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Suggestions for Palestinians who want to ‘ease tensions’ in Jerusalem

Though Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry and Jordan’s King Abdullah met recently to address the “recent surge of violence in Jerusalem”, the herds of independent minds in the UK media have essentially settled on a narrative to explain the “tension” in the holy city: that demands by some Jews for prayer rights at the Temple Mount incite Palestinians, thus increasing tension and violence. 

Whilst even beyond the UK media, most opinion leaders have narrowly focused on what Israeli leaders can do to calm the situation in Jerusalem and prevent an escalation, we here at CiF Watch tend to fancy the progressive notion that Palestinians possess moral agency, and therefore have a role to play in any plan to address rising tensions. 

So, inspired by a recent post at a site known for its decidedly unconventional take on the news, here’s our list of ways Palestinians can “ease the tension” in Jerusalem.

1.  If you’re a Palestinian driving your car in Jerusalem, resist the urge to slam your vehicle into a crowd of innocent pedestrians merely because they’re likely to be Jewish.  The impact of two tons of steel crashing into a human body tends to break bones, rupture organs and cause death for those in the vehicle’s path – thus escalating tensions in Jerusalem.

2. If you’re a Palestinian and happen to be carrying a knife in Jerusalem, resist the urge to stab someone with it merely because he or she is a Jew.  Knives tend to damage organs, cause profuse bleeding, and could cause death – thus escalating tensions in Jerusalem.

3. If you’re a Palestinian and happen to be carrying a gun in Jerusalem, resist the urge to shoot a Jew merely because you disagree with his or her political beliefs.  Bullets can cause massive hemorrhaging, rupture organs and result in death or serious injury – thus escalating tensions in Jerusalem. 

4.  If you’re a Palestinian and you hear radical Islamists or even “moderate” Palestinian leaders warn you that the al-Aqsa mosque is in danger, and you must defend the mosque by rioting, attacking Jews or becoming a ‘martyr’, resist this urge. In reality, the mosque is not actually in danger and doesn’t need to be defended.  Further, rioting, martyrdom, and spilling Jewish blood all tend to escalate tensions in Jerusalem. 

5. More generally, if you’re a Palestinian and get the urge to do something that you think might cause Jews to stop living, don’t do that thing.  Again, killing Jews tends to escalate tensions in Jerusalem. 

6.  Finally, if you’re a Palestinian, consider activities with a low risk of killing Jews, such engaging in the political process, organizing a peaceful protest or participating in interfaith prayers at the Mount.  

Trust us on this: activities which tend not to kill Jews are more likely to ease tensions in Jerusalem than activities with a high risk of killing Jews.

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  1. Who good disagree with entering into the political process ‘in good faith’ eh?

    It’s a shame the Palestinians don’t have anyone to negotiate with who can be recognised to be a ‘good faith’ actor, as countless organisations recognise that the Israelis do not enter the process in good faith:

    There’s nothing pithy cifwatch can reply with: there are no organisations that recognise Israel (or the US) as a good faith actor.

    Until that changes the cultural and economic boycott must continue.

    • There goes “Tamara” again, this time lifting the proverbial veil on her antic. A link to a disreputable and discredited hate site, as we had all expected, followed by a bold and supposedly universal claim “she” can’t back up. Such is the life of a Jew hater.

        • Tamara, if we can all leave aside our entrenched positions for a moment, let’s look at what that article says. It says that Livni, the leader of negotiations, believes that 1) compromise will be necessary in order to acheive a just solution and that 2) some hawkish elements in the Israeli government take a hard-line view that no land (or “settlements”) should be given up in negotiations. She expresses the view that the hawks interfering in negotiations by “baiting” the Palestinians (which does not seem to be a very hard thing to do, by the way) is not helpful in the search for a just solution.

          What, pray, is controversial about that?

          May I point out that, as the person appointed by Israel to be the CHIEF negotiator (and therefore surely the person whose statements the Palestinian leadership need to take most seriously) takes these views, this is actually evidence that Israel IS a good faith partner for peace, no?

        • In any case, this argument about negotiations in “good” or “bad” faith is simply a diversion from the point of the above article. Tamara – can you deny the point that actions by Palestinians such as driving into a bus queue or stabbing Jews are actions that are at least partly responsible for increased tensions in Jerusalem?

          • Quite the contrary: the argument about good or bad faith actors and actions goes right to the very heart of any negotiations process, regardless of who those actors are.

            If those involved do not adhere to the spirit and intent of any plan agreed then the whole process is undermined, again, regardless of who those actors are.

            On that note, you will not find any NGO, HR organisations or supranational actors who commend Israel for its good faith negotiations. Not one.

            Why is this? It’s getting tiring to hear you lot dismiss every shred of evidence that Israel isn’t beyond criticism… Only you usual suspects on here believe what you say to yourselves anyway!

            • CiFWatch is in essence an NGO. Conversely you will not find any pro-Israel NGO’s that resort to tactics like Adalah with their anti-Semitic cartoons.

              • NGO. Lol

                It’s a blog

                Minor differences aside, this doesn’t account for the lack of faith that the international community has in Israel’s ability to negotiate in good faith.

                That still needs accounting for.

                • And? You predictably ignore the point about Adalah. StepupforIsrael is another. And it isn’t as if the whole world supports the Palestinians: US, Canada, Australia, Colombia, et al.

                • Tamara says:
                  “International law supports ’67 borders. ”
                  This would indicate that borders were drawn and agreed to in 1967 between Israel and another or other states, because that’s how borders are drawn, i.e., between parties. That’s International Law.
                  For 5 points and a cupie doll dressed in a made in China keffiyah, can you show us the maps used by a) Israel or b) the other party to this agreed upon border, the identity of the other state or states consenting to this agreement, and or the date it was signed by the parties, and or location of the signing ceremony?

                • Israel has NEVER defined it’s boarders… Wonder why? However, that’s not relevant. International law doesn’t require that Israel recognize anything: the Palestinians do not legally or morally require anything from Israel.

                  That’s the beauty of the international community and law is precisely that. Israel can’t be trusted.

                • Israel has NEVER defined it’s borders… Wonder why? However, that’s not relevant. International law doesn’t require that Israel recognize anything: the Palestinians do not legally or morally require anything from Israel.

                  That’s the beauty of the international community and law is precisely that. Israel can’t be trusted.

                • Are you really that ignorant, Tam Tam? OK – I will do your basic homework for you. The borders with Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan have been settled since before the State was even declared. The borders with Syria and the putative Palestinian state that might one day exist on the West Bank are currently cease-fire lines, with final borders TO BE NEGOTIATED. Got it?

        • You only post what is convenient. “There are those in this country who are disappointed that there is no partner [for peace] on the Palestinian side,” Livni, who heads the Israeli negotiating team, with the Palestinian Authority, said at a conference at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

          So Livni has criticized Israel? NOOOOO! STOP THE PRESSES!

    • Tamara’s good faith in shown in

      – being a fake hack
      – always blaming Israel
      – and justifying Palestinian violence
      – by bitching about the universal Jew.

      Your good faith leaders die billionaires, you stupid and worthless shitwad.

    • Tamara, the vilifier of the memory of the Holocaust, otherwise known as Kelvin Holocaustdenier offers a quite good example of the thinking of Palestinians and their friends. A totalitarian mindset.

    • Tamara: “And a lesson to all: disbelieve the Israeli IDF version”

      Herein lies your problem, Tamara. If you only choose to believe or even consider those sources that agree with your own preconceived point of view, you will never achieve any sort of understanding of the true situation.

      Can you not conceive of the idea that maybe, just occasionally, the “Israeli IDF” might perhaps tell the truth? I could give you hundreds of examples, but I doubt you would even read them.

  2. “disbelieve the Israeli IDF version”

    ‘Tamara’ no. I choose to disbelieve the comical and garbled posts, that are an insult to the English language, that you post on this site.

    I note that you cannot make up your mind whether you are ‘Lady Tamara’ or ‘Sir Tamara’. So you are as confused about your own gender as you are about the truth, facts, logic and history.

    • Gender is a social construct, a continuum at best. You’ll have to learn to live with my confusing ‘status’ as a male female hybridity.

      More constructive would be to engage with the substance of the critique, if you can manage it intellectually?, which is that the IDF executed two children.

      Important issue maybe? More important than my gender? Cat got your tongue?

  3. The gorilla is in full-on demented ululating mode.
    Deranged spittle-flecked nonsense even by its ‘standards’.
    I suggest that it’s useless trying to engage it in rational discourse.