CiF Watch prompts correction to UK newspaper claim Jews ‘stormed the mosque’

A few hours ago, we posted about a wildly inaccurate and propagandistic headline in a Nov. 2nd article at the British newspaper, The Telegraph.


We noted that (contrary to the headline’s suggestion) the Jews in question had not attempted to enter, “storm” or force their way into the al-Aqsa Mosque.  Rather, they attempted to pray at the Temple Mount compound (the holiest site in Judaism), the general site where the al-Aqsa Mosque is located.

Though the subsequent text of the article clarified what actually occurred at the Temple Mount, we expressed our concerns to Telegraph editors that the headline would likely mislead readers, and they agreed to revise it accordingly.

Here’s how it appears now:


We commend Telegraph editors for the substantive correction.

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  1. The Israel-hating Oborne writes for the Telegraph. Otherwise the paper isn’t too bad. The BTL comments, though, are frequently rabidly anti-Semitic, even worse than CIF.

  2. I imagine they are a bit disappointed, because “storm” is much more dramatic. Like “Storm trooper”.

  3. Still not okay. “Jewish protestors provoke authorities at al aqsa mosque’ is still prejudiced, biased and racist.