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Why did it take 2 days to retrieve the body of Gazan ‘killed’ by IDF sniper?

Last month we published a post based on Thomas Wictor’s fisking of a International Solidarity Movement (ISM) video purporting to show the ‘killing’, by an unseen IDF sniper, of Salem Khalil Salem Shemaly in the Gaza City neighborhood of Shejaiya (on Sunday, July 20th) as he was looking for missing relatives.  

Despite the inconsistencies and seeming fabrications in the the highly edited ISM video, the story was reported throughout the mainstream media – at the New York TimesNewsweek, Times of London, Daily Mail, Vice News and elsewhere

Today, shortly after we cross-posted Wictor’s latest post on the ‘killing’of Shemaly (which fisked a Channel 4 News report on the ISM video), we noticed that, per the list of Gaza war casualties, Shemaly’s ‘dead’ body was retrieved two full days after the videotaped ‘killing’:

Salem Khalil Salem Shemaly, 22, Sheja’eyya – Gaza (Killed Sunday, Body Located Tuesday)

Why would it take two days to retrieve Shemaly?

Are we to believe that the Palestinian rescuers (in the yellow vests) and the ISM activists filming the incident were all afraid to retrieve Shemaly out of concern for their own lives?

If so, how can this concern be reconciled with the fact that they were extremely close Shemaly at the time of the alleged shooting, and yet weren’t touched by the ‘IDF sniper’?

still shot

Palestinian rescuers observe Shemaly’s ‘death’

Here’s a close up of the ISM crew filming Shemaly’s ‘death’.  


Are we to believe that, shortly after the moment captured in this frame, the ISM activists and Palestinian rescuers decided against retrieving the body, turned around and simply fled the scene?

Why won’t ISM publicly release the full unedited video, so that these questions – and those posed by Thomas Wictor – can be answered?

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  1. A very dumb post. No one is stupid enough to go and retrieve the body of someone who’s just been killed by sniper fire, unless that person wants to die too. There are reports that some people even died because their relatives could not evacuate them due to IDF fire, check the press. Clearly Mr Levick never set a foot in a war zone.

    • Noam there are reports that there are signs of intelligent life between your ears.
      But nobody believes it because there is no evidence of it.

      Now piss off back under your rock.

    • Hmmm. So the alleged IDF sniper (for some reason) decided against killing the ISM activists and Palestinian rescuers while shooting Shemaly (even though they were right next to him). But, we’re supposed to believe that the IDF would have opened fire on the rescuers and ISM activists if they had merely retrieved the body? Please explain how this makes sense.

      • Dear Mr. Levick, have you been in Gaza yourself? Have you reported from war zones? Are you a journalist?

          • Who won’t you answer his question, Mister Levick? Are you a journalist? Have you worked or reported from war zones?

            • “Who (sic) won’t you answer his question…”

              Dear Dud, before you start demanding answers to questions learn how to write and phrase them in English first.
              You illiterate anti-Semitic twat.

    • What happened to Foley explains why journalists nowadays will side with terrorist groups like Hamas to protect themselves.

  2. Between the New York Times, Newsweek, Times of London, Daily Mail, Vice News and Adam Levick, I trust the New York Times, Newsweek, Times of London, Daily Mail, Vice News.

    • Yes, I’m sure each of those publications took the time to conduct their own painstaking and thorough investigations into the matter.

        • Teheran Times is stocked with journalists. What does such a commonplace tell about bias? Nothing, idiot.

        • “Each of these publications is stocked with journalists, rather than lobbyists like here.”
          Very good then, tell me which of these papers’ journalists independently verified the ISM’s account. BTW, ISM is a group which lobbies for the destruction of a country. Nice company you keep.

        • “Each of these publications is stocked with journalists”
          Perhaps then, they should pull a few from the shelf and send them out to investigate.

      • These publications, with journalists on the ground, certainly know more than a blogger writing from his living room.

  3. “Here’s a close up of the ISM crew filming Shemaly’s ‘death’. ”
    Not to mention that the person who took that photo of the man filming would presumably be right in the line of fire.