Guardian claims Israeli officials dismiss European critics as “Nazi-hugging antisemites”

Do Israeli officials or those closest to Binyamin Netanyahu dismiss European critics of Israel as “Nazi-hugging antisemites”?  

The Guardian makes such a claim in an analysis (MPs’ vote on Palestine state recognition is part of growing international trend, Oct. 13) co-written by their Middle East editor Ian Black and Jerusalem correspondent Peter Beaumont.

Here’s the passage in question:

Anecdotal evidence suggests Israeli officials now discount criticism from Europe as coming from “Nazi-hugging antisemites” or “fucking Europe” – an expression that has apparently enjoyed some vogue among those closest to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister. European diplomats admit that this has led to a Catch 22 situation, making it harder for supporters of Israel to communicate the message that Israel risks becoming more internationally isolated.

A Google search of the term turned up almost no hits, save this reference in an Oct. 18th article (five days after the Guardian piece) in the Economist titled ‘Recognising Palestine: A State of things to come‘.

Here’s the passage:

To downplay the significance of the vote, Mr Cameron abstained. Yet this might also reflect growing ambivalence towards Israel, some claimed. After siding with Israel early in the Gaza war, Mr Cameron denounced Israel’s post-war landgrab as “utterly deplorable”.

That growing concern has had little discernible impact on relations. Bilateral trade has risen 28% year-on-year. And Israel can be thick-skinned about how the world views it. “There’s a bit of a tendency to write off Europeans as Nazi-hugging anti-semites,” says a Western diplomat in Tel Aviv.

As you can see, the Economist’s version is a bit different than the claim made by Black and Beaumont, as the magazine merely cites an unnamed European diplomat who seems to be using his or her own words in loosely characterizing the general sentiment of some Israelis towards European critics of the state.

It may be extremely difficult to definitively disprove, but we remain extremely skeptical of the veracity of the Guardian claim – one which just so happens to overlap with the Guardian Left canard that sincere critics of Israeli policy are routinely accused of antisemitism by prominent Israelis and their supporters.

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  1. So let me get this straight. Anecdotal Evidence is used to tarnish an entire state of Jews, and I’m not allowed to call the Guardian an anti-Semitic shitrag.

    Got it!

  2. Let’s face facts – the Eurotrash supported the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s and since then have supported the Islamofascists that state that Hitler was too mild on the Jews and that they are going to finish the job Hitler started.

    Is there really any difference? The Eurotrash are Nazi-hugging anti-Semites.

  3. Anybody who is familiar with the book of Ian Black about Israel`s secret services knows with whom he sides.

  4. The anti-Semitism of the guardian has reached the levels of Nazi Germany and the USSR.
    Sick and repellant anti semitic lies and propogande. Those leftists are the Haman of our generation.

  5. Why don’t we reduce it ton a simplicity that all can grasp; “Population exchange”, the poor 1948 Palestinian refugees exchanging their Nakba for the 1948 865,000 Jewish refugees from North African countries now Jew free.No financial claims because some Arab countries have expunged the records of Jewish ownership.

  6. The Guardian might find itself in an uncomfortable position in the not-too-distant-future when Isis et al come closer to home but refuse to distinguish between the Guardian & the rest of the kuffirs.

  7. The article’s authors had it all wrong from the opening sentence “High-octane debates are nothing new in the tangled history of the Middle East’s oldest conflict.”

    The Middle East’s oldest conflict started fourteen centuries ago the Shia and the Sunni and continues on its murderous path to this very day. Are these so-called Middle East reporters totally ignorant of the history of the region?

  8. “The Guardian”, otherwise described by a European diplomat as the “Volkischer Beobachter”, is an Islamofascist-hugging newspaper. And Shameless Milne is as daft as a brush!

  9. As for me, I would not use the term Nazis, as that is reservered for Nazis. However, “Fucking Europe” could not be more descriptive.


    • Anyone who calls for the Jews to be murdered is a Nazi in my book. Anyone who roots for Nazis is a Nazi in my book, including the Guardian.

  10. Europe are cowards when it comes to defeating Islamic terrorists.
    What was the turning point in Israel defeating Palestinian terrorists.
    It was Israel killing Hamas mass murderers Yassin and Rantisi.
    How did Europe react? As usual they appease Palestinian barbarians.
    European Leaders Condemn Yassin Killing
    Published March 22, 2004

    European governments condemned Israel’s killing Monday of Hamas (search) leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin (search), with several branding the airstrike a violation of international law and a blow to the stalled peace process.

    The foreign ministers of the EU nations appealed to Israel and Palestinians to “refrain from acts of violence, which will only lead to more deaths and will put a peaceful settlement (of their conflict) still further from reach.”

    Yassin, the founder of Hamas, and seven others died in a sunrise helicopter missile strike outside a Gaza City mosque. He was the most prominent Palestinian leader killed by Israel in more than three years of fighting.

    Israeli officials said Yassin was responsible for scores of suicide attacks Hamas has unleashed since 2000. Palestinian militants vowed revenge attacks against Israel and the United States.

    In a statement, the EU foreign ministers said Hamas was guilty of “atrocities … which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Israelis” and that Israel has the right to protect itself against terrorist attacks.

    “Israel is not, however, entitled to carry out extra-judicial killings,” the EU statement added. It said Yassin’s assassination “has inflamed the situation … Violence is no substitute for the political negotiations which are necessary for a just and lasting settlement.”

    British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Yassin’s assassination would not make Israel any more secure.

    Straw spoke of “Israel’s paramount need to defend itself” against terrorists, but if it wants “the full support of the international community, it needs to do so within the boundaries set by international law.”

    Baroness Symons, a minister in the British Foreign Office, called in Israel’s ambassador to Britain, Zvi Shtauber, to express the government’s concern over the killing.

    She told Shtauber that while Britain believed Israel had a right to defend itself, its actions should stay within international law, the Foreign Office said.

    EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana called it “very, very bad news for the peace process.”

    German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said he was “deeply concerned about the possible consequences,” such as an escalation of violence.

    French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin (search) said the killing “amplifies the cycle of violence.”

    De Villepin urged Palestinians and Israelis to recommit to the peace process that is jointly endorsed by the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations and foresees a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Yassin’s Hamas opposes that effort and is committed to destroying the Jewish state and replacing it with an Islamic one.

    Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said the EU has long opposed “extra-judicial killings.”

    He said that reviving the peace process will not be any “easier when you have killings like that going on in Gaza. Terror and violence is not the way ahead.”

    Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Petersen urged both sides to curtail violence and implement the U.S.-backed “road map” plan for Mideast peace.

    “This act will contribute to increased tensions in the area and will make it more difficult to implement the road map for peace and a possible Israeli withdrawal from Gaza,” he said.

    • Oh yes, that mythical ‘international law’.
      There were explicitly Nazi cartoons in prominent British newspapers at the time.

    Bin Laden versus Yassin
    Op-ed: Hypocritical world that slammed killing of Hamas’ Yassin now lauds bin Laden hit
    Manfred Gerstenfeld
    Published: 05.03.11

    The flurry of international reactions to the killing of Osama bin Laden by the American army provides Israel with a great opportunity to demonstrate the double standards applied against it by so many in the Western world and elsewhere. All one has to do is compare the reactions of major institutions and leaders with those after the death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. This leader of the Hamas terrorist organization was killed by Israel in 2004. He was directly responsible for many lethal attacks on Israeli civilians including suicide bombings.

    On Monday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told reporters that “the death of Osama bin Laden, announced by President (Barack) Obama last night, is a watershed moment in our common global fight against terrorism.” Yet after the killing of Sheikh Yassin, then-UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said “I do condemn the targeted assassination of Sheikh Yassin and the others who died with him. Such actions are not only contrary to international law, but they do not do anything to help the search for a peaceful solution.”

    The now-defunct UN Commission on Human Rights condemned “the tragic death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in contravention of the Hague Convention IV of 1907.” At the Security Council, the US had to use its veto power to prevent condemnation of Israel.

    After the Bin Laden killing, the leaders of the European Council and European Commission stated that his death made the world a safer place and showed that terrorist attacks do not remain unpunished. Following the Yassin killing, then-EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana said, “This type of action does not contribute at all to create the conditions of peace. This is very, very bad news for the peace process. The policy of the European Union has been consistently condemnation of extra-judicial killing.”

    British Prime Minister David Cameron congratulated President Obama on the success of the bin Laden assassination. Cameron considered it a massive step forward in the fight against extremist terrorism. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair also welcomed bin Laden’s demise.

    However, the killing of Sheikh Yassin was called by the then-British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw “unacceptable” and “unjustified.” The official spokesman of then-Prime Minister Blair condemned the “unlawful attack“ and observed: “We have repeatedly made clear our opposition to Israel’s use of targeted killings and assassinations.”

    A case of anti-Semitism?
    France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy hailed Bin Laden’s killing as a coup in the fight against terrorism. He called President Obama, praised his determination and courage and all others who had pursued the head of al-Qaeda for 10 years. Sarkozy added that the two heads of state had agreed to continue the just and necessary fight against terrorist barbarity and those who support it.

    Yet after Sheikh Yassin’s death, a French Foreign Ministry spokesman, Herve Ladsous, said, “France condemns the action taken against Sheikh Yassin, just as it has always condemned the principle of any extra-judicial execution as contrary to international law.” Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin declared that “such acts can only feed the spiral of violence.”

    German Chancellor Angel Merkel said at a recent press conference, “I’m glad that killing bin Laden was successful.” She also called it “good news.” Then Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer had stated after the killing of Sheikh Yassin that “the German government is deeply concerned about the development.”

    Russia released a statement regarding bin Laden which the Voice of America quoted as saying that retribution inevitably reaches all terrorists and that Russia is ready to “step up” its coordination in the international fight against global terrorism.” After the Yassin assassination, a foreign ministry spokesman said that Moscow was deeply concerned about the situation.

    President Abdullah Gul of Turkey declared that the killing of bin Laden was a message for terrorist organizations all around the world. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had called the killing of Yassin “a terrorist act” and said that “the assassination was not humane.”

    This comparison gets even more meaningful when seen in the context of the definition of anti-Semitism as regularly used in the European Union. It was prepared by one of the EU agencies. It gives examples of the ways in which anti-Semitism manifests itself with regard to the State of Israel, including the following: “Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.”

    Israel could considerably improve its public diplomacy by using the comparison of the two killings and other comparisons of events which occur with great frequency to stress such double standards. This is one of the many ways that Israel can fend off at least part of the unjust criticism against it.

  12. The Guardian supports Palestinian racists like Abbas.
    Abbas toughens law against Palestinians selling land to Jews
    Following East Jerusalem acquisitions, PA ups penalty to hard labor for life; Fatah spokesman calls land solicitors ‘traitors destined to die a humiliating death’
    October 21, 2014

    Reacting to a number of high profile sales of Palestinian homes to Jewish organizations in East Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has toughened the penalty for citizens selling property to Israelis.

    According to the official Palestinian Wafa news agency, Abbas on Monday imposed a sentence of hard labor for life on “anyone diverting, renting or selling land to an enemy state or one of its subjects.”

    Jordan’s penal code number 16 article 114, applicable in the Palestinian territories, previously subscribed “temporary hard labor” to perpetrators of the crime.

    Palestinian government and civil society reacted angrily to the recent acquisition of 26 apartments in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan by Elad, an Israeli foundation dedicated to the settlement of Jews in the historic City of David.

    On Sunday night, Jews entered 10 apartments in two buildings bought by another Israeli nonprofit, Ateret Kohanim, in a different part of the neighborhood.

    The Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported the buildings were sold by their owners to a man named Shams al-Din al-Qawasmi, who sold them to Jewish groups.

    An Ateret Kohanim spokesperson said the nonprofit facilitated the purchase on behalf of an overseas company called Kudram. Haaretz reported the purchases were made through a straw man.

    In the closing statement of a conference Monday night, Fatah’s Revolutionary Council accused Palestinians who sold their Jerusalem Palestinian properties of “high treason,” calling on the government and legal system to “take the necessary steps to deter them.”

    The movement also called on the public to “boycott and humiliate them on all popular levels.” Abbas’s decision was issued immediately afterward.

    “Those whose sick souls allowed them to sell their land or homes, or enable such sales to the enemies of the Palestinian people, are a gang of traitors to their nation and religion,” said Fatah spokesman Osama al-Qawasmi in a statement published by Wafa. “They have brought shame and scorn upon themselves in this world and in the afterlife.”

    “One would rather die than sell his honor and betray the most sacred land in the world, saturated with the blood of prophets and martyrs throughout history,” he added. “Those traitors are destined to die a humiliating death.”

    Indeed, the PLO’s Revolutionary Penal Code (1979) applies the death penalty both to traitors and to those accused of “transferring positions to the enemy.” Since the late 1990s, Palestinian courts have been dealing out death sentences to convicted land dealers, though Abbas has not authorized the implementation of executions since his election in 2004.

    But details of the suspected property salesmen of Silwan have been disseminated on Palestinian social media Monday.

    While Palestinian law does not apply in East Jerusalem, Bassem Eid, a Jerusalem-based Palestinian civil rights activist, says he has followed cases of Jerusalemites kidnapped in the city and tortured to death in Ramallah by the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security Agency.

    In 1997, Farid Bashiti, an Israeli citizen, was enticed to Ramallah and murdered for his involvement in property sales. An Israeli court recognized Bashiti as a terror victim in February 2000. Another person, once a resident of the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem, Eid recalled, was abducted from Damascus Gate in the Old City and died of torture in a Ramallah prison.

    “I didn’t see Israel raise hell over the arrest of these men,” Eid noted. “If a Jew were kidnapped in Ramallah, I presume Netanyahu would shut the city down.”

    According to Eid, the Palestinian Authority takes advantage of Israel’s complacency about Jerusalem residents to intimidate and persecute those suspected of property soliciting. But the new law will do little to stop the phenomenon, he said.

    “Those who want to sell land don’t go consulting Abbas,” Eid said. “The PA only finds out about them when they leave the country and go live abroad.”

  13. As Caroline Glick said, the fact that the Palestinians from Fatah and Hamas alike are Jew-hating racists should surprise no one who has been paying a modicum of attention to the Palestinian media and general culture.

    Since the PA was established in 1994 in the framework of the peace process between Israel and the PLO, it has used the media organs, schools and mosques it controls to spew out a constant flow of anti-Semitic propaganda. Much of the Jew-hating bile is indistinguishable from anti-Jewish propaganda published by the Nazis.

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