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“Neo-Nazi” talks at Max Blumenthal’s anti-Israel event in Parliament: Clip Update.

Cross-posted by Richard Millett.

Last week I posted about David Thring, considered a “neo-Nazi”, who spoke at a Max Blumenthal event in the British Parliament about Israel. The event was sponsored by Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Thring’s past behaviour probably needed more of an explanation so here is a clip of some of his past activities. In the beginning is audio of one of the organisers of the event warmly inviting Thring up to the stage to speak.

Pertinent questions that the clip asks is why was a “neo-Nazi” invited by the organisers to speak at an anti-Israel event in Parliament and when will opposition to the Jewish state be seen for what it really is.

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    • What a relief that he is admitting that. So the Neonazis/Antizionists can`t rely on him ASAJew.

      • Really, when reading the Guardian I feel like I am entering the Twilight Zone. It’s the Outer Limits of Israel/Jew hatred.

    • Shlomo Sand –
      Now there’s a guy wasting his life in a psychological prison. No, Schlomo, the Israelis didn’t build it and neither did the Jews. It’s all yours and you’re stuck. You suck, you schmuck.

    • SS (Shlomo Sand) is a product of Marxism & he materializing history as numbers & fractions & not as tales & spirit. being expert (?) in modern French culture he is not a real scholar of Jewish history. Reading his 3 books in Hebrew I find them well written but as well rotten at the same time. He aggregates and segregates information according to contribution to his own Stalinist political “thesis”, and avoids from competing conflicting information. As he wrote at the opening of his first book he “doesn’t undertake his historic story as complete and reliable but as personal understanding”. So why should we take seriously?

  1. I thought Max was a Jew – he must be one of those self hating one – mind you it is better person who hates his own wrong doings than the one who hates everybody else to the point of killing them

    • “Israel does national socialism better than the Germans ever did”

      Can you substantiate that claim with verifiable evidence?
      Or, are you just typing meaningless phrases that you don’t understand?

    • Are you seriously suggesting that the video you have posted constitutes verifiable evidence that, in ‘T’s opinion, “Israel does national socialism better than the Germans ever did.”

      It would also be helpful Jane if you learn the obvious difference between hearsay, opinion, and verifiable evidence. It is a huge difference and is obvious to anyone with intelligence and the power of rational thought. However based on your current and past posts both intelligence and rational thought are clearly beyond your limited abilities.

  2. The left loves to think that bigotry and racism are anathema to its core beliefs, but this self-righteous complacency to the spiteful, parochial chauvinism of the British left-wing intelligentsia is best illustrated by the Oswald Moseley’s defection from the Labour Party to form the British Union of Fascists.

    Corbyn, that sanctimonious Israel hater, is probably oblivious to the historical parallels between his ‘progressive’ world view and the national socialist principles on which his obsessive hatred is founded.

  3. Gerald Varifiable evidence is one that is ceritifed by the highest Zionist Authority. Anything else is not acceptable. The highest Zionist authority can always take a coin out if its pocket proving that he lived in that place 3000 years ago. No authority on earth or in the heavens can contradict him. That is the fact in Alice in Wonderland.

    • So ‘Jane’ to cut through all the waffle and Bullshit you have posted, your answer is that you do not have any verifiable evidence.
      Why am I not surprised that you try and cover up your lack of knowledge, honesty, or any form of morality with an outpouring of meaningless nonsense.

  4. Gerald living as you do in wonderland why my knowledge of lack of is of such concern to you. What is moral in wonderland only Gerald knows. I hear killing children is the highest form of morality in your kingdom. Is this blood libel you think? Do I fuck in care?

    • ‘Tehran Jane’ your posts are getting increasingly weird and detached from reality.

      “Do I fuck in care?”
      Who knows whether you do or do not.
      But clearly I know you should be ‘in care’.

      Preferably in some type of secure mental institution, perhaps you already are judging by the meaningless drivel you post on this site.

    • Jane: “why my knowledge of lack of is of such concern to you”

      No ability to self reflect and consider the hypocrisy of your God given right to scrutinise and criticise the Jews, while you sit in your ivory tower, free from any reciprocation. That’s the mind of a European imperialist.

    • “I hear killing children is the highest form of morality in your kingdom.”

      Jane Mardell: A child anti-Semite speaking out on behalf of some children, but not Jewish ones, of course.