Bizarre claim in the Guardian: ‘Red roofs are mandatory in Israeli settlements’

What can ‘forensic architecture’ reveal about the conflict in Gaza?‘, Guardian, Sept 1, focuses on the Haifa-born, London educated architect Eyal Weizman, evidently famous in some circles as the “chief proponent of “forensic architecture”, which analyzes the “impacts of urban warfare” for clues about the crimes perpetrated there.

When he looks out across the landscape of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, as he does in the film The Architecture of Violence, to be aired on Al Jazeera today, [Eyal Weizman] sees a battlefield. “The weapons and ammunitions are very simple elements: they are trees, they are terraces, they are houses. They are barriers.”

In the kitchen of his east London home…he says the most obvious and contentious aspect of what he calls the “architecture of occupation” is the system of Israeli settlements. Perched on West Bank hilltops, they are strategically positioned, according to Weizman, so that they look out over the Palestinian valleys and towns below, in order “to dominate”.

Then, the kicker:

Each of the uniformly suburban-looking houses – all with mandatory red roofs so that on flyovers the Israeli army know[s] not to target them – is “itself like an optical instrument,” he tells me.

As bizarre as this claim is, amazingly it has been advanced previously.  Just a few months ago, the Chairman of Norwegian People’s Aid, Finn Erik, said pretty much the same thing at a lecture in Norway.  But, as popular blogger Elder of Ziyon demonstrated, there are multiple reasons why this claim doesn’t withstand even the slightest scrutiny.  

  • Most Palestinians in Judea and Samaria live in areas A and B under control of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The PA has full responsibility for zoning and import of building materials, including the type of roof tiles that can be used. There are no Palestinian regulations that prohibit the use of red roof tiles.
  • Israel has no laws or regulations that prohibit the use of red roof tiles in Area C which is under Israeli control. This means that both Arabs and Jews who build in this area can use red roof tiles in their houses, if they want to. 
  • The Israeli air force uses precision weapons that can hit its target with great accuracy both day and night, and is completely independent of the color of the house or on the roof tiles.
  • Most Palestinian houses do not have red roof tiles is that they do not tile their roofs at all. The traditional Arab architecture in the area includes a solarium that can be used for different purposes.
  • A number of houses built in recent years in Arab settlements in Israel, Judea and Samaria, have red tiles.

Photo from Elder of Ziyon

Additionally, Elder noted that Israeli aircraft does not bomb houses in Judea and Samaria. And, indeed, as far as we can tell there hasn’t been an air strike anywhere in the West Bank, for any reason, since the height of the 2nd Intifada.

Finally, an article by architecture critic Ran Shechori  published provides a bit of history on red-tiled roofs in Israel:

Since there were no local skilled builders at the beginning of the 19th century the English had even been forced to import stonecutters from Malta no antagonism was felt towards the foreign styles that sprouted on the local landscape. Consciously or not, that century witnessed the belated victory of the Crusaders, with the creation of a Christian presence in the Holy Land, which took over the educational and welfare system and began the Europeanization of this part of the world.

The local population began to copy the European styles of building. Wealthy Arab families who had left the Old City began building villas and mansions in the European style, albeit heavily decorated with traditional Moslem embellishments. The cities that were then growing adopted European terraced housing and the sloping red-tiled roofs.

The Jews, who had lived till then in homes rented from Arabs, also began to establish their own independent neighbourhoods. Mishkenot Shaananim (lit. “tranquil dwellings”) was the first such area in Jerusalem. It was built with the help of the British philanthropist, Sir Moses Montefiore, in 1860, as a series of long buildings topped by sloping, red-tiled roofs

Red-tiled roofs, which came to symbolize the Jewish presence and represented the idealized “home”;

Just as in the beginning, the Israeli still sees the red roof as a status symbol.

As Matti Friedman explained in his masterful essay at Tablet Magazine, one of the iron-clad rules of media coverage of the region requires that “every flaw in Israeli society is aggressively reported”, to which he should have added: even those ‘flaws‘ which are merely a figment of the increasingly wild anti-Zionist imagination.  

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  1. “Forensic architecture” in general sounds like post-modern clap-trap to begin with. And when applied to Israel one can get truly creative.

  2. I was born and grew up in a building with a Red-tiled roof in South Wales.
    Now I understand why it wasn’t bombed by the IDF. I’ve always wondered why, so thank you Eyal Weizman.

    • When people like Eyal Weizmann comment out of self loathing and need for controversy to make a name for himself, they come up with this kind of nonsense. It really only appeals to those who already hate Israelis. I would like to see Eyal answer some of the comments posted here. When there is no honest defense, what kind of defense would he use?

  3. Since I don’t have red tiles on my roof I have to wonder why I haven’t ever been bombed. Must have missed my house and those of my neighbors because none of us have red tiled roofs.

  4. I heard other story about red roofs in Israel. It were german Tamplers in Sarona that started use it first in 19 century.They had factory in Jaffa that produced ceramics.

  5. The documentary by Aljazeera is a bizarre attempt to damonize the Zionist entity on the day it has announced the acqusition of further lands from inconsiderate land lords to build homes to settle the homeless.

  6. There are settlements with mandatory building codes. there are settlements with mandatory flat roofs, there are settlements where everybody builds how they like.

    Funny how you can write about housing patterns and forget to mention the prominent minarets which embody Muslim domination.

  7. Use Google Earth to see the way things are, without mediators.
    Red roofs are easily visible – In Zone A under PA and in Arab villages in Israel

    Surprise: In Remal,Richest neighborhood in
    Gaza, there are quiet a few houses with red roofs, (31 31 N, 34 27E)
    But don’t tell Hamas, as the owners might face execution , charged with
    spying for Israel.

    • Actually that’s why Israel didn’t managed to stop the firing of rockets. They didn’t want to bomb this area because they thought it might be a settlement…

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    • ‘Former BBC manager Neil Masterson, 39, is alleged ‘

      He should be an interesting person to talk to. (Needs some punching practice though. The Gorgeous One didn’t even have any bones broken.)

      On a more serious note. Violence is unnecessary in dealing with GG. The majority of people see him as a ‘bad joke’ and those in Bradford who voted for him should consider the way his constituents are now viewed in the rest of the UK.

  9. Naturally the Guardian will publish the most bizarre and idiotic bullshit about imagined Jewish wrongdoings. They only follow their ancestral traditions learned from the Stuermer. I’m looking forward to read their new translations of the protocols….

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  11. One can suggest that red roofs could be an Achilles hill because the Jordanian, Egyptian, Iraqi, iranian, Syrian or any other attacking pilot could easily find them.

    What a load of rubbish.
    Clearly his parents wasted their money by sending him to Uni.

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