What the Guardian won’t report: new evidence about Hamas Human Shields

The following information was recently released by the IDF, adding to the already widespread evidence that Hamas has continually employed the tactic of ‘Human Shields’ throughout the conflict – a blatant violation of international law that the Guardian continues to ignore or even justify.

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    • Saw on TV there are also claims that IDF soldiers made use of “human shields” in Gaza. Why isn’t CIF Watch talking about it?

      • Saw on TV there are also claims that IDF soldiers made use of “human shields” in Gaza.
        Yes Mr. Moron there are such claims. Syrian and Iranian TV are full of them, they even don’t need reporters they know this already from their holy books the Koran, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and from the Mein Kampf. You shouldn’t waste your time to watch these, just open your own well read copies.
        Why isn’t CIF Watch talking about it?
        Cifwatch publishes a lot of materials about the subject, try to find on the site the stuff about anti-semitic blood libels. You will easily recognize yourself…

      • “Why isn’t CIF Watch talking about it?”
        Because it’s a lie and it didn’t happen? BTW where did you read that?

  1. I like to think that the Left’s refusal of acknowledging that fighting a missile war from urban areas is using human shields at all times is a phantom debate. Like so many details in this dynamic the hypocrisy bottom fell out a long time ago. Where were the masses in London when Assad killed hundreds maybe over a thousand sleeping people in a single night with chemical agents ? Where were the screaming children ? Have you seen Max Blumenthal’s twitter feed lately ? How that man sleeps at night I do not know. Frightening.

  2. I’m seriously confused with the counting of the innocent civilians killed in Gaza.
    Will these 11 be considered victims of the IDF and Israel’s “disproportionate response”?
    I need urgent lead from the local “human rights warriors” like Noam of Thousand identity and/or Sencar…

    • stop with the human shields bullshit, or the Israeli population could be blown sky high for having nuclear weapons, the human shield argument could be used there too. this site has zero credibility after the recent slaughter and attempts to make propaganda like the “human shields” bullshit legitimate, when it clearly is ludicrous

      • So, it’s ok for Hamas to use human shields and then blame Israel because Israel may have a nuclear deterrent which they’ve chosen not to tell anybody about.

        I can tell you’re not really George Orwell. He was smart.

        • Orwell my number is out of date. Hamas already executed 18 Palestinians. I can understand your frustration due to your inability to participate as a member of the execution squad. Maybe next time…

      • ‘Noam’ what is wrong.
        Is it that the truth is too uncomfortable for you to admit?
        Or is hiding under a rock with the rancid smell of your fear and in a pool of your own urine and excrement more than you can stand?

          • oh well you are right that justifies israels wholesale slaughter of innocent men women and above all children, what else could israel do but kill them all , i look forwards to the future of such a moral righteous state , the pariah state of the planet backed armed and eeeeeeeenabled by the good old USA your bosses

            • Let me see – we drop 5,000 bombs and kill some 2,000 people. The claim of “wholesale slaughter of innocent men women and above all children” is not only pathetic but moronic.

              Compared to the rest of the world that kills between 3 and 10 civilians for every combatant in far more rural engagements and Israeli’s 1 to 1 ratio. It is the rest of the world that has to come up to our standards.

              As for the USA – we did it without US aid thanks.

              Hope your Islamofascist friends decide to come for you soon.

              • we drop 5,000 bombs and kill some 2,000 people. The claim of “wholesale slaughter of innocent men women and above all children” is not only pathetic but moronic. Read your sentence again especially the kill some 2000 people bit , and then tellme who the moron is, what were they guilty of, what had they done , please tell me!

                • …and then tellme who the moron is, what were they guilty of, what had they done , please tell me!
                  If you insist…You are not only a moron but you must have serious problems with your anger management skills too. Be careful Orwell your arteries will burst in any second now! (If it happens inside your cerebral mass then you don’t have to worry, no damage can be done there.

                • You are lying. You asked for an answer regarding your intellectual abilities and I answered it fully. I it was clear enough, then let me repeat: Yes Orwell you are a moron extraordinaire.

                • Most were combatants. The rest were hostages.

                  The Geneva Convention is really clear on the subject – Hamas is responsible for each and every death.

                  Again – compared to anybody in else in the world we have the lowest civilian to combatant ration in the history of modern warfare, challenge that moron

            • ‘Noam’ even by your low standards that is a pathetic reply.
              As I am in a generous mood I will give you another chance to enthral me with a display of your critical and analytical talents.

              So once again ‘Noam’ I am waiting to read your point by point critical analysis and justification of the contents of the captured Hamas document.

              Of course you may choose to ignore my request to display your analytical talents, and instead treat us all to another display of your posts which look as if they have been written by a dyslexic Chimp with a sledgehammer on a broken keyboard.

              But that is up to you ‘Noam’.

      • The only ludicrous is your pathetic attempts of diversion and projection. Hamas brags about targeting civilians and using their own as human shields.

        It takes an utter moronic racist to deny what they clearly articulate.

      • Israel have nuclear weapons, but they aren’t _USING_ them… You truly write some superior nonesense… And Hamas “human shields” “bullshit” is well documented.

    • Hamas count everyone who dies as civilians killed by Israel. Nobody dies of natural causes during the battle and murdered collaborators are always added to the score.

      • 1.2 million v 106,000 must be disproportionate too. No stupid – that merely proves who has better defenses and can shoot better.

        You don’t even know what the term means in warfare. Oh and by the way it is not even a law but that would be too much intelligence for your feeble mind

  3. Talking of locating military targets in civilian areas I wonder whether you would consider the location of the IDF HQ in downtown Tel Aviv as using human shields? Haaretz discusses the matter here:

    No doubt CifWatchers would like Hamas to put their rocket launchers in the middle of a nice green field for the convenience of Israeli bombers.

    Incidentally ther are numerous documented instances of the IDF using civilians (often children) as shields when entering dangerous areas or buildings.

    • If you seriously believe that the IDF headquarters is located in Tel Aviv because the presence of jewish civilians deters jihadists from shooting at it, you are either a massive f**kwit or your intelligence such as it was has been consumed by your own hatred.

      Presumably the MI6 building in London is located there for the same reason.

    • The “Hole” or “Kirya” is not under a hospital or any other public building.
      Yes, it is inside Tel Aviv but hardly inside a house or underneath them.

      I ask you to name me one Hamas base that is not within or under civilian infrastructure.
      Police stations do not count for that matter.

    • IDF HQ is not in “downtown Tel Aviv”, it is on the border with Ramat Gan. Furthermore, when it was built decades ago there was zero civilian housing near there as it was a suburb, what has happened is that in nearly 70 yrs people have built round it. In addition, IDF is moving most of the people out of that building to housing in Beer Sheva.

      This is before even pointing out the clear stupidity of a claim that the IDF put their HQ in a civilian area to deter Hamas from firing on it.

      • “This is before even pointing out the clear stupidity of a claim that the IDF put their HQ in a civilian area to deter Hamas from firing on it.”

        You missed my point. It is not that the IDF deliberately sited their HQ in a civilian area to deter attacks but that the HQ is a legitimate military target and that the IDF risks the safety of civilians by not moving it elsewhere. As Haaretz quotes Prof. Yoram Dinstein, “a world-renowned expert in international law and a former president of Tel Aviv University”:
        “The Defense Ministry, by its nature, constitutes a salient military target and, in principle, to attack it is permitted ‏(including from afar, using planes and missiles‏). The same applies, even more obviously, to the compound of the military high command ‏(the General Staff‏). This gives rise to concern about severe damage to civilians, should a target located in the heart of a densely populated civilian area be attacked.”

        • “the HQ is a legitimate military target”

          Of course it is not. Hamas is not a State at war with Israel but a morally decrepit group of terrorists whose purpose is cruelly evident to all but the most obtuse or those that share their wicked intentions.

        • The Ministry of Defense is being moved from Tel to J-town. The IDF will vacate most real estate in downtown Tel Aviv. Real estate bubble, gotta sell. Then Muslim’s can rocket Jerusalem.

    • Sencar you are more stupid what I thought before (and this is an extremely huge achievement!) Do you think that the IDF has rocket launchers in the Tel-Aviv HQ and launches rockets at Gaza? Maybe there is a secret military airport under it? Some artillery batteries are shooting from its garage?
      No doubt CifWatchers would like Hamas to put their rocket launchers in the middle of a nice green field for the convenience of Israeli bombers
      The sickest BS of the day sencar. If you can’t hide your launching sites then morally acceptable to put them in a kindergarten… The perverted mind of a Jew-hater- sorry a warrior for Palestinian rights…
      BTW What about your lying British doctor friend? Did he apologize after his smears have been debunked?

    • You can’t see the difference between a military office building and an active rocket launcher? Then again “Haaretz” can’t tell either.

    • IDF doesn’t launch rockets from its HQ. Besides, quoting islamofascist Haarets which is notorious for its sheer lies is the worst possible choice. People stopped believing it long ago, that’s why it has the lowest circulation in Israel, but is VERY popular with nazi left progressives like you.

    • The location of IDF HQ is not designed to attract Hamas fire and kill Jewish children. Hamas wants children to die in sacrifice. No comparable action has ever been seen in Israel where absurd examples of soldiers asking a Palestinian to knock on a neighbour’s door to prevent its being blown up are harvested by the Jew haters as comparable to hanging children on fences outside Hamas institutions.

  4. I wonder what will happen to the millions of Syrian refugee’s ? Will the UN found another agency for them and keep them in camps for 60 years ?

    August 1, 2014

    The most interesting article I’ve read in the past 24 hours is an interview with the Israeli novelist Amos Oz, the father of his country’s peace-and-compromise movement, who opened the interview with Deutsche Welle in this manner:

    Amoz Oz: I would like to begin the interview in a very unusual way: by presenting one or two questions to your readers and listeners. May I do that?

    Deutsche Welle: Go ahead!

    Question 1: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery?

    Question 2: What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home or in order to kidnap your family?

    With these two questions I pass the interview to you.

    • welcome to the ken kelso show folks, or goebbels well selected hand picked bits here that seeks to dehumanise the so called enemy for ritual slaughter and make it seem justified ,now where have we seen that before?

      • ‘Noam’ I am still waiting for your point by point critical analysis and justification of the captured Hamas document.
        Are you going to provide it or exercise your other option of behaving like a dyslexic Chimp and keep posting meaningless gibberish?

        • All I know is that 2000 civilians a lot of them children are dead versus 63 Israel dead all military bar two so that’s all anyone needs to know ain’t it , that’s if your not a Zionist fruitcake gerry

          • Ok ‘Noam’ so you confirm that you want to continue posting meaningless gibberish that is your choice.
            But tell me your obvious reluctance to make any comment whatsoever on the captured Hamas document is it due to your lack of intelligence or that you are a spineless coward who is afraid in case he upsets the Fascist thugs of Hamas?

            • You answer for the deaths of all the children first you spineless excuse for a human being Gerry, I am not the one trying to justify murder of children unless they were Hamas agents

              • ‘Noam’ I can smell your fear from here.
                So your answer to the question is?

                In case it was too complicated for you the options are;
                a) you are a retard incapable of analysing the captured Hamas document, or
                b) you are a spineless coward who is too frightened of the Fascist thugs of Hamas to make a comment?

                Which is it ‘Noam’ a) or b)?

      • HOw is showing evidance that Hamas are shooting from schools hospitals and populated ares to do with goebbles? You mean Hamas didn;t shoot from those areas? they didn;t executed 18 arabs in Gaza? I am sure that you can prove that Ken is lying,can you?

      • “ritual slaughter and make it seem justified ,now where have we seen that before?”

        Ritual slaughter? Indeed. Where have we seen this rhetoric used before?
        It is the language of the garden variety anti-Semite, and therefore not surprising that it is being used by fraud Orwell. Perhaps it’s time for CiFWatch to reconsider your posting privileges.

        • Oh please do arguing with likes of you and being barred, for what , what about my right to be heard, some of the abuse that people ,who have the guts to stand up to the paid for propaganda here, suffer, being called all kinds of names , well it would merely confirm double standards wouldn’t it

          • Being called all kinds of names? Not true. Nobody called you a rusty nail for example or a glass of orange juice. All you have been called are the names like Jew-hater, Hamas propagandist, asshole..what else – sorry almost forgot the most matching one – a moron with the intellectual ability of an amoeba and the moral capability of a hyena. Do you think that these names don’t characterize you perfectly? Then you are mistaken.

          • And please don’t confuse our posts with any “arguing” with you, we are making fun of youu and enjoy your obvious uncontrollable rage. Arguing with you would be the same as arguing with a piece of dogshit on the walkway after incidentally stepping on it.

          • Fraud,
            1. You chose to refer to the war in Gaza as a so-called ritual slaughter. Your intent couldn’t be clearer.
            2. On the right to free speech. Yes, in certain countries people have this right, Israel amongst them. In others, e.g., Gaza under Hamas, the Ramallian state of the PA, not so much. At CiFWatch and other websites those rights are circumscribed, although unlike the aforementioned Arab catastrophes at governance, no one here will throw you in jail, torture or execute you, as happened recently in Gaza. You’ll just have your comments deleted.

            • P.S. Also note that the comments policy here is quite a bit more tolerant and liberal than the one used by “the world’s leading liberal voice.”

  6. Orwell, If you’re willing to have a gang of lunatics with bad aim shoot rockets at your home and your children and then invite them in for some kahwa before they slit your throat, that’s fine. Don’t tell Israel how to defend themselves. If you care about Palestinian children, get yourself over to Gaza and tell Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israeli children. I’m sure someone will cut you down after they hang you.

    • Dehumanising the so called enemy again ken , painting them as monsters , it don’t wash with me or the rest of the thinking world , we have all seen it time and again from Gaza, Israel, the cancer on the worlds conscience. Cut it out

      • You mean calling them the sons of pigs and monkeys? Calling them cancer? Orwell you are much bigger an much more poisonous asshole what I thought first and believe me this is a huge achievement.

        • Here’s the appropriate style-guide for members of the Islamofascist terrorist-group known only since 1967 CE as “the Palestinians”:

          1.) Male “Palestinians” between 16-y.o. and 55 y.o. = Terrorists
          2.) Female “Palestinians” between 16-y.o. and 55 y.o. = Terrorist-spawners
          3.) Male/Female “Palestinians” 55 y.o. and older = Retired Terrorists
          4.) Male/Female “Palestinians” under 16-y.o. = Terrorists-In-Training
          5.) Male/Female “Palestinians” under 16-y.o. wearing terrorist emblems, play weapons = Legitimate Targets
          6.) ALL “Palestinians” in earshot of Westerners, media-personnel = Civilians and/or children

      • fraud,
        You believe you’re a part of the thinking world? That’s a rip-roaring laugh. I don’t think so. You’re more like the fine line between comedy and tragedy.

      • Dehumanising Hamas? why for showing them as they are. Israel the cancer? and you whine that you are abused here? Every word you write is an abused of Israel

          • Hamas just shot tousands of rockets knowing Israel will retaliate and what has it achieved ?more dead in Gaza. NO rokcets would mean no dead in Gaza .

          • Orwell:
            “Hamas did not bomb and kill 2000 people”

            Hamas bombed its way to stardom from 1987.
            Hamas has constantly prevented from civilians to leave the strip for medical treatment in Israel.
            Hamas and PIJ have prevented from civilians to seek aid in the now available Erez crossing medical facility ran by the IDF.
            What do you call that if not colpability in Palestinian suffering?