Indy buries shooting of Yehuda Glick, focuses instead on Temple Mount closing

For the second time in a week, the British newspaper The Independent has buried the lead in a story involving a Palestinian terrorist attack on Israelis.

We recently noted that an Oct. 23rd article in the Indy featured news on a briefly detained Palestinian stone thrower, while relegating the terrorist murder of a Jewish infant to a relatively brief mention at the end of the article.

Now, here’s how the same paper covered yesterday’s news regarding the shooting of Rabbi Yehuda Glick by a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem. 


Here are the first two paragraphs:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has denounced Israel’s closure of a mosque in East Jerusalem as “tantamount to a declaration of war”

Israeli police shut access to the whole of the Al-Aqsa compound, also known as the Temple Mount, to all visitors following the shooting of far-right Jewish activist Yehuda Glick on Wednesday.

The article would suggest that the Israeli response to the attempted murder of Glick, to prevent further violence, is of greater importance than the terrorist attack itself.  Indeed, out of 13 total paragraphs in the article, only 3 deal with the shooting. 

The Independent’s editorial focus in these latest two articles represents yet another example of the British media’s myopic and often obsessive scrutiny of every Israeli act, as well as their failure to take Palestinian extremism and  violence seriously.

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  1. Well, the Independent makes the Guardian look like The Daily Zionist. The last time I read it, it made me feel physically ill.

  2. Everybody is doing this. PBS NewsHour teaser last night was about “ANOTHER Palestinian man shot dead by police in Jerusalem.”

    This is a Western media issue. No one said Canadian Police Shoots A Man Dead Outside Government Buildings or Car Drives Off Road; 2 Canadian Soldiers Involved.

    And no one is talking about the hospitals currently being bombed in Falujah or wherever today’s fight against ISIS has taken the US military. And no one is demonstrating those bombings because OBVIOUSLY there aren’t any citizens anywhere in ISIS-controlled territory.

    And blah blah blah blah…..

    Happy Friday, folks!

  3. Every media calls Rabbi Glick a “far-right Jewish activist” for advocating equal access regardless of religion and promote religious tolerance on all sides.

    The terrorist thug that shot him is only referred to as a ‘Palestinian’ when he was a convicted terrorist.

    Rabbi Glick is as far-right as Prime Minister Netanyahu. They are both very much left of center compared to just about anybody else.

    I wonder what euphemism they would employ if Israel ever elected somebody that was a bit more to the right? Like Bennett, Feiglin or Danon?

  4. Opendemocracy distributes propaganda of IS, besides the usual bashing of zionism

    Interestingly the first letter doesn`t link IS with Hamas and Gaza, but the second does following the lead Kerry has provided. This Obama administration is really dangerous, undermining the west morales and politics.