What the Guardian won’t report: The role of incitement in fomenting terrorism

Despite the recent briefing for foreign reporters by Yossi Kuperwasser of the Israel Strategic Affairs Ministry on the role of Palestinian incitement in the recent wave of riots and terror in Jerusalem, we don’t expect journalists to deviate from their normal script which effectively blames Jewish prayer right activists for the Palestinian violence.

For those interested in learning more about this rarely covered and extremely dangerous phenomenon, here’s the slide show given by Kuperwasser to reporters, which includes examples of Palestinian officials glorifying terror, demonizing Jews and denying Jewish history.

(Youtube videos weren’t successfully embedded into the slide. So, you’ll need to click on the Youtube links to open a new page.)


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  1. You must have been asleep at the wheel when you posted this heading: won’t report on the ‘The role of incitement in fomenting terrorism?!’ How Ironic!

    Surely you’re referring to Bibi’s well documented anti-Arab rhetoric , designed to fuel the flames and encourage dumb-ass Israelis’ to act with impunity – to the point that they burn alive a 17 year old Palestinian boy? You think these things happen in a vacuum?

    I tell you what Adam – the reason you run a faceless blog and post ridiculous factless nonsense is because you don’t have the moral integrity or strength of character to go ‘online’ and face your critics. The reason you hide behind an army of ‘trolls’, all of whom appear to have the logical reasoning power of a 9 year old, is that you have nothing to say that could be defended in public.

    Why not critique the process from both sides, like a journalist would?

    Oh, I forgot: you’re not.

    • ‘Tamara’ I am STILL waiting for you to answer the questions put to you over a number of days.
      By now even you, and the other retard ‘Kelvin’, should have been able to string together a few words to form coherent sentences and answers. That you have failed to do so is bad enough, but that you have again attempted to cover up by writing a load of bluster and bilge compounds your glaring inadequacies.

      Bye, bye ‘Tamara’ and or ‘Kelvin’ you should go back to playing with a balloon on a stick if, of course, that is not too intellectually challenging for you.

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          • don’t worry, we are all retards…but, as a retard who respects international law, I find your views on Palestine perplexing, especially the decision to ban a doctor (!) from Gaza because he helps the wounded and ill.

            I wonder who else thinks that this is an inspired decision?

            • don’t worry, we are all retards……
              Don’t tell us something that we know already.
              Tamara your wannabe Mengele doesn’t support any Palestinians (exactly like you don’t) he actively supports terror against Jews. As I said your love of him is natural and logical. He doesn’t treat anybody only produces fake wounded for the press.
              Anyway he could go to Gaza from Egypt too. Do you have any idea why he didn’t try the Rafah crossing?

            • ” as a retard who respects international law”
              Translation: Turns law on its head to justify and cheerlead international lawlessness and criminality.

            • ‘Tamara’ once again you attempt to deflect attention from your gross inability to answer questions.
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              Then you have ‘copy and pasted’ this little gem, “I find your views on Palestine perplexing, especially the decision to ban a doctor (!) from Gaza because he helps the wounded and ill.”

              My views on Palestine are what exactly?

              When did I take the decision to ban a doctor (with or without an exclamation mark) from Gaza, or anywhere else, because he helps the wounded and ill ?

              You see ‘Tamara’ that is your problem, you are a self-confessed retard who just ‘copies and pastes’ the words of others without being able to comprehend the meaning of the words they are posting.
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                • The Antisemite Tamara vilifies the memory of the Holocaust. The Antisemites have turned from desecrating Jewish cemetaries to vilifying the memory of the Holocaust, belittling, denying or mocking.