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Sky News “remembers Auschwitz” by suggesting that Jews fuel antisemitism

Sky News reporter Adam Boulton asked Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis three separate times if Israel causes antisemitism, during a short interview conducted on International Holocaust Memorial Day.  As Boulton was interviewing Mirvis about the significance of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, viewers saw video in the background of Palestinians in the rubble of Gaza during the summer war, under the headline: “Auschwitz remembered”.

Here’s a screenshot from a YouTube clip of part of the interview:

Sky News

Here’s the video:

First, in case it needs reminding, “holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” represents a classic example of modern antisemitism

Additionally, as Chief Rabbi Mirvis attempted to point out, the Sky News reporter got it completely backwards. It is the extreme antisemitic ideology of Hamas – whose charter calls for the murder of Jews – which continues to fuel the continued violence.

More broadly, Israel doesn’t cause antisemitism.

Rather, Israel serves as an alibi by anti-Semites to deflect the charge that they are racist towards Jews.

Israel’s re-establishment as a home for Jews, after thousands of years of statelessness, was a direct response to the persistent antisemitism which ultimately led to the death camps of Sobibor, Treblinka and Auschwitz – the same racism which now “fuels” jihadist attacks against Jews in Paris, Brussels and Jerusalem.

On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, it’s extremely dispiriting that well-educated, putatively ‘cultured’ Britons would legitimize the antisemitic logic which implicitly holds Jews responsible for their own victimization. 

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  1. Good old Europe…
    Some decades ago European antisemitism was justified by many reasons like Jews are the moving force behind capitalism, communism, the French revolution, they want to rule the world, they are represented disproportionately by some professions, they should leave Europe for Palestine etc.
    Nothing has been changed but now instead of they have to go to Palestine – they have to leave Palestine. And they are hated because of their cruelty used against the poor blameless Palestinians.Palestinians.
    Boulton is made from the same shit as Ben White: He is not an antisemite but understands those who are.

    • I want exclusive rights to the following:
      PREJUDICES ARE BAGGAGE (that we all carry) FU

    • The French revolution too? That’s a new on one to me, at least. Sadly wouldn’t surprise me, mind …

      Not sure if Boulton is as wicked as you make him out to be, though.

  2. Short answer: Antisemitism has been around for a very long time and always seeks to find excuses for itself; blaming Israel is just a new excuse to make all Jews culpable for the supposed sins of some Jews. Of course those who exaggerate or fabricate Israel’s misdeeds are fueling this and I’m afraid that includes Sky News.

  3. Is Murdoch`s network, Fox, News, Sky, turning against? Or is it this generation of undereducated hacks who learned their antisemitic lessons at universities, at those obscure cultural, postcolonial, gender and other crap studies

      • i believe i know the reason for skynews increasing hostility to Israel over the past few years, which i have noticed more and more, skynews was taken over a few years ago by Rupert murdoch son James, i read an article a few years back stating that James hates Israel, and even started ranting about it to the Tony Blair at a dinner, so it makes sense that he is taking sky news down this path.

        he is supposed to be the heir to all of Newscorp, and this portends a very bad future for Israel in America

    • “Or is it this generation of undereducated hacks who learned their antisemitic lessons at universities, at those obscure cultural, postcolonial, gender and other crap studies”

      More like the universities where the anti-Semitism they learned from their parents was superficially transmogrified for purposes of political correctness into anti-Zionism.

      • Sky News reporter Adam Boulton asked Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis three separate times if Israel causes antisemitism, during a short interview conducted on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

  4. Do Jews cause antisemitism? Do blacks cause racism? Both questions are dumb, but are similar in that they illustrate the inherent prejudice of the questioner.

  5. you are wrong. Israel DOES cause antisemitism.
    Because Israel’s existence and the existence of Jews who defend themselves and refuse to be murdered by rockets and terror attacks are a common cause of antisemitism among antisemites.

    • That is a logical and historical fallacy. Antisemites were antisemites before 1948 and when Jews did not defend themselves against mass-murder.
      Or did Kishinev have nothing to do with antisemitism? Or Damascus? Or Belsen?

      • Of course there was always antisemetism, But the sight of Jews defending themselves from terror is something most antisemites can’t bear. They only like Jews when they are dead.

        • Sure, no argument there, but that’s not same as CAUSING antisemitism, which is what you wrote earlier. It only causes rage and heart attacks in antisemites, and long may it continue to do so.

  6. Can you imagine having to rely on the goodwill of people like Adam Boulton and Robert Tait for our survival? That’s why Israel.


    Yet another dose of “anti-Zionist” poison from Robert Tait:

  7. If a skull contains a brain the size of a pea, do not expect intelligent comment on anything. This is why SKY News gets these morons at a knock down price

  8. Sky News fuels antisemitism as an active participant in blaming it on the victim.
    Sky News shows a neighborhood in Gaza reduced to rubble as a result of acting on the murderous antisemitism of Hamas. The same as Hitler and those who came before him. This kind of thing frustrates the hell out of antisemites and journobots alike.

  9. I thought Chief Rabbi Mirvis should have challenged Adam Boulton’s assertion that the UN calls the occupation ‘illegal’. If I am correct Resolution 242 calls for a negotiated settlement and does state that the occupation is illegal.

  10. Twice in the last four days (Sunday and today) the Houston Chronicle has published syndicated anti-Israel cartoons by a cartoonist called Wasserman. Today’s dig at Israel also appeared in the Boston Globe, but I have not found a link to Sunday’s cartoon.
    The Houston Chronicle is a great crusading newspaper. It is not anti-Jewish in my opinion and has given sympathetic coverage to the latest Holocaust commemorations, both in Poland, and in Houston which has a Holocaust Museum and a network of Holocaust survivors. Unfortunately, it regularly publishes Wasserman’s driveling cartoons as well as syndicated nonsense about Israel and the ME by Thomas Friedman of the NYT. Friedman is a Pulitzer-winning Jewish journalist who would be at home at the Pulitzer-winning Guardian. As the Chronicle has a pay wall I am providing a link to the Boston Globe, a paper I have never previously looked at.

    I mention all this because the proliferation of anti-Semitic and insensitive views, even on and around Holocaust commemoration days seems to be something that is beginning to afflict the media everywhere, even media that is usually pro-Jewish and not as warped in general as the Guardian, Indy, BBC, C4 News, etc. To me this is dangerous because in the end there won’t be many newspapers that a committed pro-Israel Jew or supporter will be able to read without regular justified anger.

  11. Three things strike me about this. (1) If you look at the Tim Willcox interview, then the BBC asking if it’s time to forget the Holocaust, then this Adam Boulton interview, you wonder if the media are adopting a policy of active persecution. (2) Behind much of this recent antisemitism lies the assumption that Israel’s “policies” and “attitudes towards the Palestinians” are wicked and evil – there is no longer even the pretence of impartiality on this subject. And (3) the media know that they are completely immune from any consequences; regulation is totally ineffective in stopping their anti-Israelism and antisemitism; they are invulnerable and can do as they please. And we should feel safe?

  12. It’s one thing to ask whether the rise in anti-Semitism is because of Israel or its actions. The answer would be yes – because of the bigots who a) will not even recognise the right of Israel to exist and b) take out their grievances about Israeli action on Jews in general.

    But suggesting that Israeli policy “pours fuel on the fire of anti-Semitism” is, well, completely the wrong approach.

  13. Or was Boulton merely putting the question in order for the rabbi to rightly rebut it and explain why?

  14. Hamas sending rockets into Israel fuels a military response. Hamas’ use of human shields fuels the death of civilians.
    Antisemitism is the socialism of fuels.