Guardian prints letter by anti-Zionist Jew blaming Zionist Jews for antisemitism

Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP) members were quite possibly among those who inspired Howard Jacobson’s award-winning novel, The Finkler Question, as they resemble UK Jews he refers to as “Ashamed Jews,” Jews who are proud to be ashamed of their Israel-supporting fellow Jews.

The group’s executive, an anti-Zionist Jew named Deborah Maccoby, published a letter in The Guardian on Jan. 12th (What Jews can learn from Muslims) in response to an op-ed by Jonathan Freedland about recent jihadist attacks in Paris (Charlie Hebdo: first they came for the cartoonists, then they came for the Jews).

Deborah Maccoby carries one of the JfJfP placards.

Deborah Maccoby

Maccoby, in her Guardian letter, not only asserts that Jews need to learn from their Muslim counterparts’ putative condemnations of jihadist violence “and say loud and clear in response to Israeli atrocities ‘not in my name‘”, but suggests that Jews’ failure to distance themselves from Israeli “atrocities” renders them culpable for subsequent antisemitic violence:

Jonathan Freedland…claims that Jews are targeted simply as “a kind of ultimate symbol of the west”, as a result of “a curious kink in the ultra-Islamist mindset”, or as the traditional scapegoat of European fascists.

But the Israeli government, with its new bill proposing to make Israel the nation-state of all the Jews in the world, and Jewish organisations such as the Board of Deputies, with their claim that the majority of Jews support Israel’s oppressive policies, contribute to the conflation of Jews with Israel and the subsequent rise in antisemitism and attacks on Jews.

Maccoby further claims that a Jewish “not in my name” campaign will “make the recruitment of young Muslims by jihadis more difficult”.

If you at all question our instrinsic belief that holding Jews, or Jewish groups, responsible to some degree for racist attacks against their co-religionists – as Maccoby does – is morally indefensible, try out this hypothetical charge:

Muslim-American groups, through their actions, contribute to the rise of Islamophobia and attacks against US Muslims.

Or, try this: 

African-American organizations, through their actions, contribute to the rise of white racism and attacks against African-Americans. Further, African-Americans must change their behavior to make the recruitment of young whites by the KKK more difficult.

Such sentiments – blaming victims, be they African-Americans, Muslims or Jews, for racist crimes committed against them – of course represent nothing more than the last refuge of intellectual scoundrels, bigots and their enablers. 

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  1. This kind of craven stupidity makes me ashamed to be of the same species, let alone of the same religion, as this idiot.

  2. She is expecting British Jews to publicly condemn Israeli policy. Would she likewise demand Muslims publicly condemn the Paris attacks (as Muslim bashers are doing)?

    And that line that such action “could help to reduce antisemitism and make the recruitment of young Muslims by jihadis more difficult” is simply ludicrous. Although in her case, the tone seems to suggest shocking naivety rather than outright hatred.

    Either way: a preposterous letter from start to finish.

    • More specifically when was the last time a muslim country criticised, for example pakistan for its treatment of the Christians who have the misfortune to live in that benighted land?

  3. Maccoby wrote a like minded letter to the Spectator in 2009.

    A Review in 2004
    Deborah Maccoby works at the BBC World Service as a Production Assistant and has written book reviews for the Arabic Service. Her literary biography of Isaac Rosenberg was published in 1999. She is a member of the Executive Committee of Just Peace UK, the Israeli-Palestinian peace group and the UK branch of ICAHD (the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions)

    In 2008

    In 2014

    This I like most; anti vs anti

    • Yes – she’s a nutcase and it really is a huge strop against Daddy.

      But it is the Guardian using her to project views which some of its employees share but do not yet dare to publish themselves. And the mixture of cowardice, manipulation and malice is what always shocks me with the Guardian.

      • I suspect that I have ceased being shocked by anything this cage-liner does several years ago.
        Yes, the usual court Jew, tolerated and given a platform precisely because of their freely-expressed hatred of Israel (whatever its source – insanity, stupidity, infantile and narcissistic ego, rebelling against mum and dad, …). After all, a Jew cannot be an antisemite, right? Right? So she ‘vindicates’ the hatred the rest of them are still (but for how long?) ever so slightly reluctant to express quite so openly.
        Looking at the BBC (Willcox etc), and what the non-Jews at the Guardian are saying already, and indeed at the Independent and C4, not for very long.

  4. “Maccoby further claims that a Jewish “not in my name” campaign will “make the recruitment of young Muslims by jihadis more difficult”.” –
    this in itself is such a lunatic statement, so profoundly ignorant, stupid and asinine, that there is no need to enquire any further about her sanity.

  5. Adam misses the point. The really amazing thing is that this could be published in a British newspaper. After all, how many thousands of innocent civilians around the world have been killed both directly and indirectly as a result of British military actions in recent years? Following the same logic unless all British people and organisations condemn those actions then British citizens deserve to be slandered and abused and attacked by terrorists no matter where in the world they may be living.

  6. You don’t get it folks, this is not antisemitism of the world leading liberal antisemite rag – this is criticism of Israel’s policies like this.

  7. As long as this idiot lady knows that when the haters come for the Jews, she will be tarred with the same brush, she will get no MERCY from her new friends. But Israel will always give her sanctuary…

  8. “Jews who are proud to be ashamed of their Israel-supporting fellow Jews.” If I’m not mistaken this quote (or paraphrase?) originated with Anthony Julius, the esteemed British author and barrister. If I’m right, he, not Howard Jacobson, should be credited by CIF Watch.

  9. Maccoby has non sympathy for the Jews who died in the Kosher supermarket in Paris, because she would never be in such a place herself. She is as far from being Jewish as any other middle class, parochial bigoted English liberal, who understands everything about table manners, but nothing about Jews, anti-Semitism or the valuable role Israel plays in protecting its citizens against the bigots who like to murder the innocent and defenceless in the name of their utopian dreams.

  10. I’m pretty sure that this wouldn’t move Deborah Anchovy if viewed by her (on the off hand that she reads this post, or, if we’re being honest, on the very good chance she isn’t entirely literate), but it’s interesting that her argument here is very, very similar to the argument that the Taliban in Pakistan used when they made it clear they had tried to murder a teenaged girl and would make every effort to fix their failed assassination record: if you agree with our views and act in accordance with them, you won’t be harmed, and if you can’t, you’ll be killed. Anchovy already agreed to a version of that deal with the Hamas/Hezbollah/AQAP folks. That’s her right, but I’m not going to follow her lead, because choosing between being a slave to murderers and being murdered isn’t a choice I have to, or will, voluntarily make.

  11. To be fair , I haven’t followed the career of this lady. so am reluctant to comment about her . But I was thinking , hey its a Jewish lady speaking up for Palestinians . Should there be editorial parity and more journalist articles on Palestinians or Arabs who speak up for better relations with Jews and Israel ? Ironically , it is a growing phenomenon only reported on the fringes .
    sorry for stupid thought . probably need more coffee ..

    • ” Should there be editorial parity and more journalist articles on Palestinians or Arabs who speak up for better relations with Jews and Israel ? ”

      For that to be reported it has to exist first. You are more likely to spot a two-headed unicorn than find an Arab who speaks up for better relations with Jews and Israel.

  12. Deborah Maccoby is the daughter of the late Hyam Maccoby and received a good education. It is not out of ignorance that she says what she says and writes what she writes

    No excuses can be made for her, but she can be and should be contacted at her work email address and criticised – vigorously, with due care taken not to give into the temptation of subjecting her to any illegal abuse – and challenged about her latest shameful lies

  13. The Guardian is cleverer than the BBC by far! The Beeb forgets to tell its bigots to keep quiet, but the Guardian finds a self-hating mouthpiece for their hate-filled lies. Have to respect that kind of cunning!

  14. She does not realize that these Muslims, as well as all other anti-Semites, are not “responding” in any kind of normal or natural way in committing their violence. They are simply taking advantage of anything that the Jews do to justify their violence against the Jews. It is not that the Jews did ANYTHING to justify this violence, but when foolish people like her see that the “peace loving Muslims” did something so atrocious, it just stands to reason that the Jews must have something just as bad or worse to deserve it.

  15. Deborah Maccoby believes in appeasing Palestinian fascists.
    PMW: Murder of Jews at prayer enacted by Hamas’ student block
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
    January 13, 2015

    Murder of Jews at prayer enacted by Hamas’ student block at Al-Quds

    Hamas’ Islamic Block at Al-Quds University has produced a video promoting
    the murder of Jews. The video is an enactment of the murder of two Jews
    wearing prayer shawls. One is stabbed to death and the other shot by masked

    Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Abbas’ PA and Fatah have
    publicly glorified the murderers who recently slaughtered rabbis in a
    Jerusalem synagogue. Even Abbas’ advisor posted on his Facebook page
    “pictures from the scene of the heroic operation,” showing the dead bodies.

    The song in the video encourages Palestinians to “open fire, have no mercy,”
    and “shoot the Zionists!”

    The video opens with the two Jews talking and praying near a model of the
    Al-Aqsa Mosque. A masked man stabs one of the Jews to death. Other masked
    fighters appear with rifles and shoot the second Jew. The video ends showing
    all the masked men kneeling down in prayer:

    Opening text on screen:
    “Islamic Block (Hamas) of Al-Quds University”

    “Load your machine gun and advance, son of proud Jerusalem
    Gird yourself with flames and capture the soldiers
    Open fire, have no mercy, shoot the Zionists!
    Advance with your men, O keffiyeh-masked one!
    The land of the Night Journey [Jerusalem] is our [first] direction of prayer
    Its liberation is our goal
    Palestinian, lead the attack and raise our flag.”
    [Facebook of Islamic Block (Hamas), Jan. 12, 2015]

    Click to view

    To Some French Muslims, ‘Magical Jews’ Masterminded Paris Terror Spree
    By Dave Bender.
    JANUARY 13, 2015 5:58

    In a telling example of the perverse ability of anti-Semites to blame Jews and Israelis for – literally – almost anything, a group of French Muslims interviewed by The Daily Beast, contend that “the Jews” were behind the horrific terror attacks in Paris last week which left 17 dead – among them four Jews.

    “Magical Jews” were behind the attacks, according to one resident of the suburb of Saint-Denis, who gave his name as “Mohammed,” and called the Jews a “hybrid race of shape shifters.”

    Mohammed, described as a “delinquent” yet devout Muslim, claimed Jews “…know how to get in everywhere. They are master manipulators.”

    According to 24-year-old Mehdi Boulan of the poor suburb of Sevran, some 10 miles north of the capital, “The Kalashnikovs, the identity cards the [killers] supposedly left behind, it was all staged.”

    Boulan – as the author noted – and his friends agreed that the horrific attacks were “a conspiracy designed by the Jews to make Muslims look bad.”

    The unhinged idea that “The Mossad” carries out so-called “false-flag attacks,” is a commonly-held conspiracy theory, heartily adopted by sensationalist western academics like Naomi Wolf, as well as avowed anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian groups alike, such as Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza Movement.

    Group co-founder Mary-Hughes Thompson, echoed those same views in a posting on Twitter. “#Hebdo killings indefensible. Can’t help thinking #JSIL Mossad false flag though. Killers spoke with perfect French accents. Time will tell,” she wrote.

    Meanwhile, the openly anti-Semitic mayor of Ankara, Turkey, Ibrahim Melih Gökçek, told a youth congress on Sunday that Israel was angry with France for having voted in favor of a Palestinian statehood resolution at a United Nations Security Council meeting last month.

    “Israel certainly doesn’t want this sentiment to expand in Europe,” he claimed, contending, “That’s why it is certain that Mossad is behind these kinds of incidents. [The] Mossad inflames Islamophobia by causing such incidents,” said Gökçek, who is a member of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party.

    “Palestine being recognized as a state is why these [attacks] have taken place,” the mayor concluded, according to the Turkish newspaper Zaman.

    • “hybrid race of shape shifters” – this sorry specimen is obviously convinced that David Duke is right up there as a scientist with Newton, Einstein et al.