Read Adam Levick’s op-ed at The Independent

Adam Levick had an op-ed published today at the The Independent, (‘Yes, pro-Israel Jews lobby the Gov’t, and like all UK citizens they have every right to do so‘, Sept. 2), in response to an Independent op-ed by Mira Bar-Hillel (The truth about pro-Israel lobbies, Sept. 1).

You can read it here.

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  1. Adam – just one caveat. You’re not from the U.K., so you may be unaware of the traditional view that there is no official Jewish lobby in the U.K., just individual Jews who may wield great personal influence. It’s not the same thing.

  2. With respect, Bar Hillel writes an obscure column on the housing market for a local evening newspaper. She’s hardly Pulitzer Prize winning as a journalist. The Independent is now a newspaper for sixth-formers. It has a problem with Israel. Nothing will change it. Not many people read it. Kudos to you for rebutting her nasty article but all it does is reflect the brokenness of who wrote it.

    • Don’t underestimate their circulation or their traffic volume. I think it’s about half of the Guardian’s. All these newspapers trickle and combined it becomes a flood. They don’t write as much about Israel as the Guardian, but when they do it tends to be even more vicious.

  3. ‘The Independent is now a newspaper for sixth-formers. It has a problem with Israel.’

    Well. I feel sure that quite a few of their subscribers are wage earners and, if any are persuaded by Adam’s Op Ed that The Independent is an anti Israel obsessed rag, and cancel their subscription, that would be a victory of sorts.

    It’s the same commenting on CiF. Point out the constant misrepresentations and manipulations of the readers opinions, and assuming that the comments are not deleted, some Guardian subscribers may ‘see the light’ and cancel their subscription. Thereby bringing forward the eventual Guardian closing date.

    People do change you know. I have changed. I used to read the Manchester Guardian to get news. Now I read it to see how they are manipulating facts to present their degenerate ‘progressive’ world view. They may think of course, that more hits improve marketing their advertising. Well. Personally, anyone advertising in The Guardian is a ‘No No’ for me and I suggest that I am not alone bearing in mind the increasing number of commenters BTL who are articulating horror at the delusional Guardian World View.

  4. Well done, Adam, especially the punch line at the end which underlines the solitary exception to normality Jewish citizens still have to face.