not looking mighty feasible. This war was the first time I felt a Palestinian state on their terms might actually be an existential threat.

          • From your link mr Rabbi:

            “The Palestinians have the right to be completely liberated from the occupying colonialists, and these colonialists have somewhere to go: namely, wherever they came from or any other destination they prefer. This is a luxury that the Palestinians did not have in 1948.

            New, non-violent thinking about Palestine, in terms of rewards, compensation and “Palestinian emancipation,” is essential if the arms race and escalating spiral of military force is to be halted. In Palestine, the population who had lived there for a thousand years was driven out to make room for the Zionists.”

            Total false rewriting of history.
            Nothing to see here, move along.
            btw, how about that one way tkt to help the original population of Kurdistan who are now slaughtered by invading foreign Arabs?
            Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, or you only care about some people?

            • I only care about some people,you see. (Still doesn’t undermine the legitimacy of the cause, by I only care about some)

              I just want to pick on the poor old Jew, specifically the colonialist ones who steal Palestinian land. Again, doesn’t undermine the cause at all. (there’s no moral or ethical framework in which not supporting EVERY cause undermines any one particular cause – if , as I am, you’re not in a position to dictate policy)

              So, with your lack of point, why don’t you chip in to repatriate a poor colonialist Jew?

              PS. Do you have ONE authoritative text that paints a different history of the region? I didn’t think so…….

              • Chef de bordel,

                “Do you have ONE authoritative text that paints a different history of the region?”

                I already know you do not aprove any normal texts and therefor it is futile to discuss facts with your assumptions of history.

              • In Palestine, the population who had lived there for a thousand years was driven out to make room for the Zionists.”

                LOL this just show poor knowledge of real history.
                Most of the arab population immigrated to Palesrine from arab countries since the 19th centurey. Palestinian are not cannaites nor are the phillistines . Just listen to your friends from Hamas they say that half of them are from Egypt and half from Saudia.
                Better look for real source but than I doubt you will. People like you are not really intrested in the facts .They prefer to change the facts in order to suit their agenda.

          • “Jews ‘go home’?

            How about it!?”

            Many Jews are going home. They are leaving Europe and going to Israel. I can’t say I blame them, and you’re certainly doing your part to encourage it.

            Of course many Arabs are moving in the opposite direction, i.e., toward Europe. It might look as though they’re leaving their land to go to yours until you hear their new them song. It’s an old ditty with a lyrical twist and it goes like this: Maestro!

            This land’s not your land
            this land is my land,
            from Andalusia to the Scottish highlands,
            from the blue, blue Danube
            to the North Sea waters,
            Al-lah says your land’s really mine.

            We’ll kill your children
            then rape your women,
            should you defend them, then that’s a war crime
            For Islam and Infidels, there’s just no room,
            This time, Eu-rope has sealed its doom.

    • Peter:”during one single day after the ban of international flights to Ben Gurion airport that this idea is simply not feasible in the foreseeable future.”

      Many Israelis realised this is the case when Madhat Yusuf body was returned to us back in 2000 but remained hopeful that we are fooling ourselves.
      I believe many have realized that there’s not a serious or capable partner to rule the Palestinians back in October 1st and 7th 2000 in Joseph tomb and later the lynching on October 12th in Ramallah police head quarter.
      In both cases PA agreements were being trashed by both Palestinian civillian mob with or without links to terror organisations across the political spectrum and in the earlier case by PA forces themselves.
      In both cases PA forces were either unwilling or unable to carry out their duties to maintain law and order and show respect to signed agreements.

  4. This reply has been forwarded to the Editors of the TIMES and TELEGRAPH. Please circulate it here and abroad, your MPs, and those who swallow whole the jaundiced propaganda of the GUARDIAN, the INDEPENDENT,and the BBC. Please do likewise.


    For those who don’t know, Jon Snow is the anchorman for Channel 4’s flagship news programme. A normally highly respected journalist,

    Dear Jon Snow

    I watched your recent report from Shifa Hospital, as well as the additional piece on your return from Gaza with great interest.
    As you rightly say to viewers “we have to know that in some way we actually share some responsibility for those deaths”. And let me say that I “did choose to watch” and I am indeed “motivated to do something”. That something is this…

    Jon Snow, I accuse you of being complicit in the wilful and reckless endangerment and death of these same children and other innocents in Gaza.
    I accuse you of aiding and abetting Hamas in their diabolical plan to manipulate world opinion by ruthlessly engineering the maximum possible death toll among their own civilian population, especially their children.
    I accuse you of wilful negligence, professional misconduct, and abject failure to report the facts as they truly are.

    Yes Jon, I watched your macabre, heart wrenching “infomercial” / “propaganda film”, which might have been written by Hamas itself.
    I can’t say as I am that surprised, as I remember how you described Hamas rockets in the past as “nothing more than fireworks, pretty harmless really”.
    Well Jon, let us examine the facts as they truly are…

    Four days ago, one of your harmless fireworks managed to kill 4 Israelis and wound 9. Last week your harmless fireworks killed a 32gxf year old father and wounded his whole family, leaving his three month old baby daughter fighting for her life and her four year old brother with serious shrapnel wounds. Your harmless fireworks also injured two sisters, one of ten years old currently fighting for her life in hospital and her thirteen year old sister wounded but recovering. That same harmless firework also injured an 81 year old disabled man.
    Perhaps the saddest and most ironic examples of your harmless fireworks in action are two of many Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets which misfired, one which hit the Shifa hospital killing 16 and the other hitting a playground in the Shati refugee camp killing 10 children.
    Indeed one of your colleagues, an Italian journalist has confirmed that it was a misfired Hamas mortar shell which hit the UN school killing another 17 and injuring countless others.

    As an experienced reporter who wants his reports “to mean something”, surely they can only do so if they are honest, non-partisan and factual. In your report you purposely omitted key facts concerning the plight of innocents in Gaza and failed to provide important information which could put the desperate situation of these poor and unfortunate people into proper context.
    You neglected to mention that Hamas and other terrorist groups have fired over 3000 rockets into Israel in an attempt to kill as many innocent women and children as possible.
    You scoff at Israel’s “American funded” Iron Dome missile defence system and almost lamented at its success in protecting Israeli innocents. For the record, the Iron Dome anti-missile system came about through a combination of Israeli creativity, Israeli expertise, Israeli technical excellence and a desperate need and determination to protect Israeli citizens, Jews, Muslims, Christians and all; from harm.
    In addition to the Iron Dome, the main reason that there have been so few Israeli casualties from these “harmless fireworks” is that currently, under fire from Hamas, around 3,000,000 Israelis are living in underground bunkers or reinforced concrete safe rooms. As figures go, that is equivalent to over 20 million people in the UK living in bunkers as they are bombarded by rockets day and night over a three week period. That would equate to the whole population of London and the South East of England hiding in fear from rocket fire. Indeed as you are well aware, since 2001 there have been over 15,000 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza.

    Talking of figures, as you mentioned the US funding of Iron Dome, I fear you neglected to mention the billions in US, UN and European funds donated to the Palestinians in Gaza, which were not used as intended, to build schools and hospitals and create jobs, but rather were added to the considerable funding from Iran, Qatar and others in order to purchase and manufacture rockets as well as other weapons; and to build a massive underground terror infrastructure.
    You also neglected to mention that the concrete, cement and steel allowed into Gaza by the Israelis under great pressure from the international community were not in fact used to build and improve the lives of ordinary Gazans, but were in actual fact used to build, underground bunkers for the storage and manufacture of rockets and weapons along with apparently hundreds of kilometres of terror tunnels for the purpose of infiltrating Israel in order to kill Israeli civilians and in times of conflict, hide and protect Hamas fighters and leaders.
    You neglected to question that surely if Hamas wanted to shield its women and children from the fighting, just as Israel does; Hamas could indeed provide refuge for its civilians in the vast array of underground bunkers and tunnels. Such safety however appears to be available solely to Hamas leaders and fighters and importantly its weapons.

    Come to think of it Jon, as you were reporting from Shifa Hospital, you might have thought to walk downstairs into the basement of the hospital to question the leaders of Hamas who have established their command centre under the hospital and who hide safely underground while ensuring their children and civilian population are as exposed as possible.
    You neglected to mention the three UN schools in which, by the UN’s own admission, rockets have been stored or the fact that throughout the conflict rockets have been stored and fired from a selection of homes, schools, mosques and other civilian locations, in fact wherever Hamas could guarantee a civilian presence and consequently civilian casualties, apparently illegal under international law.
    When the Doctor you interviewed from Shifa asked “where are the human rights” and made his desperate call for an immediate ceasefire, you neglected to mention that five ceasefires have thus far been proposed, where Israel agreed to all of them, but Hamas steadfastly refused, including two humanitarian ceasefires broken by Hamas and today’s humanitarian ceasefire which Hamas exploited in order to kidnap an Israeli soldier, killing another two in the process.
    You might also have asked why, in the full knowledge that there will be an aggressive response, Hamas continues to provoke Israel by firing rockets and attacking Israelis through its terror tunnels.
    When the brave Norwegian doctor complained that the “siege” has led to a shortage of medical supplies and medicines, you neglected to point out that there have been ample funds donated to Gaza for those very things, but that the money was misappropriated by Hamas to fund rockets and weapons. Indeed you had the opportunity to escort the good doctor down into the basement of his Hospital to confront the leaders of Hamas and ask for the money back. Just think Jon, such a confrontation would have made “great television”.

    Jon, you are a highly experienced journalist with twenty five years at the helm of Channel 4’s flagship news broadcast. It is for that very reason that I hold you responsible.
    There is no doubt you know what you are doing. You understand that the most powerful weapon Hamas has is not its rockets or its drones, rather international journalists and people with influence, like you.
    You know all too well that the greatest strategic asset Hamas has is the certainty that if they “supply the bodies” you will “put them to work”. It is in that certain knowledge of your willingness to cooperate, with no questions asked; that Hamas sets about engineering the death and destruction of as many Palestinian innocents as possible.

    For Hamas, you Jon Snow, along with Palestinian women and children willingly “martyred”; are its very own “Iron Dome”. You are the means by which Hamas can feel protected and ensure its own survival. Hamas understands all too well that you will overlook their tyrannical rule of Gaza. Hamas leaders know that you will ignore the fact that they steal the billions donated to the people of Gaza in order fund weapons, build a terror infrastructure and in the process make themselves rich.
    Hamas understands that you will take their message to the people of the world and truth be damned.

    I accuse you of pandering to a murderous terrorist group and of complicity in their ruthless crimes against their own people. In doing so you actively encourage and perpetuate the suffering of the people of Gaza and deny Palestinian children an end to the carnage.

    Those people who watch your broadcasts, who genuinely wish to see an end to the conflict, an end to the suffering and a better future for the people of Gaza must recognise you for what you are… the worst kind of hypocrite as well as a disingenuous and dishonest “hack”, complicit in the continued, wilful endangerment, death and destruction of so many innocent men, women and especially children in Gaza.

    My accusations stand. J’accuse!

  5. Tracy-Ann Oberman talks about the anti-Jewish hate now rampant in Britain:

    “I’m not going to enter the political debate as to the whys and wherefores of this war. But there is something else afoot. Something that is deeply unsettling. Friends and acquaintances who are Jewish, half-Jewish, a quarter-Jewish, who identify, don’t identify, who are Zionists or resolutely non-Zionist, have been in contact to share how isolated and depressed they feel at an almost intangible sense of antisemitism in the ether.

    It’s suddenly become about Jews, not Israel. Jews. My aunt-by-marriage’s sister-was on the bus the other day, talking to an Israeli friend. A woman behind them got up and hit her round the head. Looking up in pain, and horrified, she said: “That’s awful”. The woman shouted back at her: “Yes, you are!”

    A friend’s parents were spat at in the street when they came out of synagogue. That’s not to mention the posters at the Gaza demonstrations declaring, “Hitler was right”. Let’s not even go into the poison and venom on social media.

    I expect more from news journalists

    The reporting on Gaza has been relentless, non-stop for three weeks. It’s knocked other serious issues off the news perch – Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Isis, ebola, anyone? Hour after hour of coverage, often one-sided, UN condemnation and hardened news reporters like Jon Snow crying into the camera at the horror of it all. I would be crying into the camera at the horrors in Gaza, but I expect more from my news journalists. I expect dispassionate facts. Leave the crying to me.”

  6. Adam, do you have a link to the first of the Jew-hating incidents you mention above? Something very similar happened in my town (ie aggressive activity by Muslims “collecting for Gaza” but without permits and interfering with people’s right to free passage. I am compiling a dossier of such incidents. Thanks.

  7. And each day at least one new hate piece in the Guardian and other UK/continental media outlets. Such as the following execrable article replete of unspeakably bigotted, heartless bullsh…t by the ‘humanitarian beacon’ Lindsey German, which was published only yesterday on CiF:
    Fathoming the depth of that argument will leave you reeling.
    Inevitable, too, that The Guardian printed that type of tripe – it’s just what they would do in any possible universe.

    • Soon as I saw the phrase “solidarity with the people of Gaza” I thought, no, I’m not going to spend one nanosecond of my precious life to infect it with this bullshit. “People of Gaza”, this is nothing but bullshit for bullshitters.

  8. We must keep pointing out that it’s the very media outlets that have been most responsible for fomenting the current surge in antisemitism that are now moaning the loudest about it. It is not simply hypocrisy but chutzpa of the highest order. How dare they!

    • no its the mass killing and slaughter that make s people hate Israel, not jews, but you know that dont you

      • George my dear old thing you really need to re-read your excellent essay on the English Language. Your standards have become very slipshod.

      • Will the real George Orwell please stand up!

        I start off with these background facts, which are already known to any
        well-informed person, in order to emphasise that there is no real Jewish
        “problem” in England. The Jews are not numerous or powerful enough, and
        it is only in what are loosely called “intellectual circles” that they
        have any noticeable influence. Yet it is generally admitted that
        antisemitism is on the increase, that it has been greatly exacerbated by
        the war, and that humane and enlightened people are not immune to it. It
        does not take violent forms (English people are almost invariably gentle
        and law-abiding), but it is ill-natured enough, and in favourable
        circumstances it could have political results. Here are some samples of
        antisemitic remarks that have been made to me during the past year or

        Middle-aged office employee: “I generally come to work by bus. It takes
        longer, but I don’t care about using the Underground from Golders Green
        nowadays. There’s too many of the Chosen Race travelling on that line.”

        Tobacconist (woman): “No, I’ve got no matches for you. I should try the
        lady down the street. SHE’S always got matches. One of the Chosen Race,
        you see.”

        Young intellectual, Communist or near-Communist: “No, I do NOT like
        Jews. I’ve never made any secret of that. I can’t stick them. Mind you,
        I’m not antisemitic, of course.”

        Middle-class woman: “Well, no one could call me antisemitic, but I do
        think the way these Jews behave is too absolutely stinking. The way they
        push their way to the head of queues, and so on. They’re so abominably
        selfish. I think they’re responsible for a lot of what happens to them.”

        Milk roundsman: “A Jew don’t do no work, not the same as what an
        Englishman does. ‘E’s too clever. We work with this ‘ere” (flexes his
        biceps). “They work with that there” (taps his forehead).

        Chartered accountant, intelligent, left-wing in an undirected way:
        “These bloody Yids are all pro-German. They’d change sides tomorrow if
        the Nazis got here. I see a lot of them in my business. They admire
        Hitler at the bottom of their hearts. They’ll always suck up to anyone
        who kicks them.”

        Intelligent woman, on being offered a book dealing with antisemitism and
        German atrocities: “Don’t show it me, PLEASE don’t show it to me. It’ll
        only make me hate the Jews more than ever.”

  9. P.S.: Here are some more pearls, for those strong of stomach (but beware your blood pressure!):
    Both pieces from today only – just consider how many of these types of comment articles must be accumulating within one week at the Guardian alone.

  10. Many of them appear to be perpetrated by Muslim youth and adults, but by no means all.

    I appreciate there will be many cases where the perpetrators remain completely unidentified – but does the CST have some kind of rough stats on the proportion of total anti-Semitic crimes that are carried out by Muslims?