CiF Watch prompts Guardian correction to ‘banned Palestinian workers’ claim

An article by Mark Anderson in the Global Development section of The Guardian (Israel ignoring deaths of Thai workers on farms, Human Rights Watch claims, Jan. 21) included this claim.


The claim that “Israel banned Palestinians from working in the country” is not true.

Israel did place certain restrictions on Palestinian workers in the late 80s and early 90s in response to the First Intifada, and began requiring entry and exit permits which were granted in part based on individual security screenings of potential workers. However, though these restrictions resulted in a drop in the number of Palestinian workers in Israel, there was never a ban.

Today, more than 47,000 work permits are issued annually. 

After contacting Guardian editors, they agreed to revise the passage accordingly.
Editors also added the following addendum at the bottom of the article.
We commend Guardian editors for the prompt correction.

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  1. Thai people work in Israel for more than 10 years. Why shouldnt Israel ban people who try and kill its citizetns like we saw yesterday in the stabbing in Tel Aviv.?

  2. We should ban 100% of all Islamofascists from entering Israel for any reason whatsoever. The Arabs regimes ALL do the same since 1948.