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Independent falsely claims the Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site

Since 2013, CiF Watch has prompted two corrections at the The Telegraph to reports erroneously claiming that the Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site. As we noted in previous posts, the Temple Mount (where the First and Second Temples stood) is in fact the holiest site, while the Western Wall (The Kotel) is merely the holiest site where Jews are currently permitted to pray.


The latest British newspaper to make this mistake is the Independent, in Adam Sherwin’s Dec. 19th article (Sarah Silverman accuses Jerusalem authorities of sex discrimination).

Indy error

 Whilst we’ve contacted Indy editors to seek a correction to this claim, it’s quite instructive to note that CAMERA has also prompted several corrections on this very same matter – including one at the BBC in 2008.

Here is the relevant section of the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit’s response to CAMERA’s appeal.
camera corex

Finally, it’s quite telling that the Guardian is one of the few publications which refused to correct their claim that the Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site. We should add, however, that they inadvertently acknowledged the merit of our argument (that the Western Wall is simply the holiest place where Jews can pray) in a photo caption later that year:

Guardian photo caption, Nov. 4, 2013

(You can read a good backgrounder on issues relating to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, here.)

See an UPDATE to this post, here.

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  1. ‘Independent falsely claims the Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest site’

    This is another example of shocking anti-Semitism.

    • This is another example of shocking anti-Semitism
      No this is only an example showing the shockingly low intellectual and professional level of the progressive mainstream British media. But as we learnt already ignorance and lack of intelligence leads to antisemitism.

      • Fair enough, but I thought CiF Watch was ‘dedicated to monitoring antisemitism and combating the assault on Israel’s legitimacy’

        • Sue Cifwatch Dinkle. The Independent has a well known anti-Israel/antizionist (in one word- antisemitic) agenda. Showing their complete and total ignorance of Israel and Judaism only demonstrates the lack of any logic in their worldview – and without any logic and fact maybe it is based on simple emotions – their dislike of the Jews.
          I suggest to study this article – it speaks about your Jewish compatriots

          • That article confirms what every right minded person has seen over the last while; a definite rise in anti-Semitism in Europe. Only bigots and anti Semites would try to deny that.

            But to try and link an error in religious point of fact (which site is the holiest) to anti-Semitism is mistaken and fights the wrong battle.

            • An error? Why, of course. They’ve only had 2,000 years to catch up. Giv’em a break. Am I right? And really, what’s the difference if they misidentify the holiest site for Jews as the wall, while reporting “extremist settlers” are “provoking” Arabs by praying on the Mount? I mean, big deal, right? So everybody gets the wrong idea. What’s wrong with that? Christmas is coming. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. That’s in Pennsylvania, no?
              I’m sure the Independent will have reporters on the scene.

              • 2000 years lol

                Again with this claptrap.

                Get off the land, or live as equals in a secular state called ‘anything you like’, it matters not to anyone except racist Ashkenazi….

            • Not seeing the political significance of this “error” (called false reporting) only shows your complete and total inability to understand the events, problems and cultural/religious background of the conflict, and the relentless fight of the Independent (and similar antisemitic British mainstream media like the Guardian) against Jewish independence and existence.
              Your ignorant ranting shows clearly that this is not the “wrong battle”.

              • Do you really believe that this error/false reporting truly shows “the relentless fight of the Independent (and similar antisemitic British mainstream media like the Guardian) against *Jewish independence and existence*”?

                • I don’t need to believe, I only need to know to read and understand simple English texts on their websites.