Telegraph reporter is skeptical about Israeli ‘claims’ of Palestinian incitement

It’s bad enough that foreign correspondents covering the region rarely if ever report on the constant incitement to violence by Hamas, Fatah and Palestinian Authority officials. But, expressions of skepticism by reporters over Israeli “claims” regarding the problem of incitement represent an even more egregious example of biased reporting, as evidence attesting to this disturbing phenomenon is ubiquitous.

Robert TaitThe Telegraph’s correspondent for Israel and the Palestinian territories, concluded his report (What is behind Israel’s spate of ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks?, Jan. 21st) on Wednesday’s Palestinian terror attack in Tel Aviv – in the context of other such attacks in recent months – thusly:

Such attacks, apparently spontaneous and carried out without any obvious group collaboration, are a headache for Israel’s security services, since they are almost impossible to prevent or predict in advance through good intelligence.

The resulting frustration was apparent on Wednesday as the country’s political establishment, from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu downwards, pointed the finger, without presenting concrete evidence, at virtually the entire Palestinian political spectrum, including the Palestinian Authority and Hamas – accusing it of complicity through “incitement”.

Tait’s incredulousness in the face of Israeli “claims” over the role played by Palestinian incitement is quite remarkable.  As Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) demonstrates, evidence abounds attesting to “ongoing violence promotion” carried out by the Palestinian Authority and Fatah. PMW recently reported that violence promotion in recent months has specifically mentioned “stabbings” and the use “knives and cleavers”.

  • Shortly after terrorists murdered five Israelis in a Jerusalem synagogue on Nov. 18th, using knives and axes, Mahmoud Abbas’s advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein praised the terrorists and their weapons:

“Blessed be your quality weapons, the wheels of your cars,
your axes and kitchen knives… because [they are
being used] according to Allah’s will.
We are the soldiers of Allah.”

  •  Following the attempted stabbing of two soldiers in Jerusalem late December, the official PA daily ran an op-ed that described the attempted murder as Palestinian “pride”:

“Every Palestinian has the right to feel proud of what is seen in the video of the stabbing of the two soldiers in Jerusalem…Now, every Palestinian raises his hand holding a knife together with this young Palestinian, and stabs the Zionists

  • Last week, Hamas activists at Al-Quds University produced a video in which they enacted the murder of religious Jews. One Jew in the video is stabbed to death.

  • As blogger Elder of Ziyon and others have reported, the following poster was published on Fatah’s Facebook page (with their official logo) earlier in the week.
fatah poster

Translation: We began with stones and we will end up with a state

You simply can’t properly contextualize Palestinian violence without first recognizing the injurious impact of such officially sponsored incitement.

Thus, journalists like Robert Tait, through such omissions and obfuscations, continue to ensure that their readers are unlikely to fully understand one of the major root causes of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.

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    • Robert Tait, though, does subscribe to Israel’s version of Der Stürmer:

      Tait is yet one more reason why Jews in Blighty should run and not walk to the nearest exit before it’s too late.

      Oh, and before I forget, I expect we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Tait currently has a “Muslim-born” wife.

      • The Haaretz article sounds like a description of the Palestinian leadership and pro-Palestinian westerners, and of course, the author himself who obviously living in a hypocritical bubble.

      • That’s cool, Bobby, since you hold all of World Jewry responsible for dead babies in Gaza.

        How much more disgusting and hypocritical can Israel bashing assholes become?

        • “How much more disgusting and hypocritical can Israel bashing assholes become?”

          koufaxmitzvah, if you wait long enough one of the ‘usual suspects’ will be in here and post some of their usual trash to answer your question.

  1. You can take the man out of The Guardian but not The Guardian out of the man.

    “Daily Telegraph correspondent covering Israel, Palestine and the wider Middle East. Former Iran and Turkey correspondent for The Guardian.” – Robert Tait on Twitter

  2. Sounds like that they put their fingers in both ears, close their eyes and scream ‘blah – blah – blah’ to avoid it. Just like Islamofascist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam – just ask them they are experts on telling Muslims that their religion is so peaceful especially after they have murdered somebody while screaming “Allah Akbar”

  3. nope , No incitement .

    So when is Mr Tait gonna try moving out of cosy safe London suburb , put on a yarmulke and live in Luton for a couple of weeks . He might learn something when its in his face .

    please listen to what they chanting, my Arabic is a bit more than rusty but it seems to be ‘Khyber Khyber , kill the Jews This is Luton today !

  4. I’m skeptical of the Telegraph’s claim that Robert Tait is a reporter.
    My suspicion is he hangs out in some bar in Jerusalem with the rest of the journobots.

    • I heard his arabic slang is a bit shonky so he may not be able to pick up the finer points in their media without google translate but you don’t need to be a Tahitian bobsleigher to work out the imagery