CiF Watch prompts correction at the Indy over Hamas executions claim

An Aug. 22nd article in The Independent by Kashmira Gander about the war in Gaza included the following passage in reference to the recent public execution of 18 Palestinians by Hamas.
orig 2

 However, there were widely reported public executions in Gaza much more recently than the 90s.

So, it clearly is not accurate to claim that the recent public executions in Gaza were the first since the 1990s.

After our communication with Indy editors, they deleted the sentence which claimed that these recent executions were the first in the enclave since the 90s.

We commend Indy editors on their positive response to our complaint.

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  1. Do you think they’ll be sending out a correction/apology to everyone who read the original piece in the printed edition?

  2. You should not commend the editor. REnough is enough. How many more errors should we have to highlight until heads start to roll?
    It is their duty to get facts right first time every time. I can tolerate an error regarding a subject once a few months but when this happens more frequent we either have a rubbish journalist that needs sacking or the paper’s doing this intentionally.

    • Yes, I feel frustrated too. It’s as though we are playing ‘catch up’ all the time in trying to combat and disprove the lies, myths and fabrications against Israel. It is a full time job for to do as witnessed here. The lack of journalist integrity in the UK is appalling.