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Times of London moves false ‘2nd class Arab citizen’ headline to lead story

As we noted in a post earlier today, Times of London editors chose a headline for an article by Gregg Carlstrom today which leveled a charge not supported by the text, and which mischaracterizes a proposed bill designed to enshrine Israel as “the nation-state of the Jewish people”.

Times of London, Nov. 24

We noted that under two versions of a bill Netanyahu’s cabinet voted to approve on Sunday, the law – which would need to be approved by the full Knesset – would establish “national rights” for the Jewish people (such as the right of Jews to immigrate to Israel), while “equal individual rights for all citizens” would be protected.  

Though the headline was possibly inspired by a stray comment by Yair Lapid, Netanyahu’s minister of finance, who used language echoing the “second class citizen” charge, an accurate headline can not pass off as fact an accusation which is only claimed by some – at least without quotes or some other qualifier.

Recently, we checked the Times of London again, to see if – after our complaint to the paper – they modified the misleading headline.

However, upon glancing at the the home page we noticed that the story is actually now featured on the home page.

lead story

Times of London home page, Nov. 24 (13:30 GMT)

In addition to the extremely misleading headline, note that the story is even more muddled by the photo choice. The Reuters image illustrates a lone (context-free) transitional passage, about half way through the article, about a Palestinian killed by Israeli forces after ignoring multiple warnings while approaching the Gaza border.

Times of London readers who go to the home page of their site are now treated to two of the top memes about the region within the UK media: Israeli racism and Palestinians killed by Israelis – and, due to poor editorial decisions, are now likely to be under the erroneous impression that there’s a “plan” to make Arabs second class citizens.


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  1. The Metro also failed to mention the warnings and warning shots the IDF performed to make the young men stop their approach.
    They failed to mention that the wound was to the man’s leg and that yesterday at the same time another Gazzan was arrested while approaching the Southern Gaza fence with a granade.

  2. And the photo attached to that hack article is of a dead person? Was this the guy who committed suicide that pro-Palestinian peaceniks claim was really lynched by Israel? Because we all know how DOWNRIGHT SIMILAR lynchings and suicides are…..

    Or maybe this is the guy who ran over the baby? Or the one who stabbed the lady to death? (Was that the murder done with a screwdriver?)

    Sorry…. Western Media was saying that they simply Can’t Understand How Israel Can Deny Palestinian Autonomy (despite the 3 peace deals since 2000)….. I kind of dozed off there a bit…..

  3. 5000 Jews live in the 22 Arab countries.
    1.6 million Arabs live in Israel.

    Jews are barred from living in practically all the Arab countries except a few thousand Jews who live in Tunisia and Morocco.

    In Tunisia, only a Muslim President is allowed.
    In Saudi Arabia, only Islam is permitted. No other religion is permitted there
    In Jordan no Jews are allowed to live there.

    In Morocco, you have the president of the soccer federation there preventing Moroccans kids from playing soccer with Israeli kids in France.
    Google this article.
    Moroccan Soccer Fed Protects Kids From Jews
    Jewish Press News Briefs
    June 2nd, 2014

    In Tunisia, you have one of their top Clerics calling for Allah to Annihilate Them
    Google this article.

    Tunisian Cleric Al Suhayli Calls the Jews Apes, Prays for Allah to Annihilate Them

    Also in Tunisia.

    Google this article.
    Arab Conspiracy Theory Preceded Kidnap Attempt of Jewish Boy in Djerba
    By: Shalom Bear
    Published: October 13th, 2014

    Last week, the Tunisian newspaper Alshruk, began making strange claims that ISIS has been kidnapping Syrian and Iraqi children, transporting them to Turkey, and then selling them to Jews in Tel Aviv at the rate of $10,000 a child.


  4. The juxtaposition of the photo with the article on the controversial proposed law gives a biased message. The Times should change it and admit their error.

  5. It’s a shame that The Times seems to be going downhill fast like the Graun. In hard times, journalists know that Israel-bashing has a small but fanatical following. The Times editor is throwing bread and circuses to hungry mob in the hopes it will encourage a wider readership and more advertising space. Arab dictators use Israel to deflect from their own corrupt and failed leadership. The Times ( and the Guardian even more so ) is cynically using Israel for similar reasons.

  6. …but, but, Israel is the state of the Jewish People.
    It is often referred to as the Jewish State, by the very same people putting up a fuss about this.
    Hey Times of London editors,
    Take a look at a map of Europe, and please tell me what all those names mean.

    • It is #not# the ‘state of the Jewish people’ anymore than my car is the ‘car of the Jewish people’, just because I say so.

      Name me one religion that owns/has ‘its own’ STATE, in law? (I did not say name me one state that has a state religion, that’s quite different, legally and politically).

      What is the STATE of Islam then?
      What is the STATE of Christianity?
      What is the STATE of Zoroastrians?
      ….ad infinitum.

      You see the nonsense you’re asking for, let alone that early Zionists noted that Palestine was it was ‘married to another man’ ……

      Awaiting answers!

      • Tamara,
        I’ve suggested that you self-educate. Clearly you haven’t.
        An educated person would know that we are talking about the Jewish People, but instead of coming here to complain about religions why not attend the next meeting of the OIC to voice your complaints.

        BTW, Israel is the state of the Jewish People.

        “What is the STATE of Islam then?”
        ANSWER: Quite a mess, as are you.


        • Don’t be shy Jeff2, want to answer?

          What is the STATE of Islam then?
          What is the STATE of Christianity?
          What is the STATE of Zoroastrians?

          • Hey Jeff 1/Tamara, see my post here – http://cifwatch.com/2014/11/25/times-of-london-again-falsely-alleges-israeli-bill-will-make-arabs-2nd-class-citizens/comment-page-1/#comment-179653

            Do you deny that “the Islamic Republic of Iran” or “the Islamic Republic of Pakistan” are Islamic States? How about Saudi Arabia? Not an Islamic State?
            I think the Vatican City might possibly be a Catholic State, but I may be wrong – it could be a bear shitting in space, I suppose.

            • ‘Judaism as the official state religion’ and ‘Israel as exclusively the State of the Jewish People’ are legally, morally, ethically and politically totally different things. You can’t shoehorn the English language to make it mean what you want, it just doesn’t work.

              If you suggested that Judaism be considered as the, or one of the, state religions, then that would be a completely different thing.

              But you’re not suggesting that, are you?

              Are you?

              • Hey Dude, you got an answer. But it’s not good enough. Because you don’t education. You seek strife.

                That’s why you don’t have a state, and we do.

                Poor, pitiful Sibyl Nazi 39: The One Everyone Laughs At

              • What the hell are you on about? NOBODY is proposing to make Israel a state “exclusively” for Jews. Muslims, Christians and other minority religions are fully protected under both existing and the new proposed Israeli law.

                On the other hand, plenty of people (notably the PA and Hamas, who appear to be the dictators running the show in the putative state) are talking about making Palestine a state where no Jew will be allowed to live. But you’re not supporting that, are you?

                Are you?

          • “What is the STATE of Islam then?
            What is the STATE of Christianity?
            What is the STATE of Zoroastrians?”

            The STATE of Islam is bad. That is because many of its adherents want, and try regularly, to occupy other peoples countries and kill people.
            The STATE of Christianity is not bad, but could be better.
            The STATE of Zoroastrians is something I have no opinion about.

            Do you have anymore stupid questions you retarded sack of shit?