Top 7 anti-Jewish comments by The Independent’s Mira Bar-Hillel

Mira Bar-Hillel is a journalist for the London Evening Standard and op-ed contributor for The Independent, who’s also been interviewed by both the BBC and Sky News on the topics of Israel, British Jewry, and antisemitism – this despite the fact that Bar-Hillel acknowledged being prejudiced against Jews and has a record of engaging in anti-Jewish racism.

Here is a list of her anti-Jewish claims, which we’ve compiled during the course of frequent posts about her op-eds, media appearances and Tweets:

1. She admitted to being “prejudiced against Jews”. Here are her exact words:

The Jews of today scare me and I find it almost impossible to talk to most of them, including relatives. Any criticism of the policies of Israel – including the disgraceful treatment of Holocaust survivors as well as refugees from murderous regimes – is regarded as treason and/or anti-Semitism. Most papers and journals will not even publish articles on the subject for fear of a Jewish backlash. Goyim (gentiles) are often treated with ill-concealed contempt, yet the Jews are always the victims. Am I prejudiced against Jews? Alas, yes.

2. She complained  (in an op-ed at The Independent) that Jews smear people unfairly with the charge of antisemitism to silence and “gag into submission any critic of Israel”. 

3. She evoked  (in an op-ed at The Independent) the ugly Nazi-Zionism analogy in characterizing Israeli racism and IDF military actions in Gaza. 

4. She accused British Jews (in a series of Tweets) collectively of ‘bombing Gaza’.

5. She argued (during a BBC interview) that British Jews don’t criticize Israeli actions in Gaza out of fear of being “ex-communicated” from the Jewish community.

6. She expressed (in a series of Tweets) her belief that “the message” of Jews controlling America is “entirely true” and “increasingly so”, and that Jewish lobbyists appear to be picking up some of their ideas from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and using them.

7. She complained (in an op-ed at The Independent) that the pro-Israel lobby is multi-tentacled. (Indy editors later removed the words “multi-tentacles”)


Snapshot of cached version of passage from Bar-Hillel’s op-ed

As we’ve argued previously, it’s truly difficult to understand how a reputable publication like The Independent (which claims to take antisemitism seriously) can continue publishing op-eds by someone with such a well-documented history of advancing explicitly antisemitic tropes.


Headline from official Independent editorial on Oct. 4, 2013, denying that the paper engages in antisemitism


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  1. It’s evidence of their particular psychological sickness and delusion and therefore difficult to shift. Bar-Hillel is, quite simply, beyond any pale you may think of.

  2. I think the interesting thing about all of this is not Bar Hillel’s loathing of Jews so much as the way what she says is obviously quite acceptable to the Independent.

    Clearly her comments slip under the radar of any editorial concern that they permit anti-Semitism to be expressed in their paper.

    They simply do not recognize it even when it is thrust in their faces because is is so common and so accepted and acceptable in the UK. It is about as controversial in England as the weather.

    • A newspaper that publishes a column by Mark Steele that calls Israelis “child murderers” can’t surprise us anymore. Two weeks ago they published a column by Illan Pappe accusing Israelis (as a society) of striving for “racial purity” and being supremacist.

      They openly and proudly flaunt their hatred of Israelis. Not just of Israel as a country, but of Israeli people.

  3. The Indy is more of a sad joke than Al Guardian. It seems to be only read in North Oxford around the Oxfam HQ.
    Every headline in the print edition is alarmist and twisted.

  4. The only reason that Illan Pappe and Bar-Hillel are given inches of columns by the Independent and The Daily Hamas is because it’s a legitimate way for a newspaper to spew anti-Semitism if the hatred is coming from Jews themselves.

    The same old ‘defense’ is banded around by editors whenever Pappe or Bar-Hillel’s comments have been challenged, such as: ‘How can they be anti-Semitic? They are Jews!’

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