CiF Watch prompts correction to Telegraph claim about Unit 8200 letter

Unlike the Guardian, the Telegraph’s coverage of one protest letter by 43 Israelis – threatening that they’d no longer serve in the IDF’s 8200 intelligence unit due to their opposition to “Israel’s military occupation over the territories” – hasn’t been at all obsessive. In fact, they’ve only published one story on the row to date – an AFP piece titled ‘Elite Israeli soldiers refuse to fight against Palestinians‘, Sept. 12th.

However, the report did contain a clear error, in a passage suggesting that the Israeli soldiers complained, in their letter, of “targeted assassinations”.


After contacting Telegraph editors and demonstrating that “targeted assassinations” was not mentioned in the letter, they wrote us back and informed us that have “removed the term ‘targeted assassinations’ from their online copy“.

Here’s the revised passage:


We commend Telegraph editors on their prompt and positive response to our complaint.

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  1. Nice. But one still has to wonder how “targeted assassinations” got into their article in the first place.

  2. THANK YOU to everyone at !

    If not for you guys, lies and misrepresentation about the true facts surrounding Israel’s military operations would go unnoticed and, more important, remain uncorrected.

    Much harm has already been achieved with the original publications of erroneous narratives [and the newspapers and media well know this] simply because readers don’t always read the newspapers’ retractions.

    As I said before, if not for you this situation would be even worse than it already is.

    Shame on the Telegraph. Shame on ALL you journos out there that are complicit in this web of deceit.