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Exclusive: The four ‘controversial’ words banned at Ireland’s Holocaust event

Further to our post on December 15th about the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland’s (HETI) Holocaust Commemoration event being forbidden to say the word ‘Israel’ or the phrase ‘the Jewish State’, we now have the closing part of 2014 MC Yanky Fachler’s draft speech which evidently so upset HETI trustees.

It seems that (according to our sources) objections were raised over Fachler saying “And we owe it to the victims, to the survivors, and to ourselves, to prevent the memory of the Holocaust being cynically distorted and hijacked by a vicious campaign that denies the Jewish people and the Jewish state – our past and our future.”

Fachler gave in and omitted the phrase “and the Jewish State” because he did not want to cause trouble. Hence the letter – signed by HETI Chair Peter Cassells – dated October 7th to Fachler, saying that in future, MCs would not be allowed to mention ‘Israel’ or ‘the Jewish State’.


HETI Chair, Peter Cassells

Here is Fachler’s draft for the closing remarks of the 2014 Holocaust Commemoration event, along with banned four words:

The Holocaust showed us how science that can heal – was used to kill.

The Holocaust showed us how education that can enlighten – was used to rationalise away basic moral impulses.

The Holocaust showed us how the bureaucracy that sustains modern life – was used as the machinery of mass death.

The Holocaust showed us how easily civilised society can slip into deliberate, cynical and brutal genocide.

As our annual Day of Remembrance draws to a close, every one of us here today – Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Humanist, believer, non-believer – from whatever ethnic, cultural and political persuasion – must make a pledge to truly eradicate intolerance from our midst.

We must drown out the vile voices that seek to deny that the human catastrophe we call the Shoah ever happened.

We must denounce the corrosive rise in racist and antisemitic rhetoric by a malign minority of politicians.

And we owe it to the victims, to the survivors, and to ourselves, to prevent the memory of the Holocaust being cynically distorted and hijacked by a vicious campaign that denies the Jewish people and the Jewish state – our past and our future.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us in this evening of solemn commemoration.

HETI’s efforts to break the link between the commemoration of the greatest crime against the Jewish people and the Jewish state are truly shameful, and we again call on the trustees responsible to resign.

As the UK Board of Deputies commented:

“Israel was the aspiration of so many of the victims of the Holocaust and provided refuge for survivors.  Had it existed earlier it could have been the refuge of so many more.”

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  1. “Israel was the aspiration of so many of the victims of the Holocaust and provided refuge for survivors. Had it existed earlier…..

    … then it would have punished the native Palestinians even more than it does now.

    • Ahh the self confessed retard is maintaining its record of consistency.
      Consistently attempting to re-write history.
      Consistently attempting to ignore inconvenient facts.
      Consistently attempting to twist everything in its desperate attempts to demonise Israel.

      And consistently demonstrating that Darwin was wrong and that in its case evolution has taken a step backwards.

    • Tamara:

      “…then it would have punished the native Palestinians…”

      You mean the Palestinians who wanted the Jews dead like your heroic Mufti?
      Does this make you upset that he didn’t have his way with the Jews?
      Oh! That is upseting isn’t it little Tamara…

        • Tamara!! OMG, missed you so much!! Were have you been all these years? Remember the good times we had? WINK WINK. Hinrich, Osama, Saddam, and all the gang say Hi! Keep up the good work- defending the murder of Jews and harassing them online! We’ll see you here in hell soon enough.

          Your lover
          Joe Goebbels

        • When a troll has nothing other to say than “I’ll eat your mum’s mufti” it must be time to ignore it.

          Stop feeding the troll.

          Starved of the attention it seeks it will eventually dry up and die.

    • Had it existed earlier……………
      Had HETI done a proper job on holocaust education and information instead of getting into this bollox and allowing idjuits like you to re write history to suite your own bigoted and ignorant views ………then this issue wouldn’t even be about .

      Why you troll a Holocaust Memorial issue to rag on about Palestinians . Don’t you have your own little forums to go to ?

    • Ignorant, wicked & obscene beyond measure.
      The Jews ARE the native Palestinians.
      Today’s so -called Palestinians are recent arrivals mainly from Egypt & Syria drawn by economic opportunities created by the Jews.

    • Well, there are so many more “native Palestinians” now than there ever was, you pathetic hack. 7 million? Is that the number these days of those poor, pitiful EVER GROWING number of Palestinian refugees?

      Why Jew hating trash like you gives so much of a shit about .001% of the Midde East just goes to show how truly idiotic and painfully pathetic you really happen to be.

    • [ then it would have punished the native Palestinians even more than it does now.]

      You mean Palestinian Muslims and Christians insisted on punishing Jews with the exile and dispossession imperial Christianity and Islam mandated as Jews’ proper lot for most of the last 2000 years?

      Yes, we know, thank you.

  2. Lynn Jackson is the trustee (and executive director) who should resign. Despite being Jewish she was behind HETI’s edict to the MC, not to mention Israel or the Jewish State.

    • More than that HETI is not fit for purpose . This has all the hallmark of a BDS / PSC initiative who see as part of their strategy the need to cause disharmony leading to an outright schism between the Diaspora and Israel . It’s not as far fetched as it seems . We’ve seen it on campus in the shape of Yachad and their quasi Zionist approach . Also with the Tricycle where British Jews and Film Festival were told to indirectly sever their link to Israel by returning the Embassy sponsorship or lose the use of the theatre . Unsurprisingly , it’s the As a Jew tendency within these organisations who are left to fire the bullets in order to give some pretence of respectability and immunity against the charge of antisemitism which is totally deserved .

      That this initiative has been used to politicise the solemnity of Holocaust Memorial Day takes Israel hate to a whole new level of depraved intent .

      The Embassy and the Jewish Community have been placed in an appalling dilemma . Either acquiesce to the hate and disassociate from Israel or to withdraw with all the attendant problems such a course of action would have including failing to respect the event.

      However I believe that HETI have forfeited the right as keepers of the flame of righteousness and rememberance . The trustees should resign with immediate effect and the current HETI be disbanded . At the very least the Community and the Embassy should withdraw forthwith in order not to provide immunity and cover for this malign attempt to stigmatise and isolate Israel . Beneath contempt !

  3. I suggest a few more inappropriate words that should be banned from the Holocaust event:


    And of course, “Holocaust”.

    Now lets work around that, shall we?

  4. ” that denies the Jewish people and the Jewish state – our past and our future.”

    That is precisely the point.

    There is an ongoing international effort to write the Jews out of their own history. It includes everything from denial that the Jewish Temples existed and the Jewish people lived in Israel, Judea and Samaria to Holocaust denial.

    Ironically, but traditionally, this travesty is most forcibly promoted by the extreme adherents of the two religions derived from Judaism.

    The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn T.D., has appointed Peter Cassells, former general secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, as the independent chairperson of a new group to examine the future funding policy for higher education.

    I wonder, by chance, if that Peter Cassells is related.

    P.S What is the political orientation of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions?

  6. Gerald,

    A few days ago you were writing on a thread here that in the 1970s you used to march on behalf of the Irish Republican cause in England and you complained about police brutality towards such marches. You invited us to ask you about this brutality.

    I didn’t bother doing so because I was in London for most of the period when the Provisional IRA were holding their disgraceful marches from Hyde Park to the Embankment (usually disguised as ‘Troops Out’ and other weasel descriptions). Yet curiously I recall witnessing no police brutality, no shot marchers, no tear gas.

    These things may well have happened in Northern Ireland, but they didn’t happen in England, and I am assuming you were referring to England as you mention police brutality at events like the anti-Vietnam demonstration in 1968 in Grosvenor Square, London,outside the US embassy. Juvenile anti-Israel characters like Tariq Ali were shouting provocations through megaphones and students on full grants were trying to topple police horses, but the level of ‘police brutality’ as you call it was par for the course in the circumstances.

    You mentioned the miners’ demonstrations in the mid-1980s which were indeed marked by genuine police violence. You didn’t claim to be a miner yourself so I assume you were one of the many people from non-mining jobs and areas who went to the picket lines to help the strikers and for that I admire you, but unlike the many victims of the IRA, no miner was shot, no miner was blown to pieces or has spent the last 30 years in a wheelchair because the police set off bombs among the groups of picketing miners and their supporters.

    But let’s have some consistency. If you marched on behalf of the Irish Republican cause (and are a sympathizer still) you can’t surely defend the many murders carried out by the IRA in England — like Arab terrorists, who learnt a great deal in the ways of terrorism from the IRA (itself supplied with arms and money from Libya) — all the IRA’s victims were innocent, and in most cases were ordinary English working class people, some of them children. The IRA taught the terrorists of the Middle East that killing random civilians is more effective in the long run than conventional war.

    I wasn’t intending to respond to your claims about British police brutality but as this thread is about deeply disturbing events in the Irish Republic I find it strange that you can somehow jump from telling us how you went on pro-IRA marches in the 1970s to ignoring the deep anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias of Irish Republicanism and the Republic’s institutions?

    • I missed that post. If Gerald was a supporter of Irish ‘Republicanism’ during the period of vicious murders of peaceful civilians (and, of course, police officers and soldiers) carried out by the IRA all over the shop, and remembering their support (then and now) for genocidal antisemites, then he has no business being on this blog.
      I was in London at that time. Police ‘brutality’? Nonsense.
      The brutality I remember from the miners’ strike is the miners murdering a taxi driver.

      • Leah before you jump in, the same as ‘original moshe’, and jam both feet firmly in your mouth I suggest you read my post first.
        Yes I support the right of the Irish people to have a Republic if they ALL want one.
        I also support the right of the Scottish and Welsh people to have one if they also ALL desire one. And, try and read and understand this, are prepared to bring one about by democratic means.
        Your mistaken assumption that I am automatically a supporter of the IRA, Provisional or Official, demonstrates how shallow your analysis and knowledge of politics is.

        As for your comment about the taxi driver killed by miners, you might remember that act of murder was condemned by most and those responsible went to prison. I don’t remember anyone responsible for the destruction of the mining communities in South Wales or the other mining areas being punished, and by the way I hold Arthur Scargill as responsible as the then Government.

    • You mistake biography as a straight continuum without learning. As leftist I, too, was pro-IRA in the late seventies when the context between PLO, Libya and IRA wasn`t common and obvious. Or the history of Sinn Fein and Nazi Germany. The turns, the twisted biographies are true, not the narratives told afterwards.

    • original moshe, as your first paragraph does not reflect my post and makes several false claims that were not in my post I shall not waste anymore of my time reading the rest of your post.
      Perhaps in future you might care to respond to what is actually written and not what you think may be written, or make a series of false assumptions, then we can have a meaningful exchange.

      • Gerald,

        This, in its entirety, is what you wrote on here on December 13th, 2014. You yourself open your post with a quote from another poster on the same thread.

        “Demonstrations and marches are handled far more heavily than previously”
        [you reply]
        ‘Obviously you are ignorant of the situation in the U.K.
        Ask anyone, as I was, on the marches against the Vietnam war in 1968 how they were handled.
        Ask anyone, as I was, on pro-Irish Republican marches in the 1970s how they were handled.
        Ask anyone, as I was, involved in the Miners strike in the 1980s how they were handled.’
        END QUOTE.

        I have posted this because I would like other readers of this blog to judge for themselves whether my post on this thread, to which you are responding with evasion and sophistry, is fair comment.

        Leah and I have occasionally had words and given each other verbal bashings, but I am absolutely in agreement with her comments here, and not because they coincide with my views, but because she is right and has the courage to speak out. The day after Lord Mountbatten and some of his family were murdered by the IRA the headline in the London Daily Mirror was ‘Those Murdering Bastards’.

        You’ve got a nerve complaining on here about British police brutality towards pro-Irish Republican (i.e. Provisional IRA) marches in the 1970s. Given the murders of innocent people being perpetrated in England by Republican killers on a regular basis at that time, anyone going on a march on behalf of their cause deserved the contempt of all civilized people.

        • original moshe can you tell me which of the events I mention in my post you were involved with or saw with your own eyes?
          If the answer is none, then clearly you are judging the way the Police handled them by reports in the press or second and third hand reports from your fellow right-wing fruit cakes.

          If you and your friend Leah rely on your information from the press, particularly the British press, or second and third hand reports that clearly explains why you are both so ignorant.

          • Gerald,

            You told the thread you couldn’t be bothered to read most of my post while complaining that Leah hadn’t read all yours.

            I’m not claiming to have attended as many demonstrations or been on as many marches as you would like us to think you have, but my first experience of a demonstration was in the summer of 1962 when I was in the front row at Trafalgar Square in London opposing ‘Mosley Speaks’ — actually some of the demonstrators got so violent Mosley himself was stopped from appearing.

            I was briefly filmed by at least two newsreels (Movietone and Pathe) which at least proved to my late mother when she saw one of them that I had spent a useful Sunday afternoon.

            After the demo I joined a group of mainly Jewish anti-fascists in Mannette Street, Soho, off Tottenham Court Road, where we held an informal meeting in the street and inaugurated the ‘Yellow Star’ petition to stop Mosley and others like Colin Jordan from using Trafalgar Square. I can’t now remember whether Mosley or Jordan ever had later meetings there.

            Later that year I saw Mosley up-close in Victoria Park Road, Bethnal Green, surrounded by his bruisers. The police officer in charge stopped him as he was speaking and he was whisked away in a car. I don’t remember any police brutality at these events, nor at any others I subsequently witnessed over the years.

            Tell us, Gerald were you at these events? You seem to imply I couldn’t have been around in your heyday, which is a bit selfish of you.

            Calling me a right-wing fruitcake might make you feel superior but it doesn’t actually make you superior,

            • ‘original moshe’ so your answer to my question, cutting through all your waffle and bullshit, is that you have not attended ANY of the events I mentioned in my post.

              Your attempt to dodge answering the question I put to you, which was clear enough, by diversion is rather pathetic and not worthy of further comment.

              • So? Do you think that only direct first hand witness of events is valid? Or are there other ways to assess what happened during particular events?

              • I dodge nothing.
                I followed my political causes and you followed yours, but I’ve never witnessed police violence or gratuitous brutality at any demonstration or marches in England I’ve participated in — or witnessed — no police truncheons, no guns, no tear gas. I never claimed I’d been physically present at pickets during the miners’ strike, I believe there were incidents when police did use brutality against miners and their supporters, but using your criteria I presumably can’t say that because I wasn’t there.

                And using your criteria Fritz can’t condemn Bloody Sunday because he wasn’t there either.

                I would regard with repugnance any suggestion I’d ever marched in support of the IRA, so obviously no I wasn’t marching alongside you Gerald. I did however see them pass in London with their provocative chants of ‘Victory to—IRA!’ and I saw a British soldier in uniform join such a march as it passed me, and I saw police officers pull him away and arrest him, but if they used any brutality I didn’t see it and I saw one march reach its destination and with no incidents at all as it dispersed after some speeches. I conclude that was typical.

                Unlike you, Gerald, I don’t resort to belligerent language and playground bully behavior if anyone annoys me on here. The cause of Israel deserves better than verbal thuggery that wouldn’t even be allowed on the Guardian’s CiF threads.

                • ‘original moshe’ as usual a long winded post full of ‘wind and piss’.

                  I can see that you are using your usual tactic of avoiding the content of posts you disagree with by posting a long winded reply that has very little, if any, relevance to the content, or in your case alleged content, of the post you disagree with and hope you can bore everyone into submission.

                • No, Moshe, being not present doesn`t mean not being able to judge. May I recommend you to read the report of the Saville inquiry whose members were not present at that day?
                  No one ever disputed that civil persons were shot and wounded, so to make me an example for your absence, for your quarrel with Gerald is a logical fallacy.
                  Well, there should be some reports about poice brutality at the events Gerald mentioned,
                  Where I was demonstrating, there were mostly journalists, not only biased eye witnesses present to report about police brutality, so it couldn`t be denied, but sometimes editors chose not to report. This isn`t a reproach against repression or an imagined police state, just stating facts in a time when no smartphones were available, and demonstration rights were neither self evidently nor were we used not to trespass the limits of the rights.
                  This is due to a special history of demonstrations in Austria which were quite violent since the twenties. Therefore the first generation of politicians of the 2nd Republic tried to impose certain rules, preventing people and parties from taking to the streets till the seventies, mostly sucessfully, with two, three exemptions by left and right extremists.

        • When the British justice exonerated the soldiers shooting thirteen civil persons and wounding a lot at that famous march the IRA instrumentalised that as excuse and rationale to kill civil, innocent persons, a construct which was not figured out at that time, in the heydays of international solidarity. Now it is evident, ´cause we learned and are experienced. The point Gerald tries to say, he and, me, too, made big political mistakes, but we took appropriate actions, but who are you to lecture us? What are your achievements? Or are you born as already politically perfect?

          • Fritz,

            I’m not sure if you are addressing this to me or Leah. However, if you are addressing it to me you are entirely off the target because I most certainly don’t see myself as politically perfect and always so. It took me years to sort out my views and with the world constantly in a state of change I have to keep making adjustments..

            Long before ‘Bloody Sunday’ the IRA were killing innocent people, impeding the fight against Germany in WW2 and were well-known in Britain. Britain has a deplorable record in Ireland, but had Michael Collins rather than Eamon DeValera headed the Free State after independence some of the subsequent problems might have been avoided. Then again, who can definitely say?

            Some years ago I read ‘The Great Hunger’ about the Irish famine and how even when people were dying of starvation in the fields, cart-loads of unblighted potatoes under military guard were being exported to an England that didn’t need them. By contrast Britain could have sent food to Ireland but didn’t.

            If a supporter of Hamas or Hezbollah sincerely changed their political views and morality and came to support Israel I would be absolutely delighted.

              • Amendment:
                Killing innocent people before was not confined to the IRA before the date I adress, on the contrary, but for me as a new generation then ‘Bloody Sunday’ was the then solidarising effect. The long history before was unknown.

                • Fritz,
                  It’s worth reading to see the long cooperation and mutual respect between the Zionists and the Irish seeking independence.
                  There are several good books on the subject but I can’t remember specific names at the moment.
                  This changed badly in the 70’s when the PLO rose to fame and became to be viewed as the under dogs in which Sinn Fein and the IRA youngsters started to support the Arabs.

  7. More important as this hackling is the concurring timeline proposed by the Palestine initiative at the UNSCR and the end of the term of President Obama, certainly a coincidence.

  8. back to matter in hand…………..b4 this thread gets derailed ,
    So what action or remedy can the Israeli Embassy or Mr Faschler or any other guest speaker take ?
    1 boycott and divest and sanction HETI?
    2 Just speak up anyway
    3 Say the speech they want but wear a T shirt of your choice [ unless s there is also censorship of dress code ]
    4 collude with something don’t understand or agree with

    I cant think of any more options as I haven’t drunk enough coffee yet . But please feel free to make better suggestions

    • Go up and speak in Hebrew slowly and quietly saying the “Tikvah”.
      When they stop you, and they will, you then point out and say in english:
      “This is exactly what happened 70 odd years ago.
      So, HETI members, has anything changed?”
      Leave the stage head straight to your car.

  9. When Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower, found the victims of Dachau, he ordered all possible photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead..

    He said ‘Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the track of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.
    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing’.

    yep , that’s where we are heading and HETI who are responsible for preserving the memory and history of the Holocaust are abusing their position
    To deny the linkage between the Holocaust and the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 is not bizarre, its perverse .

    • “To deny the linkage between the Holocaust and the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 is not bizarre, its perverse .”

      But you see this is precisly the issue.
      They’re not denying it, they are saying it is the sole reason Israel got the green light in 1947 vote.

      This is the real issue here.
      Israel was already agreed as a just solution and a moral one in 1917.
      The British dragging their heels about it was another door being shut to the fleeing Jews.

      • I see what you saying but I wasn’t as complex as that in my reading of their thoughts , cos they are Irish obviously . I assumed what they wanted to do in their nice n simple minds was to say Israel = Zionism and they don’t like Zionism cos its a bad bad word . So they want to make distinction between holocaust and bad bad Israel [Zionism] .
        Now there is linkage , whether they like it or not . Why did the Jews flee Europe and where did they flee to , after and during and preceding the holocaust . But they are struggling to find a politically correct way of dealing with it so best to tar the whole issue of Israel as just Zionism and it helps them appease all the nutters out there who are just rabid in their hatred of Israel . They have failed in their duty to HETI . Cos they tolerate and try to accommodate a banal idea cos its politically useful to do so , in spite of history and truth.

        and these are the guardians of the holocaust memorial in Ireland PMSL , . They have lost the story they are meant to preserve .

  10. It is an Irish trait that we can’t discuss anything without bringing in the whole of Irish history, and in particular the whole of Anglo-Irish history, since that’s what so much of our history is. Sure we’d have something to say about Irish history if we were discussing the Exodus! The paths travelled by comments on this issue have not been very helpful when they strayed, as they have seemed to massively at times, down winding boreens that have no direct bearing on it at all, however interesting or controversial they may be in themselves. It’s quite simple: there are people in control of teaching the history of the Holocaust in Ireland who think that Israel is a word that should not be spoken by Jews in public because it represents an evil, illegitimate, murderous, hateful (and hated) regime that has no connection to the land in which it exists and shouldn’t be there. Basically antisemites are running Ireland’s Holocaust Educational Trust – it’s that simple. And what is terrifying is that not only does this seem unremarkable in ireland, but a lot of people who ought to find it profoundly offensive, including a not insignificant number of Irish Jews perhaps, seem to feel the best thing to do is to shut up and let them get on with it.

  11. Does HETI educate the Irish about their government’s shameful refusal to admit Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi rule? As a neutral country, Ireland would have been able to admit refugees throughout the war.

    How about the role of the Catholic church in creating and perpetuating the foundation of anti-semitism, which allowed Nazism to come to power in Germany, and was greatly responsible for sympathy towards Nazism across Europe and the Americas? Not to mention greatly responsible for the lack of sympathy toward Jews and other people fleeing oppression and death at the hands of the Nazis.

    • Probably not!
      A bit like the US keeps much of its refusals quiet.
      They try to avoid talking about the “climb aboard” policy of X Nazi brain force after the war.

    • 2 books if you can be bothered reading
      O’Reilly, Terence Hitler’s Irishmen 2008 ISBN 1-85635-589-6
      Hull, Mark M. Irish Secrets. German Espionage in Wartime Ireland 1939-1945, 2003, ISBN 0-7165-2756-1

  12. Another HETI Trustee is Mary Banotti. Her daughter Tanya worked for the UN in Gaza for a number of years.