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Mira Bar-Hillel falls for phony ‘IDF’ tweet ‘admitting’ to murdering children

For those unfamiliar with the British ‘journalist’ Mira Bar-Hillel (who contributes to the Independent), here are a few facts about her views on Jews and Israel:

  • She complained that Jews smear people unfairly with the charge of antisemitism to “gag into submission any critic of Israel”.
  • She evoked Nazi Germany in characterizing Israeli racism and IDF military actions in Gaza.
  • She accused British Jews (collectively) of ‘bombing Gaza’.
  • She bizarrely argued that British Jews don’t criticize Israeli actions in Gaza out of fear of being “ex-communicated” from the Jewish community. (She later admitted that she had no evidence to back this claim up.)
  • She has admitted to being “prejudiced against Jews”. (See her exact words)
  • She believes that “the message” of Jews controlling America is “entirely true” and “increasingly so”, and that Jewish lobbyists appear to be picking up some of the ideas from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and using them.

Now, the latest.

Here are two tweets from today by Bar-Hillel, which included a graphic purporting to represent an “IDF tweet”:

Here’s Bar-Hillel’s first tweet, with the “IDF tweet” attached.


And, then, 8 minutes later she asks a few more of her Zionist nemeses to justify the ‘IDF tweet’:


We’re not sure if anyone out there, except Bar-Hillel and her motley crew of retweeters, could possibly believe in the authenticity of this “IDF” tweet “acknowledging” child murder, but, briefly:

It was clearly photoshopped from this real IDF tweet from Aug. 21:

And, the graphic was almost certainly taken from this IDF tweet

Mira Bar-Hillel wants so badly to believe that Israel murders children that she was willing to believe this absurd hoax tweet.

Tell us again why Bar-Hillel continues to pen op-eds for British newspapers (on the topics of Israel and antisemitism!) and lands interviews with the BBC and Sky News, on similar topics, as a ‘representative’ of the British Jewish community.

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  1. She is not getting interviewed on Sky & BBC because she “represents the Jewish community”, as you put it, it is because she is an anti-Jewish Jew and that is what the media love to peddle to stir things up in the UK

    • I agree with you! This is an attempt to pit Jew against Jew. That is why Gerald Kaufman, Bar-Hillel, Ilan Pappe and Gideon Levy are given so much prominence. There is an amazingly outspoken supporter of Israel by the name of Colonel Richard Kemp. However, he is not invited to appear on BBC, Newsnight or Channel 4 to offer his view of Gaza in spite of the fact that he has just returned from spending a month there with the IDF. I guess Col. Kemp’s opinions that are based on fact do not fit the anti-Israel / anti-Semitic agenda that British news stations employ. I despair every time the self-hating Jewish journalists are quoted because it kind of implies that if even JEWS don’t support Israel, then Israel truly must a pariah state. What are we to do?

    • I actually read an exchange she had with some of her followers where she freely admits this is the case (that the only reason she gets air time is because she is an anti-Jewish Jew) She then goes on to say that this is the only good thing there is about being a Jew.

      • I believe that she is somewhat “disturbed.” Someone so filled with self-hatred is very near to self-combustion.

  2. “..the British ‘journalist’ Mira Bar-Hillel ”
    Sorry Adam we in Britain maybe guilty of all sorts of horrors in the past and present but Mira Bar-Hillel is not one of them.

    ;journalist’ who holds a British passport is more accurate.

    • There is a lot of discussion about depriving “British” jihadis who do their ghastly thing in Syria and Iraq of their citizenship. If ever there was a just case for doing so and not offending Jews, it would be depriving Bar-Hillel of hers.

  3. SHMULEY BOTEACH pretty much described the Hamas child abusers Israel is dealing with.
    Shmuley Boteach
    Battling dark emotion at the Gaza border
    SHMULEY BOTEACH August 13, 2014

    From there we drove to an army base right by the Gaza border. There we met a 35-year-old Golani commander who was one of the most impressive people I’ve met in years. On the first day of the ground invasion his battalion of 600 were involved in heavy fighting against the Hamas terrorists.

    “On a battlefield,” he explained, “there is something called a dead zone. It’s the territory that is controlled by your enemy and open to their fire. It’s difficult to move from one point to another in a dead zone. But in this war,” he continued, “we saw Hamas fighters moving through dead zones holding 5-year-old children in front of them as human shields. I am a father. I cannot even begin to understand the mentality of a fighter who would use a child to protect himself. Are these even men?”

  4. how can a fool like this be employed by a serious newspaper? mind you, they also employ fisk…….need I say more. (Actually, yes! They also employed Johann Hari……)

    • Adam, they employ people like her because they are like-minded and/or just like the controversy her writing cause. They are not interested in honest journalism. These papers are like some tabloids. You know the kind, that which you see in the checkout lines. Garbage!
      What a way to make a living.

    • Because fact-based news no longer registers with those with the concentration spans of goldfish. No, they need their high emotion fix – preferably hate-filled, which gets clicks to blogs and sells newspapers, which is why this wretch and others like her are given house room.

  5. I get nervous when I think about this ridiculous lady and the hatred she disseminates against the jews and Israel. If jews are so wicked as she says, why the hell is she still alive?

    • Yossef, the notion of cherem has been dispensed with in Judaism now. We should force Rabbis of whatever religious stripe to reintroduce it for the likes of Bar Hillel

  6. I’m just wondering how much column space, air time AND credibility are given to deranged Brits who think the UK is the worst country on earth and its government and citizenry are unspeakably evil.

    • Yes and no. I think there’s narcissism there and probably severe personality disorder but I think she’s more borderline personality disorder than anything else. One clue is that she’s cast all reasoned argument to the four winds because she wants revenge. She believes that Jews have betrayed her and takes this very personally. A first order symptom of borderline personality is idealisation or denigration – ie the sufferer may treat you with adoration/reverence provided that he/she gets what is wanted from you, but woe betide you if you disappoint even if you are unaware that you have or don’t mean to. Then you become an enemy.

      Borderlines don’t just want revenge, they want to grind their adversary into the ground.

  7. Let me say, that her smile was somehow frightening, from the start, now we know the reason: the poor girl.

  8. This woman is both vile and crazy. Must have something to do with living in the shadow of a brilliant and successful father, sister and niece. Her twitter responses to CIF are downright juvenile and unbefitting a professional journalist. Someone should copy them and send them to the editors of the serious media outlets who seek out her opinion as they demonstrate how unprofessional and foolish she is.

  9. Pppfff, in the end she’ll meet her maker just like the rest of us….for eternity!!!she can give plenty of account then.