Guardian falsely claims right-wing Jews want to pray ‘inside al-Aqsa Mosque’

Whilst there is indeed a movement to allow Jews to pray at the Temple Mount (the holiest site in Judaism), there is no movement by religious Jews to pray inside the al-Aqsa Mosque, a mosque located on the Temple Mount compound.

Yet, a Guardian video (which accompanied a Nov. 5th article by Peter Beaumont) on the recent terror attack in Jerusalem, as well as ongoing Palestinian violence on the Temple Mount, included the following claim about the ’cause’ of the violence at the Mount, at the 1:23 mark into the video:

insideIt’s noteworthy that CAMERA’s Israel office recently prompted a correction at CNN over a similarly false claim – in a photo caption which erroneously alleged that Yehuda Glick, the Israeli shot in Jerusalem last week by a far-right Palestinian extremist, “advocated Jewish access to Muslim holy sites”.

Glick – as with other Jewish activists – is an advocate of Jews’ right to pray at the Temple Mount, not “inside the mosque”.

CNN corrected their false claim about Glick.

We’ll see if the Guardian will correct their false claim about “demands” by “right-wing” Jews.

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  1. As a Jew I wouldn’t mind visiting the Temple mount and the al-Aqsa Mosque as a tourist. What are the odds of making such a trip unscathed?

    Maybe the Guardian should write one day about the decades -ong intolerance and violence of Muslims on the temple mount. Nahhhh.

    • I’ve done it. Was uneasy but I was not harrased.
      Magav allowed me to go through knowing who I was and I shown respect to the people inside those places as a tourist would.

      These days I wouldn’t dare going there again, let alone with my kids.

      • I went there in September when I was staying in Jerusalem for a few weeks. It was before the latest spate of riots and terrorist attacks, and was quite pleasant. I got into a good conversation with an Israeli Muslim woman, after she asked me to take her photograph on the stairs going up to the Dome of the Rock plaza. Once things have calmed down (I certainly hope they do!) I don’t think there’s any special danger in going there – as long as one adheres to the rules.

        • That’s nice to hear. I will consider it, then. I happened to be in Jerusalem on Friday morning and there was indeed heavy police presence in the entrances to that whole area, just like they are reporting. Let’s hope things will settle down soon and it’s not a start of another Intifada…

  2. If it was true, this is such a benign “threat”. Apparently, though, it’s fitting for the Guardian to advocate that the fear of this ever taking place is reason enough to launch Molotov cocktails at unarmed citizens praying at the Holiest Site in Judaism and/or run over crowds of people.

    The Guardian is an obstacle to peace.

  3. The Arabs have been pouring this noxious b.s. into sympathetic British ears since the 1920’s. The British have a disturbing history concerning anti-Jewish rhetoric.

  4. Glick was presumably refering to the grounds of the Temple Mount. Even I (!) know that site is not just a Muslim holy site.
    Where on earth did the Guardian get the inside-the-mosque line from?

  5. Al Antisemite Guardian in his self imposed role as exposer of scandals covers the tax haven Luxembourg extensively, but forgets to mention
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    In 2008 Al Guardian explained the deal this way.
    Already in <a href=""2009 and in 2012 there were a lot of critic and rumours about the Al Moralist Guardian.

    Well, it has some experinece in denying.

    • That’s a very good observation! Maybe it’s part of their Orientalism where Arabs have no independent thought or opinions and are only described vis-a-vis Israel.