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Guardian fails to report antisemitic comment by Tory MP

Last night in London, British lawmakers passed a non-binding resolution recommending that the “Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel as a contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution.”  

While the most morally obtuse comment during the debate belongs to Sir Richard Ottaway, who said that Israel’s “annexation” [sic] of 950 acres of the West Bank outraged him “more than anything else” in his political life – suggesting that terror attacks by Islamists on Western civilians, mass slaughter and systemic repression of human rights in the Mid-East come are less outrageous than the ‘horror’ of potential Israeli homes on a small stretch of land near the green line – another MP’s comments represented an altogether different level of political pathos.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said the following, a comment unreported by the Guardian despite their otherwise extensive coverage of the UK Parliament’s debate over Palestine:

“Does my hon. Friend agree that, given that the political system of the world’s superpower and our great ally the United States is very susceptible to well-funded powerful lobbying groups and the power of the Jewish lobby in America, it falls to this country and to this House to be the good but critical friend that Israel needs, and this motion tonight just might lift that logjam on this very troubled area?”

Translation: Since US government policy in the Mid-East – even under a liberal Democratic President – is effectively controlled by Jewish money and undue Jewish influence, it is up to the UK, free of the yoke of such powerful Jewish lobbyists, to speak truth to power.

Bridgen is of course not the first British politician to advance such tropes, and it is indeed horribly dispiriting that, a mere seventy years after the Holocaust, with Jews representing less than 2% of the US population, the charge that organized Jewry is too powerful and is manipulating US foreign policy for its own nefarious ends is fashionable within certain circles.

The Tory MP from North West Leicestershire can now be counted among the herd of ‘independent thinkers’ in the UK who – behind the veneer of respectable, sophisticated British politics – proclaim in all seriousness, without in any way being haunted by the toxic history of such an idea, that Jews control Washington.  

It should be clear – whether such smears against historically oppressed Jewish communities are uttered by Liberal Democrats, Labourites, or Tories – that the only honourable response by genuine anti-racists is a an unqualified and firm moral condemnation – which of course means we can expect the Guardian (despite their brief flirtation with moral sobriety in a recent editorial) to maintain radio silence on the crude anti-Jewish bigotry on display last night at Westminster. 

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  1. “Bridgen is of course not the first British politician to advance such tropes….”

    Tropes can be true….

        • sencar, have you been chatting to your facsist friend again?
          Oh dear.
          Why don’t you ask Walt and Mearsheimer to talk about the influence of the UAE, Qater and Saud in our everyday lives.
          From advertisments, football, airports all the way to politics, arms dealings and foreign relations.

        • Why not just recommend the protocols, sencar, just as trustworthy, no?

          Or you might note that the American public sympathizes (rightly) with Israel’s plight. It’s not because Americans don’t understand, but because we do.
          Or one (not you, of course) could simply take a good look at your own house, i.e., the “anti-racist” house of cards called Europe, always ready to sell out the Jews for its own ill-conceived interests. Just the fact that your MP’s can speak of Jewish power and never actually have to use the word evil for it to mean just that, means you still have a dominant strain of this racist bigotry in your culture. Back to the drawing board. But here’s another phantasy for you: such individuals regarding themselves as enlightened liberals.

        • A new meaning of ‘massive evidence’ is introduced, reminding of the thirtes when facts were scare and the lies inflationed.

            • Sure you “thought not”, but I suggest to you to write: “No, I didin’t thought and I won`t neither in future.”
              I don`t need a PDF, I bought the book when it appeared in print, but I assume a book is too lenghty for your low attention span.

    • If anyone is interested in the kind of anti-Semitic gentile filth that pushed Jews into gas chambers, I suggest that they look no further than sencar. When he isn’t down the pub or scratching his backside, I imagine he may even be open to interviews.

  2. I have always found the charge that in the US, a small section of the population could have such control, amazingly off the mark. Such assertions lead inevitability to increasing antisemitism among the wider population.

  3. It’s a Christian lobby, not a Jewish lobby.

    And what’s wrong with lobbies? What’s wrong with anyone wanting to advance their hopes and perspectives?

  4. I had the misfortune to watch Channel 4 News from London last night. Their pro-Palestinian reporter Jonathan Millar, who covered the recent conflict in Gaza faithful to the Channel 4 News/Jon Snow line, was outside Parliament giving us his two cents’ worth. Then we were treated to some carefully doctored ‘facts’, a mere travesty, about the creation of Israel and why Britain has a special responsibility to help Palestine.

    I wish someone would start a Channel 4 News Watch.

  5. Little comment on Milliband’s bizarre strategy of a 3 line whip for those who attend to vote in favour plus active discouragement of the many pro Israel Labour members including those in the Shadow Cabinet not to attend and spoil the spurious show of unity.

  6. “it falls to this country and to this House to be the good but critical friend that Israel needs, and this motion tonight just might lift that logjam on this very troubled area?”

    So far up their own arses; the right honourable members of the political establishment in Britain really have no idea how they look to the rest of us.

    • “it falls to this country and to this House to be the good but critical friend that Israel needs, and this motion tonight just might lift that logjam on this very troubled area?”

      The foul stench of self-serving sanctimonious bullshit.

  7. Talk about clutching at straws!! That’s all you can come up with. Bibi’s gonna take back his shilling if you’re not careful.


  8. Looking at the comments recently, it’s just a mutual congratulations society. Nobody’s reading you anymore. You all sit together in your data centre pumping out comments that nobody reads – except me occasionaly – I love a bit of comic relief!

    Keep it up folks! You’re doing fine.

    • The comedy is the MP’s standing there with their pants down, taking it long and hard in the butt from their paymasters. Kind of like you.

  9. Ottaway
    I was a friend of Israel long before I became a Tory. My wife’s family were instrumental in the creation of the Jewish state.

    Can somebody enlighten me about his wife´s family and what it has to do with his vote?

  10. Well Fritz I’ve looked him up on Wikipedia and have learned that his wife’s name is Nicky who was formerly an TV executive. (I am sure someone will be able to do better than that.) You’ve got to hand it to Ottaway though… “I’ll have you know that some of my Machatonim are Jews……” is a most original variation of the usual “some of my best friends” gambit.

    • Exactly the same as “some of my best friends are Jews therefore I can spout Jew-baiting garbage with impunity”, yes. It’s not even particularly original – Atzmon et al got there first with “I am a Jew therefore I can spout Jew-baiting garbage with impunity”.

      • It`s quite a big word to be instrumental in the creation.
        So I wonder which family it could be.

        • Might it mean “My family wasn’t actively involved in supplying arms to the Arabs, we merely cheered them on from the sidelines”?